If You Can’t Get into MIT, Take a Public Tour of MIT

MIT public tour

Maybe you didn’t have the best grades or SAT scores. Maybe you couldn’t afford attending a top university like MIT. Well now you can take a public tour of MIT and get VIP access to this top institution of learning. MIT stands for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Trademark Tours is the only company running public tours of MIT. It’s an incredible way to meet the students and staff of MIT and hear their personal stories. You’ll learn about the history of MIT, plus the staff’s personal stories of working at this prestigious university.

Trademark Tours recently added a new public tour of MIT. This walking tour not only covers the school campus, but also the Kendall Square area. The company’s most popular tour is titled The Hahvahd Tour. TripAdvisor has the tour ranked as the #1 Tour and Attraction in the city of Cambridge. Cambridge is located just west of Boston, Massachusetts.

During your public tour of MIT, you’ll learn all about the current technology wave. Hear what is driving the tech boom and how MIT has been part of it. You’ll gain a better understand of the university’s culture and long history. Get the opportunity to actually go inside a few main campus buildings. Your 70 minute walk will include a tour of Kendall Square area.

Public tour of MIT - Lobby 7

I was fortunate to have visited the MIT campus when I was working at H.P. (Hewlett Packard). We had several projects that we partnered with MIT for computer modeling assistance. It was fun and a rewarding experience to work with the talented students and faculty.

Daniel Andrew is the current CEO of Trademark Tours and was quoted, “We created this public tour of MIT in response to market demand. Over the last decade, in the wake of the tech boom, the profile of MIT and Kendall Square has experienced a renaissance of sorts. More than ever, the phones in our office are ringing with guests eager to learn about the breakthroughs in technology radiating out of this prestigious corner of the scientific universe. We’ve been running fascinating MIT tours for private groups for over five years and decided that now is the time to bring this experience to the general public.”

The public walking tour of MIT is led by currently enrolled students. Although the tour is generally scripted, its an entertaining yet light-hearted and theatrical way to get the most out of this unique experience. Enjoy viewing the iconic MIT buildings that offer terrific views of both the historic Boston skyline and Charles River. Some of the key MIT buildings tourists will see are: the Green Building, Stata Center, Lobby 7, the Great Dome, the awesome Alchemist Statue, in addition to Google, Facebook and Microsoft Headquarters in nearby Kendall Square.

The MIT walking tours run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between May 21, 2016 and Aug 31, 2016. The tours start at either 11:30am, 12:30pm and 1:30pm. When purchased online, ticket prices for the tour are $12 per adult and $10.50 for children and seniors.

If you are visiting Boston, be sure to take part in the public tour of MIT. The Life of Luxury can assist both the planning and booking of you rnext luxury vacation. Read our luxury blog for more interesting VIP experiences. We enjoy sharing them with our valued readers.

Photo: Trademark Tours


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