Casinos on the Vegas Strip, Non-Stop Gaming Action

Las Vegas casino poker playing cards

For many people when they think about Las Vegas the first thing that comes to mind is the casinos. Say the Las Vegas Strip and the vivid image of bright lights and gaming tables gets even stronger for most people.

On the world famous Las Vegas Strip, you will find so many of the things which have come to represent Las Vegas, the hotels, the casinos and the resorts.

If you have come to play poker then this is the place to be and if you have come to stay in some of the largest hotels in the world then you’ll find them here.

In fact there’s an amazing fact about the luxury hotel in Las Vegas. 19 out the world’s 25 largest hotels can be found on the strip!

That’s a total of over 67,000 rooms, so there’s plenty of room for everyone, regardless of what style or theme you enjoy.

The first casino in Las Vegas was built on Highway 91 in 1931, however the first on the strip itself was the El Rancho Vegas which had 63 rooms and opened in 1941.

The El Rancho Vegas hotel was around for nearly 20 years until it was destroyed in a fire. The hotel’s legacy has lived on and helped spawn all the hotels there are today.

People could see the monetary benefits of opening a casino on the strip. Perhaps most notably Bugsy Siegel, who you may have heard of in reference to being an organized crime figure, became interested and opened a couple of resorts there.

After that, the Las Vegas casinos just kept on coming as did the world-class hotels and resorts.

Today Las Vegas has the highest concentration of casinos in the U.S. And with these casinos, come the many visitors who want to experience the excitement of Las Vegas, including the bright lights, entertainment and all the fun times to be by all.


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