Awesome Travel Experience to the Sacred Valley of Peru

Life Force - Peru

Visiting The Sacred Valley of Peru is an awesome travel experience. This trip was an incredible combination of Andean and Incan culture, eco-adventure, wellness, spirituality, and most importantly, service. We had the opportunity to work with three extraordinary organizations, Project Helping, Ninos del Sol, and Hanuman Adventures, to create this transformational and unifying journey that we will never forget!

The Sacred Valley is an epicenter of spiritual history and adventure. We were blessed to access unique, locally rooted, ceremonies performed by Peruvian Shamen from the highlands of the Andes and a number of potent local healers. One of our favorites was a hike up to the Chicon glacier where we had private access to a 14,000 foot mountain and participated in a traditional purification ceremony, honoring Mother Earth or Pachamama as she is referred to in Quechua.

The adventure to Machu Picchu seems to always be a favorite. From glass ceiling train rides through the dramatic Peruvian landscape to a 4 am hike up to the gates of Machu Picchu- the experience is a rich and powerful opportunity to connect with a truly, inspirational story, people and land.

At the center of our journey in Peru was service work with Ninos Del Sol, an orphanage that provides a truly loving and nurturing home for 15 beautiful children. This orphanage is special in its approach. Instead of seeking adoption for the children, the directors Avishai and Viviana, provide a healthy home and family where the children can support one another as they grow into adulthood.

We were lucky enough to be there at a time when our help was especially needed during a relocation from one home to a new one. We were blessed with the experience of working directly with the kids and their community to pack up the old house and get the new house ready for move in. While the work was hard, the extra help we provided was crucial. It was empowering, humbling and heart opening to be able to be of service in such a meaningful way.

In the end, what was most impactful, was the evolution of our incredible groups of brave strangers who took this magical journey together. The experience of traveling to a foreign country with people you don’t know, to do work and activities that will inevitably push you outside of your comfort zone, takes courage. It was a leap of faith that led us to open our hearts and minds and connect with each other, our amazing hosts, and the world around us.

Thanks to David Bernstein, the owner of Life Force Project for sharing his heart-felt travel experiences from the Sacred Valley of Peru. He strongly believes his wellness programs reflect his strong beliefs. Therefore, he has developed amazing experiences all around the world.

The Life of Luxury can help book your Sacred Valley of Peru wellness program. We hope to see you again and please follow our luxury blog. Read about more luxury travel opportunities from around the world.

Photos: Life Force Project


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