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Take to the skies in a private jet and discover what our beautiful world has to offer with a private jet vacation to some of the world’s most revered and trending destinations. Choosing bespoke travel at its best with Presidential Aviation private jet vacations means that you can fast track your way to a world class sojourn and leave the stress of commercial charter flights behind.

From the moment you book your blissful private jet vacation you can enjoy the finer things in life without the wait. Imagine gliding across the world in the privacy and plush comfort of your own cabin. Take a hot towel, sip chilled champagne and let our on board chef attendant create some tantalizing dishes to delight your senses before you touch down.

Flying has never been so fabulous and with the very best personal attention from start to finish, you can relish the opportunity to travel in style and to see the world in a private jet. Take a sneak preview at some of the startling, VIP travel destinations that Presidential Aviation private jet vacations is waiting to whisk you away to.

Presidential Aviation private jet vacation

Australia and New Zealand
Discover a different plain of life down under with this private jet vacation to Australia and New Zealand. From the blood ​soaked mysteries of Ayers Rock to the majesty of the Great Barrier Reef, the chic city delights of Sydney and the natural bliss of the beautiful Blanket Bay, you can explore this global tapestry of landscapes from beach to mountain to sprawling outback that seems to melt together.

Take a helicopter tour to dizzying heights for unrivaled views of the Milford Sound Fjords, watch sea lions play on the surf broken shores of Kangaroo Island and trek through the silken canopies of the Daintree Rainforest in this sparkling gem of a tour.

Live life in the fast lane with a private jet vacation to the tango soaked rhythms of Argentina. Immerse yourself in a world of ice and fire at the Glaciers National Park, sample world famous tender pink steak in the bright and bustling city of Buenos Aires and ride wild horses in the long swaying grasses of the Pampas.

This trip of a lifetime will take you from the cosmopolitan capital to the falling ice of the Perito Moreno and everywhere in-between. Stay in luxury rustic retreats, see the sprawl of natural wonders Argentina has to offer and soak up the colors of local life.

Find art, fine food and rich culture on the Spanish shores with this superior private jet vacation. Taste the world’s most exciting Pintxos creations on the dazzling shores of San Sebastian, visit the best art museums and private collections in Europe and indulge in fresh olives and rare caviar in gorgeous Granada.

This is Spain like you have never seen it before, littered with Michelin star delights, original Gaudi experiences and the sun ​soaked glory of the Costa Brava.

Head to the rare delights and exotic mysteries of the gateway to Africa with a private jet vacation to mesmerizing Morocco. Those who have nomadic blood running through their veins will fall in love with the delicate souks, the carved and climbing Atlas Mountains and the spiced scent of fresh tagine spilling out of ornate doorways.

Discover the secrets of Marrakesh as the sun goes down, enjoy a refreshing retreat in a traditional Berber village and climb aboard a camel and disappear into the oasis of the dunes in this once in a lifetime exotic experience.

To experience a bespoke private jet vacation, please contact The Life of Luxury and we can help plan your luxury travel itinerary. Come back soon to read about other luxury travel ideas b following is popular luxury blog.

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