Blush at Wynn Las Vegas – Unashamedly Elegant

Blush Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas
Blush at Wynn Las Vegas

Since its recent opening, the Wynn Las Vegas resort has been redefining standards in room accommodations and pure entertainment. La Bete and the Blush boutique nightclub are two examples of this and are two of the most popular hots-pots to enjoy Las Vegas nightlife.

The basic cover charge to get into the Blush nightclub is $30. This fee will get you access to both the nightclub’s dance floor and an outdoor firepit. The atmosphere at Blush is more relaxed, but just as enjoyable. Dress code is casual sheek. Guests staying at the Wynn Las Vegas will only have to show their guest card and this allows their admission to be comped by the bar.

Blush boutique nightclub is located on the casino floor of the Wynn Las Vegas. The theme of Blush was to create an energetic, sensual setting that has impeccable attention to detail and design. From the music, to the decor to the staff, Blush nightclub is where popular celebrities want to spend their nights while visiting Las Vegas. The atmosphere here is definitely relaxed, but it is no less thrilling than the other Wynn Hotel Night Club, La Bete.

The Blush nightclub crowd is generally over 25, so it’s a relaxed place to enjoy the hot Las Vegas nightlife. What sets apart Blush is that in a short amount of time, it’s the place to see and be seen in Vegas.

The understated ambiance at Blush at Wynn is unashamedly elegant. Yet while offering a relaxed feel that doesn’t require any type of dress code. From the beautiful women to the diaphanous fabrics to the outdoor firepit, you will be truly mesmerized at this Wynn Hotel night club. Source: Destination360


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