The Latest Trends By Men’s Jewelry Designers

David Beckham - Men's Fashion Jewelry

Long gone are the days when the passion for jewelry rested with women alone.

Nowadays, men are becoming as enamored with jewelry and accessories as they are with cars, hi-tech gadgets and gizmos.

Jewelry designers have finally woken up to this fact and are now offering exclusive and extensive men’s range of jewelry, ranging right from diamond-studded watches to bracelets, chains and pendants. In this section, we take a look on the latest developments in this trend along with the major newsmakers in this aspect.

The Beckham Story :

Speaking of men’s jewelry, soccer star David Beckham created quite a stir when he displayed a dazzling collection of men’s jewelry at his famous pre-World Cup party. England’s Ashley Cole, who arrived wearing only jewelry and no shirt under his dinner jacket, assisted him in his efforts.

This was further followed by a charity auction wherein Beckham showcased his exquisite diamond encrusted watch, created by Jacob Arabo. In addition, Beckham was also perhaps the first man to publicly wear two diamond earrings, placing men’s’ jewelry fashion firmly on the front stage and marking the onset of an amazing trend.

The New Scenario :

Jewelry is no longer the domain of women only. Men have largely come to accept and recognize jewelry a symbol of class and style. Urban men, who like to appear trendy, are also taking to the ornaments to add a hip look to their appearances. The exclusive men’s’ jewelry showrooms have mushroomed in the last few years, catering to the growing need of the contemporary generation.

This trend is further accentuated by the portrayal of men supporting flashy pieces of jewelry in cinema. From the mafia kings carrying extravagant neckpieces, to the young lover wearing a kinky bracelet gifted by his fianc, men across all channels are being quick enough to adopt the trend.

In addition, where earlier gold was almost the only choice, nowadays platinum, diamonds and even stones rule the rooster. The likes of exclusive platinum or combination of metals, diamond encrusted rings and earrings dominate the scene, though smaller trinkets also appear in the picture. The entire trend gives enough reason to the jewelry and fashion industry to invest substantive resources in the men’s jewelry lines.

By the look of it, in a few years time, it is quite possible that men’s jewelry will be available to suit all types of budgets and tastes, not just remaining as the exclusive domain of the rich and famous.


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