A Fusion of Green Tech and Luxury: The Imperial Hotel Llandudno

The Imperial Hotel Llandudno - Wales
The Imperial Hotel Llandudno

The epitome of traditional Victorian elegance that has enamored the world, The Imperial Hotel, Llandudno has raised the bar in four-star accommodations.

Featuring the stunning views of Llandudno Bay, the Imperial is the largest quality seafront hotel in Northern Wales.  As a member of the Classic British Hotels, The Imperial Hotel is also one of the most eco-friendly.  All of its 98 spacious suites are furnished with Eco.Fresh by Concept Amenities, leading global supplier of environmentally responsible skincare products.

Not sacrificing the environment for luxury, The Imperial Hotel has figured out a way to sustain both.  “The hotel is fully committed to planet stewardship and our environment policy covers all facets of hotel operations from local produce and recycling through to water conservation and green electricity,” explains Public Relations Manager Pip Cockeram.

As active members of “Wales the True Taste,” the hotel also uses local market-fresh produce and ensures that the meats purchased meet ethical criteria in terms of feed and rearing.  All eggs, chickens, and turkeys used are free-range while the pork is farm assured.  In addition, where possible, organic produce is used and unsurprisingly, The Imperial Hotel is an avid supporter of Fairtrade coffee.

No detail is spared in The Imperial Hotel’s efforts to conserve natural resources.  In order to conserve water, the Hotel utilizes meters to measure water consumption in order to set targets for reduction.  The swimming pool is ozone treated, which means it requires less chlorine, and decreases eye and skin irritation for guests.  The Hotel also uses wind, solar, hydro, wave, and tidal resources to power their electricity.

Comfort, style, and minimal carbon footprint are among the top goals of The Imperial Hotel.  Judging from their tireless efforts and attention to every possible resource-conservation detail, it’s no wonder they have earned multiple coveted awards such as Britain’s Best, Best Loved Hotels, Classic British Hotels, and Hotel of the Year.


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