1913 Harley-Davidson 9B Single Cylinder Board Track Racer – For Sale at $50,000

After almost 12 decades in business, the Harley-Davidson name has a lot of history behind it. Completing their first prototype in 1903, the Harley-Davidson company grew fast in a world new to and starved for cheap mechanized transport. The motorcycle brand completed the construction of their first factory in 1906, rolling off about 50 machines of their assembly lines. Early versions came with small single-cylinder engines producing somewhere between 3 and 7 horsepower.

In 1913, Harley-Davidson offered 2 versions of their now tried and true single-cylinder machines. The Harley Model 9A which was belt-driven and the Model 9B which had a chain drive. In addition, both versions feature a single-cylinder 35 cubic inch F-head (or pocket valve) engine, producing around 4.34 horsepower. Plus it features magneto ignition. Additionally for 1913, in a huge leap forward, mechanically operated intake valves of the pushrod and rocker arm type, were now included on the single-cylinder models. inclusion of this system also meant that an additional cam would need to be included.

With the addition of these mechanically operated valves, they paved the way forward for not only Harley-Davidson but all motorcycle manufacturers. Thus, they began pushing their engines to higher horsepower in the never-ending quest for more speed. Production numbers for both models rounded out to be approximately 1510 9A examples produced and 4601 examples of the Model 9B.

The outstanding success of these early machines played a large role in Harley-Davidson becoming the household name that they are today. Today, Board Track Racing machines stand as a testament to a different era. As an example, with far less safety and regard for human life, meant a necessary developmental stage. For example, the quest for speed and bringing solid and reliable two-wheeled transportation into the 20th century.

The 1913 Harley-Davidson 9B Single Cylinder Board Track Racer, engine number 934D is for sale. The asking price is $50,000. This amazing and rare early Harley-Davidson has been built in the style of a board track racer. It is complete with a direct chain-drive mechanism and iconic downward sweeping board track style handlebars. Plus it features locked out pedals and lacking brakes.

The current owner and consignor is an early Harley-Davidson aficionado. He purchased the 1913 Harley-Davidson 9B Single Cylinder Board Track Racer motorcycle approximately 15 years ago. At the time, it joined his prized collection of numerous, other early Harley-Davidson machines.

The Harley-Davidson 9B has not been run in a long time. It has been stored properly and always very well cared for. The restoration still presents very nicely. Notice the correct colored grey paint laid down smooth and seamless over the tank, frame, and fenders. In addition, there is some scattered spotting in the paint on the tank. Thus, it appears almost as imperfections in the clear coat. Smooth to the touch, but apparent nonetheless.

The pinstriping was applied appropriately and remains striking and clean, minus where the previously mentioned spotting has affected it on the tank. Cosmetically the engine and mechanical pieces show in nice order. The metal is bright with no signs of any major issues. Lastly, the finned cylinder head shows no signs of issues and all fins appear to be solid.

This stunning Harley-Davidson 9B motorcycle sits on white reproduction Firestone tires. They are size 28 x 2 1/4. The tires show some minor cracking in the sidewalls. In addition, there is some discoloration and dirtiness. But they are perfectly suited to static display. The iconic and sweeping drop handlebars present quite nicely. Hence, they are finished with the appropriate style wrapped grips. Also, they feature leather control cable wraps, a nice finishing touch.

Overall this motorcycle represents an amazing look into the early days of motorcycling. The Harley-Davidson 9B represents the thrill and the death-defying sport of Board Track Racing that grew up alongside these amazing machines.

The Life of Luxury has personal connections all around the world for new, classic and vintage cars and motorcycles.

We hope you enjoy reading about this amazing 1913 Harley-Davidson 9B Single Cylinder Board Track Racer. Return soon to follow the latest news in the car and motorcycle industries.

Photo: LBI Limited

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

Today we will explore the Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World that you could drive today! This impressive video was created by iRicher.

Having a car is nice; but revving the engine of your new Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini or Maserati … now that’s impressive! Which ones would on your list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Cars?

Of course, all of you aspiring millionaires out there know that a great car makes a great impression. But of course, some cars are a little more eye-catching than others. So today, we’re going to be giving you the rundown on the Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World!

Now, while the average car may just be used to get from Point A to Point B, luxury cars are in a whole class of their own. From their beautiful design to insanely fast speeds, these cars are meant to be enjoyed. However, some luxury cars would be considered expensive by even some of the richest people on Earth, making the ones on this list all the more impressive. So, make sure to stay tuned until the end so you can get a glimpse of the car that will set you back almost $20 million!

Without further ado, let’s get started with our countdown of the Top 10 Most Expensive Cars


Number 10. Aston Martin Valkyrie ($3.2 million)

The first car on this list is Aston Martin’s first ever hypercar, the $3.2 million Aston Martin Valkyrie. Created in cooperation with Red Bulls’ racing division, the car features a low suspension, race car-style steering wheel, and aerodynamic frame, all of which make the car look stylish and elegant.

Sporting a 160 horsepower V12 Hybrid Engine, the car would undoubtedly perform really well on a racetrack. As a result, not only did Aston Martin create 150 street-legal models, but an additional 25 track only ones as well!

Number 9. Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere ($3.4 million)

Although the name “Bugatti” is practically synonymous with “luxury”, the $3.4 million Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere really goes above and beyond. Made alongside Germany customization studio Mansory, this car is made especially unique by its carbon-fiber weaved white and black exterior, checkered black patterning, and 1500 horsepower engine. Yet, with only 240 in existence, it is exclusive even by Bugatti’s standards!

Number 8. Lykan Hypersport ($3.4 million)

Although Lebanon may not be a typical home base for luxury car makers, the $3.4 million Lykan Hypersport is certainly an exception! Appearing in famous films such as “Furious 7” and used by the Abu Dhabi Police Department to chase down high-profile criminals, the car is the definition of luxury; so much so, in fact, that its headlights and LED blades are made out of hundreds of 15-carat diamonds! Yet, the inside is just as impressive, as its 780-horsepower twin-turbocharged flat-six engine can go an impressive 395 kilometres per hour! However, with only seven in existence, they definitely are hard to come by!

Number 7. Pagani Huayra Roadster ($3.5 million)

Although the Pagani Huayra’s base model comes in at a relatively inexpensive $2.4 million, the most advanced rendition of it comes in at $3.5 million! Now, while it may look a lot more like a race car than a road car, it turns out that the Huayra is completely street legal. However, given that its 780 horsepower engine can accelerate to 100 kilometres an hour in just 2.8 seconds, we doubt even the fastest police cars could chase it down!

Number 6. McLaren P1 LM ($3.6 million)

Created as the street-legal equivalent of the track-only McLaren P1 GTR, you wouldn’t be wrong to think that the $3.6 million McLaren P1 LM looks a little more sporty than most of the other cars on this list. Bringing luxury to a whole new extreme with its gold-plated engine bay, the car’s 3.8-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine allows it to accelerate to a maximum speed of 350 kilometres per hour. However, with only five of these ever made, you’re going to have a hard time finding them at your local car shop!

Number 5. Lamborghini Veneno ($4.5 million)

Italy is a country known for its luxury sports cars, so it’s no surprise that a Lamborghini made it on to this list! With veneno translating to the word “venom” in English, it’s no surprise that the car has killer looks to match its name! Yet, the $4.5 million Lamborghini Veneno’s unique exterior is only rivaled by its insane interior, which sports a 740 horsepower 6.5 liter V12 engine with a seven-speed single clutch that enables the car to accelerate from 0-100km per hour in as little as 2.9 seconds! However, you’ll likely have a hard time getting your hands at one; with only nine units in existence, their price at auction is often double or triple its retail price!

Number 4. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita ($4.8 million)

While you may have seen your fair share of carbon fibre cars on this list, the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita brings this material to a whole other level by featuring diamond weave carbon fibre and high-end carbon fibre brakes. However, it’s not just the car’s materials that are jaw-dropping: sporting a 1,018 horsepower 4.8-liter twin-supercharged V8 engine, this car can reach speeds of over 410 kilometres per hour! However, if you want one of the speedy sports cars to be in your garage, you’ll have to have pretty deep pockets, as this Koenigsegg comes in at a whopping $4.8 million!

Number 3. The Mercedes Maybach Exelero ($10 million)

If you want a sleek and elegant car that makes you look like a million bucks (or should we say, 10 million bucks), then the Mercedes Maybach Exelero is for you! Debuted in 2004, this elegant machine not only looks sleek, but is incredibly powerful as well. Sporting a 690-horsepower twin-turbo V12 engine that can accelerate to speeds of 350 kilometers per hour, this car is the perfect marriage of looks and performance. However, this car isn’t one that can simply be picked up at your nearest Mercedes dealership; with only the extremely rich having the option of buying one, there is only an estimated 12 or so in existence today!

Number 2. The Rolls-Royce Sweptail ($13 million)

With only one $13 million Rolls-Royce Sweptail available in the entire world: this car is the definition of exclusive! Made via special request for an unknown billionaire, it was modeled after the luxury yachts of the 1920s and ’30s. And, it certainly is elegant: after all, the namesake “swept-tail” at the back of the car is truly one of a kind. However, it seems that this car’s road stats are just as mysterious as its buyer. For although we know that the car has a 6.75 litre V12 engine, no one knows for sure how fast the car can go or how quickly it accelerates. Yet, on our end, we just hope that Rolls Royce one day decides to make more than one of these beautiful machines!

1. The Bugatti La Voiture Noire ($18.68 million)

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve finally come across the best of the best, the creme de la creme: the Bugatti La Voiture Noire. Translating to “The Black Car” in English, this car stands out by having a completely black carbon fibre body. Yet, the inside of the car is just as breathtaking as the outside: featuring a 1,500 horsepower quad-turbo W16 8.0 litre engine.

This car can reportedly reach speeds of up to 420km per hour! Unsurprisingly, such an impressive car comes at a rather impressive price; costing a whopping $18.68 million, only two copies of this car are built every single year. Therefore, while it is certainly not impossible to get your hands on one, it definitely would be quite the challenge!


Well, there you have it – The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World. What are your thoughts?

The Life of Luxury works with car dealerships all around the world. Let us help find your dream, luxury car. We also have access to the best vintage and classic cars.

We hope you enjoyed the iRicher video and reading about the Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World. Return soon to follow our popular luxury blog. Start living a luxury life!

Drive in VIP Style in this Amazing 2000 Chrysler Viper GTS R

Today is Father’s Day. For all the great dads out there, cheers to you! Let’s celebrate this great day and talk about a great car. The 2000 Chrysler Viper GTS R. Maybe by the end of today, you may actually be driven to own it. It’s for sale!

After his 1959 Le Mans victory with an Aston Martin DBR1, Carroll Shelby stops racing. He learns that AC Cars in England are delivering their vehicles without a suitable engine and in the fall of ’61, convinces them that his modified Fairlane engines would do the trick. He calls the car the Shelby Cobra.

The legendary Shelby Cobra is born from a binding handshake between Shelby and Detroit’s rising star, Lee Iacocca. When the Cobra debuts in 1962 alongside Chevrolet’s new Corvette, it performs a lap at Riverside a near four seconds faster. Pete Brock finds this roadster to be the best platform on which to build a world-championship GT coupe.

For the years when super sports cars filled the grid, they ruled racing. The classic era of motorsports had returned to the stage nearly forty years from when Le Mans began.

At the 1989 Detroit Auto Show, a new concept car is unveiled. It is intended to gauge public interest. Surprisingly, the concept is resoundingly approved even before the car show ends. Lee Iacocca calls the car an American classic. Next, he tells the Bob Lutz fifty-person team, “Go build the damn thing”. This iconic car will be absurd and it will be built. This amazing car will be named the Chrysler Viper.

Working tirelessly, Dodge pulls the cover off the production car just three years after uncloaking the concept. The word is that six cylinders came from one V8 and four from another to form the Viper’s beating heart. What a great story!

Despite features such as external door handles and windows, the closed car remains as rambunctious as the roadster. Dodge, showcasing GTS’s handling ability, positions the closed coupe for sales in Europe. Around this time, Chrysler approves the development of a racing program centered around the GTS.

2000 Chrysler Viper GTS R race car - Le Mans

Ford’s 1966 victory over Ferrari, in many ways was an astonishing accomplishment. As a result, the GT40 was built like a prototype racecar and allowed a large displacement motor. This was due to Ford producing a large enough quantity of vehicles to count as a modified road car. Hence, this division paved the way for the GT40 while defining how the sport would later work in the 1990s with BPR Global GT and the FIA GT Championship.

To adapt the Chrysler Viper for both European and North American circuits, Chrysler realized that they required outside assistance. Next, Enter ORECA. They would re-construct the cars in France. This was after receiving a basic chassis and integral components from Roush. The famed bodywork is from British engineering firm Reynard Motorsport.

Now the year is 1996. It’s Canaska/Southwind that debuts the competition Chrysler Viper GTS R, for the North American IMSA GT class GTS-1, at the 24hrs of Daytona. Their car number 84 spins and suffers rear suspension failure in the infield. The leading car, car number 98, places 29th overall and a dismal 225 laps behind the winner.

But it is in 1998 that the Viper’s dominance becomes imminent. At the hands of Justin Bell, Luca Drudi and David Donohue, chassis C7 and the ORECA team take the GT2 class win at the 24hrs of Le Mans finishing 11th overall. This finish went down in history as the first GT class win for an American-made car since Shelby’s Daytona Coupe in 1964.

The Chrysler Viper’s dominance is strengthened as ORECA wins all but one event in the 10 race schedule. That feat clinches another GT2 championship later that year. ORECA repeats their formula in 1999, by taking another Le Mans class win and GT2 championship. That makes two GT2 Championship winning seasons and 24hrs of Le Mans class wins two years in a row but can the Viper make it a third?

By 2000, Chrysler’s home rival Chevrolet raises the stakes with the Corvette C5-R. For the 24hrs of Daytona, the battle between the Factory Dodge and Pratt & Miller’s Corvette Racing teams for GTO class honor came down to the race’s final hour on Sunday morning. Chassis 21, driven by Olivier Beretta with Karl Wendlinger and Dominique Dupuy alongside, would take the outright victory over the best Corvette C5-R with a final margin of just over half a minute. Viper triumphs as the first American production-based car to take Daytona.

Built-in February of 1999 and prepared for the 2000 season, we are introduced to the vehicle offered here, chassis GTSR C31. It is one of the final Chrysler Factory Works Team cars and differs significantly over customer cars thanks to specialized skunkworks components. Throughout its tenure, GTS R C31 (C31) ran as both numbers 51 and 91.

The 12 hour endurance race at Sebring on March 18 marked the team’s first pursuit. The result is a class victory for C31, and a 1-2-3 finish for Viper Team ORECA making for a fabulous photo finish in a display of utter dominance by the now legendary team.

The ACO’s 24hrs of Le Mans in June 2000 would fit here. Karl Wendlinger, Olivier Beretta, and Dominique Dupuy drive C31 (as car 51) to Viper Team ORECA’s third straight class victory. The 333-lap finish is Viper’s best Le Mans performance to date. Given the serious competition that the Pratt & Miller’ C5R posed, the win is one of the most significant as the pressures to overcome another American-Born racecar deepened the Viper-Corvette rivalry.

This incredible 2000 Chrysler Viper GTS R is available for purchase. If you are interested, please contact The Life of Luxury today. Buying this iconic car would make the perfect Father’s Day gift. Don’t you agree?

The Life of Luxury offers a wide variety of luxury concierge services. From VIP experiences like red carpet award to shows to finding you that perfect classic or vintage car. We have access to over 50,000 VIP events aoo around the world. Make your dreams dome true and star living a luxury lifestyle.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the 2000 Chrysler Viper GTS R. Return again and follow our popular luxury blog. Stay on top of the latest luxury car news.

Photo: LBI Limited

Own a 1958 Maserati 3500 GT or 1969 Lamborghini Islero 400 GT S

Plain and simple, people love cars. New cars, fast cars, classic cars, vintage cars and luxury cars. Over the years, the desire and passion to own one continues to soar. Are you looking for that special classic car to own? Then consider 1958 Maserati 3500 GT or 1969 Lamborghini Islero 400 GT S.

We’d like to share two incredible cars any car collector would love to own. First is an incredible 1958 Maserati 3500 GT. Second is a stunning 1969 Lamborghini Islero 400 GT S.


1958 Maserati 3500 GT (photo above)

One of the very early manufactured Maserati 3500 GT. Probably the most interesting Maserati 3500 GT actually available on the market. Stunning color combination with Bleu Ischia exterior and Rosso Connolly leather interior.

This car is the one shown by Maserati in its official 1958 official sales brochure. The first owner was the famous Italian singer Renato Rascel (Arrivaderci Roma). Nut and bolt restored in Italy by Carrozeria Manfredi (2007) respecting most of the original elements still in great condition.

Restoration is fully documented with pictures and all the original invoices. This Maserati comes with its owner’s manual, parts list books and advertising documents. The car is Maserati´s Certificated, full matching numbers and matching color.

The car is registered in France and can be inspected and drive tested in Barcelona’s facilities.


1969 Lamborghini Islero 400 GT S












1969 Lamborghini Islero 400 GT S

This very rare “Islero S” is an incredible find. Such a fascinating and rare opportunity to acquire a real Concours condition “Keys in hand” legendary Italian icon. Also, it’s finished in its beautiful “Celeste Blue metalizzato”.

The complete bare metal restoration was started in France in “Lecoq-Paris”. There the paint job was also done. Next, the car proceeded with a complete Premium restauration at the highest quality standards.

This two and half years restoration process is now fully finished and all the drive tests and final tuning completed. Car is full Matching numbers. Chassis #6486 / Marazzi code #162 / Factory Production : 18/06/1969

Staff is at your complete disposal. Therefore, you can inspect all of the details of the car’s restoration. Take your time and view it in the workshops or go out for a complete drive test.

The Life of Luxury partners with car resellers and restoration companies around the world. Let us know if we can help you find that perfect car.

Would like to own a 1969 Lamborghini Islero 400 GT S? How about the 1958 Maserati 3500 GT? So would we! Be sure to stop by soon and follow our luxury blog for the latest car industry news.

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Is It Time For You to Own a Vintage or Classic Car?

The collector automobile industry is booming and LBI Limited is one of the leading, classic car companies. Is it time for you to own a classic car?

The Life of Luxury has many contacts around the world in the vintage and classic car market. We can help you purchase or even sell your dream car.  Therefore, here’s a sample of some of the premier, classic cars available.

1932 Lincoln Model K Convertible Sedan by LeBaron (photo above)
Recent Sympathetic Cosmetic Restoration
1 Of Just 30 Examples Produced Featuring LeBaron Coachwork
Long Term California Car, Sold New To The Wrigley Family, Later Purchased By Art Astor
Offered at: $180,000


1977 Porsche Turbo Carrera

1977 Porsche Turbo Carrera
Showing Just 57,762 Miles
$50,000+ In Recent Total Mechanical Restoration Completed
A One Repaint example In Original Colors Featuring Preserved Original Interior
Offered at: $135,000


1965 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale

1965 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale
Offered From 40-Years Of Single Ownership
16K Original Documented Miles & 3 Owners From New
Offered With Original MSO, Window Sticker, Manuals, Tools, & Dense History File
Offered at: $195,000


1967 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII

1967 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII
Only 1,000 Miles Since Completion by Marque Experts BRC of Philadelphia
A Numbers Matching Example Finished In An Original Healey Color Combination
Offered With BMIHT Certificate, Spare, And Boot Cover
Offered at: $85,000


2007 Noble M400

2007 Noble M400
Just 3,300 Miles From New
One Owner & Meticulously Cared For
Factory Installed Air Conditioning & Optional Wheel Upgrade
Offered at: $78,000


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to live a luxury lifestyle. Whether you are an avid classic car collector or just love owning a vintage car, do it now. Make your dream come true and drive in VIP style.

Contact The Life of Luxury today and let us help you. Stop by again soon to follow our luxury blog. Keep up on the latest luxury car news.

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Now You Can Own This Incredible 2007 Noble M400 Sports Car

Owning a vintage sports car is often a dream for many people. Whether buying a classic car for your own private collection or just because …. it’s a great hobby to have. We came across this incredible 2007 Noble M400 sports car from British car maker Noble Automotive Ltd.

Noble is a low-production British sports car company. Noble Automotive Ltd. first opened its doors in 1999 in Leicester England. The company’s founder is Lee Noble. He simply wanted to produce a more affordable, rear engine and rear-wheel drive sports car.

It has developed several, exciting sports car models including the M12 GTO, M12 GTO-3, M12 GTO-3R and of course the Noble M400. The Noble M400 and M12 GTO-3R share both the same car body and chassis. In addition, you will notice a few small differences in their engine plus suspension.

This 2017 Noble M400 has a factory VIN NUS0185 (PA issued Vin number 5W123124PA, on title). The car was purchased by the current owner new on 12/4/2006 from 1G racing in Ross, Ohio. This stunning car features a black interior and has a gorgeous, Titanium metallic paint finish.

Weighing in at only 2,320 pounds, the M400 produces 425 HP, so is capable of a 0-60 mph time in just 3.2 seconds. While it may not have the same cachet of similar cars in its class, the Noble M400 certainly proves itself. The sports car has pavement-pounding performance and standout aesthetics.

2007 Noble M400 sports car engine

With only 75 cars produced, the Noble M400 provides an amazing driving experience for the money. But it is also quite rare. Sadly, it is not a well known car brand. You may have to answer numerous questions such as “What kind of car is that?“. But you will definitely be the star of any car or other social event. Or just simply be your own hero on spirited back road drives!

2007 Noble M400

Chassis number NUS0185 is a one-owner example with only 3,300 miles. Owned by an avid collector/enthusiast, this M400 has always been meticulously taken care. Plus it has been regularly maintained despite its low use. With a flawless history, the car is in “like new” condition. Add in the sports car’s eye-popping performance and this Noble M400 will be an excellent addition to any car collection.

The asking price for the 2007 Noble M400 is just $85,000.

LBI Limited specializes in the sales, brokerage, and collection management of exceptional collector automobiles. The company was established in 2009 by Andrew Mastin and Adolfo Massari at only 19 years of age. Created as an extension of a life-long passion for special automobiles, LBI Limited offers the best of the best for any car enthusiast.

Below is a sample of cars coming soon or that are privately available:

1965 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale – To Be Offered From 50+ Year Ownership
1977 Porsche Turbo Carrera – Black/Black, Excellent Driver, $65K+ In Mechanical Sorting
1994 Mazda RX-7 – Red/Black, 9,300 Miles, Time Capsule
2008 Porsche 997 GT2 – Red, 19k Miles, 1 of 180 built, Fresh Service, Good Options
1972 Porsche 911T – Orange/Tan, Recent Mechanical Sorting, Nice Driver
1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster – 33k Miles, One Owner, Books & Original Paperwork
1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom II – Sedan by Windovers, Excellent For Touring
2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS – Well optioned, 22k Miles, Books & Window Sticker
1967 Jaguar XKE Roadster – Wonderful Restored Example
1988 Porsche 959 Komfort – Great Colors, One-Owner
2004/2005 Porsche Carrera GT – Multiple Examples Available
1976 Porsche 911S – One-Owner & 11K Miles, Simply New
1988 BMW M3 – A Correct Driver Quality Example From Enthusiast Ownership
1982 Ferrari 512BBi – Platinum Winning, Classiche Certified, One Of The Best
2013 Shelby GT500 Convertible – 20th Anniversary, triple black, 29K Miles, One Owner

If you are interested in the 2007 Noble M400 sports car, please let us know. We have access to private car collections all around the world. Return again to follow our luxury blog. Keep up on the latest news in the car industry.

Photo: LBI Limited

New World Record – 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Sells In Auction for $70 Million

It seems that record setting prices for vintage and classic luxury cars continue to be set. Just last month, a vintage 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO sells for $70 million to become the world’s most expensive car. These classic 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO cars are very rare. Only 36 of them were built between the years of 1962 and 1964.

The 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO has been called the “Holy Grail”. Ferrari lovers simply love the car’s amazing styling, plus racing performance. In fact, the Ferrari 250 GTO actually finished in fourth place at the world famous Le-Mans auto race in 1963.

In addition, the Ferrari 250 GTO also won the ten-day Tour de France road rally back in 1964. The Ecurie Francorchamps team was led by Georges Berger and Lucien Bianchi. The car can reach a top speed of 174 mph and features a three-litre V12 engine. Oh boy can it go fast – from 0 to 60 mph in only 6.1 seconds.

The record $70 million sale price was paid by David MacNeil. He’s the founder and CEO of WeatherTech. The company sells automobile accessories, including its popular line of high-end floor mats.

Marcel Massini is the highly respected Ferrari historian and states this particular 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO car is “one of the top three or four GTOs in the world.”. The car was restored in the 1990’s by James Cottingham, of Hertfordshire-based DK Engineering. Cottingham states, “This is one of the best 250 GTOs in existence in terms of history and originality.”

Marcel Massini believes in 5 years, this $70 million 250 GTO will bring a price tag of $100 million (£75 million). Now that’s an impressive return on investment! But why wait if you are ready to break the record yourself.

Last week, we did an exclusive review titled – World’s Most Expensive Car – $100 Million Armstrong-Bugatti-Cosmic X Planned for an Exhibit at the Galaxy Macau in China Currently being planned, the Armstrong-Bugatti-Cosmic X will become the ultimate luxury hyper-car.

World renowned artist, Jack Armstrong will paint the world’s most expensive car in history. The price will be a whopping $100 million. Therefore, shattering the $70 million just paid by David MacNeil for the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO. Armstrong’s “masterpiece” is also known as the “Cosmic Dream Star.”  The Armstrong-Bugatti supercar will be exhibited in China in 2020.

When asked about the $100 million price, he replied, “Marketing is a poor mans game of monopoly, while positioning is the ‘marketing of kings’.” He continues, “Even if I were selling soap, I would position it to be, the most exclusive soap in the world.” Lastly, he states, “Rolls Royce is Rolls Royce – Ferrari is Ferrari and no one questions their pricing or position. So become a Ferrari or Rolls, in your positioning and pricing.”

When asked about the recent $70 million Ferrari purchase, he says “Comparing it to the upcoming 100M dollar sale of the Armstrong-Bugatti, it now establishes the 100M dollar high-end market for Hypercars, in a real-time, realistic perspective.”

We also covered Jack Armstrong’s “Art Triptych” collection. Available for $45 million, this amazing collection is comprised of his custom painted Harley Davidson motorcycle – “Cosmic Harley”. In addition are two of his seminal paintings.

For those wanting to make a stunning fashion statement, consider buying his painted Cosmic Cowboy Boots.”  The price tag is $6 million.

If interested in any of the works of art from Jack Armstrong, please Contact Us.

Are you ready to enjoy a VIP experience? Make your dreams finally come true and begin living a Life of Luxury! Please return soon and follow our popular luxury blog, for the latest news in the luxury industry.

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World’s Most Expensive Car – $100 Million Armstrong-Bugatti-Cosmic X Planned for an Exhibit at the Galaxy Macau in China

Coming soon will be the ultimate luxury hyper-car – the $100 million Armstrong-Bugatti. World renowned artist Jack Armstrong has plans to paint the most expensive car in history with a Bugatti. It will officially be named “Armstrong-Bugatti: Cosmic X” or also known as the “Cosmic Dream Star.” This rare blend of exotic auto and creative art will truly become a “Masterpiece!

The Armstrong-Bugatti will easily become the world’s most expensive Art-Car. Jack Armstrong stated, “I will break the World Record with an Art-Car, the same way I broke the world price records for the Most Expensive Motorcycle, Bicycle and Cowboy Boots on Earth.”


The Life of Luxury is proud to announce that the Armstrong-Bugatti supercar will be exhibited in China in 2020. The custom art-car will feature Armstrong’s special, “cosmic” blue paint. Can you imagine the overwhelming interest that industry lovers will have? Once unveiled, the Armstrong-Bugatti is expected to be seen in Macau, China by millions of car and art fans.

There have been rumors prior to this announcement that Jack Armstrong would feature a Rolls-Royce as his Art-Car. Well, we can confirm directly from Mr. Armstrong that he has chosen to feature a Bugatti. The reason he gave is, “I will paint a Bugatti, out of respect: for the family of artists, which is Bugatti.”

But what Bugatti will be used? We can confirm that a top secret, new model Bugatti model will be announced at the Macau exhibit opening. How exciting is that?

The Galaxy Macau casino resort is a luxurious property located on the Cotai Strip in Macau, China. It opened in 2011 with much fanfare. As a result, this opulent hotel quickly become the place to stay in Macau. This vibrant city is a short one hour ferry ride from nearby Hong Kong. Macau features a UNESCO World Heritage site city centre. Visitors will experience a rich blend of both Chinese and Portuguese culture.

In addition, Macau is widely known as a world-leading gaming and entertainment locale. Over 30 million visitors arrive every year to take part in non-stop action. Gambling revenues are incredible and even dominate what Las Vegas brings in each year.

Armstrong says “Modern art is more free than anything on earth and cannot be controlled by any historic system’s of art, that have been put into place, to control artists and markets with ‘curated – art’ that destroys the ‘originality.’ That is the essence of great art and vision.”

In April, we were proud to write an article about Jack Armstrong’s iconic Cosmic Cowboy Boots. The sales price is $6 million.

Cosmic Cowboy Boots by Jack Armstrong

Then two weeks ago, we covered his Art Triptych collection. All three pieces of art are originals. You can purchase the group or Art Triptych for $45 million. His custom painted Harley Davidson motorcycle (photo below) is titled the “Cosmic Harley.” Also included are two seminal paintings. Any of the works of art can be purchased for $15 million each.

Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson motorcycle by Jack Armstrong

We can just wonder what the final Armstrong-Bugatti will look like. The above photo is a Bugatti Vision Grand Turismo. As beautiful as the paint job of this luxury supercar is, we can only imagine how stunning the upcoming Armstrong-Bugatti will be.

Jack knew and worked with both Andy Warhol and Jean Michel-Basquiat. That experience allowed Jack to create the most expensive objects of their kind, on earth. Andy Warhol too saw Jack’s talent first hand. Therefore, Andy Warhol acknowledged his talent by giving him the unique and complimentary nickname – “The Last Wizard.”

Armstrong carefully guards his own revolutionary independence as an artist, that has always worked outside the art gallery model. He has been quoted saying “The Gallery ‘system’ of  Mega-Dealers creating superstar artists will not exist in the future, as the dealer & curator system now gives way to fiercely Independent artists that cannot be silenced, as Basquiat, Banksy, & myself have proven.”

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Bugatti Vision Photo: Wikipedia Commons /  By NearEMPTiness [CC BY-SA 4.0 ]

Other Photos: Courtesy of Jack Armstrong

Impressive Maserati Levante Tuning Package by LARTE Design

The incredible Maserati Levante features the strength of a SUV, but with the elegance of a Maserati. The combination is an impressive luxury vehicle that definitely turns heads. Now pimp your Maserati Levante with a tuning package by LARTE Design.

The world of luxury, calm and sedate, is filled with rules, conventions and traditions. World brands with luggage of long-standing glory habitually compete with each other. It’s a clever battle with quality of finishing and the technical complexity of devices.

In this crazy world it is not easy to take your niche and prove the right to exist. Especially in the segment of premium auto-tuning, where there are enough brands with a solid reputation. But what distinguishes an expensive suit, exquisite jewelry from the rest? This is the skill of execution, handwork, tailoring and a professional approach. This is the core of LARTE Design and their impressive tuning package offering.

Fascinating that tuning designers are artists and engineers at the same time. In addition, designers are real jewelers, wizard-cutters, carefully measuring out all the details. In the end, the customer receives not only a unique product in design, but a result of the most unsurpassed quality.

A serious car is not just a safe and convenient way of traveling, it is also a reflection of the nature of its owner. There are no similar characters. Therefore, it is worth considering how, using additional opportunities, to emphasize in the image of your car quality important and inherent only to you. Therefore, the tuning studio should work according to the standards of high fashion houses. Each “outfit” for a car is made to order, in accordance with its “shape” and the wishes of the owner.

The fitting joints of the tuning parts is carried out by the master manually for each particular machine. This process corresponds to the standards of work cutter on a living model in the haute couture apparel. No matter how ideal the model would be, there are sometimes millimetric differences in the size of the sample and the person.

Interestingly, it’s actually the same with cars. Everyone at least one iota, differs from exactly the same model that is dispatched from the assembly line at the factory. As a result, all of these specialists can find and correctly identify the ateliers and adjust them literally with their fingertips to the ideal state.  But a key difference to stand out from all the others, is a tuning package.

Carbon is an innovative material, the high cost of which is due to the laborious technological process and a large share of manual labor. That’s why the employees of the production tuning studio are trained annually in the best European companies. The purpose is for the production of this material, adopt the experience and share their own.

The Shtorm tuning package is a premium suit for the luxurious Levante model. It is tailored and tailored to reflect the confidence, strength and exquisite style of its owner, to demonstrate its sporting character and swiftness.

Shtorm is your investment in your own personality.  As they say “Go big or go home.” Are you ready to make a difference? Looking for one-of-a-kind concierge services? Then look no further. We are here ready to serve you!

Dress up your luxury Maserati Levante with the Shtorm tuning package. Custom made and knock out looks. It’s the perfect combination. Return soon to follow our luxury blog. Read the latest from the ever changing luxury car industry.

Photo: LARTE Design / Ivan Barinov

Largest Fleet of Rolls-Royce Ghost Motor Cars Anywhere!

MAG Group is one of the largest corporations in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) region. MAG Group (Moafaq Ahmad Al Gaddah) is a multinational conglomerate and includes MAG Lifestyle Development. They just announced the largest fleet of Rolls-Royce Ghost motor cars anywhere in the world!

MAG Lifestyle Development provides a wide range of servcies, such as affordable housing initiatives and high-end luxury developments to bringing wellness-focused living to the UAE. Their developemnts include luxury high-rise residential towers to expansive, multi-billion dollar communities. As a result, their primary goal is bring wellness-focused living to the UAE.

By now offering the largest fleet of Rolls-Royce Ghost motor cars in the world, MAG Lifestyle Development becomes the leading global customer for this ultra-luxury car. In addition, it provides another facet to their mission of always exceeding their customers’ expectations.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost was originally announced in April of 2009, at the Auto Shanghai show in China. Manufactured by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the iconic British car is the ultimate definition of luxury, in the eyes of many affluent people.

The MAG Rolls-Royce fleet originally consisted of twelve Rolls-Royce Ghost models. Due to the rebranding of MAG Property Development to MAG Lifestyle Development, they now include a total of thirty Ghost sedans in their fleet. As a result, the new fleet reflects MAG’s promise to go beyond bricks and mortar. They desire to offer its customers a genuine, new way of living at their luxury developments.

Rolls-Royce sedan

Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah is the current CEO of MAG Lifestyle Development. In an interview, he stated, “We are committed to enhancing our residents’ lives down to the very last detail and we are confident that our Rolls-Royce fleet will heighten the premium lifestyle they can unlock as owners of luxury MAG properties. The iconic reputation of the Rolls-Royce brand complements our mission to deliver the full package and provide our customers with impeccably finished built environments that exceed their expectations at every turn.”

The first Rolls-Royce fleet was introduced at the MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort. This luxurious resort became the first wellness-inspired development in the Middle East. In addition, it includes the largest wellness centre in the world. MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort consist of 17 stunning waterfront mansions. Each mansion has been crafted by renowned Italian architect Carlo Colombo and pursuing Wellness by Delos programming.

Al Gaddah also commented, “MAG’s developments provide a suitably stunning backdrop for the Rolls-Royce Ghost, which is internationally venerated for its elegance, exclusivity and luxury. The vehicles are perfectly at home in our polished environments and we look forward to offering our customers the chance to travel in ultimate style as part of their MAG lifestyle.”

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Photo: MAG Group

The Top Luxury Vehicles for 2018

Luxury car owners invest in far more than just a ride to get from one place to another. They are investing in performance, quality and streamlined looks and speed.  As we begin the new year, we wanted to share some of our top luxury vehicles for 2018.

Are you are looking for a premium experience?  When driving, you want a comfortable interior and excellent safety features. Therefore you will want to check out the top luxury vehicles for 2018.   on the list and have one transported to your door this year.

2018 Porsche Panamera (photo above)
The 2018 Porsche Panamera is a luxurious vehicle that offers powerful performance and sleek looks that exude luxury. As a result, this car has it all, and then some. In addition, some of the best things about the new Porsche include:
* Roomy seating
* Luxury interior
* Smooth handling for a comfortable drive
* Powerful engine
* For 2018, a Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid
* Sport Turismo body
* Sporty appearance

The new Porsche Panamera is a car that has excellent on road performance and ranks at the top of the list. With up to 21 city miles and 28 highway miles per gallon, drivers will enjoy the fuel economy of this powerful luxury car. Starting at just $85,000, you’ll love the sleek style and power available in the new 2018 Porsche Panamera.

2018 Jaguar XJ luxury sedan
2018 Jaguar XJ
When you want a sporty vehicle that manifests luxury from bumper to bumper, the new 2018 Jaguar XJ is the automobile for you. With a power filled engine and precise road handling, this car is not only sleek but it’s one of the most sophisticated on the road today. Plus the car seats five comfortably and has a large 10-inch touch screen for on screen music and entertainment.

The 2018 model has a new, updated trim as well as a driver monitor and lane keeping assistant to alert the driver if they happen to drift out of their lane. In addition, drivers can get up to 18 miles per gallon in the city and 27 on the highway. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price starts at just $75,400.

2018 BMW 6-Series luxury sedan
2018 BMW 6-Series
The incredible 2018 BMW 6 offers several engine varieties, all packed with supreme power and it has a beautiful, luxurious interior that ensures a comfortable ride. Although available in a 4 door only this year, the luxury BMW 6 offers outstanding stereo sound and a very user-friendly infotainment system. As a result, this high-end feature has been recognized as one of the easiest systems to use.

Users can sync their iPhone via the Apple Car Play to enjoy a wide array of music and video during their drive. Plus the system also features a one of a kind 360-degree surround camera system and many other connected features. The rear seats are a little small, but the power and luxury packed in this car greatly outweigh the seating capability. You can expect to travel at least 20 miles per gallon in the city and up to 29 on the highway in this luxurious ride.

2018 Lincoln Continental luxury sedan
2018 Lincoln Continental
The 2018 Lincoln Continental continues a long line of luxury for this manufacturer. One of the leaders in luxury cars has again shown the world that they can still compete with the rest for a comfortable ride with roomy seating, turbocharged engines and a price that can compete with others for affordability in a luxury car with a price that is lower than many rivals.

On average, the new Lincoln Continental will get 18 city miles per gallon and 27 highway miles. The 2018 model doesn’t have any new upgrades from the 2017 model. But it does very well to continue to the level of luxury that Lincoln buyers have come to expect from this manufacturer over the years.

2018 Audi A7 luxury sedan
2018 Audi A7
Get ready to be impressed with the new 2018 Audi A7. This is a technology filled luxury sedan than squeals with powerful engines and an above rated fuel economy. It’s one of the few luxury models this year to have ample cargo space. It delivers a comfortable ride to passengers, although the sloping roof in the back seat means that taller passengers may want to sit in the front. On average, the 2018 Audi A7 gets 20 city miles and 29 highway miles and has a starting price of just under $70,000.

No matter which luxury car on the above top luxury vehicles for 2018 list you choose, you will be a happy owner. Start living a VIP life

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