U.S. Artist Plans to Donate up to $350 Million to “Help Save Children in Ukraine” Charity

Jack Armstrong, founder of Cosmic ‘X’ art, will donate up to $350 Million in a rare art sale.

American artist Jack Armstrong is offering his rare art collection of the 7 Most Expensive Paintings in the World by a living artist. Mr. Armstrong will donate 50% of his $700 Million sale (or best offer) to the respected charitable organization – Save the Children – “Help Save Children in Ukraine.” They have an “exceptional” four-star rating by Charity Navigator.

The artist is selling his most valuable works to benefit the refugee children of Ukraine and their families, during this humanitarian crisis. The actual buyer can of course nominate their own charity of choice. Ukraine’s innocent children are sadly caught in the crossfire of this adult war. It should never have come to this.

Armstrong’s most valuable art originals will benefit Children in Need.  “Children are priceless in comparison to art“, says the artist. This donation to the Save the Children – Help Save Children in Ukraine fund will help provide children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, support and cash assistance.

Save the Children has been operating in Ukraine since 2014, delivering essential humanitarian aid to both children and their families. Together, we need to protect these helpless children. Since their founding 100 years ago, the charitable organization has changed the lives of over 1 billion children. In 2020, they reached more than 197 million children.

Ukraine children mural

Mr. Armstrong has many friends and colleagues in the Ukraine and Russia. He hopes this art sale can become an inspiration for artists everywhere, to help Ukrainian children and families in this critical moment in history.

Save The Children: 501c Charity

Half of the total collection proceeds from this priceless Cosmic ‘X’ collection sale will go directly to the Help Save Children in Ukraine charity. By utilizing a 501c charity, this provides the investor, hedge fund or private collector, a complete 50% discount after the tax-free deduction.

Cosmic ‘X’ Art is the World’s Most Expensive – 2022

When you speak about the most expensive art in the world, the names ‘Basquiat’ and ‘Warhol’ come up, as sales of both artists’ work now exceed $100 million per piece. The still living member of the Warhol, Basquiat and Haring NYC Art Tribe is – Jack Armstrong. Cosmic ‘X’ Art is the most significant and rare art collection in the world by a living painter.
Andy Warhol’s “Marilyn Monroe” Could Break Auction Record

Fixed at only 100 pieces (lifetime total) and completely influenced by unique cosmic visions, it allowed him to create a new style of art he named – Cosmic ‘X‘.  This new art category was first created precisely 30 years after his famous relative – Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon.

The official name: Cosmic Extensionalism has been written about worldwide. Yet, artist Jack Armstrong has never completely explained how he came to develop an art technique and style so completely different from anything else that has come before or after it in art history. When asked, he carefully explains it as: “A ‘universal transcendence’ in art and in artist that is a completely separate (new) art category and singularly unique in style and merit.”


Cosmic Space X – $220 million Cosmic #1 – $110 million Warhol Naked – $110 million
Cosmic X Paradigm – $113 million Cosmic X #1 – $113 million Cosmic Dream Star – $110 million
The Last Wizard – $120 million


No other form of contemporary art compares with Cosmic ‘X’ in rarity, composition, structure, texture and color.  Jack’s art is currently featured in some of the most exclusive collections globally.

Below are the current individual artwork prices for 2022.  Click to view each page of his art collection.

Jack Armstrong Cosmic X modern art collection
Jack Armstrong Cosmic X modern art collection
Jack Armstrong Cosmic X modern art collection
Jack Armstrong Cosmic X modern art collection



Global Art Sales

Art sales continue to grow around the world. In 2021, an all-time high was achieved with an estimated $17.1 billion (15.6 billion euros) in art sales.

Andy Warhol painting of Marilyn Monroe sells for record $195M
Blockbuster art week sets record with more than $2.6 billion in sales
Art sales hit all-time high in 2021
Sotheby’s sells record $7.3bn of art so far in 2021
New Record For A Magritte: 79.8 Million Dollars!
Record Auctions in 2021: The Nouveau Riche Revolutionize The Art Market
Top 10 NFT Sales – 2021

Jack Armstrong, Cosmic Starship Harley – Los Angeles, CA.

Artist Jack Armstrong - Cosmic Harley Davidson motorcycle

Artist Jack Armstrong - Cosmic Harley Davidson motorcycle

Art Links and Images


If Jack Armstrong is the 21st Century’s Jackson Pollock, it is quite fitting that this “Modern Wizard” is using art to mobilize artists and collectors worldwide to help Ukraine.


If you are interested in learning more or purchasing this incredible art collection, please send a message to Andrew Williams by using the Contact Us form.

10-Piece Bat-Signal Inspired Luxury Collector Set – The New Batman Watch

An ongoing partnership between Kross Studio and Warner Bros. Consumer Products expands further with a new Batman watch. Their latest collaboration features two new projects in celebration of the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures’ film “The Batman.” First is a new 10-piece, limited-numbered “The Batman” Collector set and a new series of “The Batman” – themed watch rolls.

The luxury collector set is available for $100,000 USD and includes “The Batman” Tourbillon watch and an illuminated Bat-Signal functional art piece. In addition, new “The Batman” movie releases in theaters internationally on March 2 and in the US on March 4, 2022.

The new Batman watch collection of watch rolls each sold separately for only $250 USD. Plus, they will feature four distinct representations that are inspired by iconic DC characters from the film: Batman (two editions), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), and The Riddler.

A Bat Signal for the Wrist
The talented Kross Studio team developed a wristwatch that embodies Batman. The Batman watch features dark styling, ultra-precise movement, and the Bat Signal representation famously used to summon the Super Hero. In addition, it is a canvas for a central tourbillon cage in the form of a Bat emblem.

The watch was created with a new version of Kross Studio’s in-house developed and produced caliber KS 7’000. The mechanical hand-wound 3 Hz caliber KS 7’001 has a 5-day power reserve. Placed atop the central tourbillon’s oversized cage, the miniature Bat-Signal’s louvered surface allows light to filter through. Plus it enables glimpses of the regulator below and makes one revolution per minute.

The new Batman timepiece presents a different reading of hours and minutes. The hour hand is affixed to a peripheral display mechanism orbiting 360° around the tourbillon. Plus, the minutes are displayed on a disk, making one revolution per hour. A domed sapphire crystal arcs over the dial in a low profile. Each luxury watch is hand-made and assembled on-site by Kross Studio in Gland, Switzerland.

Utility, Form, and Function
For Kross Studio, the timepiece design required an equal balance of ergonomic considerations and improved user experience. The unique D-ring crown, placed at 3 o’clock on the edge of the watch, maintains a low-profile. It ensures a more comfortable wear than a conventional crown. As a result, the luxury watch also improves performance with a faster, easier winding and time-setting experience.

The “The Batman” Tourbillon’s watch straps utilize an ingenious interchangeable strap system. Thus, it allows the removal and change of the strap with a simple ‘click’ of its quick-release button. Easily switch to one of the three included strap options. 1) a black calf leather strap embossed with the pattern of Batman’s armor. 2) a black rubber strap with black stitching. 3) a red rubber strap with red stitching. All straps are reinforced with a black rubber inlay for optimal durability and comfort.

Kross Studio - The Batman Bat Signal

Light Up the Night
The Bat Signal plays such a key role in “The Batman” Tourbillon. It is only fitting for Kross Studio to include a functional Bat Signal art piece as an integral element of each collector set. Each Batman timepiece delivers a functional Bat Signal that illuminates. Furthermore it immerses the collector into the universe of Gotham City and “The Batman”. Plus. it also hides a dedicated space on his backside to safely store The Batman tourbillon or any other watch.

Dark Personas
In addition to the collector set, Kross Studio also unveils a collection of four functional collectibles. Each watch holder model is crafted of genuine tan vegetal leather and comes screen-printed with a character’s striking likeness. Kross Studio designed each Batman watch roll with unique accents and complementary colors. Thay are inspired by the film character, represented with screen prints and contrast stitching. Continuing, red for Batman editions, blue for the Selina Kyle (Catwoman) option, or green for The Riddler model.

Kross Studio erases the boundaries between art, pop culture, and high horology. They proudly present a full collection of high-performance collectible products, in collaboration with a major entertainment company.

“The Batman” Collector sets ($100,000 USD each) and “The Batman” collectible watch rolls ($250 USD each). Both are now available for individual sale at kross-studio.ch or through official partners and select authorized retailers.

If you enjoy reading about the latest luxury watch products like the new Batman watch, please follow us. We also have access to all the major luxury watch brands.

Photo: Kross Studio

The 7 Most Expensive Paintings in the World – By a Living Artist


Cosmic ‘X’ Art is the World’s Most Expensive – 2022

When you speak about the most expensive art in the world, always the names ‘Basquiat’ and ‘Warhol’ come up, as sales of both artists work now exceed $100 million per piece. The still living member of the Warhol, Basquiat and Haring NYC Art Tribe is – Jack Armstrong. He has produced a significantly more rare body of work, fixed at 100 pieces and influenced by cosmic visions of enlightenment that uniquely helped him to discover a new style of Art that he founded and named – Cosmic ‘X‘ in 1999.

The official name: Cosmic Extensionalism has been written about worldwide. Yet, artist Jack Armstrong has never completely explained how he came to develop an art technique and style so completely different than anything else that has come before or after it in art history. When asked, he carefully explains it as: “A ‘universal transcendence’ in art and in artist that is a completely separate (new) art category and singularly unique in style and merit.”

This new art category was first created by the artist in 1999, precisely 30 years after his famous relative – Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon.

Armstrong explains, “My Cosmic ‘X’ art revelation took place in July of 1999, exactly 30 years after Neil’s first ‘steps’ on the Moon In 1969.”

Jack continues, “I understood in 1999, that most major art: Exhibited in Art-Fairs, Galleries and Museums was turning into conceptual nightmares of ridiculous proportion, offering nothing except the marketing of mass-produced pieces called art. Yet often made by an army of minimum wage (artist) assistants.”

“It was then I experienced a revolutionary enlightenment perhaps similar to Mr. Musk and his Mission to Mars. In my vision I realized that incomparable information ran thru me from different dimensions.  I used this information to create a new form of transmitting universal messages thru canvas and paint that can purely resonate into the universe for the ages.”

“I call it Cosmic ‘X’ because I channel it from the Universe and the other star planets we originate from.”

Jack further states, “One of my paintings is called ‘Ancient Universal Royals’ and that is the line we descend from. All this came in visions and dreams and the first painting was created in this vision. All the rest followed this pattern of letting the universe paint the art and using me only as a human facilitator.”

“This process is at a level that allows patterns & textures with words to appear from a universal alchemy I achieve through the meta-physical process I have developed with my universal cosmic X philosophy which induce trance like states that allow me to receive messages from other dimensions in cosmic revelations that are important for mankind to know as the ancient ones extend understanding which in essence is a cosmic reconnection for all beings.”
Stellar discovery: Human bodies are 97 percent stardust, claim scientists!


Cosmic Extensionalism[1] or Cosmic X is a new style of Art which was originally founded by Jack Armstrong in 1999.[2] Armstrong was inspired by an ethereal experience he had with the famous gem stone known as the Black Star Sapphire of Queensland. The stone is believed to have magical powers. At the time he destroyed all of his previous works.

Cosmic X is a genre of modern art styles as is the famous genres of “Cubism” by Picasso or “Pop Art” by Warhol. It was originally founded as an organic art movement and is singular by comparison.

Cosmic X requires the artist to become the art they are creating, by feeling no separation between the art itself. This requires a unique state of mind to be reached, connecting to a universal presence, which Armstrong believes exists in each being. It is this connection that creates the art, not the artist.”

Armstrong’s hair, fingerprints and DNA is present in all his paintings.

Cosmic Extensionalism - Jack Armstrong


    1. ^“Andy Warhol and Jack Armstrong: One Artist’s Soup Can Is Another’s Harley-Davidson”.
    2. ^“imdb trivia Jack Armstong”



$220 Million

Cosmic SpaceX acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong


The Last Wizard – $120 Million

The Last Wizard acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong


Cosmic #1 – $110 Million

Cosmic #1 acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong


Warhol Naked- $110 Million

Warhol Naked painting - Jack Armstrong


Cosmic ‘X’ Paradigm – $113 Million

Cosmic X Paradigm acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong


Cosmic ‘X’ #1 – $113 Million

Cosmic X #1 acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong


Cosmic Star Dream – $110 Million

Cosmic Dream Star acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong


About Jack Armstrong

The Last Wizard of Art

Andy Warhol called him “The Last Wizard of Art.” Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring, Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor called him their friend. He painted NYC walls with Basquiat and taught Michael Jackson how to paint. For decades, Jack Armstrong’s art has been collected by Billionaires and Celebrities.


The Collectors of Jack Armstrong’s Cosmic X

Since his early days, Armstrong originals have been collected by celebrities and cultural icons.

Jackie Onassis, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Elizabeth Taylor have all owned art from “The Last Wizard.”

The world’s richest woman, Alice Walton (Walmart), owns two of Armstrong’s Cosmic X paintings.


The Legacy of Record-Breaking Art

– “The Cosmic Starship”, a custom painted Harley-Davidson V-Rod, first sold for $3 Million in 2012. The World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle at $110 million in 2022.

– ”The Cosmic Starcruiser”, a custom Cosmic ‘X’ art-bicycle, sold for $3 Million at the Big Boys Toys event in Dubai, in 2014.

– “The Cosmic ‘X’ Tribute Glove”, to be featured in the upcoming “Mirroring Michael Jackson” documentary, has been listed at $10 million.


The Historic Opportunity:

The 7 Most Valuable Paintings in the World


Cosmic Starship Harley-Davidson motorcycle by artist Jack Armstrong

These are the 7 most expensive paintings in the world by a living artist for 2022.

“Cosmic ‘fusion’ is the secret of the universe
as it encodes everything.”
– Jack Armstrong

“To reach a state of ‘cosmic-fusion’ in life & in art
you discover we are all universal code completely
able to experience interdimensional travel and life based
exclusively on our reconnection with the energy of stars.”
– Jack Armstrong

We hope you enjoy seeing and sharing these rare original images:
Art Collection

For more detailed information on:
The 7 Most Valuable Paintings
(The Final Cosmic ‘X’ Collection)

Christmas 2021: Cosmic ‘X’ Masterpiece Art Sale: 6 Paintings – $600M

Please contact: Andrew Williams at: sales@thelifeofluxury.com

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Art Basel 2021 Has Arrived in the Miami Design District

With Art Week 2021 finally here, we wanted to share some exciting news about scheduled events. There are a few art, culture, and fashion initiatives set to debut in the Miami Design District. Please take the time to visit them during your visit to Miami and attend the world famous Art Basel 2021 event.

The Miami Design District will unveil its highly-anticipated annual Design Commission. It is a physical and virtual site-specific installation coined Tomorrow Land. It is designed by creative studios Studio Proba and Enjoy The Weather.

Plus, an array of public and site-specific installations, the Miami Design District is pleased to debut numerous exhibitions. Included are: ‘Shattered Glass’ presented by Jeffrey Deitch, the Mitchell-Innes & Nash exhibit, Goodman Gallery and Galerie Lelong — among a few others. Additionally, luxury powerhouse, Louis Vuitton will be unveiling new Objets Nomades with several other moments taking place in the Miami Design District.

In addition, please visit a wide variety of pop-up galleries to fashion, design and tech moments and collaborations. All of these amazing events will take place in Miami and most are free and / or open to the public.

Welcome to Miami and we hope you enjoy Art Basel 2021 !



The Miami Design District is pleased to unveil Tomorrow Land, a physical and virtual site-specific installation created by Studio Proba and Enjoy the Weather for the neighborhood’s Annual Design Commission 2021. Tomorrow Land features a series of playfully designed sculptures, seating, and ornamentation, created by Studio Proba in her signature, popular style. In addition to the physical components woven throughout the Miami Design District, the installation boasts an interactive, virtual game created by Enjoy the Weather. A dedicated app built around AR technology and proximity beacons which allow visitors to “collect” and digitally customize Studio Proba’s shapes and place their own custom totems throughout the neighborhood—and beyond—for other participants to discover and play with. Tomorrow Land will also enliven the entrance of Design Miami/ in Pride Park.

Dates: November 2021 – May 2022
Location: Miami Design District as well as the entrance of Design Miami/ in Pride Park



The Craig Robins Collection, exhibited within the Miami Design District headquarter offices of DACRA, is a private collection of contemporary art and design. Based on the belief that art should be shared, highlights from the collection are constantly rotated and put on view within the workspaces at DACRA, the innovative development company founded by Craig Robins in 1987. The annual re-hanging of Craig Robins’ contemporary art collection highlights 45 artworks by celebrated American conceptual artist John Baldessari (1931-2020), including highlights John Baldessari Clement Greenberg 1966-1968 and John Baldessari Kissing series: Simone Palm Trees (Near), 1975, The collection also features recent acquisitions including work by Kenturah Davis, Sayre Gomez, Urs Fisher, and more. Encompassing the disciplines of design, art, and architecture, the multifaceted collection also features pieces by established favorites such as Zaha Hadid, Jean Prouvé, Richard Tuttle, and Marlene Dumas.

Dates: December 2 – December 3 | 9AM-12PM
Location: DACRA Headquarters: 3841 NE 2nd Avenue



Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades Collection celebrates the Maison’s long-tradition of exceptional craftsmanship and heritage through travel-inspired objects that reflect the collaborative, contemporary visions of a diverse group of internationally-renowned designers. From a hammock to a foldable stool, an armchair to a room screen, each limited-edition object transcends the creative boundaries of design, showcasing the Maison’s profound attention to complex craftsmanship and artistic innovation. This December, Louis Vuitton will be expanding its Objets Nomades collection by transforming its Miami Design District stores into an immersive Objets Nomades installation, highlighting new pieces for 2021, including Merengue and Aguacate by the Campana Brothers, Cosmic Table by Raw Edges and a Petal Chair by Marcel Wanders. The men’s store façade will be based on the Marcel Wanders Studio Objets Nomades Diamond Screen, where Marcel reinterprets Louis Vuitton’s historic Monogram motif and the canework that once adorned LV trunks. The color and sensationalism of the pattern adapted to the new men’s store façade screen pays homage to Miami Modernist architectural style. The Women’s store’s façade will be temporarily wrapped in a jubilant burst of woven colors, patterned after a new Objet Nomade by the Campana Brothers. Inside, Patricia Urquiola has curated an enveloping exhibition of the universe of Objets Nomades, an inspiring journey through the remarkable artistic perspectives of all the Objets Nomades collaborators and an exceptional survey of the Maison’s heritage and savoir-faire.



Shattered Glass, the acclaimed exhibition of new art by emerging artists of color, which was shown at Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles last spring, will be presented in an expanded version in the Moore Building in the Miami Design District. The Los Angeles version of Shattered Glass, curated by Melahn Frierson and A.J. Girard, was more than an exhibition, it was a phenomenon, attracting 1,000 visitors per day in its final weeks on showcase. Shattered Glass connected with a diverse art audience, giving visitors a rare opportunity to see art that reflected their own life experience. The expanded Miami version of Shattered Glass will include fifteen new artists. The painting, sculpture, and photographic works in the exhibition are all figurative. The subject matter is often the artists’ family and friends. Their primary subject is their own life and their community. The participating artists are all strongly socially engaged; many of whom incorporate powerful social messages into their work. The exhibition represents a remarkable new generation that connects with a new art audience. Jeffrey Deitch has been presenting exhibitions and public art projects in the Miami Design District since 2002.

Dates: November 29 – December 5
Location: Miami Design District The Moore Building



Mitchell-Innes & Nash is pleased to announce its return to the Miami Design District with a winter exhibition space opening on Wednesday, November 24th. The first exhibition will be a group show featuring early works by Eddie Martinez alongside works by seven outsider, self-taught and American art brut artists that Martinez collects or is otherwise inspired by: Hawkins Bolden(1914-2005), Freddie Brice (1920-1998), David Butler (1898-1997), Willie Jinks (1921-2012), Ike Morgan (b. 1958), Mary T Smith (1904-1995) and Billy White (b. 1962). Taken together, the exhibition emphasizes a set of shared formal mannerisms between the artists: flatness rather than a sense of perspective, a graphic outline rather than finely wrought draughtsmanship. The work contains a sense of speed, immediacy and improvisation. Repeated figures assume a symbolic, spiritual or totemic quality.

Dates: November 29 – December 4 from noon to 8pm, Sunday, December 5 from noon to 6 pm – Winter Exhibition
Location: 151 NE 41st Street, Suite 125



Goodman Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new and existing bronze sculptures from William Kentridge’s ongoing series of bronze glyphs, alongside a drawing from his most recent animated film, City Deep. Kentridge’s glyphs are a visual dictionary of sorts made up of a series of sculptures that form a vocabulary of symbols, representing a collection of everyday objects, suggested words, or icons that are ubiquitous in the artist’s practice. The glyphs started as ink drawings and paper cut-outs, each on a single page from a dictionary. The drawings were transformed into bronzes, to embody the weight and character their shapes on paper suggested.

In their smaller formation, the glyphs can be arranged in order to construct sculptural sentences and rearranged to deny meaning. An example of this can be found in Drawing for City Deep (A Fault to be Discovered Later). City Deep is Kentridge’s most recent film from his Drawings for Projection series. The film, grounded within Kentridge’s home city of Johannesburg, can be viewed as a counterpoint to the 1990 film, Mine, which depicts images of the deep-level mining industry. City Deep extends this depiction to the informal, surface-level “zama zama” miners who illegally work decommissioned mines on the edges of the formal mining economy.

Dates: November 24, 2021 – End of January 2022
Location: 151 NE 41st Street, Suite 123



Galerie Lelong & Co., New York, is launching a new temporary exhibition space at Paradise Plaza in the Miami Design District from November 28, 2021 to February 28, 2022. The opening will coincide with Miami Art Week and Art Basel: Miami Beach 2021, where the gallery has participated since its first edition in 2002. Galerie Lelong & Co. looks forward to furthering a deeper conversation with the vibrant and growing community in Miami by presenting pieces of historical and timely content from artists in the program, showing works that encompass a diverse range of media including painting, work on paper, sculpture, and photography.

Since 1991, Galerie Lelong & Co., New York, has championed a diverse roster of contemporary artists from throughout the world. Led by Mary Sabbatino, Vice President and Partner, the gallery has pioneered the community both in presenting a balanced roster of male and female artists, and artists from the Global South. The gallery’s programming is noted for its political acuity and museum-quality exhibitions, as well as its work with artists to help develop large-scale public art commissions beyond the gallery’s walls. In tandem with the gallery’s artists who present work that examine the human condition and collective consciousness, Galerie Lelong demonstrates its commitment to social justice and good citizenship through charitable initiatives and collaborations. Galerie Lelong is a member of the Art Dealers’ Association of America, the most esteemed organization of art galleries in the United States.

Dates: November 28 – February 28, 2022
Location: 151 Northeast 41st Street, Suite 121



Footwear Entrepreneur, Matthew Chevallard, is debuting an innovative modern-retail experience in the Miami Design District, coined: Shoes + Art. Merging Chevallard’s passion for footwear with his passion for art collecting, this multifaceted speakeasy retail concept, invites the public into a forward thinking and design-driven oasis in the middle of the most popular neighborhood in Miami. Chevallard’s new Avant Garde boutique, is situated in front of luxury houses Fendi and Louboutin, and features his two Italian hand-made footwear brands, Blu Scarpa and Concetto Limone all within Chevallard’s art gallery, THE OFFICE. The unique boutique concept will open to the public in time for Miami Art Basel 2021, on November 28th, 2021, with a solo exhibition by the coveted Mexican American artist, Eduardo Sarabia. The exhibition will feature a full range of works from Eduardo’s practice. For the first time, Eduardo will be displaying 10 limited edition lithographs, with several of them hand embellished by Eduardo Sarabia himself. Tying in the brands, Eduardo will be painting a set of Blu Scarpa products, and will be displaying a large selection of unique hand-painted ceramic plates. The remainder of the works will be revealed during the opening.

Dates: November 28 – ongoing
Location: 160 NE 40th Street; 2nd floor of OTL


The Life of Luxury offers VIP experiences and access to thousands of events around the world. Please contact us today for further information.

We hope you are able to attend this year’s Art Basel 2021 in Miami, Florida. Please return again for the latest luxury market news

New Coffee-Table Book by Lifestyle Guru Fran Berger

Fran Berger is a luxury lifestyle and home entertaining guru. She just released her new book titled “THE CATALOGUE” on October 20th. A VIP book launch party was held at Geary’s Beverly Hills. About two hundred invited guests celebrated her first book. Fran shared her wonderful journey, transitioning from a longtime restaurant owner to social media influencer and TV personality. She was a recurring guest on Hallmark’s “Home & Family” TV show.

“THE CATALOGUE” is an oversized coffee-table book. It includes a curated collection of Fran Berger’s favorite pieces, during her amazing career as famous restaurateur and home entertainer. She was the original owner of The Farm of Beverly Hills® for over 20 years.  The iconic, Beverly Hills restaurant is still a popular landmark. In addition, she expanded with a mini-chain of restaurants across the Los Angeles area.

Her countless guests flocked from far and wide to experience a taste of the warm atmosphere, authentic hospitality. Plus, they prized The Farm of Beverly Hills menu and thoroughly enjoyed dining in a true, Los Angeles environment. Fran had an innate love for entertaining others and worked hard to make every customer’s meal a special one.

In The Catalogue book, you will find Fran Berger’s 9 key sections: Coffee, Bar, Salad, Casual, Formal, Al Fresco, Cool Things, Flatware and Linen. She professionally shows you how to: create gatherings that kindle lasting memories,  use the collection of entertaining and kitchenware pieces you already have and love. In addition, read how take advantage of items you own but probably don’t use very often, plus select a few pieces you can add to make entertaining more memorable and infinitely easier.

Fran Berger new book: The Catalogue

Fran explains, “Welcoming friends into your home is itself an act of love. Providing a place for communion, facilitating connection — these things are vital in our increasingly disconnected world.

Over her career, Fran was definitely one of the country’s “go-to home entertaining experts.” She worked tirelessly to please all of her clients.  In the end, she ultimately knew they all desired to impress their guests with sophistication.

Through her collection of home entertaining and design consulting services, Fran Berger will curate these bespoke experiences helping you to celebrate the moments that matter in your life. Therefore, her first book gives her the opportunity to personally share her passion for sophisticated living with the world.

Combining over 20 years of experience entertaining family, friends and celebrities along with her dynamic and approachable nature, Berger quickly became a beloved tastemaker within her community.  As a result, she grew her restaurant into a city-wide chain.  The business was ultimately sold. Yet, Fran continued to remain personally invested in what made her restaurant so cherished and unique in the first place. That was her passion for gathering family, friends and loved ones around the table and creating lifelong memories. It’s in these intimate communal moments, Berger believes, that new relationships are created and existing ones are strengthened.

The Fran Berger book is now available exclusively at www.FranBerger.com, as well as Gearys Beverly Hills.

You can view additional videos from Fran here: https://franberger.com/videos/

We hope you enjoyed reading about Fran Berger’s new coffee-table book – THE CATALOGUE. Return soon to follow the latest news in the luxury industry.

Christmas 2021: Cosmic ‘X’ Masterpiece Art Sale: 6 Paintings – $600M

The Six Rarest Cosmic ‘X’ original paintings from modern artist Jack Armstrong, are being exclusively offered here at “The Life of Luxury” in a $600 million Christmas sale.  This gives the serious collector, investment firm or hedge fund the unique opportunity of owning the 6 most symbolic examples of Cosmic “X” Art.
View the complete: Cosmic ‘X’ Art Collection

These incredible pieces represent the very “best of the best” of Mr. Armstrong’s work.  The Six Cosmic ‘X’ paintings each retail at $110 million and above, so the group sale is a bargain at almost $70 million off of retail price.  In the future, we strongly think each of these originals will break the $450 million sale price of the now “disputed” Da Vinci “Salvator Mundi that achieved the record price in 2017.

Rarity alone usually brings the highest prices in the art world and breaks all the records.  But provenance is perhaps more important as no one wants to buy a painting that is later found out to be not genuine.

You can see more Cosmic “X” Art on WikiArt:



Cosmic Dream Star acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong

“Cosmic Star Dream” – $110 Million (24″W x 30″H)

Jack Armstrong’s Cosmic Star Dream acrylic on canvas painting is visually stunning.  This particular art piece inspired the cover of his book, titled Cosmic X.  It is a fascinating journey of the incredible life experiences and philosophic realization of the iconic artist – Jack Armstrong.

Cosmic X. It’s like nothing else published in art or philosophy before.  Below are just a few ‘quotes’ from the book, “The Philosophy of a Universal Being” that will help to create a new universal paradigm in Cosmic ‘X’.

We hope you enjoy them and find the Armstrong (Rare 6) Art Collection inspirational, in multi-dimensional levels of cosmic realization.

1. “As art becomes code, it becomes cosmic.” – J.A.
2. “The enlightened human being is the most creative force on earth.” – J.A.
3. “We are code running thru the universe & returning again in code.” – J.A.
4. “How can you understand something that doesn’t exist until you become the code.” -J.A.
5. “If the universe is simply code & humans are code, then each of us is universal in nature, Infinite, Immortal.” – J.A.
6. “Once you realize we are code, the paradigms you then create, become infinite & unfathomable art.” – Jack Armstrong



The Last Wizard acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong

“The Last Wizard” – $120 Million (72″W x 48″H)

Jack Armstrong’s “The Last Wizard” is an amazing piece of modern art.  It’s got a very special meaning to Jack Armstrong, plus is the largest and most complex painting in his art collection.  This monumental art piece is a tribute to his friend, Andy Warhol.

“The Last Wizard” painting was created in the complete mastery of the Cosmic ‘X’ art form.
In addition, it’s Armstrong’s grandest painting in scale.  This visually brilliant, acrylic on canvas painting measures 72″W x 48″H.  “This is Cosmic ‘X’ as it transcends the known.

When asked to describe this phenomenal painting, Mr. Armstrong replied, “This is my largest painting measuring 6 X 4 feet.  It’s title is the ‘name’ Warhol gave me in 1985, saying after he was gone, I would become “The Last Wizard of Art“, as my work seemed to him more alchemy than art.  I believe this feeling of creating alchemy helped me to discover a synergy with the stars that became Cosmic ‘X’ in my work. This painting is a multidimensional creation.”

Jack continues, “This is a bold painting with no holds barred from embracing the universal magic that I follow & believe in.  It is the most complex painting in my canon of work and creates an unforgettable sensation in all who have viewed it.  It is museum quality and in pristine condition.”


Jack Armstrong’s 100 Cosmic X originals are already the rarest art on earth for “living” artists.

Mr. Armstrong is in third place after:
1. Leonardo Da Vinci – less than 20 originals. Italian artist

The $450 million Da Vinci painting, ‘The Salvator Mundi‘ or ‘Savior of the World, was sold by Christie’s Auction House to the “Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia” – Mohammed Bin Salman.  The painting has now been deemed a fraud by most of the world’s top art experts, not employed by the auction house.

2. Jan Vermeer – 36 originals. Dutch artist

3. Jack Armstrong – 100 originals. American artist




Warhol Naked painting - Jack Armstrong

“Warhol Naked” – $110 Million (24″W x 36″H)

The “Warhol Naked” painting was created as a tribute to his friend Andy Warhol.  In addition, it’s likely Armstrong’s most personal painting, due to his artistic relationship with Andy Warhol.
Jack has said that one of the proudest moments in his life was being dubbed The Last Wizard of Art by Warhol himself.  The intense red color portrays a dazzling image of creativity.  Brilliant and bold, this acrylic on canvas painting measures 24″W x 36″H. Signed: Jack & Warhol with deep colors.

When asked “How can one best describe the relationship with a legend in modern art?”  Armstrong replies, “For me it was his kindness & interest in helping me promote my early work. For a 22 year old young man from Omaha, Nebraska to be accepted by the reigning Pop Star of the entire NY Art Scene was a cosmic-experience In & Of itself.  Thru Mr. Warhol, I sold my early work directly to Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Jackie Onassis & Freddie Mercury.

Jack continues, “Warhol in the 60’s 70’s & 80’s, kept the entire art world guessing what he would do next from $100 dollar ‘Soup-Cans’ & Coke Bottles, that now sell for 10’s of millions, to a ‘car-crash’ that achieved $105M.  He was the art godfather of Jean Michel Basquiat & a friend to me.

Warhol Naked symbolizes the shiny facade of the Man with the white wig, that every celebrity of his time desired to meet including the Pope.  Warhol Naked is my seminal work & will forever be identified with myself & Andy & just perhaps as ‘Starry Night’ is associated with Van Gogh.”


This is the main reason that Mr. Armstrong has always sold privately to some of the world’s richest and most private individuals.  He feels buying the original painting directly from the artist is the most non-controversial transaction and completely eliminates auction house or dealer impropriety.

The wife of Banker Paul Mellon, Bunny Mellon was an early collector of artist Mark Rothko.
Ms. Mellon eventually bought 13 paintings directly from Mr. Rothko at his small NYC Gallery.
The paintings she purchased for small amounts in the 1950’s were sold in 2013 for over $250M.  Today, they would bring over a billion dollars as their provenance is undeniable.

Armstrong states, ”People buying in the largest galleries & auction houses in the world have been cheated.  This is a fact. So when you buy directly from the artist (the provenance & DNA in the original painting) can never be challenged.”  Jack continues, “The rarest art in history has always proven to be the most valuable & the rarest modern art in the world is Cosmic X.


Each acrylic on canvas painting is multi-layered, but also includes Jack’s personal touch. Armstrong’s hair, fingerprints and DNA are presented in all of his paintings.  With only 100 paintings in existence, owning just one is an extremely rare opportunity for any art collector or financial group.



Cosmic #1 acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong

“Cosmic #1” – $110 Million (24″W x 36″H)

Jack Armstrong’s “Cosmic #1” is another of his most important paintings.  This exceptional, acrylic on canvas painting measures 24″W x 36″H.  It is possibly the most highly textured & colored painting of all Cosmic ‘X’. It also contains the Bold ‘Jack’ signature in paint over 6 times.  The most in Cosmic X. Van Gogh also never signed his last name, only “Vincent.”

Jack was quoted, “Van Gogh was the first modern cosmic artist and in a brief 10 year period (from the age of 27 years to his death at age 37), he not only taught himself to paint, but created a new style of painting using color and texture that were far advanced from his peers.  Critics and other established artists did not understand his genius.  They reviled him and his work, and also dismissed his friend Georges Seurat, the mystic who founded pointillism.  Both artists remained complete failures in the art world of their time, yet now command record prices for their work and are celebrated in museums worldwide.”

Jack concludes, “Cosmic #1 is my salute to Vincent & his unique ‘Starry Night’ (Vision) that continues to captivate the world with it’s magic.”


Regarding the Da Vinci $450 million sale, Dr. Tim Hunter’s quotes to the BBC about rarity and the painting sale are below.

  • Dr. Tim Hunter, who is an expert in Old Master and 19th Century art, told the BBC the painting is – “the most important discovery in the 21st Century”.
  • “It completely smashes the record for the last Old Masters painting to sell – Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in 1988. Records get broken from time to time but not in this way.”
  • Da Vinci painted less than 20 oil paintings and many are unfinished so it’s incredibly rare and we love that in art.



Cosmic X Paradigm acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong

“Cosmic X Paradigm” – $113 Million (24″W x 36″H)

Cosmic X Paradigm is “the only piece of mine dedicated to a Hollywood personality.”   The painting measures 24″W x 36″H.  Jack continues, “Cosmic Paradigm X is my final masterpiece. It is #100. The last Cosmic ‘X’ painting I will ever create.  It is unique in color texture & universal energy.  It is a magical living entity.


Jack Armstrong’s “Cosmic X Paradigm” is becoming a legend for its cosmic energy and because it is his final Masterpiece. It was created to replace his original ‘Cosmic ‘X’ Le Mans’ painting that was stolen in Dallas.  Steve McQueen’s 1971 film Le Mans inspired it.  “Cosmic ‘X’ Paradigm” is an incredibly important original and the final painting of Jack Armstrong, who met McQueen personally in Hollywood by chance in 1977. McQueen spoke to him about NYC, Motorcycles, acting, & Warhol, encouraging Armstrong to pursue his art dreams & keep in contact. McQueen passed away just as Armstrong’s career with Warhol & Basquiat began. R.I.P. Steve McQueen.

Photo: Wikipedia


Before the ‘The Salvator Mundi‘ Da Vinci auction, the painting was owned by Russian billionaire collector Dmitry E Rybolovlev.  He is reported to have bought it in a private sale in May 2013 for $127.5 million (£98m).

Below are more quotes from the same BBC article on the Da Vinci sale:

  • “Wherever it ends up, you’ve got to hand it to Christie’s for its masterclass in the art of selling art.”
  • “In a bold move, without a hint of irony, the (Da Vinci) painting was sold in its Post-War & Contemporary Art Evening Sale – alongside Jean-Michel BasquiatAndy Warhol art.
  • “Why not in the Old Masters Sale? Because that’s not where the big bucks are.”

The major auction houses all know the power of both Basquiat and Warhol, but Armstrong only sells privately.  When the collectors who have purchased an Armstrong finally sell his work at an auction, we know it will break the internet, as Armstrong, Basquiat, & Warhol in that order, will be the most expensive art in the world.

For serious collectors, the thousands of available Basquiat & Warhol originals might not have the extreme exclusivity of being at the level of owning just One Armstrong Cosmic ‘X’ painting – out of only 100 originals, is reason enough to add this entire collection of 6 masterpieces as a centerpiece of any world class art portfolio.

The Art World’s Holy Grail


We believe that the 100 “Cosmic X” art originals are the ‘‘holy grail” of the art world.  Armstrong’s work is a central point in the new transparent era, where quality, indisputable authenticity, and rareness break every art record.

In addition to Jack’s painting collection, his “Cosmic Starship” Harley-Davidson motorcycle is available for $35 million. The (2009) Cosmic Starship Harley-Davidson is known worldwide.

Neil Armstrong’s Nephew Created One of the World’s Most Expensive Motorcycles



Cosmic X #1 acrylic painting - Jack Armstrong

“Cosmic X #1” – $113 Million (24″W x 36″H)

Jack Armstrong’s “Cosmic X #1” is one of the artist’s most important paintings.  This acclaimed and colorful, acrylic on canvas painting measures 24″W x 36″H.

Jack responded when asked about creating this incredible painting, “The most cosmic thing in my life was the period in 1999 that I spent creating the first Cosmic ‘X’ painting and it almost painted itself.  I watched it appear, almost as an observer and its color and composition still seem to me – otherworldly and unique, in its bold symbolism of the universal magic that co-exists in us all.”


Armstrong says, The purity of buying masterpieces directly from the artist with unchallengeable provenance, is the new business model for the most astute collectors in the world.  Provenance & Ultra-Rarity will create the new multi-billion dollar art-portfolios of the future.”


For serious inquiries only, please Contact Us.  (Bitcoin Accepted)

We can answer your questions or schedule a virtual meeting with Mr. Armstrong.


Cosmic Extensionalism[1] or Cosmic X is a new style of Art which was originally founded by Jack Armstrong in 1999.[2] Armstrong was inspired by an ethereal experience he had with the famous gem stone known as the Black Star Sapphire of Queensland. The stone is believed to have magical powers. At the time he destroyed all of his previous works.

Cosmic X is a genre of modern art styles as is the famous genres of “Cubism” by Picasso or “Pop Art” by Warhol. It was originally founded as an organic art movement and is singular by comparison.

Cosmic X requires the artist to become the art they are creating, by feeling no separation between the art itself. This requires a unique state of mind to be reached, connecting to a universal presence, which Armstrong believes exists in each being. It is this connection that creates the art, not the artist.”

Armstrong’s hair, fingerprints and DNA is present in all his paintings.

Cosmic Extensionalism - Jack Armstrong


    1. ^“Andy Warhol and Jack Armstrong: One Artist’s Soup Can Is Another’s Harley-Davidson”.
    2. ^“imdb trivia Jack Armstong”


In addition, The Life of Luxury can also offer personal, art purchasing service. Let us find that single piece or an entire art collection for you. We also provide a variety of luxury concierge services including VIP access to red carpet award shows, fashion and art shows, movie premiers, sporting events, celebrity “meet and greets”, private parties and much more. It’s time you finally begin to live a Life of Luxury!

Artist Christo Wraps the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

The amazing art display titled “Wrapped” is now available to view in Paris, France. Famous artist Christo had the vision to complete the mega pop-up art installation over the iconic Arc de Triomphe. The final art display was completed by his team, due to Christo’s death last year.

“Wrapped” is a a temporary art work that will be on display starting today, Saturday, September 18 to Sunday, October 3, 2021. The art exhibit was initially planned for last year. But due the COVID-19, it’s debut is a year later. The Arch of Triumph is carefully wrapped in over 269,000 square feet of recyclable polypropylene fabric. In addition, the exhibit uses almost 23,000 feet of bright red rope.

What most people don’t realize, is that Christo’s vision for wrapping actually began decades ago. In 1961, Christo met his wife Jeanne-Claude. Soon after, plans began with Christo making his first sketches and photo-montages in 1962 and 1963. In addition, Christo lives near the Arc de Triomphe, so it provides him a daily inspiration.

The impressive monument was designed by Jean Chalgrin in 1806, from orders by Napoleon and inaugurated in 1836. The inauguration is based on the sixth anniversary of the Three Glories—Les Trois Glorieuses. The might arch is 50 meters high and 45 meters in width. In addition, it is 22 meters deep. For years, the monument was the largest triumphal arch in the world. The Paris monument’s design was inspired by the Roman Arch of Titus.

Arc de Triomphe art exbibit by artist Christo

Visitors to Paris will be happy to know is the Arc de Triomphe will remain open to the public all during the wrap exhibit. Of course, the Arc de Triomphe is know all around the world and is located on the famous Champs-Élysées. The famous monument pays tribute to people who both fought and died for France, during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Hence, visitors, can view names of all French victories and generals inscribed on the monument’s inner and outer surfaces.

The Eternal Flame is found in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It’s good to hear that the flame will continue to burn throughout Christo’s art exhibit. Beneath the arch’s vault lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, from World War I.

Sadly, Christo did die on May 31, 2020. He is well known for his large-scale, environmental installations created around the world. Yet, his great project was approved last year by the National Monuments Center. The organization manages the famous Arc de Triomphe plus almost 100 other national monuments across France.

Be sure to view the Christo art exhibit at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. We offer the best luxury travel packages to popular destinations around the world.

Photo: Atout France

Jack Armstrong – Last 25 “Cosmic X” Painting Collection for $500 Million

The newly announced art collection package by famous “Cosmic X” modern artist Jack Armstrong is amazing!  For serious art collectors, we feel you definitely need to put this on your radar.  Art sales around the world continue to set all-time highs.  In summary, as you read more about Mr. Armstrong and his incredible art collection, this unique opportunity will become very clear.


Jack has said, Everything valuable is about rarity.  Mr. Armstrong created just 100 “Cosmic X” paintings and only 25 remain for sale – each is priced from $10 million to $113 million.  Armstrong proudly holds the world record for the most expensive motorcycle, cowboy boots and bicycle.


The price of all 25 multi-layered acrylic-on-canvas paintings total $1.2 billion (USD).  But Jack has decided to offer the complete collection – for only $500 million (or best offer).  As a reply to Jack’s quote, we say “Rarity is what sells.”  With the limited number of his paintings available to purchase, this is an unbelievable opportunity for any art collector, investor or financial investment firm.

Please view additional articles, videos and photos via the below link:

Click and view each page of this once-in-a-lifetime, visually stunning art collection.
(Note: Five paintings on page 1 and twenty on pages 3 and 4 of the below brochure)

Jack Armstrong Cosmic X modern art collection
Jack Armstrong Cosmic X modern art collection
Jack Armstrong Cosmic X modern art collection
Jack Armstrong Cosmic X modern art collection


While living in New York City, Jack personally knew and worked with the “King of Pop” – Andy Warhol.  Of course, he is the leading figure in the visual Pop Art movement. In 2001, Armstrong painted the amazing “Warhol Naked.”  Therefore, this incredible piece of art is a touching tribute to his dear friend Andy.

Jack has said that one of the proudest moments in his life was being dubbed The Last Wizard of Art  by Warhol himself.  This beautiful acrylic-on-canvas painting is both brilliant and bold, and measures 24″W x 36″H.

Warhol Naked painting - Jack Armstrong

“Warhol Naked” – Now Offered at $110 Million


Cosmic X 100 NFT - Jack Armstrong modern art

NFT Mania

Jack has given serious thought to the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) craze.  Especially, after the Beeple $69 million NFT sale at a Christie’s auction in March.   The Life of Luxury was the first to announce Mr. Armstrong is offering a magnificent NFT collection titled: Cosmic X 100.”  It includes all 100 digital images of his incredible “Cosmic X” paintings – for only $100 million.

Cosmic Extensionalism or Cosmic X is a style of art, which was originally founded by Jack Armstrong in 1999.  He became inspired by an ethereal experience with the famous gemstone, known as the Black Star Sapphire of Queensland.


By far the largest and most complex painting Jack Armstrong ever painted is titled “The Last Wizard.”  It is colorful and visually brilliant. This large acrylic-on-canvas painting measures 6 feet by 4 feet in size.  Interestingly, it is not only his largest painting, but also showcases his complete mastery of the Cosmic X art form.  Hence, the very one Armstrong personally founded in 1999.

Jack Armstrong states, “I feel the same way about “The Last Wizard” as Pollock must have felt about his painting “Blue Poles”, “Guernica” to Picasso, “Orange” by Rothko, and “Untitled” by Basquiat.  In the future ‘The Last Wizard’ will break the records of his peers, but the power of all these larger than life works will remain as the signposts that signaled the future of art.”

The Last Wizard - Jack Armstrong painting

“The Last Wizard” – Now Offered at $120 Million


Global sales of art and antiques reached an estimated $50.1 billion in 2020

According to the 2021 annual Global Art Market Report sponsored by Art Basel, UBS and written by art economist Clare McAndrew, global art sales declined in 2020.  Total art sales fell sharply to $50.1 billion (USD), the lowest value in 11 years.  Most experts expect a rebound in 2021, as world economies continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Art Market

The global sales figure was down 22% from 2019, yet above the 2009 recession low, when sales fell by 36% to $39.5 billion.  The U.S. market continues to retain its position as leader, with a share of 42% of global art sale values.  Greater China and the UK followed at 20%.  However, Greater China did surpass the U.S. to become the largest public auction market, with a share of 36% of sales by value.

Online sales reached record highs – doubling in value

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many auction houses, galleries and fairs to either close or abandon in-person activity.  In addition, it also accelerated digital transformation.  As a result, online sales doubled in value from 2019 and reached a record high of $12.4 billion.  Plus, the figure represents a record 25% share of the market’s total value.  It’s important to note, for the first time the share of e-commerce in the art market has exceeded that of general retail.

There is no denying that art sells and can sell for very big money!  The rapid price appreciation of artwork can be quite astonishing.  How is art valued?  That’s a complex question with no easy answer.  But one fact we do know.  At the time of sale, art is simply worth – “what a willing seller will sell it for and a willing buyer will buy it for.


The Meaning of Art & The Significance of Cosmic “X”

Art is inspiring. It both stimulates our mind and affects our emotions. People make art to tell beautiful stories.  A single piece of art can generate an experience. Yet, everyone has a unique opinion or point of view.  What drives the price of art?  The answer is not a simple one.

Scarcity is a key driver of price.  Other factors include who the artist is and the demand for any particular piece.  There is a well known phrase: “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” is so true.  Indeed, there is definitely an emotional connection to art.

Beyond art’s emotional value, only the rarity of the work & the intrinsic value of the artist’s place in art history assure record breaking art prices.

“It will be proven in future sales, that Armstrong as the creator & founder of the new category of art: Cosmic ‘X’ will break all records.”

We strongly recommend the acquisition of all 25 original Cosmic X masterpieces to add incredible value for any major collection or hedge fund.  With only 100 originals in the world, this sale offers the largest lot of “Cosmic X Art” in private hands and contains Armstrong’s most renowned work.

Cosmic Extensionalism “X”


Joe Tsai

Alibaba co-founder and billionaire Joe Tsai is quickly becoming a household name.  He is a citizen of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Canada.  He was recently identified as the buyer of a $157 million apartment deal in Manhattan’s most prestigious condo tower.  The Manhattan property is located at 220 Central Park South.  The deal now becomes the largest residential sale of the year.
Brooklyn Nets owner revealed as ‘mystery buyer’ of $157M NYC condo

Joe Tsai is one of the richest men in the world.  In addition to being the co-founder of Alibaba, he also owns the NBA Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center.  One would think if he owns the 2 most unique apartments in the most expensive building in NYC, plus the best stadium and sports team ….. he now needs the finest collection of rare art to showcase, right?


Widely known as “The King of Cool“, actor Steve McQueen personally encouraged Armstrong’s journey to New York City.  Once there, Jack later became friends with famous artists Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat.

Jack said, “Talking to the biggest movie star in the world seemed completely ‘Cosmic’ for an art kid born in Wichita Kansas, who later grew up in Omaha.  Created in my ‘Cosmic X’ style of art, Cosmic X Paradigm is the only piece of mine dedicated to a Hollywood personality.”   The amazing painting measures 24″W x 36″H.  Jack continues, “Cosmic Paradigm X is my final masterpiece.

Cosmic X Paradigm acryclic painting - Jack Armstrong
“Cosmic X Paradigm” – Now Offered at $113 Million



Over the years, Mr. Armstrong has sold paintings to many famous celebrities and some of the wealthiest people in the world.  Although his name may not be as widely known as Warhol or Basquiat, we believe that will change.  We feel Jack should be named “The Rebel of Art.”  Over his entire, successful career as an artist, he’s only sold his artwork direct to the end-buyer.  He has never utilized traditional sales channels, such as museums or auction houses.

Another interesting fact is Jack’s first million dollar painting sale to billionaire tobacco heiress, Doris Duke.  Neither Basquiat or Warhol ever sold a million dollar painting before they passed away, in 1987 & 1988 respectively.  Sales of Cosmic ‘X’ art are expected to reach the billion dollar level in the next few years.

Art forgery is a concern of any buyer.  Sadly, it’s more common than not.  The illegal industry can be very lucrative.  Fortunately, newer analysis techniques as well as modern dating have greatly helped identify fakes.  Eric Hebburn is known as the greatest art forger of modern times and quoted, “Only the experts are worth fooling.  The greater the expert, the greater the satisfaction in deceiving him.”

With all of Jack Armstrong’s artwork, forgery is not an issue. Jack integrates his own hair, fingerprints and DNA in all of his paintings.  It’s a unique technique and guarantees a buyer is truly purchasing an authentic Jack Armstrong painting.

During 2018-2020, a stunning digital art ‘retrospective‘ of Jack’s artwork appeared every 5 minutes – 24 hours a day.  This incredible display was seen by countless people on the giant 60 X 40 foot digital screen in Times Square, located above the Ripley’s Museum in New York City.


In addition to Jack’s painting collection, his “Cosmic Starship” Harley-Davidson motorcycle is available for $35 million.  The custom-painted V-Rod Harley is an artistic masterpiece on wheels.

Here’s a recent article:  Neil Armstrong’s Nephew Created One of the World’s Most Expensive Motorcycles

Lorenzo Lamas & Jack Armstrong at Cosmic Starship Harley media launch event

(Lorenzo Lamas and Jack Armstrong at the Cosmic Starship Harley worldwide media event) ___________________________________________________________________________________

We mentioned Jack Armstrong personally knew Jean-Michel Basquiat, who was a Neo-Expressionist painter in the 1980’s.  In May of 2017, Basquiat’s “Untitled” painting (see below) set the record for most expensive painting ever sold at an auction by an American artist.  Including fees, the total auction price totaled $110.5 million!  Previously, Andy Warhol held that title when his “Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)” painting sold for $105 million in 2013.  We strongly feel one of Jack’s paintings will soon break that record.


Untitled - Jean-Michel Basquiat painting
1982 ‘Untitled’ By Basquiat – Sold for $110.5 Million


The Art World’s Holy Grail

We believe that the 100 “Cosmic X” art originals are the ‘‘holy grail” of the art world.  Armstrong’s work is a central point in the new transparent era, where quality & indisputable authenticity and rarity will break every art record.

The one who acquires the Cosmic ‘X’ 25 Original’s at $500 million will in the future,  see a rapid increase in value.  In the end, the buyer will have an extremely high-end art and finance portfolio that will make everyone say, “Why didn’t we buy that?”

Armstrong says, “The transparency of buying contemporary art at the highest level is only possible today, if dealers and auction houses are removed from the transaction and high-value art is purchased directly from the artist.”

Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce never ask a ‘car-council’ group of ‘experts’, what price they put on their cars.  We all know a Ferrari is more valuable than a Toyota.  Why?  It’s clear, the craftsmanship and rarity of the Ferrari are indisputable.  Jack continues, “I am the Ferrari of the modern art world.

In conclusion, we are aware of numerous discussions Jack is currently having with art collectors and investors.  In addition, an upcoming movie about Jack’s life is in development and will be appropriately titled – “The Last Wizard.”  Therefore, whether you are an avid collector of art or a serious investor, Jack Armstrong’s creative works should definitely be considered.

For serious inquiries only, please Contact Us.  We can answer your questions or schedule a virtual meeting with Mr. Armstrong.

He is currently accepting Bitcoin or Ethereum for this sale, as hi-end real estate and hi-valued art are now accepting crypto globally.

In addition, The Life of Luxury can also offer personal, art purchasing service.  Let us find that single piece or an entire art collection for you.  We also provide a variety of luxury concierge services including VIP access to red carpet award shows, fashion and art shows, movie premiers, sporting events, celebrity “meet and greets”, private parties and much more.  It’s time you finally begin to live a Life of Luxury!

VinScént – Van Gogh Themed Luxury Aromatherapy Jewelry Company Created by Kira Madallo Sesay

The Life of Luxury is proud to announce the exclusive, world-wide launch of VinScént. To honor the legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh, film producer/writer and Van Gogh historian Kira Madallo Sesay, created VinScént – a luxury aromatherapy jewelry company. Kira is an experienced film producer, writer and member of the prestigious Producers Guild of America, Producers Council.

Kira Madallo Sesay founded the company to honor Vincent’s charitable and humanitarian legacy. His effort was exemplified during his time as a missionary and continued throughout his life. In addition, Kira is the writer and producer of the upcoming Vincent Van Gogh biopic film – “Van Gogh“. Plus, she is the author of a forthcoming book about the amazing life of artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Writer - Director Kira Madallo Sesay and Steven Spielberg
(Kira Madallo Sesay and Steven Spielberg)

Kira states, “I founded VinScént to honor Van Gogh’s body of work and his humanitarian legacy. Vincent’s empathy for the downtrodden and those forgotten by society, was exemplified during his time as a missionary and continued throughout his life. This is why it was imperative for me when I started this luxury jewelry house, that the core mission would be not only to create jeweled objets d’art, but to make the world a better place while doing it. Therefore, suicide prevention and African gold and diamond mining charity collaborations have been woven deeply into the fabric of VinScént.”

Writer - Director Kira Madallo Sesay on the Red Carpet - VinScent

Not only is the company’s mission to create aromatherapy jewelry in honor of the artist Vincent Van Gogh, but to also prevent suicides and promote mental health awareness. As a result, the Van Gogh themed line of luxury aromatherapy jewelry is created to save lives.


VinScént Suicide Prevention Charity Collaboration:

“Though I am often in the depths of misery, there is still calmness, pure harmony and music inside me.” – Vincent Van Gogh

In December 1888, Dutch painter Van Gogh’s infamous ear cutting incident took place, after an argument with fellow artist Paul Gauguin. During this time period while living in Arles, France, he suffered from severe depression.

Vincent Van Gogh self portrait bandaged ear- VinScent

Sadly, due to the legendary artist’s struggle with Bipolar disorder, Vincent Van Gogh passed away after committing suicide on July 29, 1890. Van Gogh’s birthday is on March 30th, which also is World Bipolar Day. In honor of Vincent’s legacy, VinScént will work in conjunction with suicide prevention charities. The goal is to both save lives and spread mental health awareness. Also, a portion of the profits will be donated to suicide prevention charities, as well as African diamond mining community charities.

Vincent Van Gogh self portrait - VinScent
“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

The impetus of Kira’s journey into the world of Van Gogh was the passing of her Dutch friend.  He committed suicide after battling with bipolar disorder. She decided to honor his life by embarking on a journey to better understand the struggles of people suffering from mental illness. As a result, Kira started to study Vincent Van Gogh’s letters.

“What is done in love, is done well.” – Vincent Van Gogh

This ultimate quest for understanding led Kira to spend over seven years analyzing and studying thousands of documents related to Van Gogh. She traveled to every location where Vincent lived, worked or visited, in an effort to truly walk in his footsteps. Lastly, during this process she uncovered fascinating new information about Van Gogh, which will be unveiled in her book and film.


Suicide Prevention Charity - Vincent Van Gogh - VinScent

About The Current Suicide Crisis:

The Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent financial devastation created by it has led to a substantial increase in suicide rates among all age groups. Prior to COVID 19, suicide had actually reached epidemic proportions within the younger generation. Interestingly, suicide is currently one of the biggest killers of youth in both the UK and U.S.

Scientists have found that this generation’s psyche is deeply affected by the impact of social media. Suicide rate among girls aged 15-19 has recently hit a record high in the UK. Young people in the U.S. are dying from suicide at record rates. Per the CDC, there’s a 56% increase among Gen Z. Also, suicide attempt rates for black youths in the U.S. have increased by a staggering 73%.

More information can be found here: https://vinscentvangogh.com/suicide-prevention


Sierra Leone Charity - Vincent Van Gogh - VinScent

VinScént African Educational Charity Collaboration:

The VinScént African mining charity collaboration is a natural fit because of Van Gogh’s time spent as a missionary in the Belgian coal mines.

Kira states, “The West African country Sierra Leone, has a long history of providing the luxurious diamonds and gold worn by people around the world. Meanwhile, schools in Sierra Leone lack the basic educational tools for children to succeed. Items that many of us take for granted like paper, pencils, desks, chairs and books are missing from these impoverished classrooms. Consequently, these children lose the life changing opportunity for upward mobility that education provides. Without intervention, the cycle of poverty continues.”

As the Leonardo DiCaprio film “Blood Diamond” portrayed, Sierra Leone has a long history of providing the luxurious diamonds worn by brides around the world.

Kira continues, “VinScént is committed to raising awareness of this timely issue. A portion of the proceeds from our jewelry sales will be donated to support educational charities in the African regions where jewelry materials are sourced.”

For additional information, please visit: https://vinscentvangogh.com/african-charity


Vet Suicide Prevention Charity - Vincent Van Gogh - VinScent

Military Veteran Suicide Crisis:​

“To do our part to fight the suicide crisis affecting our brave veterans, VinScént is working in collaboration with military suicide prevention charities. To raise awareness and honor our fallen heroes, I have designed Van Gogh themed aromatherapy military tags in sophisticated gold with diamond accents. Anxiety easing essential oils such as calming lavender, can be placed inside of the military tags. The armed forces theme is quite fitting due to the fact that Van Gogh once dreamed of becoming a soldier.” – says VinScént Founder, Kira Madallo Sesay.

“Enlisting for 5 years in the Foreign Legion, I think I’d prefer that… But will they want to take me on as a soldier? … I myself advised Bernard to do his military service, so is it so astonishing that I should think of going to Arabia myself as a soldier?” – Vincent Van Gogh

Please visit for additional information: https://vinscentvangogh.com/military-charity


Aromatherapy oils - VinScent

About Aromatherapy Jewelry:

Healers have used aromatherapy jewelry since ancient times in Egypt, Greece and Rome. Essential oils were worn to treat anxiety, depression, nausea, insomnia and various other mental and physical ailments. Hence, during the Victorian era in which Van Gogh lived, essential oils were applied to small pieces of velvet and inserted into jewelry pieces.

Aromatherapy jewelry is a wonderful way to enjoy the health benefits of essential oils. Simply apply the essential oil of your choice to the small piece of material placed inside of the aromatherapy pendant. Next, enjoy the delightful and calming fragrance which is with you all day long.

All diamonds used in their designs will be certified, conflict free diamonds. Additionally, VinScént is working together with African charities to uplift and empower African diamond mining communities, which provide the Western world with these beloved jewels.

Gold Bars - Vincent Van Gogh - VinScent

Works of Art in Gold

In honor of Van Gogh’s favorite color, yellow, VinScént’s luxurious jewelry designs are all created in opulent gold.

How wonderful yellow is! It stands for the sun!” – Vincent Van Gogh


Starry Night painting by Vincent Van Gogh - VinScent

“At present, I absolutely want to paint a starry sky. It often seems to me that night is still more richly coloured than the day.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Dutch painter Van Gogh’s most famous painting is the iconic “The Starry Night.” He created it in 1889, while staying in an asylum in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France. This stunning, oil on canvas painting is one of the most famous images in the world. It represents his view from the east-facing window of his asylum room.


Experience the Splendor and Magnificence of the Starry Night Luxury Collection, by Kira Madallo Sesay

“I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Kira stated, “The Starry Night luxury collection is a celestial symphony of exquisitely crafted objets d’art in gold, sprinkled with diamonds and kissed by stardust. Each VinScént art piece is presented in an opulent golden box tied with a sumptuous silk ribbon. The VinScént creations are envisioned at our artist atelier in Provence, France, where Van Gogh painted his masterpiece Starry Night.”

View the Starry Night luxury collection here:  https://vinscentvangogh.com/starry-night-collection

The new Van Gogh themed, luxury aromatherapy jewelry is the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, engagement or a holiday, VinScént is ideal for any occasion.

To learn more about VinScént and Kira Madallo Sesay, please go to: http://www.vinscentvangogh.com

You can also contact one of our The Life of Luxury shopping specialists about acquiring a VinScént jeweled objet d’art.

The World’s Rarest Art: $100 Million “Cosmic X 100” NFT Digital Art

A new revolution is coming or is it already here?  Three simple letters – NFT (Non-Fungible Token) are changing the world.  One of the biggest opportunities now available is from famous, modern artist Jack Armstrong.  Mr. Armstrong is excited to announce the creation of the biggest NFT art offering – the $100 Million “Cosmic X 100” NFT.

In 2021, NFTs are taking the tech world by storm.  Utilizing “blockchain” technology, NFT assets are being sold in a virtual, online marketplace.  Items consist of art, music, sports cards, as well as other collectibles.  For example, Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter and Square and sold his very first Tweet as an NFT, for over $2.9 million.

In a recent article by Fortune titled – Crypto millionaires’ love of NFTs is a boon for the aging art market — but galleries may miss out – we could be experiencing firsthand, a paradigm shift in the sale of art.  All driven by the stunning NFT craze.

Jack’s “Cosmic X 100” NFT includes a collection of 100 digital images, representing all 100 of his original “Cosmic X” acrylic paintings. (Note: the above image is not the actual NFT). There are less than 30 of his original paintings available for sale.  They range from $10-$113 million each.  Therefore, the “Cosmic X 100” NFT art package of all 100 digital paintings for $100 million, is truly a bargain!

Click to view the entire art collection:
Jack Armstrong Cosmic X modern art collection

Jack stated, “NFTs are a new digital paradigm for art and the world.  The art world has moved 20 years into the future, in a virtual night with NFTs.”

The Last Wizard - Jack Armstrong painting
“The Last Wizard” – Now Offered at $110 Million

The “Cosmic X 100” NFT is a unique, digital offering of 100 individual Armstrong “Cosmic X” images.  At only $1 million dollars each, this offering provides the buyer an opportunity to acquire all 100 “Cosmic X” Images in the world – Armstrong’s life work.

All 100 NFTs will be sold as a group for $100 million.  Therefore, they then can be auctioned, held privately, or sold privately at the discretion of the buyer – either individually or as a complete collection.  We strongly feel the upside value is tremendous!


Cosmic X 100 NFT - Jack Armstrong modern art

What is an NFT?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens are essentially digital deeds or certificates, attached to the blockchain.  When an NFT is created, a unique identifier, typically a string of numbers and letters records the creation date.  It’s then added to a blockchain’s historical record.

The certificates are secured with blockchain technology, similar to what underpins Bitcoin and other crypto.  It’s this information that makes each NFT unique, and as such, they cannot be directly replaced by another token.

NFTs are digital certificates that authenticate a claim of ownership to an asset, and allow it to be transferred or sold.

Investing in NFTs is booming.  According to TechCrunch, NFT art marketplace SuperRare closes $9 million Series A.  Several well known names are listed as investors in SuperRare.

A quote from Jack Armstrong, “Museums will become digital art spaces as real estate and other commodities will all utilize blockchain NFT metadata to thrive in this new paradigm where everyone can participate.”


The Value of Scarcity

Jack has said, “Everything valuable is about rarity.”  This is so true.  But the current NFT craze may be changing that logic forever.

With 100 original Cosmic ‘X’ paintings available and 100 NFTs (1 of each painting in digital image), Armstrong currently ranks #1 as the rarest post modern art in the world.  As a result, Jack Armstrong is on track to break every existing, record price in art.

The recent Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) NFT art sale in March, achieved a record $69 million.  Even though the artist’s record price for a print is only $100.  The art is titled Everydays: The First 5000 Days.  Beeple collected approximately $55 million from the sale and Christie’s auction house received about $14 million.  This milestone makes NFTs a proven portal and the future of art sales.

NFTs now make individual art pieces unique. By synergizing NFTs with the proven rarity of Cosmic ‘X’ art, this creates a huge opportunity to collect the entire Cosmic ‘X’ art portfolio.  This seems to us, the ultimate financial hedge by utilizing the world’s rarest art, with completely secure ownership on the blockchain.

It’s amazing that Vincent Van Gogh produced almost 2,000 works of art in his life, including over 900 paintings.  The Dutch Post-Impressionist painter’s most famous piece – The Starry Night is an oil on canvas.  The Starry Night‘ painting by Van Gogh would sell for more than $1 billion dollars if placed on the market today.  It is Van Gogh’s magnum opus and the same will become reality for ‘Warhol Naked‘ – the seminal painting in “Cosmic X.”

On the other hand, artist Damien Hirst has produced many thousands of factory assisted paintings & art objects already on the market & has announced he will release 10 thousand more art NFT’S this year.

In conclusion, global art consensus dictates that only exclusivity and rarity drive the top of the market.  The highest prices will be achieved by the rarest works on the market such as the $450 million Salvator Mundi  painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.  The reason Da Vinci’s art is expensive is because less than 20 originals exist in the world.


Jack Armstrong’s Early Years

Let’s step back for a moment and learn more about iconic artist, Jack Armstrong’s incredible, art career.

While living in New York City for 8 years, Jack personally knew and collaborated with iconic artists Andy WarholJean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.  In fact, Andy actually called Jack “The Last Wizard of Art.”

Armstrong refused a solo art exhibition by Leo Castelli, who was the most powerful dealer of modern art in the world.  Castelli also represented Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns.  As a result, he held the largest roster of famous names in art in modern history.

By refusing a solo show that would have made him known in the upper echelons of the rarified world of NY art in the 1980’s, Armstrong knew that he would have to find something new & unique.  He realized that he needed to become as radical as Vincent Van Gogh’s work was in the 1880’s. History showed that Van Gogh was shunned by the art world a century before Armstrong’s “Cosmic X“.

An interesting fact is Jack’s first million dollar painting sale was to billionaire tobacco heiress, Doris Duke.  Neither Basquiat or Warhol ever sold a million dollar painting before they passed away, in 1987 & 1988 respectively.

Over the years, he has sold paintings to many famous celebrities and wealthy people.  His most expensive “Cosmic X” sales are to a Chinese billionaire and Alice Walton (Walmart heiress).

100 Original “Cosmic X” paintings were created over a 21 year period, after Armstrong repurchased his early works (painted in NYC from 1979-1994).  When they were back in his possession, he shockingly burned them all.  He told me that nothing would stop him from becoming the rarest painter in modern art history.  The reason is due to the limited number of works available for sale and in the originality of a new style of art, that would take him almost 3 decades to discover and create.


The “Cosmic X” Era

In 1999, Jack Armstrong founded a new style of art and named it “Cosmic X.”  He believes cosmic Extensionalism is a direct universal transcendence, in art and in the artist.

Cosmic Extensionalism “X”

Cosmic Extensionalism or Cosmic X is a new style of Art which was originally founded by Jack Armstrong in 1999.  Armstrong was inspired by an ethereal experience he had with the famous gemstone known as the Black Star Sapphire of Queensland. The stone is believed to have magical powers. At the time he destroyed all of his previous works.

Cosmic X is a genre of modern art styles as are the famous genres of “Cubism” by Picasso or “Pop Art” by Warhol. It was originally founded as an organic art movement and is singular by comparison.

Cosmic X requires the artist to become the art they are creating, by feeling no separation between the art itself. This requires a unique state of mind to be reached, connecting to a universal presence, which Armstrong believes exists in each being. It is this connection that creates the art, not the artist.”

Armstrong’s hair, fingerprints and DNA is present in all his paintings.

Cosmic X #1 - Jack Armstrong painting
“Cosmic X #1” – Now Offered at $113 Million


Highlights of Jack Armstrong’s astonishing career:

* 2010:
– In Los Angeles, Armstrong introduces the world’s first million dollar motorcycle as an ART- Object. It sells for $3 million dollars in 2012. The custom painted, Harley-Davidson motorcycle is currently on the market and now priced at $35 million.

* 2014:
– Introduce the world’s most expensive art-bicycle in Dubai.
Media coverage included:  CNN Middle-East, Huffington Post and The National News.

* 2018 – 2020:
– A 2 year digital art ‘retrospective‘ of Jack’s artwork appears for 30 seconds, every 5 minutes – 24 hours a day.  This incredible display was seen by countless people on the giant 60 X 40 Ft. digital screen in Times Square, above the Ripley’s Museum in New York City.

– Armstrong introduces the world’s most expensive boots for $6 million and the announcement becomes world fashion news.
Media coverage included: Extravaganzi, H/M/S, Luxury Launches, Money Inc. and The Richest.

Jack received additional news coverage from Jetset Magazine (“The Last Wizard” painting) and The Life of Luxury (Cosmic X book).

Warhol Naked painting - Jack Armstrong
“Warhol Naked” – Now Offered at $110 Million

22 years later, Jack Armstrong’s “Cosmic X” collection has become the rarest, original modern art in the world.  Armstrong’s amazing Cosmic “X’ Triptych is currently priced at $250 million.


Jack Armstrong Cosmic X Paradigm painting
“Cosmic X Paradigm” – Now Offered at $113 Million

The remaining 25 “Cosmic X” (original) paintings are currently available with the actual DNA of Armstrong, in each painting.  His artwork and paintings are amazing, plus prices keep skyrocketing.  These stunning works were formerly held by the artist in his own private museum and are the finest original “Cosmic X” paintings in the world.

We believe that “Cosmic X” will be the next billion dollar masterpieces in the art world.  Quality and rarity throughout art history have always produced the highest prices on the secondary market.  Since the DNA of the artist is in each of the 100 “Cosmic X” acrylic paintings, their will never be a dispute with an Armstrong original.  This was the case with the $450 million ‘disputed’ Da Vinci painting, that was auctioned by Christie’s.

Recently the name value alone of the 4 richest artists in the world have guaranteed that their inflated auction prices are justified.  According to The Guardian, the 4 richest (living) artists in the world, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, M. Cattelan & Takashi Murakami all employ minimum wage art-assistants, who make every piece of art that the famous artists later personally sign. Many experts believe  that the current value of these ‘artworks’ will greatly decrease in the future as thousands upon thousands of these ‘original’ works of ‘factory’ produced art will have saturated the markets & prices will deflate & collapse.

Jack Armstrong responds, “Art becomes salvation. There are no other rules.”


King of Pop

Plus the Tony Lama cowboy boots are ($6 million). He also completed a custom painted, Cosmic X Love Glove  ($10 million) and Cosmic Mirage Hat ($7 million). Both pieces include gold flakes. They are a tribute to the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, in support of his new documentary movie – premiering later this year.

In addition, a new film about Armstrong is being planned for production in 2023 and titled:


Jack concludes, “With NFTs, every artist can disrupt the system, which is art itself.”


If you would like to purchase the entire Cosmic ‘X’ 100 NFT offering – Click Here.  Serious inquiries only.

Collectible 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock

Kross Studio and Warner Bros. Consumer Products team up to unveil an amazing collectible – 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock. This highly collectible desk clock is very rare. As a result, it will be issued only in a 100-piece numbered edition.

Kross Studio is an independent design studio and manufacturer. Their mission is to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary, collectible art objects. Kross Studio is proud to reveal its official collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. The first release from partnership is the stunning 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock. This sleek desk clock pays tribute to the most iconic car in the realm of comics – The Batmobile.

The new 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock is modeled from the iconic 1989 Batman movie, directed by Tim Burton. It is definitely a first-of-its-kind Batmobile clock. Together, the innovative and creative partners have designed this sophisticated and exquisitely crafted collectible clock. Therefore, the new product release is ideal for the most ardent Batman fans. Today, you now have a chance to own a piece of his superhero universe!

Enter the Bat Cave

Every detail of this remarkable Batmobile clock has been meticulously engineered, from the inside out. Interestingly, the greatest challenge Kross Studio had to face was to conceive, develop, and integrate a state-of-the-art, tailor-made clock movement. Their goal is to match the exact shape of the Batmobile. But after months of extensive research and development, the goal was met.

The requirement to create this masterpiece was immense. The Batmobile clock contains a total of 512 components (115 in the body alone and 397 within the movement). In comparison, on average, a traditional mechanical movement is typically composed of just 130 components.

Kross Studio only chose the finest materials in its desk clock design. For example, each component is carefully selected for their technical properties and refinement. You will notice streamlined bodywork in black aluminium composite. It is painstakingly shaped to faithfully reproduce the same curves and proportions of the 1989 Batmobile. Lastly, the surface is perfectly sealed with an aeronautical grade, scratch resistant coating. Therefore, it protects the entire matte surface of this collectible clock.

1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock by Kross Studio

Notice the hours and minutes are oriented horizontally, within the center of the Batmobile’s hood. Plus, the display is on twin cylinders. The vertical regulator can be seen through the turbine at the front of the car. In addition, Batman experts will appreciate reading the time on the top of the clock. Therefore, the time can be viewed through clever, bat-like cowl decals.

You see the strong evidence of expert craftsmanship in every detail of this Batmobile clock. First, the car’s spinning wheels take the viewer on a visual ride into the universe of Batman. There are only several minor deviations from the original Batmobile. Without exception, the goal is solely enhance the viewer’s experience. For example, the windows are treated with a slightly lighter tint. Hence, this enables a subtle glimpse of the movement through the car’s window.

Kross Studio

The company is a manufacturer and design studio based in Switzerland. The founders of Kross Studio are five passionate people. Hence, each has the strong ambition to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary ones. All of the exclusive art pieces created by Kross Studio, offers the highest level of know-how and craftsmanship.

Powerful Engine, Crafted In-House

Kross Studio equips the Batmobile with its own powerful engine. You will find a mechanical manual-winding movement crafted in-house. This impressive feat clearly showcases the expertise of the Kross Studio founders. Furthermore, there are three barrels added to achieve an exceptional power reserve of 30 days. Another nice feature is the Batman-shaped key. It has both a satin-finish and mirror-polish in steel. The design purpose is for the clock’s owner to wind the clock, plus set the time.

The Batmobile clock movement runs at a frequency of 21,600 beats per hour. In other words, at 3 Hz. As a result, the design grants the movement with even more precision, compared to common mechanical clock movement. Those operate at only 2.5 Hz.

The exclusive, 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock is the ultimate combination of design, fine Swiss craftsmanship and high-end materials. The end result is it brings the desk clock to the next level.

As a reminder, this collectible Batmobile clock is produced in a limited edition of just 100 numbered pieces. It is available now for purchase, at price of $29,900.

The Life of Luxury can help you locate that perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in your life. From red carpet events, VIP experiences and luxury shopping … we offer it all.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the new 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock from Kross Studio. Please, return again to follow our popular luxury blog, where followers hear about the latest news in the luxury industry.

Photos: Kross Studio