Angelus Introduces New Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon Watch

Looking for a sports watch with a flying tourbillon? Angelus Introduces a new Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon watch.

This limited edition of 18 pieces is housed within a sharp new 42.5 mm diameter case in carbon composite and red gold. The Angelus sports watch with a flying tourbillon features a A-250 caliber. Thus, it gives the luxury watch a three-dimensional skeletonized look. In addition, the array of bridges in relief, offer a graphic arrangement. As a result, it is much like the horological performance of this Angelus tourbillon.

Angelus was found in 1891 in Switzerland. The luxury watch brand is widely recognized by watchmaking connoisseurs as one of the most influential horological manufactures of the 20th century. The watch company’s pioneering, house-made movements and vintage timepieces are desired by fine watch collectors around the world.

Stylish Case

Leading a new generation of Angelus cases is e Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon. It is sleek with dynamic lines. Therefore, befitting of the extreme technicality of this supremely graphic timepiece. The red gold crown has wide notches and protected by an asymmetrical guard projecting from the lugs.


Meanwhile, the A-250 skeletonized flying tourbillon caliber is surrounded by an ultra-rigid and ultralight carbon composite container. It is held within an 18K 5N red gold case middle. Alos, it reveals another kind of skeletonization. The Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon comes with a black ballistic-style rubber strap. It features an interchangeable system and red gold and titanium folding clasp.


The Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon has no dial. Although it does have a flange. Thus, it marks the transition between bezel and watch interior. It then graduates with sets of five increments. For example, each is separated by three-dimensional white gold hour-markers. Thes are filled with a luminescent substance. Because the flange is level with the bezel, it creates a sunken effect. As a result, it accentuates the feeling of depth in the A-250 calibre.


The bridges of the Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon form its face. Without a dial, these components play an expressive role in any skeleton movement. The main plate of the A-250 calibre is black and made from woven carbon composite. So it nicely accentuates the contrasting 18K red gold bridges.

Stunning Display

The workings are housed within a vast sapphire crystal glass box. The transparent component is angled. It’s almost vertically where it touches the bezel. Therefore, it provides a large, flat surface for the Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon watch’s spectacular display.

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Photo: Angelus

Luna Magna Ultimate Luxury Watch: Arnold & Son Launches New Limited Edition Gem-Set Collection

Arnold & Son announces the new Luna Magna Ultimate luxury watch collection. It’s a high-end jewelry interpretations of its highly praised three-dimensional Luna Magna moon phase model. The luxury watch brand places a mechanical star that measures 12mm inside the watch. Thus it already represents a significant technical feat for the luxury watch brand.

The impressive Luna Magna Ultimate I covers the surface of the three-dimensional moon, with superlative pavé and invisibly set blue sapphires and diamonds. Arnold & Son applies exceptional expertise to create eight of these precious Luna Magna Ultimate I watches. They are both poetic and rare. As a result, they reveal an outstanding level of astronomical precision and truly exceptional details.

High Altitude
With Luna Magna Ultimate I limited series, only the most precious materials are used. For example, the watch case measures 44mm in diameter. It is made of white gold and set with 7.62 carats of the highest quality diamonds. Plus, these include 20 baguette-cut diamonds on the case lugs. Each is carefully cut one by one, to fit the unique shape of each mount.

White Orbit
A fine ring resembles the ring around Saturn constitutes the bezel. It beautifully orbits the Luna Magna Ultimate I case. The orbit contains 112 baguette-cut diamonds that total 5.90 carats. Light enters freely, just as it would in an open prism. Therefore, thanks to the dual-row invisible setting, it allows for stunning radiance beyond compare.

Iridescent Display
You will find within the circle of blue radiance, the dial elements take a classical turn with twelve Roman numeral markings. In addition, notice the Arnold & Son signature and the stylish watch hands. The off-center subdial owes its delicate color to gorgeous white opal. The finesse befits a piece of the finest jewelry, as it does with this bejeweled Luna Magna Ultimate I.

Blanket of Blue
The material used for the watch face is just as rare and exceptional. Hundreds of pure ruthenium crystals compose the sparkling blue façade. Ruthenium is an extremely hard metal that belongs to the platinum group. Hence, they are found together in the same ore. It is a complex process to separate them. Thus, it makes ruthenium ten times rarer than platinum. Here, it has been reshaped into crystals that are placed on the faceplate before actually being blued.

The celestial mechanism sophistication also lies in its astronomical accuracy. The length of a full moon cycle is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds. Arnold & Son produces a likeness so it would take 122 years for the movement to accrue a one-day interval, between the watch display and the true celestial cycle. Nevertheless, this lag is easy to correct. The lunar function on the Luna Magna Ultimate I is directly accessible from the crown. Arnold & Son’s complete mastery of the watchmaking process allows for this practical, yet functional touch.

The new Luna Magna Ultimate I luxury watch is made with the A&S1021 caliber. It has been completely developed, manufactured, assembled, and adjusted in-house by Arnold & Son. It has a power reserve of 90 hours and is hand-wound caliber. In addition, it’s designed around the lunar globe, with a regulating organ at a frequency of 3 Hz. As for the case back, the movement provides a second display for the lunar phase. It cleverly features easy-to-read graduations. The result is the utmost precision when correcting the lunar globe.

Double hemisphere
Beneath the timepiece, the three-dimensional moon is the standout feature of the Luna Magna watches. Daytime features 161 brilliant-cut diamonds. Plus, intricate gem settings pave the entire white gold sphere. Last, due to many blue sapphires for nighttime, the line between them is a ripple of dusky blue.

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Eight-Day Watch Collection by Arnold & Son – A Perfect Gift Anytime

Luxury watch brand, Arnold & Son presents an updated version of one of its essential watch models. The popular Eight-Day watch collection by Arnold & Son now features a new steel bracelet. In addition, the Eight-Day watch collection pays tribute to John Arnold’s historic marine chronometers.

The luxury watch collection comes with an impressive eight-day power reserve. Hence, the name of the collection. Plus it’s rich yet subtly sophisticated details make this an iconic creation by the most British of Swiss brands. Therefore, it’s the perfect gift idea for that special someone in your life.

The high-end watch brand is named after John Arnold. As an English watchmaker of the 18th century, his is widley renowned for his ingenuity and work on marine chronometers. Arnold & Son continues to flourish and continue his legacy to this day. As a result, the company strives to explore contemporary ways to interpret, traditional watch craftsmanship.

Sophisticated Case Attachments:
For the first time, Arnold & Son includes a steel bracelet. It is 43 mm-diameter. Every element of its understated, three-link design bears a high-quality finish. The watch’s side links are each carefully polished. Plus, the center links all feature a vertical satin-brushed finish to create a dynamic line. In an essential detail, the first two outer links present the same length and curvature as the lugs. Ultimately, this design decision heightens the unity between the case and the bracelet for a more harmonious whole.

More Than a Week:
This watch case houses the A&S1016 caliber. Also included are numerous sophisticated details. Like all the calibers used by Arnold & Son, it is entirely developed, produced, decorated, assembled, adjusted and finished in the brand’s manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Plus, this fine caliber is based on a double series-mounted barrel. Yet, when combined with its oscillation frequency of 3 Hz, this allows for an exceptional autonomy of 192 hours – or eight days

Furthermore, the skeletonized case-back side of the A&S1016 caliber reveals the spaces above the barrels, gear train, and escapement. Each surface is decorated with Côtes de Genève decorative patterns radiating out from the movement’s nerve center, the balance staff. Lastly, all the skeletonized movement’s edges have been lowered and polished.

Case Details:
There is much more than the new stainless steel bracelet. First, the collection retains its distinctive creative details, An example is the guilloché dial and its fine, domed bezel. It beautifully reveals as much of the dial as possible. The Eight-Day watch piece also maintains its complex profile.

Case sides are meticulously polished with a “bassiné” construction. This process incorporates the Arnold & Son signature tiers and overhangs. Collectively, they contribute to the slimmer lines of the watch, which measures only 10.70 mm thick. Moreover, the contour of the curved lugs presents a polished recess that highlights the raised satin-finished central section.

Inner Life:
To conclude, the luxurious Eight-Day watch collection encompasses countless details. Thus, it makes this fine watch as elegant as it is easy to wear. You will find an array of colors and textures animate all its surfaces. From the bracelet, to the case and all components within. Yet, the result is stunning and features a slim profile. Lastly, the new steel bracelet makes this model ideally suited for daily wear.

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Photo: Arnold & Son

Perpetual Moon “Year of the Ox” Luxury Watch by Arnold & Son

To honor the Chinese zodiac calendar’s year of the Metal Buffalo, luxury watch brand Arnold & Son introduced a stunning new 8-piece production of the Perpetual Moon “Year of the Ox.” The watch’s glittering hematite dial features a majestic golden buffalo. It is perfectly stationed beneath an oversized mother-of-pearl moon.

Golden and glittering by day, the luminous, hand-painted scene truly comes alive at night. Therefore, the refined timepiece series by Arnold & Son beautifully perfectly expresses the expertise and artistry of the famous Swiss watchmaker. Also, it confirms their ongoing drive to explore rare minerals.

Arnold & Son installs their large moon in the night-sky. Hence, this placement forms the dial of this exceptional, luxury timepiece. In a large aperture, a disc turns to show us the various phases of the heavenly body. As a result, the appearance showcases its crescent and light.

The shadows of this mother-of-pearl moon have been hand-painted and coated with Super-LumiNova. By day, it appears almost pure white. Alas in the dark, it appears lit from within and new details appear to emerge. Plus, the constellations on the disc also receives this hand-painted, luminous treatment.

The majestic ox proudly stands posed at the 6 o’clock position, under the celestial light of the immense moon. The ox traditionally symbolizes conciliation, dialogue, and fertile abundance. As a result, these qualities are ideally expressed in this stoic, yet serene animal figure.

Arnold & Son continues to make the most of the unlimited textures and materials found in the natural world. As a result, following the obsidian and aventurine Perpetual Moon editions, spectacular hematite has been chosen for this dial. For this reason, it’s laminated in successive layers. The result produces a brilliant surface that is naturally smooth and shiny.

Due to their iron composition, the silvery flakes of all hematites bring variety to its otherwise totally black appearance. These gorgeous, glittering specks have also been incorporated into the double-faced alligator-skin strap. Lastly, the black outer face has been flake-speckled and embellished with genuine platinum (Pt950) thread stitching.

In the background, a storytelling scene unfolds. For example, each hand-painted Pagodas with gold powder, stands in the distance. Hence, they appear in the dark as if lit from within. Here too, hand painted Super-LumiNova brings life to these windows. The end result is making the Perpetual Moon appear to be inhabited.

Arnold & Son is named after John Arnold, English watchmaker of the 18th century. Armold is renowned for his ingenuity and work on marine chronometers. Arnold & Son perpetuates today his legacy, exploring contemporary ways to interpret traditional watch craftsmanship. Arnold & Son develops its timepieces in-house, including its complicated calibers.

Similar to all the movements by Arnold & Son, all stages of the watch development occurred at the brand’s Manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Manufacture based in La Chaux-de-Fonds is the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry. The hand-wound mechanical caliber A&S1512 was entirely developed, produced, assembled, decorated, adjusted, and fully assembled there. This caliber is housed within a 42mm 18 karat red gold case.

In addition, the caliber is based on a large barrel with an oscillation frequency of 3 Hz. Thus it offers a 90-hour power reserve. The moon-phase display of this movement will remain accurate for 122 years. Then the deviation becomes only one day from the actual appearance of the moon in the night-sky. Amazing!

The House established iconic collections such as the Time Pyramid with its unique architecture and the Nebula featuring a fully skeletonized movement. Continuing, the HM Perpetual Moon displays one of the biggest moon phases on the market. Plus, the Globetrotter features an impressive three-dimensional worldtimer.

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Jaquet Droz – New Luxury Watches to Honor the 2021 Chinese New Year

Popular, luxury brand Jaquet Droz has introduced new, luxury watches to honor the upcoming 2021 Chinese New Year. These Jaquet Droz watches are a result of art meeting tradition. The limited series watch collection honors the 2021 Chinese New Year – the year of the Ox.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in VIP style. Let’s leave the frustration of 2020 behind. As a result, let’s forward to new beginnings in 2021. Hence, start the new year by making a fashion statement with these new Jaquet Droz watches. They are named the Petite Heure Minute Buffalo watch collection.

Jaquet Droz has integrated two artisanal techniques for these four watch models. They are miniature painting and relief engraving. The miniature painting variation, on Ivory Grand Feu enamel dials, depicts a pastoral scene with a peaceful ox surrounded by misty mountains. Also, this painted dial is housed in two 18kt red gold cases, one in 35mm with diamonds (1.23 carats) and a 41mm without. On the caseback, both watches also feature hand-engraved 18kt red gold oscillating weights which take the form of an ox.

The two models in relief engraving, depict an ox which appears to be leaping out of the dial. As a result, the ox seamlessly moves across the pitch-black onyx background towards the 18kt gold plum tree. The tree includes twenty seven red ruby blossoms. Plentiful symbolism can be seen here. For example, the plum tree symbolizes the harmony between humans and nature, the earth and the sky. Continuing, the rubies represent bravery and victory, which are values close to the ox’s heart.

One watch model is crafted in red gold and the other in white gold. You will notice a gem-set bezel and lugs, both 41mm in diameter. Like on the dials, the Ateliers d’Art also engraved the oscillating weights with the head of an ox on an onyx background.

Jaquet Droz truly believes gold is the only metal worthy of the ox. Therefore, three pieces come in red gold and one in white gold. The Maison selected two distinctive artisanal techniques to represent the new zodiac sign. First, a miniature painting appears on two 35 mm x 41 mm timepieces. It features a majestically peaceful ox against a background of mist-covered mountains. A handpainted and softly serene pastoral scene.

This pair of Petite Heure Minute watches provide an ample canvas for micro-painting. First is a 35 mm ladies’ version with a gem-set bezel and lugs. Second is a 41 mm version without gems. As for the case-back, the first one’s oscillating weight is personalized with a red gold appliqué. The second one has an 18-karat open-worked rotor that is hand-engraved.

Each of these four handcrafted compositions of the new Petite Heure Minute Buffalo watch collection are exclusively being released in a series of eight.

As previously mentioned, these new compositions ring in the New Year under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor chose the animals in the 12-year zodiac cycle based on a race. The ox is portrayed carrying a rat on its back, which is ultimately how the rat won the race.

Each of these four handcrafted compositions are exclusively being released in a series of eight. A continuation of the age-old Sino-Swiss friendship and the Art of Astonishment that has lasted over 250 years.

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Photo: Jaquet Droz

Latest Jaquet Droz Luxury Watch – The Impressive SW Steel-Ceramic

Popular Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz has done it again. They just introduced the impressive SW Steel-Ceramic luxury watch. The new SW Steel-Ceramic watch combines modern materials and a sophisticated design. In addition, this stylish new timepiece highlights Jaquet Droz’s watchmaking expertise. The result is a powerful and versatile watch.

As the holidays approaches, wives, girlfriends, mothers and friends will be trying to buy that special man in their life, the perfect luxury gift. Therefore, the new SW Steel-Ceramic from Jaquet Droz would be a perfect choice.

The SW by Jaquet Droz is an original, sporty and edgy creation. But one bold color easily stands out before you even get to the details of the watch. That is color is red. As a result, this is the first time red has played such a prominent role on a brand’s watch. In fact, part of any Jaquet Droz creation. We just love the stunning red color and how it complements the black. Combined with its stylish look, and this watch will definitely turn heads in any social gathering.

The hand-edged fabric strap of the SW Steel-Ceramic ties in with the Grande Seconde’s stroke at 6 o’clock. In addition, you’ll notice the link to the tip of the hour and minute hands and the quarter hour marks they sweep over. All aspects are coated with Super-LumiNova.

The watch’s impressive 45mm steel case is covered with a black ceramic fluted bezel. It is inalterable and also scratch-proof. In addition, the rubber cast, screw down crown at the 3 o’clock makes the piece water-resistant to 50 meters (5 bar). Also, you will find claws on each side to safeguard it from shocks. To increase mass and generate a sportier feel, the lugs have been hollowed. Lastly, the luxury timepiece’s hands received the same treatment to increase legibility.

Fact: each Jaquet Droz creation showcases the painstaking work that goes into every finish. For example, the lugs were hollowed to increase both mass and thus create a sportier feel. Plus, they are professionally polished to provide a mirror image of the SW collection’s signature fluted bezel.

The new SW Steel-Ceramic features a 18-karat white gold appliqués. It is brilliantly affixed at the middle of the black lacquered dial. There is a satin finish with vertical lines. Furthermore, the timepiece hands are hollowed to make it easier to read the hours and minutes.

The last point is the JD2663A-S self-winding mechanical movement has a ruthenium treatment. Additional watch features include a 18-karat white gold double barrel and oscillating weight. Another point to note is the power reserve provides nearly three days (68 hours).

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Eight Unique Angelus Tourbillon Timepieces Inspired by Cocktails

This holiday season, raise a toast to exceptional design with the gift of a unique U23 luxury timepiece by Angelus. The Swiss watchmaker introduces a limited series of 8 unique skeletonized flying, tourbillon timepieces. As a result, they will satiate both watch enthusiasts and spirits lovers with their potency and iconic character.

Founded in 1891 in Switzerland, Angelus is widely hailed by watchmaking connoisseurs. Hence, they are recognized as one of the most influential horological manufactures of tourbillon timepieces in the 20th century. Angelus’ pioneering, house-made movements and vintage timepieces continue to be coveted by collectors all over the world.

Packing a visual punch with powerful materials

Each sporty, technical, and finely honed U23 timepiece suspends the Angelus A-250 caliber within an ultra-light yet super-strong, scratch-resistant titanium and CTP (Carbon Thin Ply) composite case. The case measures a comfortable 42 mm in diameter and 10.3 mm thick. The interplay between the solid metal and textured carbon fiber infuses the U23 with visual energy.

The colorful skeletonized PVD-treated titanium bridges of the Angelus U23 series, recall the vivid hues of a classic cocktail in eight distinct shades. These coordinate with the minute circle. Each shade identifies a unique piece named after a cocktail. These eight tourbillon timepieces combinations – strong, sour, creamy, light, bitter or sweet – are the ingredients that make the U23 luxury watch models so unique.

The eclectic menu offers classics and rarities that cater to a range of tastes. U23 Negroni is orange, like the blend of Gin and Vermouth. The U23 Cosmopolitan adopts the shade of blueberry Vodka.  Next, the U23 Ocean View startles in Curaçao blue. Lastly, the U23 Tequila Sunrise recreates the orange, pink and blue layers formed by citrus fruit juice and grenadine with the idyllic sea in the background.

Tasteful design crafted with structural strength

The strength of each cocktail-inspired timepiece lies in its superior materials. They feature a unique cocktail of titanium and the highest quality Carbon Thin Ply (CTP) material. The colored bridges are screwed into the main plate, which is also made from CTP. To create the CTP, hundreds of layers of carbon are piled into successive layers in alternating orientations. Plus, they are and fused together with a highly technical resin. that is pressurized at a very high temperature. The resulting carbon fiber material is extremely hard and incredibly dense. Yet remains ultra-light, providing optimal structural integrity and additional beneficial properties. CTP is also soft to the touch, non-magnetic, and hypo-allergenic.

Angelus U23 tourbillon timepieces collection - luxury watches

With its clean vertical structure, the Angelus A-250 caliber at the heart of the U23 is the visual backbone of the piece. An open-worked barrel at 12 o’clock offers a 90-hour power reserve, making this both a beautiful and practical timepiece for everyday wear. Plus, a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock offers enhanced timekeeping, offsetting the effects of gravity, while the gear train ensures optimal transmission. These functional organs are anchored to three titanium bridges, giving the U23 its unique personality. Thanks to these bridges, the movement floats above the CTP main plate as if suspended on stilts.

The high-flying theme carries on to the tourbillon of the Angelus A-250 caliber. It’s a flying tourbillon, with no upper bridge. As a result, the tourbillon appears to float freely with a large window cut away from the main plate in the background. Hence, this allows light to enter and to illuminate the rotating regulating organ. Next, the arms of the tourbillon carriage mirror the bridges and all the wheels of the movement. Lastly, each component has been open-worked to promote lightness of material as well as aesthetic.

With the eight-piece U23 series, luxury watchmaker Angelus offers a menu of satisfying horological cocktails. These luxury tourbillon timepieces offer exclusive holiday gifting options for lovers of fine watchmaking.

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Photo: Angelus

Luxury Watches from Angelus – Legendary Swiss Watch Manufacturer

Angelus is a legendary Swiss watch manufacturer and was founded in 1891. They are highly recognized as one of the 20th century’s most influential watchmakers. In addition, collectors still prize vintage Angelus chronograph watches made, from the 1930s through 1960s.

After the 1960s, the brand went dormant. But now in the 21st century, the luxury watchmaker has reemerged. Now revitalized, Angelus has clearly embraced the best of the brand’s early legacy.

Watch collectors love their prized watches. Some find the current luxury watch style appealing, while others prefer classic designs. Owning a showing off your luxury watch has long been the “in Thing” to do. Whether making a fashion statement or just showing a flash of your wealthy lifestyle. As a result, the luxury timepiece industry is still going strong.

Now using their 1930s era logo, it signifies the innovation and manufacturing excellence of the Angelus name. While now setting a new course, the watch brand has become a modern, vertically-integrated watch manufacture. Other luxury timepiece makers better take note.

The Angelus product catalog now includes five distinctive all-tourbillon timepiece collections. The pieces each range from $35,000 to $100,000 in price. Industry insiders clearly understand the significance of this feat. As a result, the tourbillon watch definitely remains one of the key horological complications watchmakers desire to master and produce at scale.

Amazingly, the history of the Tourbillon goes back over 200 years. The word tourbillon is a French word that means “whirlwind.” First developed by icon watch brand Breguet. The tourbillon was developed in 1795. But it took 6 years to receive a patent, in 1801.

The Combine both athletic aesthetics and high-performance advanced engineering. Hence, modern Angelus delivers a stunning collection of all-tourbillon timepieces. The new president of Angelus is Bertrand Savary. His goal is to leverage the brand’s strengths and unique value proposition. As a result, the desired outcome is delivering a new golden age of Angelus timepieces.

Bertrand Savary states, “In all my years in the industry, I have never encountered a brand that can tick every box for a collector the way that Angelus can in terms of value, style, and quality. I was proud to join this brand to help build on the storied history of Angelus while writing a new chapter as an integrated, modern manufacture for a new era. We are proud to design and produce iconic modern luxury timepieces crafted to the highest standard for today’s clientele.”

The entire watch collection is designed and produced in-house. That is rare in today’s mass production world.

The initial sighting of one of their watches, showcases the design as dynamic yet cohesive. They feature bold forms, technological materials, plus a strategic use of color. Along with superior Swiss engineering, the company delivers an incredible value proposition. As a leading contender in the crowded luxury watch industry, Angelus is positioned as a brand to watch, poised for robust expansion.

To improve long term wear and performance, Angelus utilizes alternative materials. For example, sapphire, titanium, ceramic, and carbon fiber are regularly incorporated. As a result, the collection incorporates unique properties of both lightness and strength

Their watches offer beam-shaped bridges and interchangeable lugs and straps. Cleverly designed, the watch movements are built like athletes. They’re lean, powerful, efficient and adaptable. Plus, Angelus timepieces are fully skeletonized. Truly a winning combination.

Giving a luxury watch has long been a tradition. Birthdays, graduations, job promotions and major holidays are a few events to give the ultimate gift. Show your love or appreciation and make that special person in your life feel really special!

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RJ ARRAW Marine Collection – Sport Chronographs for All Seasons

The highly respected RJ watch brand was founded in 2004, then re-launched in 2018 under the creative direction of CEO Marco Tedeschi. RJ brings a distinctive design to every wrist with the stunning ARRAW Marine chronograph collection. It’s an impressive luxury watch collection!

The ARRAW Marine chronograph is a 10-piece limited edition series. It’s the perfect chronograph for all seasons, offering both men and women sophisticated form and function to complement an active lifestyle. RJ proudly manufactures its own in-house movements at the brand’s headquarters, RJ Studio, based out of Geneva, Switzerland.

RJ has balanced striking form with impressive functionality in the ARRAW Marine. These incredible timepieces demonstrate the independent watchmaker’s excellence in the art and craft of horology. They are executed in a stand-out style inspired by the marine world.

The ARRAW Marine’s iconic design is instantly recognizable thanks to its four RJ Bumpers. These rubber bumpers punctuate the models’ 42 mm or 45 mm satin-brushed cases. These are available in collectors’ choice of 18 karat red gold, titanium, two-tone red gold and titanium, or black ceramic. The rubber motif carries through to the coordinated white or black rubber accents on the screw-down crown and push buttons.

The RJ Bumpers also draw the eye inward to admire the ARRAW Marine’s sun-brushed, galvanized, and gradient-painted dial. Transparent lacquer emphasizes each dial’s dimensional effect, encased within a domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

Bold detailing brings each element of the dial into sharp focus. From the hands to the chronograph subdials, which include a small seconds counter at 3 o’clock and a 30 minutes counter at 9 o’clock. Plus find a 12 hours counter and date window at 6 o’clock.

Indexes, numerals, counters, and hands are uniformly plated in red gold or rhodium-plated. The finish is with a satin-brushed texture and enhanced with white SuperLuminova. The resulting visual impression is both cohesive and highly legible.

The bezels of select ARRAW Marine timepieces have been set with round brilliant or baguette cut diamonds. While the surfaces of a few special models have been fully paved with diamonds, from the bezel to the case. The sparkling diamond set ARRAW Marine models feature anywhere from 1.5 total carats in diamond weight to over 5 carats total.

The self-winding chronograph offers up to 42 hours of power reserve. A screw-down crown protects the movement from the elements, reinforcing the water-resistance of the ARRAW Marine up to 330 feet. RJ has also equipped the ARRAW Marine with a clever interchangeable ARRAW rubber strap. Users can easily swap out other RJ strap colors and styles as they please, with no tools required.

RJ has made its own mark on modern watchmaking with its Collaboration watch series. Their watch designs draw inspiration from icons of pop culture, from superheroes of DC Comics or Marvel like Batman and Spider-Man. Even beloved video game characters like Super Mario Bros., Space Invaders™, or Pac-Man™.

RJ also designs and produces recognizable, ambitious, and culturally relevant luxury Swiss watches. RJ ARRAW, the brand’s core collection for men and women, is distinguishable by its RJ Bumpers™ and ingenious interchangeable strap system.

In addition, RJ has brought history-making material to the wrist with its DNA Concept watches. They use steel from the Titanic, genuine moon dust, or remnants from the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Of course, it first landed man on the moon in 1969.

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Photo: RJ

Seventies Panorama Date Luxury Watch by Glashütte

Initially making its debut at the Baselworld 2011 show in Geneva, Switzerland, luxury watchmaker Glashütte introduced the original Seventies Panorama Date watch.

Glashütte has enhanced this vintage, watch model with an even richer range of looks. This popular watch model is part of the “20th Century Vintage” collection from Glashütte and was created with the nineteen seventies in mind.

The new watch dial is made of German silver and presented in three options – galvanized ruthenium, galvanized silver, or blue. The stylish ruthenium dial presents a sunburst surface. The stunning silver version is matte. The blue dial features finely graded shading passing from a lighter center to a darker periphery.

The original Seventies Panorama Date was fitted with a hand-crafted four-link steel bracelet. Now there are additional bracelet choices available giving it an even more elegant look.

Another enhancement are the leather and rubber straps. Louisiana Alligator leather straps come in either black, grey or dark blue. They ideally match the three available, watch dial colors.

The rubber straps are water resistant, quite comfortable to wear and enhanced with elaborate laser engravings.

The polished, satin-finished stainless steel case of the Seventies Panorama Date watch features softly flowing curves and represents spirit of the 1970’s decade. The domed sapphire crystal case back provides the ultimate in both comfort and wearability.

The key feature of the Seventies Panorama Date luxury watch is the Glashütte calibre 39-47 automatic movement. The movement is clearly visible through the watch’s domed sapphire crystal case back.

If you are interested in purchasing the Seventies Panorama Date luxury watch by Glashütte, please contact The Life of Luxury.

Three New Hamilton Watches in RailRoad Series Offer Value, Heritage, and Style

Hamilton luxury watch RailRoad
Courtesy of: Hamilton

The RailRoad collection represents an era in Hamilton’s history that dates back over one hundred years. The only method of timing that the railroad companies possessed in those days was pocket watches. The quality of Hamilton watches is amazing.

The accuracy and safety of the entire system was dependent on the precision and reliability of the staff’s timepieces. Hamilton was an important provider of pocket watches to American railroad staff and patrons, which explains why they were know as the “watch company of railroad accuracy.”

The models in the American Classic RailRoad collection retain some of the features of the pocket watches that Hamilton built in the late Nineteenth Century.

The rounded sides of the case, the shape of the crown, and the font of the numeral hour markers are directly inspired by the vintage timepieces. The rest of the features are new, and while the watches portray a classic elegance, they offer a unique contemporary style.

Two of the three RailRoad models use Valgranges automatic movements. Valgranges, which is one of the movement manufactures most recently acquired by the Swatch group, is reputed for making extraordinarily robust, high-grade movements.

Just looking at these mechanisms is an indication of their quality. Both the brand new A07-511 calibre that powers the 44mm RailRoad and the A07-211 inside the Auto Chrono are much larger than any of the ETA movements. With a diameter of 36mm, these are almost a centimeter wider than the infamous 2892 caliber.

Aside from a more robust construction the size has several other positive effects on the movement. The larger, heavier rotor winds the watch more efficiently; the positioning of the seconds and the date, which will be discussed further on, is adapted for large dials; and finally, the the sizable plates and bridges of the movements offer a dashing view through the exhibition back of the RailRoad watches.

Hamilton luxury watch RailRoad
Courtesy of: Hamilton

The sapphire crystal on the front of the new Hamilton watches is remarkably shaped. A sculpted magnifying lens adorns it. As mentioned before, the large mechanical Valgranges movements that power the RailRoad watches allow for strategic placement of the functions.

The date being so close to the outer edge of the dial allows the magnifying lens to be streamlined with the case features. The subsidiary dial for the seconds of the 44mm Auto also takes advantage of this. Apart from providing balance to the dial, this also represents how Hamilton pocket watches always had the sub-dial of the seconds placed opposite the crown.

Hamilton has mastered the balance between size and elegance. The Slim 43mm is an example of this. similarly, the RailRoad watches display a look based on traditional elegance but a good diameter that is not quite oversize but up to date with contemporary tastes.

The smallest of the three releases sports a 38mm diameter and is designed primarily for women. The other three-hand automatic is 44mm wide and the chronograph 46mm. While 46mm may be considered to be oversized, it retains the elegance that the American Classic Hamilton watches are known for. The large case also allows all the elements to be bold but well proportioned.

The crown is quite large and shaped as if a vintage onion crown was chopped in half. On either side of the crown, decorative shoulders are present and serve as the base of the chronograph pushers on the RailRoad Auto Chrono. The lugs are also quite wide.

The best way to complement a bold elegant watch is to fit it with bold elegant straps. The two models for men are presented with alligator-style grain leather straps. These bands have a thick base and are padded in the middle for even more volume.

Their strength and comfort is evident from the lining on the underside, which is made of a siliconized rubber. A stainless steel link bracelet is also available for each model. It gives the larger models a robust feel, and the 38mm benefits from the bracelets stylishness.

In 2010, Hamilton is really taking advantage of their history to create some of the most beautiful timepieces at the entry level luxury range.

The RailRoad collection pays tribute to an important era for the brand and does do so with style. Some of the aspects of the vintage pocket watches, like the position of the seconds, and shape of the case, are replicated from vintage pocket watches, but many of the main features, like the case size and the beautiful Valgranges automatic movements, are contemporary.

With the 38mm automatic version starting at $895 and the larger sizes starting at $1445, Hamilton, as always, makes sure to offer incredible value to its fans in all of its Hamilton watches.

Marco is a specialist of Hamilton watches at Matt Baily