Best Sauvignon Blanc Wines

White Sauvignon Blanc Wine Grapes

Looking for the best Sauvignon Blanc Wines?

You couldn’t go wrong with these two fine choices. The Mollet Florian Sancerre Roc De L’abbaye 2007 from France’s Loire Valley, and Mahi 2007 from Marlborough, New Zealand

Each is made from the sauvignon blanc grape and, very likely, vinified in similar ways (stainless steel tanks, no oak barrels–though there are minor exceptions from winemaker to winemaker).

Because of New Zealand’s cool, maritime climate and stony soils, you can expect the Marlborough sauvignon blanc to be the far more pungent of the two wines.

It should smell like fresh grass clippings from your lawn with a lot of passion fruit, grapefruit and other tropical fruit thrown in.

Expect the Sancerre to taste and smell a bit more like that salty, stony character you get in European sparkling mineral waters.  Full article


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