Monaco Gold Bangle by LuShae Jewelry

Monaco Gold Bangle bracelet - LuShae Jewelry
Monaco Gold Bangle bracelet – LuShae Jewelry

For many years, jewelry has played a significant part in any woman’s fashion offering.

While initially being more an addition to a woman’s outfit, today jewelry is an integral component of both style and fashion for a woman.

Finding that tight piece of fashionable jewelry can often be a challenge. For an elegant looking piece of jewelry that will definitely light up a room, consider the Monaco Gold Bangle by LuShae Jewelry.

The luxurious looking Monaco Gold Bangle makes a fashion statement. The first impression of the bracelet is the remarkable shine as light reflects off this beautiful piece from all angles.

The Monaco Gold Bangle features a 14k gold bonded finish, which is a result of a unique electroplating process of repeated coats of heavy layers of 18k Yellow Gold and color-treated to produce a perfect 14k Hamilton gold color.

Despite its contemporary and elegant look, the Monaco Gold Bangle is surprisingly, reasonable priced for everyone

LuShae jewelry has been in business since 1999, offering a complete range of authentic sterling silver jewelry. In addition, they feature a wide range of precious and semi precious gemstones.

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