Cervelt Socks – The Most Exclusive Sock in the World

Harrys of London - cervelt world's most expensive socks

Cervelt™ is a very rare down fibre that comes from the New Zealand Red Deer. Douglas Creek Ltd is an New Zealand company that spent eight years fine tuning the process and creating a luxury textile fibre from the deer’s fine winter coat.

Harrys of London recently unveiled Cervelt socks – “The Most Exclusive Sock in the World” for a whopping £860 or almost $1,500 US.

The coat from the New Zealand Red Deer is rare since only about 20 grams of fibre can be collected from each Red Deer every year.

Cervelt is known as the ‘Diamond of Clothing Fibres’ and is a 13 micron fibre that’s actually finer than the finest cashmere found anywhere. For example, Mongolian Cashmere is 40 mm long with a diameter of 16 Microns.

The Cervelt fibre is wavy curled rather than straight, thus offering a yarn that is both strong and resilient. The key is the fibre retains its warmth, thus allowing the body to breathe due to moisture being moved away to the outer layer of the rare fabric.

Harrys of London provides the highest attention to craftsmanship in its handwork, dying and weaving and these luxury Cervelt socks are no exception.

Be one of the few lucky ones who will be able to purchase a pair of these limited edition Cervelt socks.

You can buy these Cervelt socks at a Harrys of London store or online. Contact The Life of Luxury if you need help purchasing a pair of Cervelt  socks or or any special gift.


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