4 Amazing Culinary Experiences in Italy

Catania, Sicily

Italy has long been a popular choice for travelers. The European country is rich in both history and culture. We wanted to share 4 amazing culinary experiences in Italy. Don’t settle for seeing only the sights that hordes of tourists flock to. Immerse yourself in the best Italy has to offer.

Fuoritinerario – Discover Your Italy is a well respected, travel company that is located in Perugia, Italy. They take pride in creating authentic excursions and the chance to see the true “Italian’s Italy.” Fuoritinerario is now offering 4 amazing culinary experiences that will delight your culinary desires. These exclusive travel packages offer a unique way to enjoy wonderful Italian food, plus take part in cooking classes.

For a once in a lifetime treat, these new culinary travel packages provide the opportunity to explore the canals of Venice, enjoy open air-dining in the streets of Siena and see the historic palazzos by the sea in Sicily. It’s a cultural experience you don’t want to miss.

Sicilian Cooking Traditions Revealed in a 19th Century Sicilian Kitchen (Catania photo above)
The sea meets the mountains in Catania’s authentic recipes featuring an incredible variety of dishes and flavors that spring from the cultural melting pot that is Sicilian fare. Guests who seek to learn more about Sicily’s culinary fusion can embark on a gastronomical adventure beginning with a guided tour of Pescheria (the traditional fish market). After purchasing local ingredients, head to a stunning 19th century kitchen of the Catania Historical Society for a cooking class where traditional dishes, such as spaghetti rolls alla Norma, pasta with squid ink and ricotta cheese or with anchovies and wild fennel, fish meatballs (whitebait), caponata, cannolo or the so-called “St. Agatha’s breasts” will be prepared and savored.

Siena Italy
Dine in the Streets of Siena During the Palio with a Contrada
Twice a year, the 17 districts or contrade of Siena compete against each other in the world-renown race, the Palio di Siena. On the next race day s – August 16, guests will enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of the Palio Horse Race in Siena and dine with one of the district teams in the afternoon. Belissimo! Prior to the race, guests will assist with the medieval parade that showcases all the teams in their colorful dress and, of course, the beautiful horses. Later, after guests catch their breath from watching the legendary horse-race, they will join one of the contradas for their open air dinner – hopefully it is the winning district!

Venice Italy
Live Like a Royal: Attend a Gala at a Venetian Palace
For one night in Venice, guests will live the life of a noble Venetian aristocrat as they are whisked away aboard a private water taxi to a gala dinner set in a palace overlooking the Grand Canal. It will be an evening of total sensory experiences while guests linger over cocktails and dinner in this extremely unique historic mansion that has welcomed a legendary A-List from today’s Hollywood set to the Doges of Venice and Italian Nobility.

Palermo Sicily
Cooking by the Sea in Sicily with The Duchess
This is not a simple cooking lesson in an 18th century palazzo by the sea. It’s a fascinating journey through Sicilian culture and food. Rise early, meet ‘The Duchess’ and follow her through a colorful local market to buy the seasons freshest ingredients. Throughout her tour, The Dutchess will share hidden treasures of Palermo, one of the most intriguing cities of the Mediterranean. In the spacious and historic kitchen at her palazzo, guests will learn to cook a whole Sicilian menu under The Duchess’ guidance. After lunch in the elegant dining room, enjoy a tour of the lush terrace and the beautifully restored palazzo, the last home of Prince Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of the world-famous novel The Leopard.

Has Italy been on your Bucket List as a lifetime dream destination? Then consider making plans and booking one of these incredible travel itineraries. Visit this fascinating country and see some of the most amazing historical landmarks in the world.

Contact The Life of Luxury if interested in booking one of the above, amazing culinary experiences in Italy. Our travel specialists can help plan your next luxury vacation, anywhere in the world. Stop by soon and follow this lxuury blog. Keep up on the latest travel trends and news.

Photo: Fuoritinerario – Discover Your Italy


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