QVESOIR is Tampa’s Shiny Box for Celebrities – A Magnet For the Stars!

QVESOIR – Can you get in and is it worth it?

So, when you say Florida has fun, sexy, excitement and celebrities, the first thing that comes to mind is Miami right?!?! NOPE! Guess again.

Tampa is hot and hotter than ever. Maybe it’s Tom Brady or maybe it’s John Travolta, but Tampa is bringing in more big names to the city than ever before. But why, why is Tampa the new NEW?!?!

Maybe it’s the new development of waterfront homes, new schools, an open minded innovative mayor. In addition, Tampa has new skyscraper developments per square mile than any other city in Florida.

But when you’re spending all this money on property and other investments in the city, you want somewhere to unwind, relax and be with others you can mingle with. Well along came QVESOIR. QVESOIR is definitely a celebrity magnet. It only attracts the city’s ultra-wealthy and is known for its modern spin on the Palace of Versailles.

The prices are through the roof, so you must be able to afford a whopping $400.00 – $4,000.00 per night!

Qvesoir is located at 1920 E. 7th Ave in Ybor City, Tampa. It’s the largest hospitality property in Tampa for food & nightlife, estimated at 30,000 square feet. The music changes nightly but the crowd stays the same, which is big money.

So, what’s the bad news? Well you probably can’t get in. The venue is overly strict of who they let in. They do accept walk-ins, but most cabanas are booked in advance. Oh yes, not tables … there are cabanas inside, super chic. Most walk-ins are turned away. It’s like they are protecting their snobs.

So is it worth it to spend over $500.00 just to say I saw Channing Tatum and Bella Hadid dance the night away? Probably not. I leave it up to you. The place is a wonder, it screams rich and elegance.

Have fun, if you can!

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Hakkasan Las Vegas – Five-Level Culinary and Nightlife Mecca

Las Vegas never stops amazing people. It’s an endless parade of new hotels and resort casinos, entertainment, restaurants and nightclubs. Hakkasan Las Vegas is next to dazzle Vegas visitors.

Hakkasan Las Vegas is the new mega-nightclub / restaurant complex that can be found in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

The new building opened earlier this year in spring and continues to be a popular hotspot for both Vegas locals and Sin City visitors. The restaurant and nightclub can be accessed from the MGM’s casino floor across from the Poker Room.

This highly anticipated, five story high venue opened as a bold evolution of the prestigious global restaurant brand into an all-encompassing nightlife experience. It’s the ideal blend of modern Cantonese cuisine, world-class mixology and exclusive collaborations with in-demand artists across numerous genres.

Hakkasan was first founded in London back in 2001 and has become one of the most successful modern Chinese restaurant concepts to become a worldwide fine-dining brand. Worldwide locations include London Hanway Place, London Mayfair, Miami, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Dubai, New York and now Las Vegas.

The five-level space at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino offers patrons a wide variety of environments to enjoy such as the restaurant, private dining room, main nightclub, Ling Ling level, pavilion and mezzanine. The restaurant includes an interior design that’s surrounded in shades of blue signature to the brand.

Entering Hakkasan is like landing in a different world. Dining guests will be greeted by ambient sounds, scents and lighting, all key elements making up Hakkasan’s DNA, creating a relaxed mood and sensual vibe. The private dining room found on the second level overlooks the spacious main dining room.

Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant
Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant

Central to the restaurant is of course – the kitchen. It’s truly a dramatic culinary theatre operated by Michelin-starred Chef Ho Chee Boon along with his team of highly skilled wok and dim sum chefs at center-stage. The cooking team’s artistry is responsible for Hakkasan classics such as stir-fried black pepper rib-eye beef with Merlot, and silver cod with champagne and Chinese honey.

The restaurant at Hakkasan Las Vegas will be open nightly for dinner between Sunday and Thursday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to midnight.

After a wonderful fine dining experience, it’s time for a few cocktails and dance into the late Vegas night. Head up to the third level and find the first nightlife elements unveiled. First you’ll see Ling Ling Club, which is a 10,000-square-foot experience. There’s a separate, more intimate area known as the Ling Ling Lounge. Here you will get a more relaxed atmosphere with top-notch mixology.

Ascend to the fourth level and enjoy the main nightclub where oversized VIP booths surround the dance floor, offering a high-energy experience for table guests who wish to be at the center of the action. The DJ area is located in front of the dance floor and purposely designed with its array of celebrated artists in mind. The nightclub space features a custom DJ booth plus a suspended performance area. The whole area is surrounded by floor to ceiling LED screens.

Elevated above the main nightclub is the mezzanine on the fifth level. The Hakkasan Las Vegas mezzanine offers guests an area to enjoy a more private, VIP environment while still having access to the energy of the dance floor. The area easily accommodates large groups in the semi-private rooms and features their own customizable screens, sound control, coolers and mixology supplies.

Reservations for the nightclub at Hakkasan Las Vegas can be booked online at hakkasanlv.com or by calling 702.891.3838 . The nightclub is open from Thursday through Sunday – 10 p.m. until late. Nightclub guests must be 21 years or older to gain admittance. Cover charges and table reservations will vary.

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World’s First DV Club at The Setai South Beach, Florida

DV Club - The Setai - South Beach, Florida
DV Club – The Setai

The Setai is a luxury hotel that introduces a refreshing balance between the sizzling South Beach Miami social scene and a serene tropical hideaway.

This elegant South Florida hotel offers Asian traditions of simplicity and elegance combine with the Art Deco history of South Beach to create an intimate, private world esteemed by discerning travelers worldwide.

The Setai is the hottest spot on South Beach and this has done it again by becoming home to the World’s First DV Club.

Noted Italian designer Domenico Vacca has selected Miami’s bastion of style and elegance as the location for his first members-only nightclub – DV Club.

Although DV Club is a members-only experience, guests of The Setai have exclusive access to go beyond the velvet rope.

Members and their guests have access to an intimate lounge space that fits just 100 VIPs. In addition, members and guests can also enjoy a separate 5,000 sq. ft. roof lounge; the hotel’s 70-seat gourmet restaurant run by Michelin Star-awarded Executive Chef David Werly; a wine cellar with more than 3,000 bottles of rare wines and champagne; and five-star spa services. The Setai’s highly attentive and intuitive service completes the experience.

DV Club Miami is open every week from Thursday to Sunday. Hours are 8:00pm to 2:00am (Thursdays and Sundays) and 8:00pm to 3:00pm (Fridays and Saturdays.)

For membership information, visit www.domenicovaccaclub.com

Rumours Nightclub – Ala Moana Hotel

Rumours Nightclub - Ala Moana Hotel
Rumours Nightclub – Ala Moana Hotel

Rumours nightclub is definitely one of the funnest and most popular nightclubs on Oahu.

You can find Rumours at the luxury Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu. If you love 1970′s and 1980′s music, then you’ll really love Rumours.

Rumours nightclub hosts mainly a little older crowd due to the music genre it plays, but it’s really a lot of fun.

The nightclub features a medium size dance floor that’s packed with people having a great time. You’ll enjoy the state-of-the-art electronic disco system, that pumps the sound and gets the large crowds going.

In addition to terrific dancing, Rumours Nightclub is the perfect venue for types of private functions, including: birthday parties, fashion shows, work celebrations, anniversary parties, fundraising events, retirement ceremonies and other incentives.

The dress code at Rumours requires a minimum of a collared-shirt, pants or jeans and covered shoes. Rumours was hot back in the 90′s and it still draws the huge crowds, making it one of the hottest nightclubs in Honolulu.

Check with the nightclub for the latest times, but Rumours is currently open on Friday from 5:00pm – 3:30am and Saturday from 9:00pm – 3:30am

Rumours Nightclub
Ala Moana Hotel, lobby level.
Phone 808-955-4811

Feed Your Inner Gunslinger at New Gun Lounge in Las Vegas

Machine Guns Vegas
Machine Guns Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its over-the-top luxurious dining, partying, entertainment, and gambling.  Now it can add over-the-top luxurious gun range ultra lounge to its credit.

Every detail of the new Machine Gun Vegas is meticulously cared for to ensure the highest-class gun range experience, in the true Las Vegas fashion.  The ultra lounge is staffed with fully trained “Gun Waitresses” that offers a cocktail of gun cocktails.  In addition, they also give you the opportunity to try out a million dollars’ worth of guns.

Further adding to its intrigue, the Machine Gun Vegas has several gun themes.  The most notable ones being the MOB, The Femme Fatale, SEAL Team VI, World @ War, and The Elite.  The MOB is a blend of weaponry used by the Mafia in Las Vegas, including the Thompson, an Amphibian S pistol suppressor, and the Mossberg 590A1 12 gauge shot gun.  All of which has been seen at one time or another on mob movies.

The Femme Fatale consists of the Uzi and different types of handguns, all light in weight and easier to control.  In the late 1940’s, Major Uziel Gal created the first Uzi sub machine gun. The gun was utilized as a personal defense weapon for tankers, artillery troops, and officers.  It was also used as on the frontlines by elite infantry assault forces.

The SEAL Team VI gives the guests a chance to live the fast-paced dangers of the famed military squad.  This package includes a pistol with suppressor designed to be lightweight, improved accuracy, and extended service life.  The Amphibian S, featured in this package has 13 variations spanning 29 years, making it the most advanced and sought after integrated .22 caliber suppressor system in the world.

Next featured in the SEAL Team VI is the MR556A1, a premium level commercial and civilian semi-automatic rifle.  This class of firearm has been made popular as the civilian version of the gun that was used in the recent, high profile Operation Neptune Spear.  The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) machine gun and the M60 rounds out the SEAL Team VI weaponry pack.

World @ War features close and long-range firearms mainly used in military combat.  This includes the M1911, a single, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, and recoil-operated handgun designed by John M. Browning.  It was commonly used in both World Wars, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.  The MP 40 (the “Schmeisser”) is the successor of the MP 38 and is a submachine gun created in Nazi Germany to be used during the second World War.  You may recognize it from movies like “Schindler’s List” and “Saving Private Ryan”.

The Elite is one of the most premium packages Machine Gun Vegas has to offer.  It includes the M249 SAW, handguns, semi-automatics, and full automatics for a complete shooting experience.  It covers firearms used by the United States armed forces as well as military forces from around the world.

Machine Guns Vegas offers complimentary transportation to and from your Vegas hotel.  But be forewarned that this new kind of ultra lounge is definitely not for the weak of heart. They don’t do single shots, but round after round of pure guns. It is truly Las Vegas on Full Auto.

Minus 5 Experience Ice Lounge in Las Vegas

Minus 5 Experience Ice Lounge Las Vegas

A lounge made entirely of ice is open at Mandalay Place in Las Vegas, located adjacent to Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

The first permanent ice lounge of its kind in the U.S., the 2,000 sq. ft. Minus 5 Experience is a sub-freezing ice lounge that is owned and operated by the Minus 5 Group, a New Zealand-based company that has “ice-cool” attractions with six other Minus 5 ice lounges currently in operation in three countries around the globe.

Guests are invited to come in from the Las Vegas 100-degree heat and don Minus 5-issued parkas and booties over their t-shirts and flip-flops. Then the arctic adventure begins, as patrons enter the ethereal blue and white world of the shimmering Minus 5 ice lounge.

An icy wonderland of intricately hand-crafted ice sculptures and architecture, guests are promptly served an ice glass filled with exotic vodka-based cocktails (”mocktails” are also available for the kids or non-drinkers). Then, guests can relax on ice couches and enjoy what is literally the coolest lounge on the planet where the temperature is a constant -5 degrees Celsius or 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Our focus at Minus 5 is the art of ice,” said founder and president, Craig Ling.

We have our own ice carvers who change the lounge and sculptures every six-to-eight weeks. This also provides us with the ability to tailor-make sculptures for any function or event. With the ability to create anything from a company logo to an actual-sized replica automobile that you can sit in, the possibilities for the Minus 5 ice experience are only limited by your imagination.”

After enjoying the wonders of the sub-freezing environment, visitors can make their way to the Minus 5 Lodge, a warm, rustic pub adjacent to the Minus 5 Experience that is themed after great arctic explorers. The Minus 5 Lodge features ironwood beams, river stones, leather seats and an open-hearth to create an earthy, natural environment and a welcoming ambiance that also features artifacts from famed explorers and ski huts of old.

Restrain yourself from making jokes about cold feet, but Minus 5 will certainly be the only Las Vegas venue to perform “ice wedding” ceremonies. With colorful stained “ice” windows and pews, beautiful ice sculptures and ice candelabra, the Minus 5 ice-chapel creates an unparalleled setting for a romantic wedding ceremony. Brides are outfitted with an elegant white satin fur-trimmed cape to keep warm, and all ceremonies are organized in conjunction with the wedding professionals from the Mandalay Bay wedding department.

The Las Vegas location will be the first of many U.S.-based Minus 5 ice lounges, with other locations currently in the development stage in New York, Miami, Hawaii, and Los Angeles. Admission into the ice lounge is $30 and includes a cocktail.  Source: Ski Rebel

Dance The Night Away at Zanzabar Nightclub on Hawaii

Zanzabar Nightclub - Dance Floor
Courtesy of:  Zanzabar Nightclub (Main dance floor)

Zanzabar Nightclub in Waikiki is still one of Hawaii’s best hot spots, once the sun sets over the deep, blue Pacific Ocean.

Zanzabar is located in the middle of Waikiki, inside the Waikiki Trade Center – at the corner of Seaside and Kuhio Avenues.

Even though Zanzabar Nightclub may no longer be as popular today compared to several years ago, the nightclub is still the most famous nightclub in all of Waikiki.

Zanzabar offers patrons state of the art equipment that creates the perfect playground for their very talented DJs to spin sounds that keep the hottest eye candy on the floor all night long.

If you are looking for some privacy, then VIP members can enjoy a sound-proof room and specialized entertainment for non-stop uninterrupted fun.

Popular Zanzabar Nightclub is known internationally, and it’s where both visitors and kama’aina (locals) play together until dawn.

Zanzabar Nightclub - VIP Room
Courtesy of:  Zanzabar Nightclub (VIP Room)

Featuring cutting-edge style, atmosphere, terrific music, clientele, and class, Zanzabar Nightclub is definitely the place to be to dance the night away.

Zanzabar can accommodate up to nearly 1,000 people, so plan to get their early for your best spot. The nightclub welcomes people 21 and over or even 18 and over on certain nights. You can find parking available in the same building for $3 with validation.

Zanzabar Nightclub
2255 Kuhio Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96826
Phone: 808-924-3939

Ménage a Trois Cocktail – Tryst

Menage a Trois Cocktail Tryst Las Vegas
Ménage a Trois Cocktail – Tryst

If you’re feeling a little frisky and want to try an expensive cocktail, why not order a Ménage a Trois cocktail at Tryst at the 5 Diamond Award-winning Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

This sexy cocktail, served at the Wynn Hotel Tryst nightclub, is made with Cristal Rosé, Hennessy Ellipse and Grand Marnier Cent-cinquantenaire. In addition, 23-karat gold flakes and liquid gold syrup decorate this decadent cocktail.

For $3,000 you can sip this drink through a golden straw studded with a 9-point diamond — yours to keep of course. Are you ready for a Ménage a Trois ? Try one at Tryst nightclub at Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

Tryst – Wynn Hotel

From the moment you descend the marble staircase leading to Tryst, the nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas, it becomes evident that a decidedly unique nightlife experience awaits you.

At the base of the stairs is a lounge, complete with its own DJ booth, tables and couches, walls covered almost completely by hundreds of framed mirrors. But it is the plush red velvet walls of a hall beyond that beckon you to enter the waiting nightclub.

As you emerge from the hall, prepare to have your breath taken away, as you find yourself immediately captivated by the club’s centerpiece – a 94-foot waterfall, rising above Tryst’s private oasis.

Tryst seems even larger with the waterfall as the centerpiece of the action. The falling water makes you want to dance the night away and have a few too many drinks.

The club itself is awash in rich, dark chocolate and red tones, with alligator-skin booths and elegant marble tables. Lush velvet is found everywhere – walls, draperies, and especially in the VIP champagne room, which is all red velvet and sensual crimson lighting, centered by a pole dancing stage.

A dark-tiled dance floor in the center of the club opens out onto the patio, extending 15 feet over the water outside. Plush, vanilla-colored seating lines the patio, which wraps around the semicircular lagoon. Exclusive seating and beds are available right next to the spectacular waterfall.

The crowd is generally more upscale as the Wynn Las Vegas clientele frequent this hot spot. The dance floor is sizeable and there are three bars around the club to keep you hydrated.

Gorgeous cocktail servers in alluring attire serve the needs of patrons enjoying bottle service, which is available from about $300, at one of the club’s 84 tables. There are also two bars in the main club area and one in the champagne room, so libations are never far away. Tryst also offers specialty drinks and a limited selection of high-end cigars.
Review by: PJ Perez

Risque Nightclub – Paris

The Club Risque Las Vegas is the most sophisticated and elegant club in the Paris Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Club Risque is decorated with shades of red and Asian decor, the club stays true with the French desire for beauty and grandeur.

Risque offers patrons breathtaking views of Las Vegas from dramatic private balconies.

There are several sections to the club. The primary one includes the dance floor, a bar, recessed seating areas, couches, ottomans and much more. There is a secluded area off to the side that is suitable for conversation, balconies and a terrace for those wanting a breath of fresh air.

If you’re interested in a V.I.P. package, the Risque Nightclub’s includes a front of the line pass, a table and one bottle of alcohol. The number of front of the line passes is dependent on day of the week and whether any special events are taking place. Please inquire at Risque Nightclub on the number of available V.I.P. passes.

Ono Cocktail at XS Nightclub

Ono cocktail
Courtesy of: XS Nightclub

The extravagant XS Nightclub at Encore in Las Vegas, not only offers one of the most luxurious and ultra chic nightclubs anywhere, it serves up one of the most expensive cocktails in the world.

The signature cocktail at the XS Nightclub is simply titled, “Ono“.

The Ono cocktail is a mixture of the rare Charles Heidsieck 1981 Champagne Charlie, as well as Louis XIII de Remy Martin Black Pearl cognac.

You may want to sit down for this one. An Ono will cost you an eye-popping $10,000 !

But it’s not just a drink. Men customers also get an accompanying pair of Mont Blanc cuff links that are made of 18-karat gold and genuine stingray leather featuring the solid gold XS logos.

For the ladies, the Ono comes an 18-karat gold necklace plus a Tahitian black pearl that hangs from a diamond resting beneath a gold XS logo.

This specialty drink at XS is lavishly served in a jewel-encrusted champagne glass and placed on a specially designed tray.

XS Nightclub
3131 Las Vegas Blvd. S
(702) 770-0097