A Night Of Poker In Las Vegas

Poker chips

If you play poker, then you know very well that there is absolutely nothing like sitting on an airplane and looking out the window while making the descent toward Las Vegas.

In the middle of the desert shines all those lights from pyramids, volcanoes, pirate ships, city buildings, and so much more. You know your walk down the famous Strip will offer an unrivaled excitement, and that your time to hit the felt is near.

Playing in a poker game in Las Vegas is like playing tennis at the US Open. There is no better venue in the world. It’s where the best of the best come to play.

More importantly, it’s also where the tourists who know little about poker come to play. That’s where you will have an opportunity to make your money.

That said, if you’re the type that likes a challenge and money isn’t an issue to you, then you want to head straight to the Bellagio. From the synchronized fountains and lake outside to the elegance of the décor inside, you will quickly realize that this is where the big boys play.

Just keep in mind that when you walk into that room, you’re shark bait. You better have some form of poker strategy prepared.

If you want a neat environment with a challenging yet beatable game, then try the Mirage. This used to be where the big players hung out until the Bellagio came along. Now it’s a room for players that just love the game.

From the second you walk into the hotel, you will see that you’re in a jungle. Keep in mind that the poker room is the same way. Most of the time you will be safe, but predators are always lurking.

If you want to get the taste of some old school poker with an older crowd, and somewhere that is a little bit off from the hustle and bustle, then you can try the Tropicana. They will often host a poker tournament as well as cash games.

Otherwise, you can pretty much walk into any casino in Las Vegas and find a poker game. Casinos know how popular the game is, and that if they host poker games, there’s a better chance that those people will play their other games that give the house a large advantage.

If you’re to play anything besides poker, make it blackjack or craps.


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