Alpiner “4” Chronograph “Race for Water” Luxury Watch

Aurélien Ducroz - Alpiner "4" Chronograph "Race for Water" by Alpina

In support of water conservation, the fine watchmaking brand Alpina, in 2014 committed to the Swiss foundation RACE FOR WATER with its ambassador, Aurélien Ducroz.

Aurélien Ducroz is the two-time world freeride skiing champion and 4th arriving skipper in the last Transat Jacques Vabre transatlantic race. Future ski expeditions and races will be done at the service of the much deserving foundation.

RACE FOR WATER Foundation fights hard for the preservation of both freshwater and oceans. The organization rallies the business, education, plus scientific communities towards this important objective.

The project’s goal is to let skier Aurélien Ducroz provide information to help understand of the evolution of seas and oceanic climate. Effort will be made to deploy and recover scientific Argos markers. Exploring territories where the sea and the mountains meet, will be made accessible by sailboat and he will also explore on skis.

Swiss luxury watchmaker Alpina created a special, limited edition watch – Alpiner “4” Chronograph “Race for Water”. Only 400 models will be available for sale worldwide. The stunning Alpiner “4” Chronograph “Race for Water” watch was designed in the foundation’s colors.

Alpina is an independent, family-owned fine watchmaking company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Alpina was founded over 130 years ago in 1883.

Aurélien Ducroz has proudly served as Alpina ambassador for the Race for Water Foundation since October 2013, when he signed the “Water Guardian” charter.

The RACE FOR WATER Foundation is an organization dedicated to water preservation, in addition to attempting to educating and raising public awareness about both the pollution of lakes and oceans by plastic and the preservation of freshwater.

If you are interested in supporting the RACE FOR WATER Foundation and purchasing the new Alpiner “4” Chronograph “Race for Water” watch by Alpina, please contact us today. Keep abreast of other luxury watch news releases by following this luxury blog.


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