The Luxury Le Grand Mazarin – A 5 Star Hotel Opening Soon in Paris

Maisons Pariente currently has three 5 star boutique hotels in France. Opening this fall will be the luxurious Le Grand Mazarin in Paris. Le Marais is a favored neighborhood beloved by both Parisians and travelers from around the globe.

Le Grand Mazarin is located on the corner of rue des Archives and rue de la Verrerie. Thus, in the heart of the Paris bustle, the property perfectly reflects the values of Maisons Pariente. Plus, the new luxury hotel will be close the Hôtel de Ville and near the Seine River.

Le Grand Mazarin invites its guests to fully experience Paris and enjoy the cultural history of the French capital city. The Le Marais area has crossed the centuries to become the epicenter of new trends, both visionary and cosmopolitan. It evokes creativity and is active both day and night.

The interior design is inspiring and elegant. The hotel’s decor is from the imagination of internationally renowned Swedish interior designer Martin Brudnizki. As a result, there’s a blend of both French classicism and a hint of refined modernity.

The new luxury hotel will feature 61 rooms, including 11 suites. In addition, the luxurious design is described as both whimsical and deliciously warm.

Leslie Kouhana, President, and Kimberley Cohen, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Maisons Pariente state, “Le Grand Mazarin is a hotel that is above all for Parisians, a place where they can meet. It’s a real bias that you won’t find anywhere else. It will be the first urban hotel in our collection to embody our DNA, the Maisons Pariente spirit of simple, warm hotel luxury and sincere, generous service. We imagined Le Grand Mazarin as a place to live with multiple influences, a place to meet and share, a showcase of elegance where refinement sublimates the mix of styles and eras with fun.”

Le Grand Mazarin hotel bar

The Le Grand Mazarin will soon become a top destination for those desiring a unique Parisian experience. Day and night, enjoy a dining at its delightful restaurant. The amazing bar brings a new experience each evening. To cool down and relax, try the extraordinary swimming pool. As expected, be treated to a long list of luxury amenities and attentive, but discreet excellent service.

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Hope you enjoy reading about the new Le Grand Mazarin luxury hotel in Paris, France. Return soon to follow the latest news in the luxury travel industry.

Photos: Le Grand Mazarin Hotel

Amilla Maldives To Become World’s First Accessibility and Inclusion Certified Resort

The private island, Amilla Maldives Resort will become the first accessibility and inclusion certified resort in the world. The luxury resort undergoes adaptations and education to welcome disabled guests from around the world.

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences agrees to commit and embrace “total-guest-inclusion.” Accessible and inclusive hospitality experts Inclucare is assisting in the transformation. For example, the effort will allow all employees deliver inclusion excellence at every single moment of a resort guest’s experience. Audit are ongoing to determine opportunities for change. As a result, any needed physical adjustments or adaptations will be made.

Amilla Maldives is on track to become the first Inclucare-certified resort in the world. That is an amazing accomplishment. The ceremony occurred last week on July 26th. It is also a special date. It is also Maldives’ Independence Day and will culminate Amilla’s Maldives Cultural Week.

This luxurious Maldives resort already offered numerous, easy-access ground floor villas. They include wide doorways and accessible showers and a beach wheelchair. In addition, there is a floating wheelchair for swimming, as well as in-villa phones for the hearing impaired.

A few of the planned innovations include – deaf-alert systems, adaptive yoga and snorkeling adventures. Continuing, are sensory touch, aroma and sound experiences through the jungle for vision-impaired guests. Guest will also enjoy “calming spaces” to regulate sensory input. Therefore, guests with Autism, dementia or learning difficulties can control their emotions, reducing stress and anxiety.

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences

Gahthan Halleem is the resort Director and commented, “This is something close to our hearts; differences are welcome and we aim to make everyone feel at home here. We hope that this collaboration, including the learning by our local team members, will also translate back into the local community.”

The magical Maldives is known across the globe for its paradisiacal isolation. For example, the sandy island paths, beaches, water jetties, villas and restaurants are spectacular. The luxury amenities available on the archipelago remain an the exclusive domain for non-disabled visitors. With the upcoming changes, the island resort will be a dream-destination for all guests. guests with additional mobility, sensory or cognitive requirements, who would come if they only believed they could.

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences will become an “inclusive dream-destination for all.”

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Photos: Amilla Maldives Resort

The Mona Lisa Of Motorcycles In $50 Million Art Sale

Modern artist Jack Armstrong is once again the owner of the most expensive motorcycle in the world!

The Cosmic Starship Harley he sold in 2012 for $3 Million has recently changed hands in a record art sale. Armstrong exchanged his $50 Million Cosmic X Painting titled: Star Key #733 with the family that owned the custom painted Harley Davidson motorcycle.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jack Armstrong and get his personal reactions to the big news.

Artist Jack Armstrong - Star Key #733 paintingStar Key #733

The painting’s #733 title has a significant meaning. It is the exact ct. number of the 733ct Black Star Sapphire Of Queensland, which he loaned to Canada’s Largest Museum – The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. In 2007, the Black Star Sapphire Of Queensland was featured in the grand reopening of the Crystal Addition, which was the biggest event in the museum’s history.

Black Star Sapphire Of Queensland

The Black Star Sapphire Of Queensland was exhibited in the American National Gem Collection (Smithsonian Museum) from 1961-1969 and was owned by artist Jack Armstrong from 2002 – 2008. When Armstrong loaned the Black Star Sapphire to the Royal Ontario Museum for their Grand Reopening party in July 2007, the world once again got to see the most famous star sapphire in the world shine like the moon with the most perfect star gem on earth. The sapphire was the star of the show when the most important VIP’s arrived in Canada for the grand opening celebration that lasted a week.
Royal Ontario Museum
Royal Ontario Museum – Michael Lee Chin – Crystal Age at the ROM

The famous Sapphire was worn by both Priscilla Presley and Cher – on the first season of the “Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour” TV Show.

Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour TV Show“Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour” TV Show

Armstrong says.“The Cosmic Starship Harley motorcycle is my masterpiece and will either be exhibited to the public once more or will be sold to a public or private museum, or collector. It will allow the public to see this one-off piece of motorcycle art history.”

Armstrong was quoted, “My motorcycle is now officially the Most Valuable Bike in the world. I don’t want it to be stored any longer in a vault and would like to see it reappear in a public or private collection. Similar to my friend Andy Warhol, it truly is my Campbell’s Soup Can.”
Andy Warhol and Jack Armstrong: One Artist’s Soup Can Is Another’s Harley-Davidson

Paul Jayson is a well-known and highly respected UK Motorcycle historian, curator and restoration expert. He states, “The Armstrong ‘Starship’ Harley is simply the finest art motorcycle ever made.”
The Motorcycle As Art – The Motorcycle Broker

Cosmic Starship Harley - Jack Armstrong

The Cosmic Starship Harley had been stored in a climate-controlled vault for 10 years and has not been seen by the public since it’s 2010 World Premiere event in L.A., California. Attended by many celebrities, this amazing event was covered by the International Press. Jack Armstrong and actor Lorenzo Lamas were both filmed on the motorcycle at the legendary Bartels Harley Davidson. Jack also talks about Andy in the below video.

Armstrong says he feels a bit like Leonardo da Vinci, who travelled with his own “Mona Lisa” painting his entire life. Armstrong states, “Some things change your life. This Starship Motorcycle is like a part of my family. It’s the most iconic motorcycle in art history and I will now search for the right setting to display it. I want to share it with the art and museum world once again.”

Many in the art world believe Jack’s Cosmic Starship Harley motorcycle is a singular art masterwork. It stands alongside his other masterpieces: Warhol Naked, Cosmic X Paradigm and The Last Wizard as the most important works in “Cosmic X” art.

Warhol Naked painting - Jack ArmstrongWarhol Naked
Cosmic X Paradigm acryclic painting - Jack Armstrong
Cosmic X Paradigm
The Last Wizard painting - Jack ArmstrongThe Last Wizard

Armstrong says, “It seems amazing that I told Warhol in the 1980’s when I rode him on the back of my 1000 Harley Sportster in New York City that one day, I would create the world’s most valuable art motorcycle. Andy not only thought it was a great idea, but I actually saw him creating motorcycles in his Last Supper Exhibition for Rome just before he died.”
The Vatican to Host Major Andy Warhol Exhibition – The Art Newspaper

Andy Warhol - Pop ArtLionello Fabbri/SCIENCE SOURCE

Jack continues, “It was possible that after all our rides together, Andy started painting motorcycles. 25 years later, when I was being photographed by the world press in L.A. I thought of my friend Andy and my old Harley and smiled for the cameras.”

Warhol was driven in his own Rolls Royce by Mick Jagger, Liza Minelli and Imelda Marcos. But Armstrong believes Andy riding on Jack’s 1980 Harley Davidson were the only times, Warhol ever rode on a motorcycle in New York City.
Andy Warhol Cars Shows the Artist’s Love for Automotives – Sixtysix Mag

Andy Warhol - Rolls RoyceRevolver Gallery

Jack Armstrong feels the same way about the Cosmic Starship Motorcycle as he did with the famous sapphire. Saying “It needs to be seen so it can cosmically change the way people feel. As they view it, the motorcycle comes to life in extreme colors that make the mind bend. It changes their own reality in ways that only the viewer can describe after seeing this motorcycle live and in color on exhibit. I feel it’s an unforgettable experience in motorcycle and art history.”

Cosmic Starship Harley Motorcycle

Armstrong continues, “The person who will collect it and curate it in the future, can build a car or motorcycle collection around it. Or center it in any renowned art collection and watch it virtually steal the show, no matter what priceless paintings surround it. My Cosmic Starship Harley will become the ultimate conversation piece, when anyone who loves art enters its orbit.”

For Armstrong to trade one of his favorite paintings for possibly his favorite creation, is nothing new for the rebel artist. Jack states, “I created this motorcycle to be seen. The only way for that to happen was to remove it from its hidden existence. Let it shine again on the world stage, where it will occupy a place in the art and museum world like no other motorcycle can.”

Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson custom motorcycle - Jack Armstrong

Armstrong channels all his 100 rare, original paintings and the Cosmic Starship Harley motorcycle (a 2009 Harley Davidson V-Rod) from Universal Transcendence. He lets the object he’s painting to virtually come to life, by simply allowing the universe to flow through himself as the creation takes place. Oneness is the unique state of being that Armstrong says is not ‘only the ‘center’ of his talent but is also the metaphysical state of creation that created the stars.

Jack Armstrong created the most expensive paintings in the world by a living artist.
The 7 Most Expensive Paintings In The World By A Living Artist – The Life of Luxury
WikiArt – Jack Armstrong

Click and view this once-in-a-lifetime, visually stunning art collection.

Jack Armstrong Cosmic X modern art collection

Contact Andrew William for more information about this sale, by using the Contact Us form.

Amilla Maldives Resort – Super-Sized Accommodation Upgrade for Families and Friends

The ultra-luxury Amilla Maldives Resort is adjusting to the increase size of guest groups. Therefore, the private island resort is proactively meeting the demand from both large family groups and friends.

Demand is growing for family holidays and group holidays in the Maldives. As a result, Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences decide it’s time to upgrade their super-sized accommodation. For over a decade, the luxury Maldives vacation property is best known as a luxury honeymoon destination.

But today’s visitors to the Maldives are much more diverse demographics. Included are groups of friends, large and multi-generational families, as well as the traditional market of honeymooners.

Amilla Maldives Resort

Always at the forefront of innovation, the luxury resort continually adapts to cater to the needs of its affluent guests. As such, Amilla’s large naturally lush island boasts eight beachfront ‘Residences’. They include huge villas with four, six and eight bedrooms. There are alongside its portfolio of 59 Water Villas, Treetop Villas and Beach Villas. The recent makeover ensures all unit will be in top-top condition for all its guests.

For example, the improvements include top of the range SMEG kitchen appliances, new plates, cutlery and kitchenware. Plus, enjoy stylish white outdoor chairs that complete the new look.

New feature tiles in the floors in the spacious living rooms have freshened up the space. Continuing, find new tiles in the bathrooms and outdoors. Lastly, a fresh coat of paint completes the indoor transformation.

Lush Landscaping

Lush bountiful gardens with expanded views of the ocean have made the vast outdoor living areas even enjoyable. They seamlessly blend the outdoors and indoors. Resort guests can enjoy outstanding sunset views. Relax from these palatial spaces and have direct access to the turquoise lagoon via their private beach.

Amilla Maldives Resort Residences

Endless Lxuury Amenities

The six bedroom Residence features a private gym and spa, jacuzzi and rooftop bar. In addition, you will find a separate area for a nanny or other staff that guests are travelling with. The spacious unit includes two bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room.

The Amilla Maldives Resort Residences uniquely feature their own private kitchen, an outdoor barbeque and al fresco dining space. Hence, guests can self-cater or make use of the resort’s Private Chef. Resort guests can enjoy many, unique sustainability experiences. As a n example, forage in the resort’s extensive vegetable and herb gardens. You can collect eggs from Cluckingham Palace.

In addition, there are also new sand-resistant belt-driven premium bikes for adults and children. Plus, try the new eight-seater stretch buggies for the Great Beach Residence and uber-luxurious Amilla Estate.

The Life of Luxury can assist with planning and booking your next luxury vacation. Contact us to make your next luxury getaway a special one.

The Amilla Maldives Resort is an amazing luxury property. When visiting the Maldives, stay in this stunning luxury resort and enjoy a VIP experience.

New Luxury Car Market – Most Important Trends to Watch For

The current, luxury car market has been hot. Car prices have also risen sharply over the last year. Why? There are two key factors. First, the continued high demand for cars. Secondly, there is limited car inventory. As a result, prices for both new and used cars simply keep rising. Basic theory of supply and demand.

The world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the world, consumers are dealing with supply chain disruptions, plus high inflation rates. Also, the war in Ukraine is another factor. Both energy and food supply chains are being disrupted. Regardless of all this, new luxury car sales are strong.

Wealthy Consumers Will Drive Luxury Car Market Sales

It’s estimated that the growth in car sales above $80,000 will be between 8-14% annually through 2031. Although the under $80,000 market is expected to be basically flat to minimal growth through 2031.

What is driving the luxury car demand? The main reason is the increase of ultra-high-net-worth individuals or UHNWI and high-net-worth individuals or HNWI. The world continues to see more and more millionaires and billionaires. Plus, both the Middle East and Asia have strong luxury car sales. It’s no longer just the U.S. and Europe. Thus, new regional demand equals a jump in overall global demand.

Maserati Gran Turismo luxury car
Maserati Gran Turismo

Price Range: Higher Price Vehicles Will See Stronger Growth

The higher-end price range will see increasing growth. Additional luxury car introductions will drive up demand. As a result, consumers will have more buying options, including luxury car upgrades.

New Luxury Car Market Shift to Electric

Another factor is the shift toward electric vehicles. The high-end market will see more luxury EV’s that will stimulate increasing year-over-year growth. Over the next decade, expect battery-electric vehicles to be dominant.

Although the segment will see rapid growth, some mainstream luxury brands will not jump into the market for several years. Plus, expect SUVs to dominate the luxury-EV market. The popularity of driving a luxury SUV has never been higher.

Global Reach of Luxury Cars

China continues to gain momentum in the luxury car marketplace. Analysts expect the Asia–Pacific region to have the highest growth rate. This factor is due to the increase in ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) and high-net-worth individuals (HNWI).

Chinese Consumers Needs Are Different

For years, global luxury car consumers prefer styling, high quality and craftsmanship. Yet Chinese car buyers lean more toward technology. They prefer smart technology over traditional features. Car makers will need to target their marketing messaging.

Building a 21st-century luxury-car brand

Customer expectations for luxury cars are evolving quickly. As global luxury brands continue to push the limits, automotive companies need to follow suit. It’s simple – fall behind and you lose. Consumers want the best. Many buyers simply desire a blend of seamless customer experiences.

Most established luxury car brands make unique claims. For example, they focus on individual luxury, performance, or both. Thus, uniqueness, prestige, artistry, exclusivity, craftsmanship are key brand identifiers. To set themselves apart, expect to see big dollar marketing campaigns that differentiate technology.

Personalization Will Be Key

As social preferences change, today’s consumers desire personalization. Customization will increasingly be desired by new luxury car buyers. More feature choices will allow buyers to get their prefect car.

Watch, Listen, Learn

Clearly, new luxury car companies can learn from brands in other industries. Sustainability continues to be a buzzword. How can the automakers respond?

First, they need global consistency. Standardize the brand, but provide custom local options such as color schemes, connectivity and other tech options. Invest in online tools to allow the buyer to view and customize all car options.

Ultra-high-net-worth Consumer Segment Growing

The number of UHNWIs is expected to increase worldwide by about 5% between 2021 to 2026. This market has a lot of equity to buy what they want. It should be a key target for all luxury car makers.

In conclusion, so who will ultimately win? Which new luxury car brands will survive or fail? In this race, the player that cracks the code on satisfying the most individuals in the luxury-car market the best wins. Be nimble, do your marketing and provide cars the consumers actually want. Don’t do the opposite and try to sell what you think they want. Rarely ends in success

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We hope you enjoyed reading about the upcoming trends and challenges in the new luxury car market. It will be fascinating to see who the ultimate winners are.

Wellness Travel is Popular – Get Refreshed with These Wellness Getaways

Wellness travel becomes more and more popular and appeals to people from all age groups. Plus, wellness travel retreats offer a nice balance of activities and free-time. If you want to improve both your mental and physical well-being, then plan your wellness travel getaway.

We want to share several popular wellness retreat possibilities:

A Music Wellness Retreat at Meliá Punta Cana Beach Resort – Dominican Republic

Located on one of the longest, continuous white-sand beaches in the Caribbean is the luxury Meliá Punta Cana Beach Resort. Of course, this Meliá Hotels International adults-only and wellness-inclusive resort is amazing. Located in the Dominican Republic, the luxury resort offers the ultimate well-being travel experience. As a result, guests can enjoy a memorable Zen stay.

The resort provides an exclusive collection of resort wellness activities and rituals. Called the “Wellbeing 360 Experience”, Meliá Punta Cana Beach Resort invites guests to recharge their mind, body and soul. For example, there are a series of monthly wellness retreats throughout 2022. Next, resort guests can stay in the resort’s Level Wellness Suites by Stay Well. Therefore, they offer the ultimate well-being travel experience.

The Level Wellness Suites by Stay Well includes one spa treatment per day per person, a personal wellness concierge, and a personal bicycle to explore the resort. Interestingly, stay Well features mood-enhancing aromatherapy from famous Dr. Deepak Chopra. Enjoy a dawn simulation to wake you gradually and gently. Next, try a shower infuser that reduces chlorine to leave hair and skin feeling softer and smoother.

New Tech-Driven Spa Treatments at Naples Grande Beach Resort

Surrounded by 200 acres of protected mangrove, Naples Grande Beach Resort invites guests to relax and unwind. They provide an expansive new spa menu that now includes several self-guided treatments available across the resort. In addition, this luxury resort offers the only spa to provide guests with touchless services. In conclusion, The Spa at Naples Grande is dedicated to refreshing the mind, body, and soul.

  • NuCalm ($49/$79) – The world’s first and only patented neuroscience technology app, is clinically proven to lower stress and improve quality of sleep. NuCalm technology mimics the body’s natural progression of tiring the brain down to sleep. As an example, it uses neuropsychobiology and neuroinformatics to leave guests feeling centered, present, and in control.
  • Avacen ($39) – A muscle-relaxing device used to increase microcirculation. By applying thermotherapy and negative pressure to either hands’ palm, it systemically treats the entire body. This service allows guests a deep cleanse of their immune system. Eliminate toxins and improve circulation at the same time. Thus, reduce body aging.
  • Cryolift Pro Machine ($250) – A non-invasive shaping device, the Cryolift Pro uses a focused pulsed ultrasound, combined with cavitation> Hence, the bipolar radiofrequency and semi-conducting cooling technology selectively destroy fat cells instantly. There is no pain across the body. Therefore, guests are left feeling and looking younger instantly.
  • Now available in 2022 Vibroacoustic Electro-Magnetic and Infrared therapy (V.E.M.I) ($99) – An all-in-one therapy that includes VibroAcoustic, ElectroMagnetic & Infrared technology. V.E.M.I uses healing sound resonance in tandem with full-body vibrations. Plus, it fusee natural earth frequencies and Infrared for a full-body meditation experience.

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It’s time to improve both your mental and physical well-being. Try a relaxing wellness travel retreat. Be sure to return and hear about the best, luxury travel getaways.

Photo: Meliá Punta Cana Beach Resort

Angelus Introduces New Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon Watch

Looking for a sports watch with a flying tourbillon? Angelus Introduces a new Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon watch.

This limited edition of 18 pieces is housed within a sharp new 42.5 mm diameter case in carbon composite and red gold. The Angelus sports watch with a flying tourbillon features a A-250 caliber. Thus, it gives the luxury watch a three-dimensional skeletonized look. In addition, the array of bridges in relief, offer a graphic arrangement. As a result, it is much like the horological performance of this Angelus tourbillon.

Angelus was found in 1891 in Switzerland. The luxury watch brand is widely recognized by watchmaking connoisseurs as one of the most influential horological manufactures of the 20th century. The watch company’s pioneering, house-made movements and vintage timepieces are desired by fine watch collectors around the world.

Stylish Case

Leading a new generation of Angelus cases is e Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon. It is sleek with dynamic lines. Therefore, befitting of the extreme technicality of this supremely graphic timepiece. The red gold crown has wide notches and protected by an asymmetrical guard projecting from the lugs.


Meanwhile, the A-250 skeletonized flying tourbillon caliber is surrounded by an ultra-rigid and ultralight carbon composite container. It is held within an 18K 5N red gold case middle. Alos, it reveals another kind of skeletonization. The Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon comes with a black ballistic-style rubber strap. It features an interchangeable system and red gold and titanium folding clasp.


The Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon has no dial. Although it does have a flange. Thus, it marks the transition between bezel and watch interior. It then graduates with sets of five increments. For example, each is separated by three-dimensional white gold hour-markers. Thes are filled with a luminescent substance. Because the flange is level with the bezel, it creates a sunken effect. As a result, it accentuates the feeling of depth in the A-250 calibre.


The bridges of the Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon form its face. Without a dial, these components play an expressive role in any skeleton movement. The main plate of the A-250 calibre is black and made from woven carbon composite. So it nicely accentuates the contrasting 18K red gold bridges.

Stunning Display

The workings are housed within a vast sapphire crystal glass box. The transparent component is angled. It’s almost vertically where it touches the bezel. Therefore, it provides a large, flat surface for the Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon watch’s spectacular display.

Are you interested in purchasing a luxury watch? We have access to hundreds of authentic new and pre-owned watches. Contact us and we will help you locate that perfect watch. In addition, we offer VIP experiences and luxury concierge services all around the world.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the new Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon watch by Angelus. We enjoy sharing the latest luxury watch market news and product releases.

Photo: Angelus

For Sale: Stunning 1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada

Definitely, the Lamborghini Espada is one of Lamborghini’s most unique automobiles. Now you can own a 1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada. The Espada was built between 1968 to 1978 and designed by Marcello Gandini, from the Italian automobile company – Bertone. The 4-seat grand touring coupe drew inspiration from the Lamborghini Marzal and Bertone Pirana, two concept cars that he built in 1967.

The Espada was available in three different series. It was powered by a 3.9L V12 and paired with either a 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 3-speed automatic transmission. The Lamborghini Espada’s engine put out either 325 hp or 350 hp.

Lamborghini Espada Series III

The Lamborghini Espada Series III featured a redesigned aluminum-trimmed instrument panel. Plus, five-stud wheels instead of knock-offs, a square mesh grille, new taillights, and an optional sunroof. The Series III cars saw US-required changes starting in 1975. Those include large impact bumpers, a secondary air injection pump. As well as specially-tuned carburetors and ignition system. A total of only 1,217 Espadas were ever produced in the model’s ten-year lifespan.

1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada - front

The 1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada Chassis #9612, is a two-owner example of a Series III Espada. It has a strikingly unique pink paint job. The white Connolly leather interior contrasts by pink Wilton wool carpets and 15” five-lug Campagnolo wheels. This stunning luxury car was initially green and was sold by Grossman Motor Car Corp. in West Nyack, New York.

The window sticker shows it being delivered with power steering and an automatic transmission as options. However, this appears to be a clerical error as we have confirmed with the original owner that the car was never fitted with an automatic transmission and was delivered new with the 5-Speed manual transmission.

Original Car Owner

The original owner, Lorrie Stern, received the Espada from her husband, Stanley. The two are huge fans of Italian cars and would frequently window shop at Bob Grossman’s dealership in Nyack, N.Y. The Espada, then wearing its factory green color, was one of the cars the couple eyed whenever they passed by.

After a few trips, her husband agreed to buy it as a Christmas present. The couple traded Ms. Stern’s Fiat 124 Spider in for the wedge-shaped Bertone Lamborghini supercar. Sadly, the odometer stopped working once it hit 98,800 miles. But Ms. Stern says it crossed the 100,000 miles mark long ago. It likely has just over 110,000 miles.

Pink Lamborghini

Ms. Stern gave the Pink Lamborghini Espada its signature pink coat in 1979. The pink color matched the kitchen in her Long Island home. In addition, she also believed better showed off the car’s body lines.

So why is the stunning 1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada so special? The car was owned for almost 40 years. Of course, the groovy pink color. Lastly, this luxury car features a re-built engine by a noted specialist. The overall condition of the car is very nice. It has obviously always been stored well and looked after.

1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada - interior

Although well-driven, the car was taken care. Lamborghini’s 4-seat grand tourer comes with a freshly rebuilt, screaming V12 engine. This 1970’s icon will bring its future owner as much excitement as comfort. For example, the unique paint job and backstory earned it numerous features on news websites like The Drive, MotorTrend, and even The New York Times. In conclusion, all of these details make this Espada a certified head-turner at any classic car event or simply rolling down the boulevard in style.

Upon purchase, the new Pink Lamborghini Espada owner will receive spare floor mats, the original toolkit, jack and original manual. As well as the car’s custom New York license plates and numerous service records.

The 1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada is currently for sale, with an asking price of $166,000. If interested, please contact us ASAP as this luxury supercar won’t last long.

The Life of Luxury has a network of the best luxury cars around the world. From new supercars to vintage and classic luxury cars. Please let us know what you are looking for.

Are you ready to own 1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada? We agree it’s a special luxury car. Return soon and follow our popular, digital luxury magazine.

Ways to Safely Dine Out in Germany with Food Allergies

About 11% of American adults suffer from food allergies. As a result, they must be careful when eating out or traveling to avoid the danger of negative reactions. Fortunately, visitors to Germany have countless suitable options to choose between different cuisines.

In most restaurants, ingredients that could trigger an allergic reaction display on the menus. We encourage dining guests to consult the restaurant staff regarding food allergies. As many employees in the hospitality industry receive specific training on this topic. Thus, they will be able to help guide the guest towards the best food choices.

Many visitors to Germany will even be able to find “allergy-friendly communities.” For example, there are especially considerate of the needs of those with allergies and intolerances. Thus, the European Center of Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) awards qualifying regions with a seal. It validates the product or service has been fully adapted to the needs of persons with food intolerances. On a regular basis, a review reflects the latest scientific findings.

A popular example of an allergy-friendly community for travelers with food allergies is the island of Borkum. It is located in the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea area. Hence, the coastal climate is ideal for those who suffer from pollen sensitivities. Therefore, you will find many allergy-friendly offers, including supermarkets, bakeries, cafes, vacation rentals, and hotels.

If you plan to stay in Borkum, be treated to numerous accommodation options. Plus, other parts of Germany also offer special bedding. They use pollen filters in their air conditioning systems and vacuum cleaners.

Another charming allergy-friendly region is Schmallenberg. This town is the Sauerland in North-Rhine Westphalia. The historic town center consists of original half-timbered houses and small businesses. It invites visitors to enjoy unique shopping experiences with many options for allergy-sufferers in terms of both, retail and hospitality.

If you have interest in traveling to Germany or have food allergies, please contact us. We can assist arranging all your luxury travel reservations. We offer amazing VIP experiences all around the world.

Do your research when traveling with food allergies. Don’t make a mistake and ruin your whole vacation. There are safe dining options available.

Photo: Fürth, Gustavstrasse © GNTB/Andrea Hitzemann

IL Tornabuoni – Five-Star Luxury Hotel in Florence, Italy

Located in Florence Italy, IL Tornabuoni is a new five-star independent luxury hotel. This luxury hotel is found along Via Tornabuoni in the historic 12th century Palazzo Minerbetti. In addition, the elegant and stylish property features 62 tastefully designed rooms and suites in the heart of Renaissance Florence.

The amazing Italian city of Florence is experiencing a rebirth and a return of tourism. As a result, the hotel’s historic building is one of the most prestigious in Via Tornabuoni. The building was acquired by Hines European Core Fund (HECF) in 2016. Plus, it spans over six floors and dates back to the XV Century.

Stunning Interior Design

Each of the five floors at IL Tornabuoni’s are a design with a distinct color scheme. Hence, it represents the Renaissance period and embodies the city’s rich history and artistic magnificence. Continuing, the interior design features distinct regal and bold gem colors. Included are vibrant teals, deep blues, sunny yellows, energetic vermillion and soft greys. For example, the wallpaper in each room and suite is custom designed by Auletta. Hence, the lush fabrics including silk, rich velvet and wool were used for the furnishings.

IL Tornabuoni luxury hotel suite - Florence, Italy

Ultra Luxury Accommodations

Most of the luxury hotel’s rooms and suites provide two double beds for guests. Not a surprise, that rarity does not exist in much of Italy and Europe. Continuing, the incredible bathrooms recall the lavishness of ancient spas. Many of the IL Tornabuoni suites offer stunning views of the Duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore, and the famous Cupola del Brunelleschi. Also, enjoy views of the picturesque Arno River and Il Ponte Vecchio. Of course, the restored Minerbetti Palazzo has retained much of its heritage with state-of-the-art avant-Garde interiors. For instance, the property’s opulent look and feel perfectly blends historic prestige with modern day beauty.

Unbelievable Fine Dining

Guests of IL Tornabuoni are invited to enjoy three dining establishments throughout the property. First, IL Magnifico Restaurant & Bistrot is on the ground floor. It’s a tribute to Tuscan gastronomic traditions with Executive Chef Massimiliano Mandozzi at the helm. Chef Mandozzi and his team will focus on local and seasonal ingredients for IL Magnifico’s ever-evolving menus. Therefore, there will be a strong emphasis on vegetables including the famous cavolo nero (Tuscan black kale) and legumes such as native cannellini beans

The restaurant’s Pietra Serena floors are a gray sandstone. They are used extensively in Renaissance Florence. For example, they lend to the rich Florentine atmosphere while leather chairs in a harmony of grey and beige add warmth. IL Magnifico enjoys the soft play of natural light during the day and also boasts an intimate outdoor seating environment.

Second, IL Tornabuoni’s Lucie Gourmet rooftop restaurant opens up onto the elegant Butterfly terrace. Enjoy overlooking Santa Maria Novella, San Frediano and the Ognissanti Church. Plus, see other amazing sites in Florence’s Renaissance skyline. The luxury restaurant’s interior design consists of graceful pink and bold peacock. Of course, indoor and outdoor spaces offer breathtaking views and a sophisticated setting to enjoy a convivial lunch or aperitivo with signature cocktails.

Last, but definitely not least, IL Magnifico Café & Champagne Bar is on the main floor. This fine establishment serves bubbles from only the most sought after Italian and French maison.

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If you are looking for a memorable luxury vacation, visit Florence Italy. Experience the amazing Renaissance City and stay at the IL Tornabuoni luxury hotel.

Enjoy a Norwegian Fjords Road Trip in an Electric Porsche Supercar

Looking for the ultimate luxury vacation? Enjoy a weeklong program is an eco-sensitive, road-tripping adventure. Drive an electric Porsche supercar and experience aa amazing Norwegian fjords road trip.

If you’re a fan of adventure and luxury cars, this new supercar driving program is for you. In a luxury electric Porsche car, you travel through Norwegian fjords and the Sunnmore Alps on a supercar road trip. Plus, enjoy empty open roads and breathtaking scenery behind the wheel of an electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo.

Since the route is pre-programmed, all you need to do is the driving. Thus, you will drive the roads along mountain passes, bridges and labyrinthine tunnels. Amp up with an adrenaline rush. This VIP experience is perfect for any driving enthusiast.

This unforgettable road trip is available on June 12, August 7, or September 4, 11, 18. The seven day fjords supercar adventure is created by specialist travel company Off the Map Travel. It will be like a racetrack experience along the edge of the fjords. For example, your emission-free electric supercar Porsche comes equipped with pre-programmed routes. Your journey traverses through Norway’s stunning fjords and mountains.

Norway Fjord road trip - drive an electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Are you ready? Simply set the car on cruise control, feel the power, and take in the ever-changing scenery outside. Therefore, your electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo will smoothly handle the winding mountain and forest routes that long inspire Norwegian folklore.

Norwegian Fjords Road Trip

The seven-day, six-night drive the fjords itinerary has a price from £7899 per person (approx. $9,747 USD). Also, the travel package includes all meals and accommodations, based on double occupancy. In addition, this luxury travel package also includes are transfers, all activities and use of the electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. Flights to Norway are additional.

Your road adventure allows you to journey along the spectacular Atlantic Road. It is also known as “the road across the sea”. Hence, its imposing seven bridges and network of tunnels, travel deep into the magnificent mountains. See the Troll Wall, the largest rock wall in Europe. In addition, take a ferry into the gaping Geiranger fjord. Next, journey up a gondola for the views of the North Atlantic. Also, experience the fjords from the sky in a private helicopter.

Plus, food lovers are in luck too. Each day, the meal menu features the region’s best local cuisine, including seafood from hyper-local purveyors.

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Photos: Off the Map Travel