Art of The Setai – A Collection of Art & Artifacts

Setai courtyard

As host to Art Basel each December and home to some of the world’s most outstanding Art Deco architecture, Miami has solidified its place as a major player in the art world.

Year-round, The Setai South Beach welcomes art enthusiasts from across the globe who flock to Miami for the sun, nightlife and art scene, encouraging them to look beyond the exhibits and take in the rich designs of the hotel itself.

Adorned with authentic collections and artifacts from Asia, The Setai is a gallery of art in its own right.

Designed to express Asian-American Art Deco Fusion, the “art show” begins with the guest’s first step into the lobby where the floor is constructed of authentic Shanghai bricks dismantled from abandoned buildings in China’s old city and transported to Miami.

The Setai is an Asian inspired oceanfront resort in Miami’s South Beach, adjoined by a 40-story regal residential tower. The concept of The Setai began with two fundamental ideals: a vision of unprecedented luxury and service; and one of the most prized pieces of oceanfront property in South Beach

Throughout the lobby, bar and restaurants, visitors will notice other original relics such as tables made from Beijing palace pavers–still stamped with the name of the paver–and hurricane candle cases from Chiang Mai.

At night these candles are lit for a romantic atmosphere but during the day the candles are replaced with oranges, a symbol of the bridge between The Setai’s Asian influences and those of the Sunshine State.

Art connoisseurs as well as the laymen will also appreciate the expansive bar adorned in a mosaic of hand-picked mother of pearl, a technique traditionally practiced in China, Thailand, and India.

Just beyond the lobby bar lies an outdoor Courtyard, where four statues stand guard representing the Celestial Animals as seen in China’s ancient Forbidden City: the South facing Phoenix represents opportunity, the Tiger faces West representing protection, the Dragon faces East representing good luck, and the North facing Turtle represents stability.

Throughout the hotel, visitors will find a series of 137 paintings on display by Christian de Laubadere. The only display of de Laubadere’s work outside Shanghai, the collection at The Setai is a reflection of the artist’s fascination with women’s sensuality, depicting various women’s heads, necks and backs with intricate hair-styles and tattoos.

Guests will also appreciate The Calligraphy Brush collection by Korean artist Lee June Woong, portraying the ancient art of calligraphy writing and design.

Rooms and suites present guests with an equally eye-pleasing aesthetic through a warm ambiance rich with teak, black granite and fine silk. The impeccable design details of each room are exemplified by authentic jade pieces that were found in antique markets of China and displayed on the teak walls.

In addition to these year-round collections, The Setai will host several private events during Art Basel. (Details available upon request.)

For reservations please call 305.520.6110 or email

The Setai
(south Beach Miami)


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