IL Tornabuoni – Five-Star Luxury Hotel in Florence, Italy

Located in Florence Italy, IL Tornabuoni is a new five-star independent luxury hotel. This luxury hotel is found along Via Tornabuoni in the historic 12th century Palazzo Minerbetti. In addition, the elegant and stylish property features 62 tastefully designed rooms and suites in the heart of Renaissance Florence.

The amazing Italian city of Florence is experiencing a rebirth and a return of tourism. As a result, the hotel’s historic building is one of the most prestigious in Via Tornabuoni. The building was acquired by Hines European Core Fund (HECF) in 2016. Plus, it spans over six floors and dates back to the XV Century.

Stunning Interior Design

Each of the five floors at IL Tornabuoni’s are a design with a distinct color scheme. Hence, it represents the Renaissance period and embodies the city’s rich history and artistic magnificence. Continuing, the interior design features distinct regal and bold gem colors. Included are vibrant teals, deep blues, sunny yellows, energetic vermillion and soft greys. For example, the wallpaper in each room and suite is custom designed by Auletta. Hence, the lush fabrics including silk, rich velvet and wool were used for the furnishings.

IL Tornabuoni luxury hotel suite - Florence, Italy

Ultra Luxury Accommodations

Most of the luxury hotel’s rooms and suites provide two double beds for guests. Not a surprise, that rarity does not exist in much of Italy and Europe. Continuing, the incredible bathrooms recall the lavishness of ancient spas. Many of the IL Tornabuoni suites offer stunning views of the Duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore, and the famous Cupola del Brunelleschi. Also, enjoy views of the picturesque Arno River and Il Ponte Vecchio. Of course, the restored Minerbetti Palazzo has retained much of its heritage with state-of-the-art avant-Garde interiors. For instance, the property’s opulent look and feel perfectly blends historic prestige with modern day beauty.

Unbelievable Fine Dining

Guests of IL Tornabuoni are invited to enjoy three dining establishments throughout the property. First, IL Magnifico Restaurant & Bistrot is on the ground floor. It’s a tribute to Tuscan gastronomic traditions with Executive Chef Massimiliano Mandozzi at the helm. Chef Mandozzi and his team will focus on local and seasonal ingredients for IL Magnifico’s ever-evolving menus. Therefore, there will be a strong emphasis on vegetables including the famous cavolo nero (Tuscan black kale) and legumes such as native cannellini beans

The restaurant’s Pietra Serena floors are a gray sandstone. They are used extensively in Renaissance Florence. For example, they lend to the rich Florentine atmosphere while leather chairs in a harmony of grey and beige add warmth. IL Magnifico enjoys the soft play of natural light during the day and also boasts an intimate outdoor seating environment.

Second, IL Tornabuoni’s Lucie Gourmet rooftop restaurant opens up onto the elegant Butterfly terrace. Enjoy overlooking Santa Maria Novella, San Frediano and the Ognissanti Church. Plus, see other amazing sites in Florence’s Renaissance skyline. The luxury restaurant’s interior design consists of graceful pink and bold peacock. Of course, indoor and outdoor spaces offer breathtaking views and a sophisticated setting to enjoy a convivial lunch or aperitivo with signature cocktails.

Last, but definitely not least, IL Magnifico Café & Champagne Bar is on the main floor. This fine establishment serves bubbles from only the most sought after Italian and French maison.

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If you are looking for a memorable luxury vacation, visit Florence Italy. Experience the amazing Renaissance City and stay at the IL Tornabuoni luxury hotel.

Get Festive in Italy with Five Italian Christmas Markets

Many people instantly respond to the traditional Christmas Markets in Germany. They are very popular during the holiday season and visitors travel from all around the world to enjoy them. Many are not aware that Italy also hosts their own. We would like to share five Italian Christmas Markets to consider.

If you are looking for an extraordinary VIP experience and travel to Italy for Christmas, then you need to make your plans now! There are still great travel deals available on short notice.

Fuoritinerario – Discover Your Italy is a boutique travel tour company that has a long history of of find off-the-beaten path opportunities. They have in depth knowledge of Italy and have offered to provide details on five Italian Christmas Markets.

These five Italian Christmas Markets provide tourist that chance to experience the rich culture of Italy. Enjoy great tasting food and drinks, plus a variety of products and souvenirs to purchase. Please take a look:

SANT’AGATA FELTRIA, EMILIA ROMAGNA (Now until December 20, 2016)
This medieval town is also known as Il Paese del Natale (the Christmas village). Its historic center becomes an enchanted place with the traditional sounds of bagpipes and handcrafted nativity on display all along the narrow alleys as well as in the Fregoso Fortress which dates back to 1000 AD. The market square hosts Santa’s home (reindeer included) and lots of fun activities for children organized by the elves!

CANDELARA, PESARO (Now until December 14, 2016)
Candele a Candelara, the Candelara candle light festival, is the first Italian Christmas market dedicated to candles. Apropos, since the name of this medieval town is derived from the Latin word for candle. During the celebration all electric lights go dark at fifteen minute intervals and the town glows only with candle light. Visitors can also wander through the town’s traditional Christmas market.

BOLZANO, SOUTH TYROL (Now until January 6, 2017)
Certainly the most renowned town in Italy known for hosting the country’s largest Christmas market or mercatini di Natale. For more than a month, the magnificently festooned Piazza Walther is filled with decorated stands, as well as the fragrance of cinnamon and mulled wine – making visitors feel as if they are in a fairytale.

AOSTA, AOSTA VALLEY (Now until January 6, 2017)
The Marché Vert Noël (Green Christmas Market) turns Aosta‘s Piazza Caveri into an alpine Christmas wonderland with twinkling lights, glimmering decorations, and adorned Christmas trees. Shoppers can browse handmade items including candles, holiday decorations, soaps, ceramics, wooden handicrafts and antique furniture, as well as clothing and accessories made from local wool, felt, hemp and lace.

MANAROLA, CINQUE TERRE (Now until February 1, 2017)
This lovely seaside town of the Cinque Terre hosts one of the most beautiful and original nativity scenes in the world – The Presepe di Manarola – with over 15,000 solar-powered light bulbs and 300 characters made from recycled or unused materials. Visitors can walk through a candy cane village, and take cooking classes preparing traditional Christmas dishes.

Discover Your Italy is owed by an Italian husband and wife team – Matteo Della Grazia and Daniela Mencarelli. Together they bring an enormous amount of travel knowledge and experience. Since 2007, they have become respected as experts in Italy travel. In addition to discovering the main attractions of Italy, get to know the cultural heart of this iconic country.

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Spend a Fabulous Thanksgiving at the BAUERs Il Palazzo in Venice, Italy

For those spending Thanksgiving in Venice, Italy should not pass up an amazing opportunity to have your Thanksgiving dinner at the the luxury BAUERs Il Palazzo hotel.

This ultra-luxury hotel in romantic Venice, Italy is offering a fabulous American-style Thanksgiving dinner, created by Chef Hiraki Masakazu, the celebrated chef at the hotel’s De Pisis Restaurant.

The Thanksgiving dinner will be served on Thursday, November 24th and will offer patrons an incredible dinner menu that celebrates American Thanksgiving cuisine with an international flavor.

Visitors from all around Venice, Italy plus the world are invited to enjoy this delicious Thanksgiving feast. Make it a special holiday time with friends and family.

The luxury BAUERs Il Palazzo hotel is the ideal place to stay while in Venice. It’s an intimate boutique hotel, centrally located Venice. It offers a truly authentic, Venetian-style experience and overlooks the world famous Grand Canal.

Chef Masakazu initially started his career in Italy 12 years ago, when he left Tokyo to immerse himself in the history and culinary traditions of Italy. He is now the Executive Chef of De Pisis Restaurant, which serves the ultimate in fine dining.

The Thanksgiving will consist of baked ham glazed with apricots and mustard and, plus roast turkey stuffed with dried fruits. Who doesn’t love dessert. This fine meal will appropriately end with an American favorite – apple crumble.

Complete Thanksgiving Dinner Menu:
– Baked ham glazed with apricots and mustard
– Chestnuts soup flavored with Brandy
– Roast turkey stuffed with dried fruits, pepper corn, roast sweet potatoes and blueberry sauce
– Pecan cake with ginger ice cream
– Petits fours

Price is Euro 90.00 and VAT included. Please note that beverages are excluded.

The Il Palazzo hotel is nearby St. Mark’s Square and close to Venice’s finest shops, museums and various sightseeing spots.

This Venice landmark hotel is much more than a basic hotel. The BAUERs Il PalazzoIt’s both elegant and luxurious and features a stunning Gothic facade.

If you would like to enjoy this amazing Thanksgiving dinner at the BAUERs Il Palazzo in Venice, Italy, then please contact The Life of Luxury. We can handle all of your travel arrangements.

4 Amazing Culinary Experiences in Italy

Italy has long been a popular choice for travelers. The European country is rich in both history and culture. We wanted to share 4 amazing culinary experiences in Italy. Don’t settle for seeing only the sights that hordes of tourists flock to. Immerse yourself in the best Italy has to offer.

Fuoritinerario – Discover Your Italy is a well respected, travel company that is located in Perugia, Italy. They take pride in creating authentic excursions and the chance to see the true “Italian’s Italy.” Fuoritinerario is now offering 4 amazing culinary experiences that will delight your culinary desires. These exclusive travel packages offer a unique way to enjoy wonderful Italian food, plus take part in cooking classes.

For a once in a lifetime treat, these new culinary travel packages provide the opportunity to explore the canals of Venice, enjoy open air-dining in the streets of Siena and see the historic palazzos by the sea in Sicily. It’s a cultural experience you don’t want to miss.

Sicilian Cooking Traditions Revealed in a 19th Century Sicilian Kitchen (Catania photo above)
The sea meets the mountains in Catania’s authentic recipes featuring an incredible variety of dishes and flavors that spring from the cultural melting pot that is Sicilian fare. Guests who seek to learn more about Sicily’s culinary fusion can embark on a gastronomical adventure beginning with a guided tour of Pescheria (the traditional fish market). After purchasing local ingredients, head to a stunning 19th century kitchen of the Catania Historical Society for a cooking class where traditional dishes, such as spaghetti rolls alla Norma, pasta with squid ink and ricotta cheese or with anchovies and wild fennel, fish meatballs (whitebait), caponata, cannolo or the so-called “St. Agatha’s breasts” will be prepared and savored.

Siena Italy
Dine in the Streets of Siena During the Palio with a Contrada
Twice a year, the 17 districts or contrade of Siena compete against each other in the world-renown race, the Palio di Siena. On the next race day s – August 16, guests will enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of the Palio Horse Race in Siena and dine with one of the district teams in the afternoon. Belissimo! Prior to the race, guests will assist with the medieval parade that showcases all the teams in their colorful dress and, of course, the beautiful horses. Later, after guests catch their breath from watching the legendary horse-race, they will join one of the contradas for their open air dinner – hopefully it is the winning district!

Venice Italy
Live Like a Royal: Attend a Gala at a Venetian Palace
For one night in Venice, guests will live the life of a noble Venetian aristocrat as they are whisked away aboard a private water taxi to a gala dinner set in a palace overlooking the Grand Canal. It will be an evening of total sensory experiences while guests linger over cocktails and dinner in this extremely unique historic mansion that has welcomed a legendary A-List from today’s Hollywood set to the Doges of Venice and Italian Nobility.

Palermo Sicily
Cooking by the Sea in Sicily with The Duchess
This is not a simple cooking lesson in an 18th century palazzo by the sea. It’s a fascinating journey through Sicilian culture and food. Rise early, meet ‘The Duchess’ and follow her through a colorful local market to buy the seasons freshest ingredients. Throughout her tour, The Dutchess will share hidden treasures of Palermo, one of the most intriguing cities of the Mediterranean. In the spacious and historic kitchen at her palazzo, guests will learn to cook a whole Sicilian menu under The Duchess’ guidance. After lunch in the elegant dining room, enjoy a tour of the lush terrace and the beautifully restored palazzo, the last home of Prince Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of the world-famous novel The Leopard.

Has Italy been on your Bucket List as a lifetime dream destination? Then consider making plans and booking one of these incredible travel itineraries. Visit this fascinating country and see some of the most amazing historical landmarks in the world.

Contact The Life of Luxury if interested in booking one of the above, amazing culinary experiences in Italy. Our travel specialists can help plan your next luxury vacation, anywhere in the world. Stop by soon and follow this lxuury blog. Keep up on the latest travel trends and news.

Photo: Fuoritinerario – Discover Your Italy

For Sale: Luxury Villa Antinori near Florence, Italy

Looking for luxury real estate in Italy? Now you can own the luxury Villa Antinori di Monte Aguglioni near Florence, Italy. This incredible property was once owned by one of the great Tuscan families in all of Italy.

Between the years 1498 and 1517, Villa Antinori was owned by the Del Giocondo family. If you are not aware who they were, Lisa Del Giocondo is believed to have been the subject of the world famous Mona Lisa. This iconic painting, also named “la Gioconda” was painted by Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci around the year 1505. Lisa del Giocondo was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo.

Villa Antinori can be found only five kilometers from the renaissance city of Florence. At the beginning of the XX century, Marchioness Nathalie Antinori participated in the redesign of both the villa and spacious garden. She was assisted by Egisto Paolo Fabbri, who was her brother. He was also an artist and architect. The luxury villa’s layout remains to this day.

As you enter the property, you drive up a meandering driveway with large cypress trees on both sides. You stop to park near the beautiful Italian garden. The entire property measures 27 hectacre in size. The garden was designed by Cecil Pinsent, an English architect.

The main building measures 2,800 square meters. If you include the custodian’s house, a chapel, plus other onsite buildings for agricultural use, the surface area grows to 3,700 square meters.

Luxury Villa Antinori - Florence, Italy

The interior of the main house is spectacular. You’ll notice elegant furnishings and incredible craftsmanship in all the detail work. The current owners are proud to share the results of their complete renovation project.

Chianti Classico is located in the heartland of the famous, Chianti wine region in Italy. If you have a keen eye, you will notice that the facade of the luxury Villa Antinori di Monte Aguglioni can be seen on one of the brand’s own wine bottle labels.

When discussing Villa Antinori, Lionard Luxury Real Estate founder Dimitri Corti was quoted, “This is one of the most interesting historic homes which we have in Tuscany, on of the most requested regions in the luxury sector.”

We work with the best luxury real estate professionals around the world. If you are looking to purchase a high-end property like Villa Antinori, please let us know. Return again to follow this luxury blog and keep up on the latest real estate news.

Photos: Lionard

Experience Christmas at The BAUERs – Il Palazzo Hotel

The BAUERs Il Palazzo hotel in Venice, Italy will be hosting a fabulous Christmas dinner. Make this landmark hotel the perfect choice to enjoy an unbelievable, VIP experience.

The BAUERs Christmas experience is offered each year and provides a festive and memorable time for all. This year’s event will be held at the De Pisis Restaurant, which is the gourmet restaurant at the Il Palazzo hotel in Venice, Italy.

It’s a time to relax and enjoy the Christmas holiday season in an elegant environment. Whether it’s with family or friends, make this a magical night. Located near the world famous Grand Canal in Venice, the opportunity to eat a fine meal at De Pisis Restaurant should not be missed.

The dinner will be offered on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Enjoy a six-course meal that will tantalize your taste buds. The dishes will all be inspired by both Italian style and taste.

On Christmas Eve, your dinner has a fish theme, beginning with Cuttlefish confit and Scallops. They will be served in a tripe ragout that sounds so delicious. For your first course, try a mouth-watering Seafood risotto with fishmonger, scaled, mussels and shrimps. Next is an enticing roasted sole with cardoons, horseradish and tasty applesauce. Finish your meal with a tasty pomegranate sorbet and the warm Panettone with mascarpone and coffee.

Guests who come on Christmas Day will be treated to a wonderful dinner consisting of a delicate duck salad. Next will be a serving of marinated beef and pieces of crispy polenta. There will be pleasant risotto and the braised veal cheek. For dessert lovers, end your meal with pomegranate sorbet plus divine chocolate bar that will be adorned by candied orange and pistachio gelato. Yum!

As you gaze out the window of De Pisis Restaurant at the Il Palazzo Hotel, be sure to savoir the incredible views of the nearby Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute. What a fine dining treat.

This is a dressy occasion and you will be able to appreciate good company, wonderful ambiance and a terrific meal. Experience the beauty of Christmas at The BAUERs.

Spend Christmas in Venice, Italy and enjoy a fine dining experience at The BAUERs – Il Palazzo Hotel. The Life of Luxury can help you plan that last minute trip to Europe and see the amazing sights of Italy. Return often to follow this luxury blog. Read about the latest luxury travel news and package deals.

Photo: The BAUERs

Discover the Romantic City of Venice, Italy

Francesca Bortolotto Possati is the current CEO of The Bauers Hotel chain in Venice, Italy. These luxury hotels are often the top choice for someone wanting to stay in an opulent property while vacationing in Venice.

But Francesca Bortolotto Possati is also a renowned female hotelier and has offered her luxurious guide to the romantic city of Venice, Italy. Francesca is an author, interior designer, foodie and a highly respected philanthropist.

Her insight into Italian culture is captivating as well as her strong management skills as the CEO of The Bauers Hotel group. Her grandfather was a nearby shipbuilder and also bought and remodeled the first Bauer hotel in 1930. As CEO, Francesca has expanded the company from investment in three additional luxury hotels. They include – Bauers L’Hotel and Bauers Il Palazzo in Venice, and additionally the Bauers Palladio and lastly, the Villa F on Giudecca Island.

Francesca Bortolotto Possati was featured in a Financial Times story titled, “How to Spend It – Diary of a Somebody.” She shared her thoughts on luxurious adventures and getting the most from visiting the romantic city of Venice. We hope you enjoy some of her suggestions during your next stay in Venice, Italy.

Bar Canale:
Relax on the outdoor Terrace during the summer, or have a cozy cup of tea in the winter. Located on Campo San Simeon Grande, Francesca explains that this is her favorite glass of white wine within the entire Bauer complex.

Rialtro Market:
Only twelve minutes from Bauer l’Hotel, this outdoor market is bustling with life and culture, “the market is an explosion of color, sights and smells.” Francesca says. Be sure to arrive before noon to see best selection of fresh fish and produce labeled with their place of origin—almost always from local islands and surrounding countryside.

Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli:
Soaps that tell an interesting story: Francesca opened this cosmetic laboratory to make soaps, perfumes, and local cosmetics. The Basilica is part of a rehabilitation program for women in the local jail – helping them acquire a beneficial skill set at the crossroads of science and beauty.

Located down the street from Bauer l’Hotel, this 100% Made In Italy exclusive household linens company focuses on providing exceptional linens for customer’s homes, yachts, and private jets. The company has an extensive history of high-end clientele, including royalty, and continues to maintain its promise of excellence through meticulous attention to detail and flawless craftsmanship. Pick up something to take back home after your stay in Venice.

Just a four-minute walk from the Bauer l’Hotel, this restaurant overlooks St. Mark’s Square. A quintet in the background softly accompanies your dining experience. As Francesca writes, this is one of “Venice’s chicest Michelin-starred restaurant. It is an elegant and intimate restaurant with the most impeccable service.” Ingredients are locally chosen from the Rialtro Market daily.

Bauer Palladio Hotel and Spa:
Located on the Giudecca Island, The Palladio is lavishly equipped with amenities such as spas, gardens, and dining. Francesca says, “This garden is like an oasis from the bustling streets and canals of Venice.”

Il Vivaio Gardens in Campo della Misericordi:
Bortolotto Possati explains that you need to schedule an appointment to visit to see this “hidden gem.” Her love for well-manicured green space expands as she describes her own “three-acre garden hidden behind the Palladio Hotel and Spa and Villa F, our collection of private residences and the newest addition to the portfolio on Giudecca Island.”

Burano Island:
A day excursion about an hour from the hotel, and home to the famous Burano lace, this island features brightly colored homes that reflect into the surrounding water channels. Walking alongside these neon houses, visitors will feel like they are within a piece of art.

Has it been your dream to visit the romantic city of Venice, Italy? Let The Life of Luxury plan and book your entire itinerary. We are luxury travel specialists and you can read more travel destination stories by following our popular luxury blog.

Photo: The Bauers Hotel – Venice, Italy

Join Famous Iron Chef Judge & Restaurateur, Donatella Arpaia, in Puglia, Italy

For an incredible culinary and travel experience, join “Iron Chef” judge and Michelin-rated restaurateur Donatella Arpaia, in Puglia, Italy. She is leading two luxurious tours in Puglia, Italy this summer.

In partnership with Southern Vision, these exclusive food trips offer an unforgettable chance to experience the cultural gem of southern Italy.

The Puglia region of Italy is well known for its abundance of fine food, such as seafood, grains, wine, salumi, olive oil, and vegetables. Tour guests can indulge in a true, Southern Italian food paradise.

Donatella Arpaia is a popular judge on the Food Network’s “Iron Chef America”, restaurateur and cookbook author. Donatella spent her summers in Puglia and learned how to cook the area’s native cuisine. The region’s ideal climate offers perfect growing conditions to produce wonderful white and red wines.

Guests will stay at the beautifully restored 17th century manor house – Masseria Lamacoppa. You will be treated to both comfort and luxury during your stay. This magnificent lodge allows you to immerse yourself in Italian culture and enjoy everything Donatella and Puglia have to offer.

When not partaking in a cooking class offered by Donatella Arpaia, unwind by lounging near the large pool or wandering around the expansive courtyard. Masseria Lamacoppa offers vista views overlooking a lemon grove.

Thee 7-day tour includes the following highlights:
• Hands-on cooking classes with Chef Donatella Arpaia
• Lunch at Donatella’s ancestral home with the Arpaia family
• Olive grove tour and oil tasting at an ancient underground olive mill
• Tour of a prestigious winery including tastings and vineyard walks
• Visit to a pastry chef in Lecce
• Hand-made pasta lesson at home with local legends in Bari

It’s a once in a lifetime experience to meet and work with Donatella Arpaia. The trips are targeted to pay homage to her Italian heritage and share the region’s delicious food and local culture of Puglia.

If you would like to plan a trip to Puglia, Italy and be part of a culinary tour led by Donatella Arpaia, please contact us today. Follow our leading luxury blog to hear about other luxury travel opportunities from around the world.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Incredible Experience at 2015 Venice Carnival

Each year Venice, Italy comes alive with carnival celebrations and cultural events all across this historical Italian city.

2015 Venice Carnival is expected to be the best event ever. It’s the ideal way explore Italy and enjoy a candlelight dinner in the most charming Palaces of Venice, take a gondola down the world famous Grand Canal, be a guest at exclusive Mask Ball Parties and truly enjoy the magical nights of Carnival.

We wanted to share two luxury programs for 2015 Venice Carnival, that you don’t want to miss:

Ballo Tiepolo
Date: Thursday February 12th, 2015
Hours: 8 pm – 2 am

The main event of the Venice Carnival is the popular costume program. This amazing masked ball allows guests to enter into the magic world of 18th century Venice. You will overlook the famous Grand Canal be among numerous frescos from G.B. Tiepolo and other artists of that era. It’s an entertainer’s dream with musical performers, actors, and dancers plus you will feast at welcome cocktail and the fine dining experience. dinner. This year’s dinner menu will be created by a Michelin star chef!

The theme of this year’s Venice Carnival masked ball is centered around Marco Polo and his journey from Venice and the unexplored territories of Asia.

Dress code: Period costume


Carnival Dream – Celebration of Love
Dates: Saturday February 14th, 2015
Hours: 8.30 pm – 1 am

In the historic Hall of the Ridotto, which is the heart of many extravagant carnivals during the 18th century will host the most elegant

party of the Carnival of Venice. “Carnival Dream” is a lively theatre music performance in English. Be entertained with masks, singers, a live orchestra and even artists on stilts.

Dress code: period costume


Travel Itinerary for 2015 Venice Carnival is as follows:

DAY 1:
Transfer from the airport with a private taxi boat.
Afternoon at Leisure
Dinner in a Starred Restaurant

DAY 2 :
1 hour boat tour
2 hour guided City tour
Light Lunch
Costume selection
Masquerade Ball and dinner

DAY 3:
Morning at Leisure
Transfer to the airport with a private taxi boat.
Luxury Services

Private transfer from and to the airport with private Taxi Boat
Accommodation in a double room in a 5 stars hotel
One dinner in a Starred Restaurant
Invitations for two to the Ball
24 hour English speaking assistance

If you are interested in booking a trip to Venice, Italy and experience Venice Carnival – contact us today. We can help plan and book your entire itinerary. Come back often to follow this luxury blog and read about the latest luxury travel industry news and package deals.

Experience Carnival in Venice, Italy at The BAUERs Hotel

The BAUERs Hotel is a luxury, five-star property located in magical Venice, Italy. This amazing hotel features an art-deco style and is one of the most luxurious hotels found anywhere in the world.

In February, The BAUERS will present its fourth annual Carnival event. It’s a tribute to La Marchesa Luisa Casati, the eccentric Italian heiress of the early 20th-century. Casati inspired numerous, Italian artists including Boccioni, Marinetti and D’Annunzio.

The Carnival event will be held starting Saturday February 7th and runs through Saturday, February 14th, 2015. This special occasion will be at The BAUERs Hotel’s Grand Canal Terrace.

The fourth edition of the Venetion Carnival will be a memorable night of incredible theatrical performances, led by famous Maestro De Luigi. Enjoy authentic music, dance and great tasting food.

La Marchesa Luisa Casati was once quoted “I want to be a living work of art.” The Venetion Carnival at the The BAUERs Hotel hopes to bring her visionary spirit to life.

You can experience parcours through the city of Venice tha is also being professionally filmed as a short movie. This is a wonderful idea for a spectacular souvenir of your stay. Of course you will want to immerse yourself and dress in costume.

If you have never stayed at The BAUERs Il Palazzo, you must. This oppulant boutique hotel offers its guests an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy five star luxury service and amenities, surrounded by the culture and beauty of romantic Venice.

Pricing for a stay at The BAUERs begin at 650 euros per night.

If you would like to visit Venice, Italy and stay at The BAUERs Il Palazzo luxury hotel, please contact The Life of Luxury. Read about other luxury travel packages by following our luxury blog.

Now You Can Own a Fairy Tale, Private Castle in Italy!

Italy has long, rich history of culture and incredible castles. Dozens of private castles across Italy are now up for sale.

Dimitri Corti is the CEO of Lionard Luxury Real Estate, and says his firm currently has 37 castles for sale, but there are over 70 throughout Italy in their portfolio.

So what’s driving the abundance of private castles? Corti states, “The high maintenance costs and the increasing tax burden on properties have convinced many owners, whose properties have often been in the family for generations to evaluate sales opportunities aimed at the foreign market.”

Prices for a private castle ranges from €1,200 to €8,500 per square metre for properties of great charm and value, in perfect condition,. Some tof the castles for sale are already being used as a tourist accommodation, or as a farm.

Two, great historical figures from Dante’s Divine Comedy are Farinata degli Uberti (c. 1212-1264) who was one of the damned souls in Hell, and the Sienese noblewoman Sapia Salvani (c. 1210 -1278), who was one of the envious souls in Purgatory. Both these characters are associated with two castles in Tuscany – Castello di Sapia near Siena and Castello di Tavolese near Florence. Now you can purchase one of these famous castles and become part of history.

Piedmontis the city where yo uwill find the best value properties. For example, one of the most eye-catching castles in the Monferrato area is surrounded by a park with age-old trees, 5,962 square metres of perfectly-restored indoor space, and a sixteenth century guesthouse. The asking price for this castle is about €7 million.

Another example is Acquabella that is located in the gorgeous setting of the Vallombrosa Nature Reserve, near the Abbey of the same name. The castle has been restored to perfection, boasting a total of about 5,000 square metres of indoor space.

An early 20th-century castle found on the coast between Livorno and Castiglioncello, provide stunning sea views. This castle has 700 square metres of indoor space over four floors and two crenellated towers. The castle property features a lush park with palm trees, oaks, age-old pines and exotic plants.

On sale for for €2.5 million is another property – Castello di Sapia. This castle was named after a main character in an episode of Canto XIII of Dante’s Purgatory. Located near Monteriggioni, Italy, this castle is nestled in the timeless countryside, but does need a complete restoration.

For those with a bigger budget and wanting a luxury castle, there were several that range in price between €10 and €20 million or more.

In Lombardy, you’ll find several manor houses for sale, including an impressive castle near Milan. This luxurious castle (photo above) is surrounded by a circle of medieval walls, protected by a typical moat, with six crenellated towers, the castle has 8,800 square metres of indoor space with adjoining stables, chapel and private cemetery. The property features a beautiful, Italian-style garden, in addition to a large swimming pool set in a nineteenth-century bath.

One impressive is castle is Castello di Tavolese. This amazing private castle once belonged to the illustrious Farinata degli Uberti and Canigiani families, Petrarch’s mother belonging to the dynasty of the latter. The castle offers 7,676 square metres of indoor space and 62 hectares of parkland. There are also other buildings on site such as a church and several farmhouses.

If you are interested in learning more about these private castles for sale in Italy, please contact The Life of Luxury. Return to follow this luxury blog to read about other luxury real estate news and luxury properties for sale.