The 7 Most Expensive Paintings in the World – By a Living Artist

Space-X painting by artist Jack Armstrong
Cosmic ‘X’ Art is the World’s Most Expensive – 2022

When you speak about the most expensive art in the world, always the names ‘Basquiat’ and ‘Warhol’ come up, as sales of both artists work now exceed $100 million per piece. The still living member of the Warhol, Basquiat and Haring NYC Art Tribe is – Jack Armstrong. He has produced a significantly more rare body of work, fixed at 100 pieces and influenced by cosmic visions of enlightenment that uniquely helped him to discover a new style of Art that he founded and named – Cosmic ‘X‘ in 1999.

The official name: Cosmic Extensionalism has been written about worldwide. Yet, artist Jack Armstrong has never completely explained how he came to develop an art technique and style so completely different than anything else that has come before or after it in art history. When asked, he carefully explains it as: “A ‘universal transcendence’ in art and in artist that is a completely separate (new) art category and singularly unique in style and merit.”

This new art category was first created by the artist in 1999, precisely 30 years after his famous relative – Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon.

Armstrong explains, “My Cosmic ‘X’ art revelation took place in July of 1999, exactly 30 years after Neil’s first ‘steps’ on the Moon In 1969.”

Jack continues, “I understood in 1999, that most major art: Exhibited in Art-Fairs, Galleries and Museums was turning into conceptual nightmares of ridiculous proportion, offering nothing except the marketing of mass-produced pieces called art. Yet often made by an army of minimum wage (artist) assistants.”

“It was then I experienced a revolutionary enlightenment perhaps similar to Mr. Musk and his Mission to Mars. In my vision I realized that incomparable information ran thru me from different dimensions.  I used this information to create a new form of transmitting universal messages thru canvas and paint that can purely resonate into the universe for the ages.”

“I call it Cosmic ‘X’ because I channel it from the Universe and the other star planets we originate from.”

Jack further states, “One of my paintings is called ‘Ancient Universal Royals’ and that is the line we descend from. All this came in visions and dreams and the first painting was created in this vision. All the rest followed this pattern of letting the universe paint the art and using me only as a human facilitator.”

“This process is at a level that allows patterns & textures with words to appear from a universal alchemy I achieve through the meta-physical process I have developed with my universal cosmic X philosophy which induce trance like states that allow me to receive messages from other dimensions in cosmic revelations that are important for mankind to know as the ancient ones extend understanding which in essence is a cosmic reconnection for all beings.”
Stellar discovery: Human bodies are 97 percent stardust, claim scientists!

Cosmic Extensionalism[1] or Cosmic X is a new style of Art which was originally founded by Jack Armstrong in 1999.[2] Armstrong was inspired by an ethereal experience he had with the famous gem stone known as the Black Star Sapphire of Queensland. The stone is believed to have magical powers. At the time he destroyed all of his previous works.

Cosmic X is a genre of modern art styles as is the famous genres of “Cubism” by Picasso or “Pop Art” by Warhol. It was originally founded as an organic art movement and is singular by comparison.

Cosmic X requires the artist to become the art they are creating, by feeling no separation between the art itself. This requires a unique state of mind to be reached, connecting to a universal presence, which Armstrong believes exists in each being. It is this connection that creates the art, not the artist.”

Armstrong’s hair, fingerprints and DNA is present in all his paintings.

Cosmic Extensionalism - Jack Armstrong


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Space X

$220 Million, 2002 – L.A. California

Cosmic SpaceX acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong

One of Armstrong’s largest paintings and possibly the finest. Space ‘X’ is both magnificent and priceless. Its Universal Flow is unmatched by anything else in the world. Armstrong says it’s the same cosmic ‘flow’ in this century as The Starry Night was in Van Gogh’s time. “Whatever is written about the work, does not matter. It must be seen in person, as its experience will never be forgotten.” says the artist.

Warhol Naked

$300 Million, 2000 – L.A. California

Warhol Naked painting - Jack Armstrong

Perhaps the most famous work of “Cosmic X”, along with the Cosmic Starship Motorcycle.
Named for Jack’s great friend and mentor, Andy Warhol.


The Last Wizard

$120 Million, 2000 – L.A. California

The Last Wizard acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong

Armstrong’s largest painting. With extreme color, texture, with magical universal messages written throughout the piece. Signed with Jack & includes the title that Warhol gave him: “The Last Wizard”. A seminal piece of Cosmic X Art. 


Cosmic 1

$110 Million, 2008 – Palm Springs, California

Cosmic #1 acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong

One of Armstrong’s most extreme colored & textured pieces. Cosmic 1, takes the viewer into the Universe of Armstrong’s Cosmic X Art, an unforgettable journey from the finest contemporary artist in the world.


Cosmic ‘X’ Paradigm

$113 Million, 2019 – Palm Springs, California

Cosmic X Paradigm acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong

Armstrong’s ‘Final’ & most complex cosmic painting. The artist refuses to describe it saying ‘each’ (viewer) can discover their own secret inside the painting. It is universal magic on canvas. Armstrong says there are several paradigms in the piece and viewers can travel, into different dimensions & lifetimes as their consciousness evolves & connects with its art portals hidden in the painting.


Cosmic ‘X’ #1

$113 Million, 1999 – L.A. California

Cosmic X #1 acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong

The First Cosmic ‘X’ ART. It’s powerful Universal flow created Armstrong’s revolutionary Cosmic Art ✨


Cosmic Star Dream

$110 Million, 2006 – L.A. California

Cosmic Dream Star acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong

The cover image of Armstrong’s book “Cosmic X.” An exciting interplanetary journey with both Jack and ”Cosmic Star Dream” (written) on the painting. One of Armstrong’s personal favorites. A spectacular original Armstrong.


About Jack Armstrong

The Last Wizard of Art

Andy Warhol called him “The Last Wizard of Art.” Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring, Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor called him their friend. He painted NYC walls with Basquiat and taught Michael Jackson how to paint. For decades, Jack Armstrong’s art has been collected by Billionaires and Celebrities.


The Collectors of Jack Armstrong’s Cosmic X

Since his early days, Armstrong originals have been collected by celebrities and cultural icons.

Jackie Onassis, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Elizabeth Taylor have all owned art from “The Last Wizard.”

The world’s richest woman, Alice Walton (Walmart), owns two of Armstrong’s Cosmic X paintings.


The Legacy of Record-Breaking Art

– “The Cosmic Starship”, a custom painted Harley-Davidson V-Rod, first sold for $3 Million in 2012. The World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle at $110 million in 2022.

– ”The Cosmic Starcruiser”, a custom Cosmic ‘X’ art-bicycle, sold for $3 Million at the Big Boys Toys event in Dubai, in 2014.

– “The Cosmic ‘X’ Tribute Glove”, to be featured in the upcoming “Mirroring Michael Jackson” documentary, has been listed at $10 million.


The Historic Opportunity:

The 7 Most Valuable Paintings in the World


Cosmic Starship Harley-Davidson motorcycle by artist Jack Armstrong

These are the 7 most expensive paintings in the world by a living artist for 2022.

“Cosmic ‘fusion’ is the secret of the universe
as it encodes everything.”
– Jack Armstrong

“To reach a state of ‘cosmic-fusion’ in life & in art
you discover we are all universal code completely
able to experience interdimensional travel and life based
exclusively on our reconnection with the energy of stars.”
– Jack Armstrong

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