Beekeeping is the New Buzz at These Five Luxury Hotels

St. Ermin's Hotel in London - beekeeping

You may think that traditional, beekeeping methods are a thing of the past. Just don’t tell that to the luxury hotel industry.

Always looking for new ways to differentiate themselves and following the popular “farm to fork” movement popular with foodies, luxury hotels around the world are producing their own honey with various, on-property beekeeping methods.

Beekeeping has been documented going back thousands of years in history. Written records have been found from about 3000 BC in ancient Egypt, migratory beekeeping took place all up and down the iconic Nile river.

According to a story from KCRA News in Sacramento, they highlighted five luxury hotels making a buzz with their own beekeeping and honey production.

St. Ermin's Hotel bees

1) St. Ermin’s Hotel:
The month of September is designated as honey month at the London hotel. The house-made nectar is used in both the hotel’s food and cocktail recipes. During September, the St. Ermin’s Hotel offer guests an urban beekeeping workshop hosted by Camilla Goddard of Capital Bee.

2) The Fairmont Waterfront:
This luxury hotel in Vancouver is a leader of in-house honeybee production. Its process includes about 500,000 honeybees who use the hotel’s big, third floor terrace herb garden.

3) Waldorf Astoria:
Located high above Park Avenue in New York City, the world famous Waldorf Astoria hotel bee collection consists of about 360,000 bees. Harvested each each, the bee colony produce greater than 300 pounds of great tasting honey.

4) Mandarin Oriental:
The luxurious Mandarin Oriental in Paris, France offers its guests an eco-initiatives program. For example, if you reuse your bathroom towels, you receive a delicious jar of honey to thank you for your efforts. You’ll find the use of local produced honey in the hotel’s F&B (Food & Beverage) menu.

5) W Taipei:
Located in Taipei City, Taiwan the W Taipei hotel serves up a “detox martini” cocktail at the hotrl’s WOOBAR. The cocktail’s recipe consists of green tea-infused Belvedere vodka, Grand Marnier, yuzu juice, orange juice, sprite, plus house-made honey.

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Photos: St Ermin’s Hotel


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