3 Top Hotels in Alpine Bavaria, Germany

Kloster Seeon hotel - Germany

Bavaria is the largest state in Germany and located in the southeast part of the European country. Now stay at your choice of 3 top hotels in alpine Bavaria. Enjoy visiting this beautiful travel destination anytime of the year.

Bavaria is known for its small medieval towns, as well as terrific cities. There are many outdoor activities to take advantage of the region’s snow capped mountains, blue lakes and lush forests. The area is the most popular for vacationers. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle plus the cities of Munich, Nuremburg, Berchtesgaden, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Wurzburg and Nordlingen.

Many times while traveling, it’s difficult to know where to stay. These 3 top hotels all offer a luxury experience and will make your Germany trip a memorable one. The 3 top hotels we want to feature are – Kloster Seeon, The Hollerhöfe guesthouses and The Romantik Alpenhotel Waxenstein.


Kloster Seeon (photo above)
This is the ideal choice, offering a historic oasis for its guests who seek both serenity and fine dining. The hotel is found just north of Lake Chiemsee. Lying in the heart of the foothills of the Alps in Upper Bavaria, is the former Benedictine Abbey of Seeon. Today, hotel guests can sleep in the same place that monks once lived. This story is according to the rules of St. Benedict.

The abbey is an island retreat for those seeking peace and quiet, as well as for gourmets and lovers of culture. Every room offers wonderful views. Gaze out over the baroque courtyard or across the abbey lake. You can reach the lake by a small bridge. The stucco rooms are very quiet. Stroll along the secluded courtyards and beautiful gardens. For foodies, fine dining will nourish your body.


The Hollerhöfe guesthouses
Located in the tranquil village of Waldeck, you will find the Hollerhöfe complex. It’s halfway between the towns of Bayreuth and Weiden. The propert consist of the main “Zum Hirschen” country house, in addition to three beautifully restored, historic village houses. One one carries a name represented by traditional village life in Bavaria. There is “Schreiberhaus” (Scribe’s Cottage), “Kanzlei” (Chancellery) and “Schusterhaus” (Cobbler’s Cottage).

A calendar of events offers numerous activities to take advantage of. There is “elderflower weeks” and relaxation seminars scheduled, plus evenings of summer songs. You can even enjoy a celebration of the local potato harvest. The Waldecker Schlossberg, or Castle Hill, is a focal point for spiritual inspiration and a variety of leisure activities. In the end, guests are offered a blend of tradition, coziness and comfort.


The Romantik Alpenhotel Waxenstein
This si the place Bavarian mountain charm meets French chic. This incredible hotel resides in picturesque mountain landscape in the heart of the Bavarian Alps. The Romantik Alpenhotel Waxenstein is clearly a first-class hotel. Some may call it a luxury resort. Either way, it represents a traditional, Bavarian country house plus French elegance.

The luxury hotel’s interior is decorates with rich fabrics, fine wood and contemporary pieces of art from well-known Parisian artists. The local desire is to die for. View romantic gorges and scenic valleys and towering mountains. For an awesome fine dining experience, eat at the gourmet restaurant Henri-Philippe. You will be treated to haute cuisine along with refined, Alpine specialties. Relax at this alpine retreat!


Dr. Martin Spantig is the managing director of Bavaria Tourism. He was quoted, “We look for extraordinary hotels that qualify as Sightsleeping ones, hotels that represent an inspiring retreat for guests interested in culture and design. They might be castles, palaces, designer hotels or even personal residences. These are hotels that spark a special feeling as soon as you awaken, a feeling comparable to the moment when you stand in front of a painting by your favorite artist for the first time.”

Be sure to makes plans to travel to Germany and enjoy a VIP experience in Bavaria. We can assist your trip planning and book a room at one of the 3 top hotels mentioned above. Be sure to stop back and follow this luxury blog. We love sharing wonderful luxury travel tips

Photo: Kloster Seeon


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