Big Shot at the Stratosphere

Big Shot Stratosphere Hotel - Las Vegas

For those looking for a great thrill, add the Big Shot ride on your things to do in Las Vegas at the Stratosphere hotel.

The Stratosphere building itself is a Las Vegas beacon and an engineering marvel. The futuristic looking hotel stands about 1149 feet, and the Stratosphere Tower is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States and the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

On the roof of the enormous building you will find the exhilarating Big Shot.

The Stratosphere is a little intimidating for anyone with a little fear of heights and absolutely terrifying for those with a big dose.

The ride can accommodate 16 people at a time and they’re strapped in to the ride and shot skyward. This thrill ride will launch you 160 feet straight up in a mere 2.5 seconds with a speed of about 45 mph, which is basically 4Gs of force. You then drop to 0Gs and bungee up and down, then return back to the launch pad. Beware that this ride is not for the faint of heart!

Thrill seekers will love the crzy experience. Where else can you feel the ‘G’s and have your legs dangle in the Las Vegas skyline?

Only in Las Vegas!


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