Where To Go in 2022 – Top Luxury Travel Destinations

With 2021 behind us, let’s focus on 2022 and hope we all can finally move past the long and difficult COVID-19 pandemic.  Let’s now look towards what’s next in travel for 2022. For example, new destinations are emerging out of the post-pandemic travel boom. We want to share a summary of three luxury travel destinations. Check out the latest happenings in each location.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Illuminarium Experiences opens its doors in early 2022. This breakthrough global experiential entertainment company was created by worldwide leaders in cinematic and interactive content. As a result, architectural and theatrical design, and venue operations will open its second Illuminarium at AREA15. This trendy venue becomes Las Vegas’ newest immersive events and entertainment district.

The 33,000 square-foot, purpose-built building will be on the western side of the main AREA15 complex. Audiences will transport to spectacles unlike any other. You can participate in a shared and connected experience. In addition to the opening of Illuminarium, the first new hotel on the Strip in more than a decade recently opened. Continuing, there are renovations at other properties: The Las Vegas Hilton, The Conrad Las Vegas and Crockfords.

Los Cabos, Mexico
Coming out to the pandemic, Los Cabos is reporting a huge spike in tourism numbers. Cabo is Mexico’s leading tourism and luxury travel destinations. Airline seats are expected to increase by 45 percent from the U.S. from November 2021 to April 2022 compared to the same periods in 2019 and 2020. Therefore, travelers should plan and book our trips as early as possible.

After undergoing a $10 million renovation, one of the destination’s leading hotels is ME Cabo. This luxury property has reopened its doors as a completely transformed resort. Every aspect of the property has been reimagined from guest rooms and lounges to food and beverage partnerships. As part of the Me by Meliá collection, ME Cabo embraces its beautiful location in Cabo San Lucas. The luxury hotel overlooks the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Plus, the new bold and contemporary design will enrich guests’ experiences.

All 170 guest rooms are remodeled to embrace traditional Mexican design. Hence, they boast an eclectic feel, mixing rustic wood furnishings with bright, vivid colors. Rooms range from 425 to 3,000 square feet and feature a private, furnished balcony or terrace. The provide both garden or ocean views. Additional concierge features include: rainfall showers, fully stocked Maxibar, integrated room technologies and bath amenities by C.O. Bigelow.

The ME Cabo hotel partners with popular Mexican restaurant group Grupo Rosa Negra to debut four new culinary hotspots. These include: Confessions Skybar & Tapas, Taboo Beach Club & Restaurant, Funky Geisha, and Mamazzita Mexican Soul. The new culinary concepts are dedicated to serving locally sourced produce and ingredients that explore Latin American cuisine.

South Florida
From Miami’s current beginnings of a dining golden era to West Palm Beach’s expansion of endless cultural venues and museums, South Florida is as busy as ever. Getting around this tropical destination has also never been easier. Brightline is the only provider of modern, eco-friendly, intercity rail in America. Plus, the company is back in service after a 19-month hiatus, between its Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach stations.

Brightline relaunches with multiple service enhancements and investments. Including its new fully integrated, door-to-door booking service Brightline+. It is powered by its app and supported by a new fleet of Brightline branded vehicles. Each are upgraded with delicious food and beverage options. Also relaunching with Brightline is Citizens, a new 26,000 SF culinary center by C3. The leading global food tech platform will house C3 by sbe’s restaurant offerings. In addition, these are inspired by globally renowned chefs such as “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto, Chef Katsuya Uechi,  Michelin Starred chef Dani García and Chef Dario Cecchini.

The Life of Luxury and assist with you next luxury vacation. We can help plan and book all your travel reservations, including amazing VIP experiences.

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A Sustainable Wellness Hotel is in High Demand for Travelers

The phrase “sustainable wellness hotel” is a popular one in the luxury travel industry. An increasing number of hotels are trying to attract customers with this catch phrase. So what does sustainable wellness mean and what characteristics does a sustainable wellness hotel provide its guests?

Sustainably thinking and acting hotels take the upmost care and responsibility for the environment. They do this in a variety of ways. First, it can be in their selection of food and products or energy generation. Next, it is waste management, regional value creation or the support for social projects. Therefore, the ultimate goal is a holistic concept that blends the sustainable theme into all areas of the hotel. In addition, the hotel’s wellness and spa area are also included.

We want to share two sustainable wellness hotels that offer sustainability into their oases of relaxation and well-being. They deliver sustainability in a number of ways. Each finds their niche and discover how to implement their holistic concepts. These properties have a commitment to sustainability and closely work with partners who share our own values.

In Germany’s Black Forest, Beauty Lies in Nature

The Hotel Schwarzwald Panorama in Germany has implemented sustainable action across almost 100% of the value chain. In addition, it applies to the 850 square meter spa area. Guests can enjoy their mineral thermal swimming pool and saunas. The hotel’s spa team only uses natural cosmetics that are made from organic, plant-based ingredients. These are utilized in all spa treatments.

The goal is to strengthen the skin’s own natural processes and protect it from external influence. Schwarzwald Panorama features the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care treatment concept and offers selected medicinal plants. The spa’s facial and body treatments follow the Pharmos Natur method. In addition, the treatment uses a fresh aloe vera leaf and can be booked as a relaxing massage. Lastly, try a stimulating detox or anti-stress treatment.

Wellness in Zermatt – Utilizing Potent Elixirs of Local Fruits

At the new Ashram SPA of the CERVO Mountain Resort, only natural cosmetics and care products are used. The soothing and moisturizing energy of the aloe vera plant is magical. In addition, the healing and invigorating effects of alpine herbs are popular too. Plus, experience the full power of the Valais apricot.

“Over centuries, we have refined how to use the power of nature in different cultures. The insights serve as the basis for the holistic program of treatments and rituals we offer guests at CERVO.”

All products used at the Zermatt in Switzerland are free of animal testing, gluten and silicone. Hence, they are also both vegan and non-comedogenic. The beautiful, open spa area is designed with natural materials. For example, you will find plenty of space for self-discovery and deep relaxation. Simply relax and stroll through the alpine herb garden. Be pampered with a Bhutanese hot stone bath or a Tibetan honey treatment. In the end, everyone finds peace, relaxation and mindfulness in their own way, at this luxurious northern European sauna landscape.

The Life of Luxury can provide a wide variety of sustainable wellness hotel choices for you to consider.  Utilize our luxury travel service to enjoy a memorable VIP experience.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the popularity of a sustainable wellness hotel. Give yourself a treat and heal your mind, body and spirit. Return soon and follow our popular luxury magazine.

Photo: Hotel Schwarzwald Panorama

V-Health Passport Is a New Secure Health Passport by VST Enterprises

British cyber technology company VST Enterprises (VSTE) recently launched the world’s first public “FIT TO FLY” secure health passport. It is designed for air travel. The cross border platform called V-Health Passport™ can already be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Search for ‘VPassport’ or visit www.v-healthpassport.co.uk

V-Health Passport is the worlds first publicly available secure digital health passport that the public can download. Travelers can use it alongside any form of Covid 19 testing and vaccination that does NOT use unsecure bar codes and QR code technology. Hence, airlines and transport carriers can also download and use the system.

It comes at a time when security over the use of bar codes and QR codes in airline travel has come under intense scrutiny. This follows the cyber attack on the former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot. The former PM had his Qantas airline boarding pass hacked. Details including his passport, mobile phone and messages between Qantas staff about him were intercepted. The wider threats of fake Covid 19 test certificates have also been prevalent. As a result, there is an alarming rise in the sales of fake Covid 19 certificates booming in Russia and the Middle East.

VST Enterprises is a Manchester based cyber security and technology firm. They are the first company in the world to have a fully functioning LIVE heath passport that can be used cross border and across all transport by air, land and sea.

The V-Health Passport™ is the worlds most secure health passport using next generation VCode® code scanning cyber security technology. Using the most advanced closed loop technology with end to end encryption, V-Health Passport™ has 2.2 Quintillion collision free combination codes. These decode based on geo location, time & date, device type and user login… meaning it cannot be hacked.

VSTE Enterprises CEO and inventor of the VCode technology and V-Health Passport™ Louis-James Davis said:
“We are the first technology company in the world to have developed a secure, multipurpose, cross corporate & cross government digital health passport that does not rely on using bar codes or QR codes as its authentication technology. Both bar codes and QR codes have huge potential security implications as they can be cloned and hacked with the latter being subject to a process called ‘Attagging’. Therefore any suggestion of using this type of technology in a health passport for air travel has very real security risks.

Not only is a citizen’s personal information at risk, but their Covid test status, vaccination records and also their credit card information. All of this can lead to the very real potential of a massive data breach and a persons personal information and data hacked and stolen. This is of particular concern when using a bar code or QR code technology designed for use to authenticate a persons Covid 19 testing and/or vaccinations records.”

It can provide airline passengers and airlines with a secure digital passport that validates the passenger’s identity, authenticates their Covid 19 test result and vaccination/immunization details in one secure app. The V-Health Passport™ also uniquely provides airline passengers and airlines with a contact tracing technology which uses anonymized data.

Unlike other health passports, V-Health Passport™ has been designed with a citizens privacy front and center. The technology does not track your live location and provides all data in a secure GDPR compliant framework giving citizens a unique ‘self sovereign identity’ style technology putting them in control of who, when and how they share their data.

With the alarming increase and black market trade in fake Covid 19 test certificates this also puts a very real threat and risk to passenger safety on airline carriers with the potential to infect and contaminate other passengers on what would be a Covid safe bubble onboard an aircraft.

It is well documented that bar codes and QR codes can be hacked so any airline who considers using a health passport for Covid 19 testing and vaccination using this method of authentication risks a serious potential breach of its passenger data. In 2018 British Airways was fined a record £20M for a data breach on 400,000 of its customers which affected their personal and credit card data.

Louis-James Davis went on to state that both bar codes and QR codes – which represent first and second generation technology – are unsecure and vulnerable to hacking.
“QR codes were originally developed as a scanning technology for close proximity car parts tracking, a world away from identity and banking use cases and now digital health passports. It was then used to skip the input of websites in marketing and promotional purposes. They were never designed with security or privacy in mind… they are simply not fit for purpose and should not be used at all in any form for delivery of sensitive information, travel or event tickets or health passport.

QR codes can be subject to a process called ‘Attagging’ or ‘cloning.’ The process of ‘Attagging’ is where a ‘genuine QR code’ is replaced by a ‘cloned QR code’ which then redirects the person scanning that code to a similar website where personal data can be intercepted and breached. The problem is that serious that in India alone there are over 1 BILLION fraudulent financial transactions each day using QR codes. As the scanning user journey is the same, it is only tech savvy individuals that may notice the domain name has changed.”

As reported by a recent Forbes Magazine investigation, it is predicted that over 11 Million households in the US alone will scan a QR code this year and the majority of them, some 71% of people who have interacted with a QR code will not know if it is the start of a malicious hack. It is envisaged that over 5.3 Billion QR codes will be redeemed this year making it one of the fastest growing tech scanning interactions and also posing one of the greatest cyber threats.

QR codes can be cloned and redirected to other information points or websites. Often criminals and hackers will exploit this by putting a fake QR code over a genuine QR code. So a QR code for example on scanning would link to the genuine website www.similardomain.com but a fake QR code can be made up printed off and placed over the genuine code to redirect to www.similar-domain.com at this point the member of the public is tricked into entering their personal information, private data and financial information. The rogue website looks and feels exactly like the genuine one and is made to mirror it precisely.

VCode® which is the ultra secure digital code which powers the V-Health Passport™ cannot be cloned. Even if it was printed off, or a photograph was taken and placed over a VCode® or V-Health Passport™ it simply wont scan as it works on a call and response system of information between the code and web platform to verify location of the code, user ID and time and date and much more.”

Louis-James Davis added:
“We developed and built the V-Health Passport and health wallet to be the most secure technology on the planet that you could use as a health passport where you could combine your test status, vaccination record, boarding pass, airline ticket, music or sports ticket all in one app. With V-Health Passport™ we wanted to provide functionality and greater mobility to allow citizens to return to work, be fit to fly or return to the sports stadiums. But at the heart of the technology was the ability to protect and respect data privacy of the individual.

The lack of engagement and interaction by the public with Government track and trace app/s over the pandemic was over privacy, security of data and the tracking of a persons live location. This is why we have built a unique system in the vein of ‘Self Sovereign ID’ with the ethics of privacy & security by design. The V-Health Passport™ puts the citizen in control in a way which they share information with who, when and where. “

V-Health Passport™ will help employers safely return their employees back to their offices, factories and warehouses. It will facilitate airlines to allow their passengers to be fit to fly and avoid the need for quarantine restrictions. At the same time it will ensure their airline ticket or boarding pass is secure and won’t be hacked.

A citizen will be able to share their health pass and confirm their Covid test status, or present their vaccination record. They will also be able to show their credit score, work permit or visa, scan their travel or event pass. At the heart of each interaction they will have peace of mind that their data and information is highly secure and ultimately, they control who sees what, who scans what, where and when.”

Are you ready to obtain the new V-Health Passport from VSTE Enterprises? Follow our luxury blog to hear about the latest luxury travel news and top destinations.

Photo: VST Enterprises

Experience Untold Luxury For Your Once In A Lifetime Trip

There are many reasons for a once in a lifetime trip. Perhaps you want to travel with close friends and family and get married in a paradise that few have ever imagined. Maybe you are celebrating a special anniversary or landing your dream job.

Few people really ever experience true luxury. Even those who travel routinely rarely step over into absolute lavishness. With the exception is the rich and famous, and celebrity superstars, few venture to places where Utopia is expected. Beautiful and exotic places are available to you. As a result, there are places that cater to excellence. There are hidden villas in far away lands that await you. Nothing is too good for their guests. No extravagance is withheld.

Dare to dream

Would you like to have your destination wedding with 8 of your closest friends, in an exclusive villa in Southern Bali? It’s time to take a once in a lifetime trip Imagine the finest furnishings, the best food, world famous wine, and a hidden oasis with 5 bedrooms and 6 baths.

Maybe you would like to spend your anniversary in France. Stroll through museums and see the famous 270 piece collection of Picasso. Are you up for an adventure? How would you like to celebrate the voodoo rituals from West Africa on St. John’s Eve in the International House Hotel. This luxury boutique hotel is in iconic downtown New Orleans.

Take a culinary tour of Italy or relax in an exclusive New York Luxury suite and have the world of high fashion come to you with an in-room shopping experience. A once in a lifetime trip is a memorable VIP experience.

Have your wedding on a beautiful Hawaiian island. Toast the beginning of your life together with champagne at sunset in Maui. Walk hand-in-hand on the black sand beaches or dare to tour the heights of volcanoes. See the world as it was meant to be. Experience paradise.

Making it happen

So now that you see just a few of the experiences awaiting you in the world of luxury trips of a lifetime, you may be asking yourself if you can possibly afford to make this a reality. The answer is often, yes!

Weddings are very costly. The average wedding cost $28,000.00 and some costs double that. It is a matter of priorities. If tradition means everything to you, then book the chapel and order the cake. But if you are more adventurous than that and you would rather have a memory unlike anyone else’s. Sit down and start crunching the numbers.  

Set up a social media page, telling your friends and family of your choices. Set up a Plumfund.com account. This is a free account that allows your family, friends, and others to gift you through your registry in lieu of wedding gifts. Get your team on board.

Tell your closest friends that parties, showers, and wedding events are nice, but you would rather have the money toward your dream trip. A once in a lifetime trip can be expensive, so any help is appreciated. Then, instead of a wedding shower or hen party, have a barbecue. Instead of expensive shopping trips, nail salons, and beauty treatments have a women’s pampering party at a hotel and do each other’s nails.

Most importantly, tell your parents, (or whoever is paying for the wedding) how much this trip means to you and why. Get everyone onboard and get busy. As your funds grow and the donations grow, begin working with your travel agent on your itinerary.

Nothing is impossible if you want to make it happen. Some trips are just too good to pass up. So live a little and have one dream trip that is just for you. You will never regret it.

Author Bio

Wendy Dessler

Wendy is a super-connector with Outreachmama who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.

Plan your once in a lifetime trip today! See the world and enjoy luxury travel to the fullest. Our travel concierge specialists can help you make your dream vacation come true. Return soon to follow our luxury blog for great travel destinations.

Highest Parafoil Flight World Record Broken by World View

Ever dream of traveling to the edge of space? Well now you can with World View. The commercial balloon spaceflight company, is offering private citizens a way of pioneering a new era of discovery at the edge of space. How cool is that?

World View currently offers unmanned commercial opportunities that reach an altitude limit of 130,000 feet. What is exciting is the company is now taking reservations for both manned flights and even private tours.

On June 18, World View launched a flight from Roswell International Air in Utah. The flight had a duration of 5 hours and was successful in completing a scaled test flight of its high-altitude balloon spaceflight system. The flight had even more significance as it also broke the world record for highest parafoil flight.

The goal of World View is by 2016, to have customers float up to the edge of space for an incredible two-hour sailing-like experience. Be taken away in a luxury, pressurized capsule that’s transported by a parafoil plus high-altitude balloon. In addition to private citizens enjoying the flight, it’s the ideal way to reach near-space environment for researchers, educators, private companies and even government agencies.

The flight conducted on June 18 tested several critical components needed for consumer flights. In addition, stunning imagery of the earth were captured.

To break the prior world record for Highest Parafoil Flight, the vehicle first rose up to an altitude of around 120,000 feet high. Next it backed down to about the 50,000 feet level. The parafoil was next deployed and began capturing data to help map the aerodynamic behavior of a parafoil while it was flying from the stratosphere.

The flight tested several essential components for consumer flights and captured breathtaking imagery of the view that will be afforded to Voyagers in 2016. The four primary areas that were tested include: Launch & Ground Operations, Redundant Landing System, Parafoil Aerodynamics and Precision Guided Landing.

This record breaking test flight also was the first voyage of World View’s Tycho vehicle. Tycho is a reusable commercial craft that allows research opportunities to be conducted in various fields, such as – surveillance, communications, first response, remote sensing plus micro-sat payload delivery.

If this has always been your dream then the time is now. World View is taking reservations for manned flights and private tours. Unmanned commercial opportunities up 130,000 feet are available today.

Luxury travel

If being part of an incredible journey to the edge of space is your wish, then please contact The Life of Luxury and we can assist with your inquiry and reservations with World View. Do you enjoy reading stories like this? Come back often and follow this luxury blog.

12 Days of Christmas Travel List – Charitybuzz

Il Bottaccio Relais Chateaux

In the true tradition of “do GOOD live WELL”, Charitybuzz is now offering its “12 Days of Christmas Travel List”.

It’s an amazing list of extravagant travel experiences to incredible destinations such as Italy, the Caribbean, San Francisco, France, Switzerland and Las Vegas! You will feel like you’re truly living a life of the rich and famous.

1.)    A Caribbean Cruise For 6 People Aboard Gadget, A Luxury Sailing Yacht: Pack your bags and get ready for an amazing week in the Caribbean!  This classic 64’ Hinckley Ketch was recently refurbished and is one of only five ever built.  Together with the Captain, you choose the itinerary.  This amazing vessel sleeps 7 comfortably in three newly appointed staterooms- one private master suite and two double staterooms.

2.)    Travel to Chakravarty Cup Polo Match and Join Hands with the British Royal Family: Travel to England for this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Prince William and his family at The Chakravarty Cup Polo Match, which is to be played between HRH Prince William’s Team and an International Team in Spring or Summer of 2010.

3.)    Experience Las Vegas In Style Las Vegas In Style: This Vegas trip has it all!  Private limousine, world renowned spa, private wine tasting, Cirque de Soleil Love Beatles hit show, golf at the Southern Highlands Course, dinner at the James Beard Award Winning restaurant for Best Chef – Bartolotta, and a VIP visit to one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas: Pure – where you will sip Dom Perignon and dance the night away.

4.)    4-Day Stay at the Il Bottaccio Relais & Chateaux in Italy: Renowned for exquisite properties throughout the world, this Relais & Chateaux getaway is no exception. You and a guest will enjoy a 4-day stay in a suite at the Il Bottaccio di Montignoso in the Tuscany region of Italy.

5.)    Enjoy A Luxurious 2 Bedroom Residence at the Magnificent Ritz Carlton Club, Bachelor Gulch in Beaver Creek, Colorado: Hit the slopes with this 1 week stay in January 2010 at a 1400+ square foot, 2-bedroom residence at the Ritz Carlton Club, Bachelor Gulch Premium Ski-In / Ski-Out Resort.

6.)    Bonjour! France’s premier 5-star Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat Sea View Suite Including Breakfast For 2: Mingle among the ultra rich in grand yet discreet style, amid some of the most beautiful (and expensive) real estate on earth. The peninsula of Cap-Ferrat, located halfway between Nice and Monaco in the center of the Cote d’Azur, has been a playground for kings, great artists and multi-millionaires for more than a century. And the Grand Hotel, built in 1908 at the apex of the peninsula and now a protected national monument, is Cap-Ferrat’s splendid center—17 acres of quiet shoreline and parkland surrounding belle époque architecture, a gourmet restaurant, and luxurious accommodations.

7.)    Healing Swiss Vacation at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz : Discover the timeless elegance and perfection of peace in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, the true source of being. You will experience the ultimate in luxury relaxation with a three-night vacation for two at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and Spa at the foot of the Pizol Mountains in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley of Eastern Switzerland.  Exclusive restaurants and spas are all complimentary as well!

8.)    3 Day <http://www.charitybuzz.com/categories/2/catalog_items/5100204:  Oceanfront Accommodations for Two At Costa d’Este Beach Resort: Enjoy 3-day, 2-night oceanfront accommodations for 2, including a cooking class from renown Chef David Rodriguez!

9.)    A Luxurious 3-Night Getaway in a Corner Suite at the Montage Beverly Hills: Step into a world of comfort, luxury and beauty as you and a guest check in to a sumptuous corner suite at the Montage Beverly Hills.  Your 3-night escape from the everyday will be one you’ll never forget.  Corner suites offer 875 square feet of living space, and command premium views of Beverly Drive or Canon Drive.

10.) Ciao! 2 Nights at the Villa D’Este Hotel in Italy: Villa D’Este a former 16th century princely residence, surrounded by a 25 acres park, is more than just a hotel. The luxury and magnificence of a bygone era is maintained intact.   Upon emerging from the revolving doors you feel the cares of the modern world slip away and the warm greetings of the staff make you feel at home.

11.) Travel First Class to San Francisco and Stay at the Beautiful Westin St. Francis!: This incredible package includes two first class tickets on American Airlines from anywhere in the continental U.S. to San Francisco, 3 nights at the The Westin St. Franics, and dinner for 2 at Michael Mina.

12.) Escape for 3 Nights to the Dominican Republic with Airfare from Jetblue!: Located on the exotic north coast of the Dominican Republic and directly on the water, Casa Colonial Beach & Spa is the ultimate, world-class seaside resort. This tastefully intimate resort, thoughtfully designed by Sarah Garcia, daughter of owner Don Isidro Garcia, features an exceptional fusion of old-world elegance with distinctly contemporary style. The resort sets its colonial chic vibe with sheer curtains, eclectic furnishings, fabric light elements and one-of-a-kind art throughout.

For all available auctions, go to Charitybuzz

Private Jet Vacations – Luxury Travel

Imagine not having to deal with the hassle of luggage fees or wondering if you’ll miss your connecting flight because of weather delays.

Those are just a couple of the perks associated with private jet travel. While most of us can only dream of indulging in such a luxury there are some who exclusively fly via private plane.

They are the ones who do careful trip planning and don’t need to look for private jet travel bargains.

However, if you have been saving up to splurge on a once in a lifetime trip you might consider the following private jet package deals.

TCS Expeditions is offering a deal to see some of the world’s most famous sights in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. You’ll spend two weeks flying on your own 757 from London to the mysterious sandstone city of Petra in Jordan; India’s famed Taj Mahal and the pink-stone capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur; Morocco’s ancient trading city of Marrakech; the desert metropolis of Dubai; and Egypt’s ancient Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. The trip is priced at $38,950 per person, with deluxe hotel accommodations, meals, tours, and even gratuities included.

If the cost of that adventure is too steep you might consider taking a more affordable private jet jaunt around Europe by British tour operator, Jeffersons. You choose from day trips to six-day journeys; all include roundtrip flights in a private jet (departing from smaller airports around London); complimentary drinks on the outbound flight; limousine transfer to and from the hotel; and accommodation with continental breakfast.

One example being offered right now is a two-day stay in historic Bruges in Belgium, in a luxurious suite at top-rated Hotel de Tuilerieën. The cost is $7775 per person, based on two people traveling, or $4293 if you gather a group of four. Some of the other available destinations include Paris, Venice, Monaco, Capri, and Madeira.

Finally, if money is no object then consider signing up for Abercrombie & Kent’s ultra-luxe travel package. The company’s Nine World Wonders trip departs next March and lasts 26 days.

The flight departs Miami and returns to Boston after taking you around the world to see the planet’s most incredible sights, including the dramatic Inca city of Machu Picchu, the mysterious Easter Island and Cambodia’s temple city of Angkor Wat. Sounds exciting, right? Hold on to your wallets if you are taking the flight. The mega-adventure comes with a hefty price tag: $89,800 per person.

Elope In Luxury Style

Have you always dreamed of traveling to an exotic place in a far corner of the world? What about staying on your own deserted island in the Pacific, or climbing the heights of Macchu Picchu?

Why not also get married there, in an authentic Andean ceremony? If you think that sounds amazing, but would possibly be a logistical nightmare, you’re right.  That’s only  if you’re thinking of planning a traditional wedding. Consider eloping and now ….. it’s a little more feasible.

Forbes Traveler has compiled a list of some of the most stylish and unique places to elope, because, as they put it: “The classic elopement … has been modernized and redefined. It’s less about keeping secrets than keeping the experience personal-and perfect.”

The popular image of an elopement is that it’s a spur-of-the-moment decision made by a young couple sneaking away to get married before anyone (read: parents) can stop them.

Of course, we all know that’s not always the case anymore. Instead, elopements can be as elegant or complex as any other wedding – except for the fact that there is no guest list. (Which let’s face it, is a major source of stress for many engaged couples.)

Check the article for some truly amazing locales, and get some inspiration for your perfect elopement!