Bentley for Men Azure from Bentley Fragrances

Bentley for Men Azure mens fragrance

Iconic, luxury British car company Bentley has introduced its new mens fragrance titled, “Bentley for Men Azure.”

This new and powerful mens fragrance is quite expressive and a modern creation that can appeal to a wide variety of men ranging form smart to sporty to style-conscious.

The British Bentley Motors earned immediate success with its first fragrance, “Bentley For Men” and the buzz is that “Bentley for Men Azure” will be just as or even more popular.

The new Bentley fragrance was created by Mathilde Bijaoui, who is one of the world’s top perfume creators. She has been working at the prestigious French fragrance house Mane for ten years now. The luxurious new scent is made entirely from the classic aromas of the fougere perfume.

Bentley for Men Azure makes a definite impact with its contemporary scent of freshness. The top note is an invigorating, stimulating cocktail of fresh citrus, the beautiful herbaceous aroma of violet leaves, as well as delicious fruity pineapple.

Bentley for Men Azure is composed of the perfect mix of luxury woody, fresh and spicy fragrance.

The high quality of Bentley For Men Azure is quite evident. The fragrance offers subtle complexity, harmony of the fragrances plus excellent staying power.

Bentley For Men Azure comes in a stylish blue curved fragrance bottle. The bright Mediterranean blue provides the feeling of both freshness and freedom. This bottle was also used for the original Bentley For Men. The rounded silhouette of the bottle cleverly exhibits the elegant curves of the luxurious Bentley limousine.

Bentley For Men Azure will be available starting next month and sold exclusively in Harrods UK. Starting in April of 2014, you can find the new Bentley fragrance around the world in selected perfumeries and department stores.

Pricing for Bentley For Men Azure is as follows:
Eau de toilette: £43.00 / 60 ml
Eau de toilette: £59.50 / 100 ml

Bath products:
Hair & Body Shampoo £24.00 / 200 ml

If you need help purchasing the new Bentley For Men Azure fragrance from Bentley, please contact The Life of Luxury for assistance.


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