3 Helpful Fashion and Cigar Tips – Smoke In Style This Winter

The temperatures are dropping and winter is approaching. Sure, we need to dress warmer but that doesn’t mean you have to give up looking your best! We are happy to share 3 helpful fashion and cigar tips from Nat Sherman.

Nat Sherman International was founded way back in 1930. The family business has thrived for three generations. The company’s goal is to drive the authentic tobacco experience. Their products are sold and respected around the world.

Three traditional activities that can still be enjoyed outdoors during fall and winter are fishing, nighttime bonfires and clay shooting. You can still look great while enjoying your favorite activity and a fine cigar from Nat Sherman. Experience a VIP lifestyle.

Michael Herklots is the VP of Retail & Brand Development at tobacconist, Nat Sherman. He has crafted the ideal style and cigar pairings. Enjoy the cool weather and the beauty of the outdoors.


Nat Sherman Panamericana Julieta Cigars
Fishing is a terrific way to spend time with and bond with generations of fathers, grandfathers and sons. It is such a wonderful family adventure. Be sure to dress properly and look your best. In addition, don’t forget that perfect cigar in hand. Make the outing a memory that will last forever.

The Perfect Nat Sherman Cigar:
Michael Herklots VP of Retail & Brand Development at Nat Sherman recommends the Nat Sherman Panamericana Julieta.

What To Wear:
Orvis Clearwater Mesh Fishing Vest that is a great choice for any angler, Kuhl® Radikl™ Pants that boast all the design details for your fishing adventure, Award-winning Patagonia Tractor Wading Boots, and a Barbour® Classic Bedale Jacket for men stand up to cold, wind, and rain, and a Shearling-Lined Ivy Cap with earflaps that bring an extra measure of warmth to
this cap.


Nat Sherman Metropolitan Connecticut Explorer cigars
When the nights turn cold, it’s best to find the heat. A bonfire party is the perfect solution. Spend quality time with friends and family around a warm fire. A bonfire offers the ideal environment for your party guests to sits around the crackling fire and share good times. You can roast marshmallows, enjoy a nice glass of red wine, as well as a fine cigar. What a way to spend a perfect night outdoors.

The Perfect Nat Sherman Cigar:
Michael Herklots, VP of Retail & Brand Development at Nat Sherman recommends Nat Sherman Metropolitan Connecticut Explorer.

What To Wear:
Hunter Original Rubber Lace-Up Boots, Award-winning Hybridge Lite Jacket Black Label by Canada Goose for a flexible fit with premium down insulation, the Winchester Double Thickness Wool Scarf by Smart Turnout to add a pop of color, and a custom Eastlake Cardigan by Billy Reid.


Nat Sherman 1930 Corona Grande cigars
Clay Shooting
Many people have never tried clay shooting. It’s a really fun experience. Enjoy an exciting adventure outdoors. A gathering of family and friends will lots of fun participating in this competitive activity. To look your best while clay shooting, check out Michael’s below tips. He shares his best recommended cigar to smoke, in addition to fashion advice to shoot in

The Perfect Nat Sherman Cigar:
Michael Herklots VP of Retail & Brand Development at Nat Sherman recommends the Nat Sherman 1930 Corona Grande.

What To Wear:
Orvis Best-Grade Sporting Clays Gloves that offer unparalleled grip and feel, Laksen Clays Shooting Jacket that is waterproof and breathable, Convertible Dove and Clays Belt that is an Orvis best seller for years and Gokey® Classic Upland Boots that are a classic and made in the USA.

You can purchase Nat Sherman cigars at the Nat Sherman Townhouse in New York City or on their website – NatSherman.com

We hope you enjoyed the 3 helpful fashion and cigar tips from Nat Sherman. Be sure to stop by soon and follow our luxury blog. Read about the best in luxury living.

Photos: Nat Sherman

Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Nat Sherman

Finding that perfect Valentine’s Day gift with the holiday just a week away, can be stressful. Our great friends at Nat Sherman are helping you out by suggesting several, luxury Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Finding that special gift for your loved one can be challenge. Your loved one deserves the very best. So be creative, put some thought into it and make it a memorable Valentine’s Day gift.

As for gifts go, women really love receiving clothing, chocolates and of course jewelry. She sees a blue box from Tiffany and her eyes light up like two, glistening diamonds. In addition to the unconditional love she receives form you, it’s what is inside that gift box that truly matters.

As far as men are concerned, tobacco lovers enjoy a nice cigar. Nat Sherman has been the tobacconist to the world since 1930. But in addition to great tasting cigars, they also offer many unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else.

Like a great tasting bottle fine wine, cigars are also ideal for pairing. We want to share a few Valentine’s Day gift for both him and her. Receiving the perfect gift box is a magical moment, so make it special for the one you love.



Nat Sherman Heritage Humidor
The Nat Sherman Heritage Humidors, made in collaboration with world-class humidor maker Daniel Marshall, debuted in three classic exterior finishes. The boxes incorporate a more innovative humidification system and come with movable dividers to better organize your loved one’s collection. These humidors are limited edition and are available at the Nat Sherman Townhouse in New York City or select retailers nationwide. They retail for $2,300.

Nat Sherman Connecticut Shade Candle
The Nat Sherman Connecticut Shade Candle is one of three recently released candles. The Connecticut Shade candle is a wonderful aromatic scent of Neroli Zest, Tobacco flower, fresh-cut hay, cinnamon wood, dark honey and smokey vanilla. This is a 100% natural soy-based candle that retails for $19.95.

Joel Sherman 75
Nat Sherman’s Joel Sherman 75th Celebration Cigaris the embodiment of a lifelong desire to create a unique smoking pleasure for Joel’s friends, loved ones and customers. With only 2,500 boxes in production, these limited edition cigars feature stunning, hand-selected finishes. Retails for $190/box, before applicable taxes.



Tiffany & Co. Blue Box
Tiffany & Co. is headquartered in New York City and is an American worldwide luxury jewelry and specialty retailer. Give the gift of jewelry, sterling silver, china, crystal, watches and many more luxury accessories and leather goods this Valentine’s Day. The renowned blue box says “I love you” all on its own. Prices may vary.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Packaging
It comes as no surprise that Victoria’s Secret is a part of the ideal Valentine’s Day experience. Credibility comes into play once one feasts her eyes on the famous pink box, known for being the largest American retailer of women’s lingerie. The company also sells womenswear and beauty products.

Godiva Signature Truffles
Nothing says “Be Mine” like Godiva Signature Truffles. Get your heart-shaped box this Valentine’s Day. Price and size may vary.


Super Bowl 50 will be held this Sunday, February 7 in Santa Clara, CA at Levi’s Stadium. This will be the 50th Super Bowl. The two teams fighting for the highly coveted National Football League championship are the Carolina Panthers from the NFC and Denver Broncos from the AFC. Athletic Cam Newton leads the Panthers and superstar quarterback Peyton Manning of the Broncos goes for another Super Bowl title.

Michael Herklots is the Nat Sherman Vice President of Retail & Brand Development. He has taken the time to share his amazing, cigar and beer pairings. Now you can enjoy the Super Bowl in VIP style. Impress your friends and family by offering a true, VIP experience with Nat Sherman cigars.

Birra and Nat Sherman Timeless Especiales
The Birra was paired with the Nat Sherman Timeless Especiales. The Birra was chewy and earthy with a delicate sweetness and notes of coffee and toffee. The Timeless brought earthiness while balancing that touch of sweetness. The thinner format delivered focused rich mouthfuls of smoke that layered brilliantly between the puff and sip.

Harpoon IPA and Nat Sherman Sterling Mareva
The Harpoon IPA worked very well with the Nat Sherman Sterling Mareva. The Sterling has a full, creamy mouth feel but is very elegant and complex. It can also be slightly drying. The IPA was refreshing with more herbaceous notes being brought out between the two as well as a touch of buttered toast and citrus notes.

Two Iron and Nat Sherman Timeless 556
Paired with the Nat Sherman Timeless 556, the flavors of espresso and cocoa played wonderfully with the rich red Two Iron Cabernet. The slight tannic nature of the wine was relieved by the saliva response to the cigar. The thicker ring gauge ensured a cooler smoother smoke on the palate not to overwhelm the wine.

Maker’s 46 and Nat Sherman 1930 Corona Grande
Moving on to Maker’s 46, the ABV is significantly higher. Higher alcohol spirits, served neat and at room temperature can often have a “burn” like effect, and in essence, erase and replace the flavor on your palate rather than play nice and collaborate on the palate. We paired the Nat Sherman 1930 Corona Grande – a full bodied Dominican cigar with a touch of Nicaraguan in the filler. It’s leathery and spicy, with a brighter range of notes like cinnamon, clove and other baking spices that stands up to the makers. The inclusion of ice helps soften and dilute the whiskey enough to bring out the real flavors and aroma, reduce temperature, and really highlight the dialogue created by these two.

We hope you enjoyed these incredible gift ideas from Nat Sherman. Please visit their site at – http://www.natsherman.com

Make that special loved one in your life know you love her with a memorable Valentine’s Day Gift from Nat Sherman. Withour luxury concierge services, we can offer luxury travel packages plus a VIP expereince to your favorite red carpet award show. Follow our popular luxury blog for other incredible gift ideas.

Photo: Nat Sherman

Luxurious Titanium Cigar Pod from Solloshi Design

Cigar aficionados have long desired a humidor to preserve their cherished cigar collection, but also have a growing need for it to be stylish. How about a cigar pod made to look like an authentic Colt gun cylinder to get people talking?

Solloshi Design has taken their love of both luxury cigars and guns to a different level. The company offers a variety of the finest titanium accessories. For example, they have created a stunning Titanium Cigar Pod named Themis.

Themis sells for $9,500 and this titanium cigar pod authentic bearings and ratchet mechanism that housing six CNC-milled titanium “bullets” (aka. cigars). Each pod from Solloshi Design includes a mini-humidor to preserve your finest cigars. The Themis titanium cigar pod can hold up to 6 cigars and internally, measures 22 mm X 185 mm.

Cronus is a slightly smaller cigar pod that sells for $7,500. It’s internal measurements are 9.5 mm X 89.0 mm, holds up to 6 cigarillos or cigarettes and like the Themis mode, is made from aerospace grade titanium.

In addition, Solloshi Design has developed a line of distinctive, cnc-machined Ti cigar pods. Hyperion has been described by some people as the most luxurious cigar tube design they have ever seen. The Hyperion cigar tube can hold and protect a single cigar. It’s CNC machined from titanium blocks and include 4 different parts that are combined to produce the final product. This unique cigar tube includes a small humidifier and the inside measurement is 22.45 mm X 234 mm. This limited edition cigar tube is priced at $18,900.

For those looking for a lower price point, the Iapteus cigar holder tube has a price of only $660. It features a minimalist design. Iapteus is also CNC machined from a single block of titanium. Each cigar tube has a small humidifier and the interior measures 17 mm X 165 mm.

These amazing cigar pods and cigar holders from Solloshi Design make the perfect gift for that Cigar aficionado in your life. Enjoy your fine cigar in VIP style!

If you are interested in buying a cigar pod or cigar holder from Solloshi Design, contact us today. The Life of Luxury desires to keep abreast of the latest news and product announcements in the luxury industry. Follow and read our luxury blog.

Photo: Solloshi Design / Gosztom Gergo

Cigar Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day From Nat Sherman

Nat Sherman is a well known family owned business that was founded back in 1930. For three generations, Nat Sherman International has continued to define the authentic tobacco experience.

Now that Christmas and New Year’s are over, Valentine’s Day will be here sooner than you think. For that special person in your life that loves the taste of a fine cigar, Nat Sherman has offered six wonderful gifts.

The Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Nat Sherman are the perfect mix of cigars and accessories to show your love and affection. Give that cigar aficionado a gift that he or she will remember for years to come.

XIKAR Limited Edition Nat Sherman Cutter ($325)
The Xikar Cutter creates the finest cut for your fine cigar with both style and efficiency. The aluminum body houses double guillotine steel blades that appears upon command. Impress your lover with an elegant design and recognized Nat Sherman logo.

Nat Sherman Metropolitan Maduro ($163 box of 20)
For a mild, rich and smooth cigar flavor, choose a box of The Metropolitan Maduro featuring a dark Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. It doesn’t matter if your loved one enjoys a medium-bold or rich and complex cigar, Nat Sherman’s diverse collection has an option to please any palate.

Thanks to a special fermentation process, the great tasting cigar is a result of incorporating more natural heat with humidity. The process adds a bit more body and a richer sweetness to the smoke, without increasing its strength.

Nat Sherman Executive Ashtray ($125.00)
The Executive Cigar Ashtray is made from a combination of a modern pewter grid, atop a rich mahogany base creates a bold yet elegant statement for your significant other.

Orion Lighter Red sold at Nat Sherman ($100)
With the Orion lighter, you’ll be on the receiving end of twin pinpoint torch flames. A single action ignition button guarantees a steady light every time and is sure to ignite the flame with your loved one!

6 oz Exotic Wood Padauk Flask ($85)
Give the one you love the 6 oz Exotic Wood Padauk Flask from Brizard and Co. so that he can enjoy his favorite spirit wherever and whenever. No cigar experience is complete without a drink to compliment the cigar and vice versa. This stylish flask features Padauk wood that’s wrapped around a stainless steel frame. Padauk wood is valued for its toughness and decorative appeal, making it a gift that will last the ages.

Timeless 6 Cigar Assortment ($69)
The original 4 cigars from our award winning Timeless cigar selection in a beautiful hand crafted wooden slide top box including the #2 rated cigar aficionado’s #10 in the top 25 cigars of 2012 plus the two newest sizes, the Divinos and the Especiale. It makes the perfect gift that will make any cigar lover smile.

These cigar related gift products are available at the Nat Sherman Townhouse in New York City or on their web site. You can also contact The Life of Luxury and we can assist you in finding the perfect gift for your Valentine.

Enjoy Smoking A Premium Cigar – The Nat Sherman Sterling

Nat Sherman recently announced the latest addition to its premium cigar portfolio – The Nat Sherman Sterling.

The Nat Sherman Sterling cigar is comprised of four traditional vitolas and tied in wheels of 25 cigars, then carefully packed in beautiful slide-top cabinet boxes.

Founded in 1930, Nat Sherman International has long been recognized as the “Tobacconist to the World” and continues to define the authentic tobacco experience. Its quality fine cigars are embraced and enjoyed worldwide. Their cigars are smooth, meticulously constructed, and well-presented.

Nat Sherman was quoted, “The Nat Sherman Sterling redefines elegance. Following on the heels of our Nat Sherman 1930 and award-winning Timeless collections, The Nat Sherman Sterling maintains Nat Sherman’s tradition of passion and creativity by showcasing yet another unique blend of the world’s finest tobaccos.”

The new fine cigar was unveiled last month at the 2013 International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Convention in Las Vegas.

The Nat Sherman Sterling cigar

The Perlas (4″ x 40), Marevas (5″ x 42), Dalias (6.25″ x 43) and Corona Gorda (5.75″ x 46) cigars all feature a blend of aged-Dominican filler tobaccos (the oldest has been aged for ten years). They also come with a Dominican binder and a stunning Ecuador-grown Connecticut wrapper.

Carefully handmade at the MATASA factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic, the new cigars are priced from $9.00 to $15.00 per cigar, and are available exclusively at authorized Nat Sherman Tobacconists throughout the United States.  The cigar brand’s New York City store has been around since the company’s beginning – in 1930.

Romeo by Romeo y Julieta Cigars

 Romeo by Romeo y Julieta cigar box
Romeo y Julieta

Altadis USA is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the latest act in this enduring love story – ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta.

The legendary Romeo y Julieta Cigar brand is always in demand and certainly lives up to its Cuban heritage. A Romeo y Julieta cigar is unlike any to come before it!

Ever since 1875, cigar aficionados have been passionate about Romeo y Julieta. It’s clearly one of the premium cigar world’s best-known and most highly trusted brands. Romeo y Julieta has always been revered for its consistently excellent, mild smokes.

Now, Romeo brings new excitement to the contemporary aficionado with this line of modern, fuller-bodied cigars. This new fine cigar will be available at retail tobacconists starting this month and comes in four sizes: Churchill, Piramide, Robusto and Toro.

Robust, full-bodied and rich in complex flavor nuances, Romeo is meticulously crafted at the famed Tabacalera de Garcia in the Dominican Republic by the skilled hands of the factory’s most accomplished artisans, each with decades of expertise, chosen specifically to create this uncommon cigar.

Romeo by Romeo y Julieta cigars are destined to become a spectacular smokedestined and will set a new trend in fine, luxury cigars.

Fine Cigars and Accessories From Nat Sherman

how_smoke_cigar . jpg” alt=”How to smoke a cigar” width=”500″ height=”383″ />

As Valentine’s Day nears, many women struggle to find a perfect gift for their husband, boyfriend or significant other.  For a cigar aficionado in your life, we present several cigar related gifts.

For Valentine’s Day, Nat Sherman, Tobacconist to the World since 1930, offers an ideal selection of fine cigars and accessories to show your love and affection with a memorable gift.

You can find all of these accessories on the Nat Sherman website.

For the one who takes pride and passion in every aspect of the cigar smoking experience, the XIKAR VX Gunmetal Cutter is a wonderful choice ($50.00). This cutter’s gunmetal body houses an inverted blade that produces a clean cut every time.

A true cigar aficionado understands that the perfect lighter leads to the perfect cigar. Treat your loved one with the ST Dupont Line 2 Windsor Lighter ($1,400.00). Inspired by the famous Windsor Collection of the 1950’s (which was itself inspired by the Duke), this lighter offers a unique and elegant combination of Chinese lacquer and palladium.

No cigar experience is complete without a drink to compliment the cigar and vice versa. Give the one you love the 6 oz Exotic Wood Padauk Flask from Brizard and Co. so that he can enjoy his favorite spirit wherever, and whenever ($85.00). This flask features Padauk wood wrapped around its stainless steel frame. Padauk wood is valued for its toughness and decorative appeal, making it a gift that will last the ages.

Whether your loved one enjoys a medium-bold or rich and complex cigar, Nat Sherman’s diverse collection has an option to please any palate. For a medium-bold strength and flavor choose a box of the Gotham Eastside Cigars (from $191.00 – $228.00 per box). If he prefers a more rich, complex and earthy flavor, a box from The Bench Collection is a just the right option (from $154.00 – $178.25 per box).

Gurkha – His Majesty’s Reserve Cigar

Gurkha cigars
Gurkha – His Majesty’s Reserve Cigar

The high end cigar market has definitely changed over the past several years. There has been a strong emergence of U.S. based cigar companies. Legendary Gurkha cigars is clearly the leader.

The worldwide economic slump has hit the Cuban cigar industry hard, but Miami based cigar company – Gurkha, is doing quite well. Gurkha continues to be awarded some of the highest honors in the cigar industry.

Looking for the perfect gift for that man in your life or a friend, relative, co-worker, boss, etc… can be a challenge. Maybe this is the ideal gift for him.

You can’t find anything better to go along with a bottle of holiday cheer, than a limited edition, $1,500 His Majesty’s Reserve Gurkha Cigar.

The His Majesty’s Reserve cigar by Gurka or as it’s more commonly known – “HMR”, is the world’s most expensive cigar.

During the time of British rule in India, colonial soldiers began rolling their own cigars from the local tobacco. Back then, the British held a fondness for the legendary Nepalese fighters and they inspired them to name their cigars “Gurkhas.”

Since that period, Gurkha has proudly become America’s premier producer of fine tobacco products.

What makes luxury cigar maker Gurkha unique is they combine both art and taste to offer a unique, but total overall experience to the cigar consumer.

Gurkha cigars are made from the world’s finest tobaccos and spices.

Blended by Kaizad Hansotia, each Gurkha cigar is a true masterpiece that both inspires and celebrates the rich art of a hand-rolled cigar.

Many of the most famous and expensive of cigar brands sell their cigars in a plain cedar box. But unlike those other cigar companies, all fine-made Gurkha cigars come packaged in a work of art. Each Gurkha cigar container reflects the product line’s individual character and unique traits.

So whether you are a seasoned cigar aficionado or a novice smoker, an extremely unique Gurkha cigar, such as the $1,500 His Majesty’s Reserve Gurkha Cigar …. can be truly enjoyed by all.

For information on the Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve Cigar plus all Gurka cigars please visit: http://www.gurkhacigars.com/cigars.cfm

Gurkha – One of The Best Cigars in the World

Gurkha cigar
Gurkha cigars

Gurkha is widely known as one of the best cigars in the world. Many cigar lovers strongly believe Gurkha cigars are truly the best in the world.

Similar to fine wine, the premier cigars are a result of utilizing the best tobacco and proper aging. The tobacco aging process can last from five to ten years, but is critical to the excellent taste of all Gurkha cigars.

Here is a sample of some of our favorite cigars from Gurkha:

Crest L’Grand
One of the best cigars Gurkha makes. The company can only release 250 Crest L’Grand boxes this year. A special 9 year aged Connecticut broad leaf maduro wrapper has given this Gurkha cigar a remarkable taste. The Crest L’Grand cigar box is exquisite and will be a collector’s center piece and the envy of all your friends.
– Connecticut Maduro Wrapper, Nicaraguan Binder, Nicaraguan Filler.

Evil Corona
As Gurkha owner and founder Kaizad Hansotia has been quoted as saying, “this cigar is pure evil”. Make no mistakes here folks, it truly is pure evil. The Gurkha Evil Corona is one of the top rated cigars in the annual IPCPR convention for strength, quality, and construction. The Gurkha Evil will test your ability to walk and talk after smoking this amazingly strong, but complete cigar. Available in boxes of 20, the Elvis Wrapper is a dark oily Brazilian, with a pumped up Dominican Binder, and a Nicaraguan filler that will deliver all that you want and more in a cigar.
– Brazilian Wrapper, Dominican Binder, Nicaraguan Filler.

Assassin Torpedo
This Assassin Torpedo cigar lives up to it’s name. It will not take any prisoners. Gurkha’s first true full body cigar will test your pallet and your fill. The Assassin Torpedo cigar by Gurkha comes in five shapes Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, Churchill, and the infamous DAGGER. This strong but flavorful Brazilian Wrapper, accompanied by a perfect Dominican Binder, with an exquisite Peruvian/Nicaraguan Filler lives up to its name- the Assassin.
– Brazilian Wrapper, Dominican Binder, Peruvian / Nicaraguan Filler.

Ancient Warrior Emperor
One of Gurkha’s most popular cigars in the market. These Brazilian cigars are true to its name. The legendary smoothness of the Ancient Warrior Emperor cigar, which is true of all Gurkha Cigars, but yet it is also a medium bodied blend for cigar aficionados.
– Brazilian Wrapper, Dominican Binder, Honduran, Dominican Filler.

Black Dragon
The craftsmanship and characteristics of this cigar are so harmonious in the blending. It is truly a Dragon full of strength and graceful flavors.
– Connecticut Maduro Wrapper, Cameroon Binder, Dominican Filler.

Grand Reserve Torpedo
The Grand Reserve is the flagship brand of Gurkha Cigars. This magnificent Gurkha cigar is infused with the finest cognac in the world, handmade from the finest tobaccos. The premium Connecticut shade wrapper gives this Honduran made cigar a rich, creamy flavor with a hint of spice and promises a pleasantly light finish you will truly enjoy.
– Cognac Infused, Connecticut Shade Wrapper, Dominican Binder, Dominican Filler.

Gurkha cigar - Grand Reserve
Gurkha cigar – Grand Reserve

To learn more about the entire line of high quality Gurkha cigars, please visit – http://www.gurkhacigars.com/