Comfy Cardigan Sweaters by Bolivares – A Must-Have For Fall 2010

Cardigan sweaters - Bolivares
Courtesy of: Bolivares

The cardigan sweater has made a big come back and are as popular as ever. Cardigans are this season’s most popular item and a staple in every man’s closet.

A cardigan is basically a type of sweater (or jumper) that buttons, zips or even ties down the front.

Cardigan sweaters are a classic alternative to a standard blazer or sports coat. You can also mix and match cardigans with tees for a hot look – perfect for any occasion.

Knitted cardigans were named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan. During the Crimean war, he was the first British officer to cross the Russian lines in the famous Charge of the Light Brigade.

the 7th Earl of CardiganHe and his officers wore fur-trimmed or braided woollen jackets to keep them warm in the harsh Crimean winter – they actually looked very different from today’s knitted cardigans.

The garment we now call the cardigan was worn in the British Isles and France by the 17th century.

Bolivars is a NYC-based luxe knitwear line, that was created by leading designer Lucho A. Bolivars.

Lucho hails from New York City and has worked diligently in creating his hand-made Latin infused collection over the years.

By infusing his culture into his designs, Lucho has created a clothing line that is both versatile and offers comfort.

Each fine cardigan sweater is handmade with alpaca, wool and/or acrylic.

According to Lucho, “Bolivars if for the progressive, self-made individual who consistently pursues his own destiny, lives by his own rules, and never compromises for mediocrity. Lucho A. Bolivars craves comfortable clothing that looks good and fits even better.”

cardigan sweaters by Bolivares are great for your all-around style, comfort and wardrobe. Bolivares Cardigans start retailing at $219.

In addition, Bolivares is currently working on expanding its fashion line, and planning to add pants, jackets and t-shirts for Spring 2011!

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