5 Amazing Cities to Visit in Germany

There are so many cities to visit in Germany. How do you choose which ones to add to your travel list? The European country of Germany has a long, but not always a favorable history. Germany’s many regions provide travelers a wide variety of distinct and rewarding experiences. You can find almost whatever you need – beautiful scenery, great architecture, exciting nightlife, lively festivals, delicious cuisine and much more!

We want to share 5 amazing cities to visit in Germany. First is Duesseldorf, the city by the Rhine river that attracts many visitors through its fun lifestyle and fashion. Leipzig, the city of music, which was home to many famous composers, like Bach and Mendelssohn. Nuremberg, with its historic sights and traditions. Munich, the city that needs no introduction. Last but not least Stuttgart, a must-see for any car enthusiast.

Duesseldorf – Fashion Hub

Duesseldorf is the fashion capital of Germany, and known to set trends. Not only is it home to 800 designer showrooms, it is also lined with many exclusive boutiques, especially at its famous Koenigsallee. Duesseldorf’s Old Town is known to be more unconventional with many restaurants and bars that keep the party going until the early morning.

Leipzig – Music to My Ears

Leipzig lives and breathes music. Its most famous landmarks include the two opera venues, Gewandhaus Orchestra and Leipzig Opera, and it is also the home of the St. Thomas Choir, one of the world’s oldest boys’ choirs. Fun fact: composer Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig and went to university there.

Nuremberg – History Abound

The Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg is a must-see! It is the largest museum of cultural history in the German-speaking region, and contains 1.3 million fantastic exhibits that entertain and educate visitors. Don’t forget to grab a traditional Nuremberg sausage while in town, which has been enjoyed there since the 14th century.

Munich – The Heart of Bavaria

It is no secret that Munich is one of the most beautiful cites in Germany, and a top travel destination. Especially in the summer, the city produces a lifestyle that isn’t easily found anywhere else. Explore the city by bike, relax in one of the many beer gardens, discover beautiful sights and landmarks, like the Marienplatz, and try all of the traditional and new delicatessen.

Stuttgart – Car City

For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Germany is cars. The famous Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart is the only museum in the world to present the history of the automotive industry from start to finish. But why stop there? The beautiful Porsche Museum is also located in Stuttgart and hosts more than 80 unique vehicles.

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Enjoy the Holidays – 4 Festive Christmas Markets in Germany

Germany comes to mind when people think of a traditional Christmas market. Many of the most beautiful Christmas markets are located in Germany. Hence, the holiday season in Germany is always enchanting with countless Christmas markets.

Germany has many beautiful cities to visit during the holiday season. Enjoy the rich culture and tradition of Germany, while visiting this amazing country during Christmas. Therefore, we want to share with our readers 4 festive Christmas markets: Baden-Baden, Trier, Lübeck and Görlitz.

Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg

Can’t get enough of Christmas? The market in Baden-Baden stays open until January 6th. It offers live performances for the whole family. Look forward to the great variety of market stalls, an enchanting fairy tale street, a carousel, extraordinary gourmet igloos, and much more!

Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate

From November 11, 2022, until December 22, 2022, the oldest city in Germany, Trier, is hosting one of the most spectacular Christmas markets. Visitors can experience different activities daily. For example, they range from historical puppet theater to star tenors or figureheads of the regional music scene.

Plus, in Trier’s Old City, visit its stunning cathedral. It is the perfect backdrop for the little village of Christmas booths. Also, Trier is where the “Mulled Wine Queen” resides and takes the throne yearly for the holiday season.

Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein

Breathe in clear winter air combined with the smell of roasted almonds and fried pastries. Next, drink popular mulled wine as you stroll through the stalls around Lübeck’s Town Hall. This Christmas market has a long tradition in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lübeck. First, it is mentioned in records dating back to 1648. Even today, the historic buildings form the perfect setting for the lively pre-Christmas festivities at the market.

Görlitz, Saxony

The Silesian Christmas Market in Görlitz features special church services reminding visitors of the meaning of Christmas. It invites visitors to sing traditional Christmas carols, and the local choirs frequently perform, contributing to the festive atmosphere. Between magnificent trading houses from Renaissance and Baroque, accompanied by the scents of spices, almonds, and incense, almost 100 merchants and artisans offer their goods.

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Are you ready to visit Germany and experience the many Christmas markets? Many of the most beautiful Christmas markets anywhere are located in Germany

German Fairy Tale Route – Hanau, the Birthplace of the Brothers Grimm

Most people remember hearing about fairy tales while growing up. Now you can participate in real-life one in Germany. The German Fairy Tale Route begins in the city of Hanau, known for the birthplace of Brothers Grimm. To mark the official starting point, you will find an impressive monument honoring both Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The monument is located on the market square Neustädter Marktplatz.

Is traveling to Germany on your bucket list? You likely have dreams of enchanted castles, scenic, alpine views and a rich culture, but yet a dark and troubled history. Now you can enjoy a VIP experience and enjoy the best Germany has to offer by following the German Fairy Tale Route.

The German city of Hanau is world famous for being the birthplace of the famous Grimm brothers. The two publishers – Jacob and Wilhelm created many of the most popular and well-loved fairy tales. For example, they wrote Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.

Hanau, Germany - Brothers Grimm statue

Therefore, the city of Hanau is also the start of the Deutsche Märchenstraße (German fairy-tale road). This scenic route leads a few hundred kilometers across Germany to Bremen in the north.
Hanau’s location on the junction of the rivers Main and Kinzig invites you to enjoy some beautiful river scenery. Plus, not far from the river junction, is the romantic castle Phillipsruhe and the picturesque suburb Kesselstadt.

From there, the unique route leads across five other stations in the lives of the famous brothers. For example, view more than fifty places that celebrate fairy tales and legends all the way to Bremen. There the sculpture of the Bremen Town Musicians in front of the Ratskeller marks the end of the journey.

On a final detour to Buxtehude, the route leads through various natural and cultural landscapes. Visit remote villages, cozy half-timbered towns and urban cultural centers. Plus, you will pass through the GrimmHeimat NordHessen. Legendary castles and fairytale palaces, enchanted forests await. See the famous Weser River, mystical places of legend and countless fairytale fountains line the German fairy tale route.

With a length of 477 kilometers, the scenic Weser River is the longest river in northwest Germany. It begins at the confluence of both the Fulda and Werra rivers in Hannoversch Münden. Also knows as Hann. Münden. The upper section of the Weser river runs through the Lower Saxony region of the Weser Hills. Continuing, the lower and tidal sections of the river below Bremen, flow through marshes, bogs and Geest. Geest describes the slightly raised landscape of sand and gravel soils, along with shrubby vegetation.

To view the Fairy Tale interactive map, please click here: https://www.deutsche-maerchenstrasse.com/en/route/our-route/map

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Sustainable Fashion in Germany – Fall Berlin Fashion Week

The Fall Berlin Fashion Week brings together many creative professionals from the fashion industry. This huge event is held twice annually to discuss and discover new trends. However, sustainable fashion continues to grow in popularity. The truth is, fashion continues to become a disposable commodity. Hence, clothing items are rarely or never worn and then thrown away.

In the last four years, the topic of sustainability has taken center stage. Many young German fashion designers set out to make the fashion world a better place. Especially in Berlin. As a result, the demand for sustainably and fairly produced garments is growing. That’s why Berlin is often called the green fashion capital of Germany. Therefore, the trendy city is a trend-setter in many areas, fashion being one of them.

According to the Fashion Council, Germany is the second largest fashion brand supplier in Europe. Thus, making fashion a relevant economic and cultural asset for Germany. Some of the big German names that have taken the fashion world by storm include Hugo Boss, Adidas, Escada and Joop.

That’s why many German fashion designers have implemented new processes in their work to make their collections more sustainable. Of course, sustainable fashion will be a big focus of the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week. The popular fashion event will take place from September 5th-10th, 2022 in Berlin.

Sustainable fashion is a priority in other German cities as well. Many designers come up with innovative ideas to make their clothes more eco-conscious. For example, the Duesseldorf is the fashion city by the Rhine River. The label Wunderwerk is committed to consider all stages of the supply chain to achieve sustainability that is more than just using organic cotton. Wunderwerk takes a stand against the use of chemicals, toxins, and bleach to preserve the well-being of nature, animals and people.

The Bavarian label ARMEDANGELS has developed a take-back system. For example, it allows customers to send in their old ARMEDANGELS clothes that will be turned into recycled fiber. Then, reinforced with sustainable fiber in the yarn, and thus made into a new clothing item. As a thank you for participating in the recycling process customers receive a 5 € gift card. They introduce new t-shirts with circularity.ID® that come with a smart tag containing digitized information sewn into the sleeve. For instance, consumers can scan the tag with their smartphones and receive information on where the t-shirt was produced and what fabric composition was used.

In the northern German city Lübeck the vegan, fair and sustainable sneaker company Ethletic was founded. Interestingly, it is the first sneaker brand that has the Fairtrade Cotton logo on its products. For example, Ethletic completely rejects air shipments and transports its sneakers exclusively by ship to reduce its carbon footprint. Furthermore, the company makes a one US Dollar donation to the Talon Fairtrade Workers Welfare Society per pair of shoes sold.

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Ways to Safely Dine Out in Germany with Food Allergies

About 11% of American adults suffer from food allergies. As a result, they must be careful when eating out or traveling to avoid the danger of negative reactions. Fortunately, visitors to Germany have countless suitable options to choose between different cuisines.

In most restaurants, ingredients that could trigger an allergic reaction display on the menus. We encourage dining guests to consult the restaurant staff regarding food allergies. As many employees in the hospitality industry receive specific training on this topic. Thus, they will be able to help guide the guest towards the best food choices.

Many visitors to Germany will even be able to find “allergy-friendly communities.” For example, there are especially considerate of the needs of those with allergies and intolerances. Thus, the European Center of Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) awards qualifying regions with a seal. It validates the product or service has been fully adapted to the needs of persons with food intolerances. On a regular basis, a review reflects the latest scientific findings.

A popular example of an allergy-friendly community for travelers with food allergies is the island of Borkum. It is located in the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea area. Hence, the coastal climate is ideal for those who suffer from pollen sensitivities. Therefore, you will find many allergy-friendly offers, including supermarkets, bakeries, cafes, vacation rentals, and hotels.

If you plan to stay in Borkum, be treated to numerous accommodation options. Plus, other parts of Germany also offer special bedding. They use pollen filters in their air conditioning systems and vacuum cleaners.

Another charming allergy-friendly region is Schmallenberg. This town is the Sauerland in North-Rhine Westphalia. The historic town center consists of original half-timbered houses and small businesses. It invites visitors to enjoy unique shopping experiences with many options for allergy-sufferers in terms of both, retail and hospitality.

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Do your research when traveling with food allergies. Don’t make a mistake and ruin your whole vacation. There are safe dining options available.

Photo: Fürth, Gustavstrasse © GNTB/Andrea Hitzemann

Explore and Discover 5 Magic Cities in Germany

Germany awaits. This historic country in Europe invites visitors to explore and discover 5 magic cities. From the Hanseatic city of Bremen with its trendy neighborhoods, to the business and culture hub Frankfurt. The amazing musical city of Dresden and the young spirit of Cologne. Last but not least, experience the maritime metropolis of the North, Hamburg.

Germany is located in the heart of Western Europe and is also one of Europe’s largest countries. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to visit and also travel to neighboring countries. For example – Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. Plus, visit both the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Now it’s time to learn more about Germany’s magic cities.

Experience Bremen

The Hanseatic city of Bremen is the beating heart of north-west Germany. Hence, it’s a place where tradition meets modernity. The trendy neighborhoods in Bremen will captivate you. Experience their culture, pubs, culinary delights and many shopping opportunities. In addition, there is lots of history to be discovered in Bremen. See St. Peter’s Cathedral and the stone Roland statue.

Visit Frankfurt

Frankfurt is definitely known for being a hub for businesses and skyscrapers. Therefore, the booming city also attracts many visitors through its extensive cultural offers. In particular, visit its many museums. The museum embankment is home to 38 different museums. Thus, Frankfurt provides exhibitions for every taste of art. Be sure you end your evening with a glass of the famous apple wine.

Dresden Germany

Experience Dresden

More culture is easy to find in Dresden! Besides its three major landmarks, Dresden is famous for its music. But, be sure to visit the Baroque Zwinger Palace, Semperoper opera house and the Church of Our Lady. Plus, Dresden hosts international music festivals and its events calendar is filled all year round.

Celebrate with us in Cologne

If you like to have a good time, there is no better destination than Cologne. The city’s lively bar and pub scene is just one of the reason it attracts so many young people. Of course, Cologne is also known for its Carnival – Cologne Pride. In addition, Cologne offers a vibrant music and art scene.

Fall in love with Hamburg

The maritime metropolis of the North is extremely popular with locals and visitors alike. Hamburg’s charm is mirrored in so many different ways: Its port, which offers different cruises to experience Hamburg from the water, the beautiful Speicherstadt district with its unique buildings that used to be warehouses, and was named a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Miniatur Wunderland with its largest model railway in the world.

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Explore the Rich History and Historic Castles of Germany

Germany is blessed with countless, historic castles. Glucksburg Castle is a holiday home in a fairytale castle. Located in Germany, Glucksburg Castle is actually a moated castle. At times, a residence of the Danish royal family. In addition, it it is one of the most important Renaissance castles anywhere in northern Europe.

Upon seeing Glucksburg Castle for the first time, many visitors have the same first impression. It is a magnificent historical building, perfectly reflected in the water. Plus it is one of the most famous sights in Schleswig-Holstein. Holidaymakers can stay in apartments directly on the castle island in the former carriage house. Be welcomed by the surrounding lake, park and vast castle courtyard.

Glücksburg Castle, built between 1583 and 1587 belongs to the most significant complex of castles in Northern Europe. Under the Duke John the Younger (1545-1622), Castle Glucksburg is an architectural marvel and must be seen in person. In addition, the property is the ancestral home of of the Dukes of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg,

But, you don’t need to have noble blood glowing through your veins. Across Germany, there are a wide range of castle and palace accommodations in stay in. Anyone can dine and sleep in these historic dwellings, that were once the exclusive preserve of famous Knights, Princes and Kings. Visitors can choose between a youth hostel or even a luxury hotel.

Holiday home in a fairytale castle

There are numerous, historic castle hotels in the Saarland area. Each offers visitors a chance to get away from it all in a fairytale setting. One example is the amazing Berg Castle. Interestingly, it is now a five-star hotel nestled in a picturesque landscape of rolling vineyards.

Situated at the heart of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park, you will find the Baroque-style Münchweiler Castle. This castle has been owned by the same family for eight generations. It is now a hotel and café. The beautiful Ziegelberg Castle near Mettlach offers visitors a regal, holiday accommodation. Enjoy your stay in the heart of an ancient wooded park.

Historical accommodation by the Rhine and Elbe

A total of 35 historic castles and palaces in Germany offer budget youth hostel accommodations. Hence, they are ideal for children, young people, families and groups. For example, one of these historic castles is Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz. Is is situated high above the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle. As a result, visitors will enjoy impressive views over the city. In addition, explore this picturesque river landscape and its many hilltop castles on hiking trips or boat tours.

A river trip on the Elbe is the ideal start to a visit to Pillnitz Castle in Saxony. Steamboats are operated by Sächsische Dampfschifffahrt. Definitely, they are the most scenic way to arrive. Once leaving Dresden’s Old Town, the steamboat passes the historical Elbe castles of Albrechtsberg Palace, Lingnerschloss and Schloss Eckberg. Continuing, are the famous Loschwitz Bridge (the “Blue Wonder”). For a peaceful night’s rest, stay at the former summer residence of the Saxon Kings. Next, you will explore the extensive parklands around Pillnitz Castle. Plus, visitors can find exclusive holiday apartments in small, cozy buildings. Examples are the “Small Guard House” and the “Trumpeter’s House”.

Secret passageway to castle kitchens

Among Germany’s many historic castles is Wörlitz Castle in Saxony-Anhalt. This castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and regarded as the founding construction of German Classicism. In addition to the castle, the area includes the surrounding Wörlitz Park. Next, take guided tours and an opportunity to admire the very well preserved interior of the castle. It includes furniture and ceramics, as well as progressive features such as dumb waiters and concealed doors. Finally, the tour takes visitors through an underground passageway. Enjoy viewing the former kitchen building of the castle.

Nearby, visitors can also dine in regal style in Anholt Castle. It is one of the largest moated castles in all of the Münsterland region. Continuing, visitors will quickly notice the massive 12th-century tower. Now, Anholt Castle is a prestigious residential castle. Foodies will love a gourmet cuisine, accompanied by a view of the castle and park. Wasserpavillon restaurant is found in the middle of the palace pond.

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Discover Scenic Germany During the Fall Season

Germany may not have the glitz of some of the other popular, Europe travel destinations. But it’s truly a top rated, location to visit. From River cruises on the Rhine and Maine to Oktoberfest. There is the Berlin Film Festival and Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. Plus, don’t forget about the castles of Mad King Ludwig.

With so much to offer, Germany is a diverse country for travelers. It’s an incredible place to explore. In addition, enjoy the great outdoors. For example, travel back to medieval times and explore the center of many of its modern cities.

Enjoy Baroque Ludwigsburg

From November 26-29, 2020, the Ludwigsburg Residential Palace will be center stage for Thanksgiving celebrations. This American holiday should not be confused with Germany’s harvest festival. That occurs in October. Ludwigsburg Palace is one of the largest Baroque buildings in Europe. Yet it takes the American custom as a suggestion to create delicious treats to match the pumpkin exhibition. These end on December 6, 2020. Here’s a tip. Don’t miss nearby Solitude Palace or the New Castle (Neues Schloss) of Stuttgart.

Discover the Icon Composer #bebeethoven

The fellowship program named #bebeethoven was inspired by the 250th anniversary of birth of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827). Beethoven is definitely one of the most innovative composers of his time. Enjoy unique and innovative concerts and presentations during the #bebeethoven Festival. Also, it opens a visionary window into the future of art, music, and music creation. In addition, during the month of October – 12 artists of the #bebeethoven fellowship program will present their projects. For example, concert venues include Esslingen (October 6-15, 2020 and Podium Esslingen Festival). Additional events include Bonn (October 16-24, 2020, #bebeethoven concerts and performances).

Discover Potsdam and Sanssouci

Over the course of 300 years, the garrison town of Potsdam has developed into one of Europe’s grandest former ducal towns. Visit its numerous baroque buildings, such as Sanssouci Palace and Park Cecilienhof House. There is Babelsberg Film Park and the Dutch quarter. In addition, the Potsdam Biosphere attracts tourists from all over the world. This area is especially beautiful in the coming weeks. Enjoy gardens, parks and palaces. Even the scenic lakes light up in the glow of fall.

Enjoy Berchtesgaden by Bike

Barnim Nature Park, just outside of Berlin is a natural gem. With its idyllic lakes and untamed rivers and woods. Here, you can find the Konik, a feral horse breed, grazing on open meadows. The ever-changing landscape is criss-crossed by cycle paths, passing by Slavic and German castle ruins. Furthermore, in the North, additional fauna awaits you. There is Rostock’s Zoo on the Baltic Coast and Stralsund’s Ozeaneum Aquarium. The Stralsund’s Ozeaneum Aquarium offers an incredible underwater adventure. For example, another excursion brings you to Usedom. Take in the untouched, natural landscapes.

Experience the Scenic Jewels Along Bavaria’s Great Rivers

The spectacles through Bavaria’s rivers are true hidden gems. First, in Franconia on the Main River, step into the beauty of many charming vineyards. These vineyards harvest exquisite Franconian wines. Then, jump off and travel back to Baroque times in Bamberg. While there, explore the UNESCO designated Old Town. Continue south and find yourself on the historic Danube River in Eastern Bavaria. While touring, marvel at The Danube Gorge’s narrow curved stretch. View the towering and breathtaking cliffs. Further down, see the grand Walhalla dominate like the mighty Pantheon.

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Time to Enjoy Oktoberfest 2018 in VIP Style

Oktoberfest is almost here. Start making your plans to attend Oktoberfest 2018 now. But don’t just go like the thousands of other visitors. Go in VIP Style!

Oktoberfest is held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It’s a popular 16-day folk festival that runs from mid or late September to the first weekend in October. Years ago, it was held in October, but moved up to September to have better weather. Of course, it’s still called Oktoberfest.

This year, Oktoberfest 2018 will be held between Saturday September 22 to Sunday October 7, 2018. If you have never gone, you honestly don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a rich blend of German culture, great food and beer, plus entertainment. Once again, Oktoberfest 2018 will host visitors from all over the world, who travel to this annual event.

In 1810, Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig chose to wed Princess Therese. To celebrate the grand wedding on October 12, Prince Ludwig organized a public horserace five days later. The race occurred on the very same site of the modern day Oktoberfest. Who knew at the time, that such an exclusive event has turned the area outside Munich into a worldwide festival.

We are proud to offer a selection of Oktoberfest 2018 seats or private tables in the following tents:

– Winzerer (Paulaner) Tent
– Hofbrau Tent
– Marstall Tent
– Käfers Wiesn-Schänke

The following is included in your Oktoberfest 2018 Package:

– Reserved seating at a table inside the tent – Tables of Ten next to each other
– 2x vouchers for beer (2 litres)
– 1x voucher for food
– 1x entrance pass
– Welcome by our hostesses

(private tables are available if your party is 10 people or more)

In addition, we can also offer a VIP package to the Erdinger Oktoberfest in London. It’s open Thursday – Sunday from the following dates:

Erdinger Oktoberfest London
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Thursday 27th September – Sunday 28th October

(VIP Tables are available for 8 people)

This London package includes:

– A separate entrance to the venue
– Separate elevated area inside the tent
– Includes a Bavarian hot and cold food platter for all 8 guests
– All drinks included: beer, wine and non-alcoholic
– A complimentary bottle of champagne as an extra
– Reserved table for the entire evening
– Dedicated table service

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German Christmas Markets – Celebrate Tradition, Culture and Fun!

Christmas markets have a long tradition in Germany and the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region is no exception. This popular area of Germany features many romantic, German Christmas markets to celebrate the end of a year.

Located in the heart of Germany, this region enchants its many visitors with city break offers, charming half-timbered villages, good drink and food and, of course, the magic of the wonderful Christmas markets, which run each year from the end of November to the end of December.

We can’t think of a better opportunity to get in the Christmas spirit and share special moments with family and friends. Nowhere else can one feel the delight of Advent as at a German Christmas market! Germany is a special place to visit during the festive, holiday season.

Due to its long tradition and high popularity, the impressive Frankfurt Christmas market has developed into one of the major Christmas markets in Germany. It’s a wonderful VIP experience to visit one of the German Christmas markets. Enjoy the rich culture, great food, traditional music, holiday decorations and custom made merchandise.

As a landmark visible from a distance, the large Christmas tree fills the market with the spirit of Christmas. Along with the town hall and the half-timbered houses at Römerberg (with the historic St. Paul’s Church and Frankfurt’s modern skyline), forms an impressive backdrop. It’s a rich contrast for one of the most tradition-steeped, Christmas markets in Germany.

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For those who want to learn more about the Christmas market and its history, you can join one of the daily guided tours through the market. Dates: Nov. 23 – Dec. 31.

There’s still time to book a last minute travel reservation and enjoy the German Christmas markets. What a festive time to be in Germany and enjoy Christmas in a traditional manner. Return again and follow our luxury blog to read more holiday travel stories.

Christmas market - Mainz, Germany

Enjoy an Authentic Christmas Experience in Bavaria, Germany

Christmas is almost here. Where did the year go? For those of you who desire an authentic Christmas experience, then make a trip to Bavaria in Germany. Holiday time in Bavaria is the time for tradition, festivity, treats and shopping. It’s not too late for a last minute luxury vacation and enjoy the holidays in VIP style.

In addition to the Bavaria region’s world-famous Christmas markets like Nuremberg and Munich, locals also take part in unusual traditions. Their desire is to forget the cold of winter and simply celebrate with Christmas markets in distinctive locations.

We wanted to share a few Christmas experience options for you to consider. Although they started earlier in December, there’s no better time than now enjoy a magical time over the Christmas holidays. Visit Europe and particularly the historic sites of Germany.

Driving Away Evil Spirits in the Allgäu – Klausenstreiben and Bärbelespringen
Each year, between December 4- 6, scary figures known as “Klausen” and “Bärbele” wind their way through the villages of the Allgäu. It’s an unusual custom that dates back to the culture of the Aleman. Masked villagers wearing fur coats, some adorned with twigs and moss. They rings heavy cowbells that hang from their belts. They hope to drive away the evil spirits of winter and spread the blessing of life.

Crack That Whip…. Winter Be Gone! – Aperschnalzer
Going back in time covering several centuries, whipcracking or “Aperschnalzer” in German happens between Christmas and Lent in the foothills of the Alps. The goal of this quirky tradition started to drive out the evil forces of darkness (and winter).

Christmas Markets at Castles, Palaces and an Island
Starting on the days prior to Advent (December 3), Bavarian castles and palaces are filled with lights, shopping stalls, and Christmas aromas. For an even more unusual Christmas market, holiday revelers are invited to an island-based locale.

The Christmas Village at the Imperial Courtyard of the Munich Residence
Up to December 22, the Imperial Courtyard of the Munich Residence provides a beautiful setting for a lively Christmas village. It’s complete with a chapel and life-size nativity scene. In addition, enjoy numerous artisans demonstrate traditional skills and music pervades. Children of all ages can enjoy a fairy-tale forest that includes talking to figures and several puppet theater performances.

Enjoy a Cultural Chritmas Experience at the Christkindl Market
A visit to the Christkindl market on the Fraueninsel, an island in the Chiemsee, is a very special Christmas experience. Visitors can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the island enhanced by romantic lighting, festive music and the many Christmas scents of the market. Be treated to a variety of cultural events include concerts in the minster and Advent choral and instrumental music on the stage.

Even More Christmas Markets to See
The unique aroma of mulled wine, roasted almonds, potato pancakes and grilled sausages fill the Schlossplatz in front of city hall and Johannisburg Palace at the Aschaffenburg Christmas market. The enormous Christmas pyramids and three-meter-high nutcracker are impressive. Combined they join a Franconian nativity scene with life-size wooden figures. In addition, a comprehensive program features alpine music, children’s choirs, and a seniors’ Advent gala in city hall. Plus, children can have fun on carousels, a big wheel and a railway track. Foodies, be sure to try local Franconian specialties.

Burghausen Castle Offers a Traditional Castle Christmas Experience
Castle Christmas at Burghausen Castle is a memorable experience that should not be missed. It’s located at the world’s largest castle. Enjoy a wide selection of market stalls showcase a wide range of items, mulled wine and roasted almonds. In addition, traditional articles such as Christmas tree decorations and nativity figures with stables are available. Plus you can purchase both felt and lambskin products and jewelry. Rewarding entertainment awaits. They include a musical program of Christmas carols and melodies.

We hope you can visit Bavaria in Germany for an unforgettable time over the Christmas holiday season.

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Photo: Pixabay