Shen Yun – A Magical Journey of Traditional Chinese Culture

I had the honor of seeing a Shen Yun performance. The 2017 show season marks its 10th anniversary world tour. It was spectacular and truly portrays genuine Chinese culture that cannot be seen anywhere else. Shen Yun has performed in sold out theaters all around the world. From the first act to the last, it was an amazing performance.

The show was established in 2006 by a group of talented Chinese artists. Genuine Chinese culture has become a lost art in China. As a result, Chinese artists banded together to try to revive the traditions and share with the world.

The show is a blend of culture, incredible dances, musical numbers, timeless stories and also includes a live orchestra. Classical Chinese dance becomes the vessel to tell a fascinating story, covering 5,000 years of Chinese civilization. Now it becomes a way for the modern world to appreciate China’s traditional values.

One of top crowd pleasers was how Shen Yun integrated technological innovation with ancient legends. The full stage backdrops complimented each performance perfectly. The backdrops were animated, so it appeared performers were morphing both to and from the stage with the backdrop. A creative, special effects method right from Hollywood. One moment you are in the snow covered mountains for a Tibetan celebration. Next go back to a peaceful time in the grasslands with Mongolian horsemen.

The performance is broken into two main sets, with a 15 minute intermission. All of the dance segments are brilliantly choreographed. The talented dancers wear colorful, traditional Chinese costumes. These beautiful, handmade costumes add just as much importance to each routine, as the dancers themselves.

Each dance number highlights a group of very talented dancers. Their moves are graceful, effortless and always in unison. Each number was a fine balance of grace and beauty, along with incredible gymnastic tumbling moves. Classical Chinese dance has lived in for many generations via ancient theater, folk traditions, as well as imperial court performances.

Chinese culture has long been driven by Buddhist, Taoist and of course Confucian teachings. Therefore, Shen Yun has perfectly integrated those wisdoms in its show. Key virtues such as justice, loyalty and benevolence are taught and become the foundation of each Chinese person. The hope is good will be rewarded and evil actions appropriately punished.

Shen Yun

What I enjoyed was the pace of the show. Even during the slower, artistic performances, the show had a driving energy that the audience could feel. From the stunning scenery, creative choreography and live music, Shen Yun conveyed a energetic vibe that resonated throughout the theater.

Many live theatrical shows only use soundtracks. But Shen Yun has a live orchestra and included many traditional instruments. The musical score seamlessly fitted the theme of the show. It never overpowered and never underwhelmed. The audience was introduced to traditional Chinese music that most had likely never even heard before. All of the music played is original and influenced by China’s rich history and culture.

Shen Yun also presented live singers and musical performances. Accompanied by a talented pianist, both a male and female sang beautiful numbers. In addition, a woman played an erhu. This traditional Chinese instrument has been around for over 4,000 years. Similar to a small cello, but it only has two strings. The sounds were harmonious and brilliantly played.

A male and female walk out on the stage after each number, to narrate and introduce the next act. We learn that the current Communist Party in China does not allow authentic culture to be performed. They fear this culture as a direct threat to their power. Although Shen Yun has performed in front of millions of people all around the world, it has surprisingly never been seen in China.

Shen Yun

What was interesting to learn, was that the show’s performers are spiritually inspired by meditation and self improvement techniques. The practice is called Falun Dafa. The performers brings together both meditation and study into their daily lives. As a result, their on stage performances appear more genuine and they truly enjoy what they do.

If you are looking for an uplifting and dazzling performance, makes plans to see Shen Yun yourself. Become more educated about ancient Chinese wisdom and the country’s rich culture. Learn that both earth and heaven live as one – in harmony.

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Photo: Shen Yun

Cruise the Yangtze River on the Renovated Victoria Jenna Ship from Victoria Cruises

Since its first luxury cruise down the Yangtze River in China in 1994, Victoria Cruises set the bar high and established a new level of excellence. Based in New York City, Victoria Cruises has been busy renovating all its cruise ships. Work on their Victoria Jenna ship was just completed last month and it joined the rest of the five-star fleet.

The Victoria Jenna returned to cruise the Yangtze River between the cities of Chongqing and Yichang. This popular Chinese river cruise is titled Three Gorges Highlights program. The ship sets sail each week on Monday and Thursday. The luxury cruise ship first sailed in 2009 and its renovation included touches of modern elegance and additional luxurious amenities.

Victoria Cruises also finished work on its Victoria Katarina vessel. It went through two different, overhaul projects in 2010 and 2014. Following strict Western standards, all Victoria Cruises ships are designed with the ultimate safety and comfort. Their goal is that each ship’s performance surpasses the high standards expected by both American and European travelers.

As the leading Yangtze River cruise company, Victoria Cruises is proud to have achieved the coveted five-star rating from the China National Tourism Administration on all its luxury cruise ships. In 2010. the Victoria Jenna earned the Silver Award Winner for the Magellan Awards’ River Cruise Ship category by Travel Weekly.

Larry Greenman is the manager of PR and customer service for Victoria Cruises and was quoted, “Since the launch of the Victoria Jenna in 2009, the vessel has been surpassed by our own innovations as we’ve modernized the rest of our fleet one ship at a time. This is a particularly meaningful milestone for us as we’ve restored the six-year-old vessel’s position as the flagship at the forefront of our elegant, five-star fleet. It also signifies the completion of the extensive fleet-wide redesign we began in 2010.”

Victoria Jenna ship Executive Suite

Similar to the other cruise ships, the Victoria Jenna features a large private balcony. It’s ideal to sit back, relax and enjoy the mist-shrouded views of the mighty Yangtze River. As you cruise along the river, take in incredible sights such as centuries-old pagodas, temples and impressive stone carvings.

The ship’s Executive Suites measure 333 square feet in size. These roomy suites with private balcony allow plenty to relax and enjoy your luxury cruise. The Shangri-La Suites are a spacious 587 square feet. The suite also has a private balcony, measuring an additional 215 square feet of space.

The Yangtze is the longest river in Asia, in addition to being the third-longest anywhere in the world. The Nile River is #1 and Amazon River #2. It measures almost 4,000 miles long and its waters eventually flow into East China Sea north of Shanghai.

Yangtze river cruise

There are both three- and four-night cruise options for the Three Gorges Highlights voyage package. Cruise prices begin at only $980 per person, based on double occupancy. For cruise travelers who want a VIP experience, be sure to book the optional, Luxury Amenities program. With this program, you can expect numerous VIP perks. Enjoy upper deck placement on the ship, personalized “white glove” service, exclusive happy hour, complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access, exclusive ship area access, plus enhanced culinary privileges such as a la carte service and wine and beer with your dinner each night.

A key highlight of any cruise is the choice of shore excursions. For only $90, you can tour the famous red pagoda Shibaozhai and the Three Gorges Dam. Float along the Goddess Stream in a traditional sampan and take in the gorgeous scenery and surrounding peaks. Keep yous eyes open an you’ll see monkeys and even mountain goats.

Enjoy a luxury cruise on the Yangtze River in China on the newly renovated Victoria Jenna ship from Victoria Cruises. Our premier concierge service desk can assist with all of your travel needs. Stop by again to follow this popular luxury blog. We enjoy sharing the latest travel industry news and top tour destinations from around the world.

Photo: Victoria Cruises

New, Luxury China Cruise Liner to Launch in 2020

When complete, the first, luxury cruise liner built in China will be greater than twice as large as the Titanic. Although it won’t be making its maiden voyage until 2020, the new China cruise liner will be massive.

The luxury China cruise liner will be built by the largest largest shipbuilder – China State Shipbuilding Corp or CSSC. In a joint venture with Carnival Corporation, the two companies signed a staggering £2.6 billion agreement. Carnival is the largest cruise ship operator in the world, so it’s a great fit to help build the biggest China cruise liner.

In addition to the two companies named above, China Investment Corp (CIC) is also involved in the joint venture. CIC is one of the biggest sovereign wealth management funds anywhere in the world.

The focus is to clearly create a new luxury cruise-line industry in China and capture a share of this booming, worldwide market. Chinese travelers have caught the cruise bug and are cruising in record numbers. Tourist industry analysts are projecting that mainland Chinese travelers will spend approximately US$11.5 million on cruises by 2018. That number was about US$6.8 billion in 2013, so the estimate is almost doubling

The new cruise ship is expected to carry about 5,000 passengers and weigh about 130,000 tons. The ship will also be about 300 meters long.

Alan Buckelew is the Global Chief Operations Officer at Carnival and was quoted, “This joint venture is a significant step forward for the cruise industry in China and a tremendous opportunity … to increase awareness, interest and demand for cruise vacations among domestic Chinese travelers.”

The role that Carnival Corp will fulfill in this joint venture is to do “ship design and shipbuilding expertise”. Carnival currently operates to other cruise line brands – Princess Cruises in China and Costa Cruises.

To give you a great example of how much mainland China travelers love to cruise, they accounted for about a 45% increase over 2013, totaling almost 740k passengers in 2014. We expect 2015 to also show a large year over year increase.

As China continues to grow as a leading travel country, we should see more news on new cruise ships and joint ventures to capitalize on the business opportunity.

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Luxury Market Demand Continues to Drive Ivory Poaching

China’s most highly regarded and well known in-depth talk show, Yang Lan One-on-One interviewed Derek and Beverly Joubert, while they were in China. A follow-up from her interview with the Joubert’s on her Village Forum, which was viewed on social media by 195 million people. Recently the Chinese government announced they would start the process of banning all ivory importation.

Derek and Beverly have lived and worked in Botswana, Africa for over 30 years. They are award winning filmmakers and have produced numerous articles for National Geographic Magazine. The Joubert’s have spoken about the rapid rate at which we are losing rhino, elephant, leopard and lion due to a limitless in-demand market in China and South East Asia.

Ivory poaching is a highly prized material in China. It has many usages, one being the material used to make chop-sticks. Amongst the necessities ivory is used for, the Asian hunger for wild animal parts claim to work miracles ranging from increasing virility, to curing cancer.

During the interview with Yang Lan, Dereck Joubert was quoted, “If we can draw on the ancient wisdom of care, compassion, respect, trust and empathy that is so prevalent over 2,000 years of Chinese culture from dynasty to dynasty, we will find a common language. And if China can shutdown the demand, we can handle closing off the supply with anti–poaching and crime fighting.”

The demand has driven ivory poaching and profits from illegal trafficking to record-shattering levels. Africa is losing 5 lions per day, 5 elephants per hour, and a rhino every 7 hours. The decline of these key species could threaten both the environment and the economy of Africa.

Even though this may be an African problem, controlling the demand and trafficking from China and the Far East could shorten poaching along with not ignoring the problem alone. Derek and Beverly have launched a new initiative to help save Africa’s rhinos. A huge part has to be creating awareness. Starting with Africa, and Asia.

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Picture: Lufei Photo

New Family Packages at the Luxurious Sheraton Macao Hotel

Once a Portuguese colony, Macao is rich with both culture and history. Macao was named by Lonely Planet as one of the “Top 10” regions to visit in 2015. One of our top picks to stay is the luxurious Sheraton Macao Hotel – Cotai Central.

In China, Macao continues to become a popular leisure destination and the offers visitors a chance to view several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With its booming gambling industry and luxury casinos, Macao has been called the “Las Vegas of Asia.”

Located across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong, Macao bustles as an exhilarating entertainment center in Asia, with beautiful vacation spots to enjoy a luxury vacation.

The Sheraton Macao Hotel also is an appealing, luxury property for families who desire a VIP experience. The luxury hotel is offering various family-friendly packages this summer. Here is a summary:

· Junior Hotelier Program – Sheraton Macao Hotel gives kids a unique chance to learn about running a luxury hotel while also having fun. while having fun. This existing program has been so popular, the Sheraton Macao Hotel is extending it throughout this summer.

· Suites and Meals – Sheraton Macao Hotel offers it family guests the DreamWorks-themed family suites. Great for all ages. Enjoy breakfast with Shrekfast. It’s a truly entertaining morning meal for kids who get to meet their favorite Shrek movie characters.

· Planet J – Known as the world’s largest indoor theme park, Planet J opens this summer. The luxury theme park is a beautifully decorated 100,000 square-foot indoor fantasy world. Take a magical journey through the Magic Stone Kingdom. Each guest uses their own “magic scroll” smart phone that comes loaded with Planet J apps for a terrific interactive, experience. Now that’s having fun – VIP style.

Ready for a great family experience and to visit Macao for your next vacation? Contact The Life of Luxury and we can book all your travel plans including a stay at the luxury Sheraton Macao Hotel in China. Read this luxury blog to learn about other luxury travel packages.

Photo: Sheraton Macao Hotel – Cotai Central

Luxury Hotel Éclat Beijing Also Focuses on Sustainability

Hotel Éclat Beijing first opened last year but has made sustainability a top goal in addition to offering its guest the best in luxury living. Featuring 100 rooms and luxury suites, Hotel Éclat Beijing also offers numerous, signature dining options.

The luxury hotel is located in the Parkview Green area of Beijing, China and is proud to be the First Integrated Commercial Complex awarded the highly coveted LEED® Platinum Certification in China.

The focus of Hotel Éclat Beijing covers every corner of this luxury hotel. The hotel offers its own unique microclimate that is delivered via the triple-layered glass walling plus ETFE membrane roofing “environmental shield.” So regardless of a cold summer or sizzling summer heat, the hotel’s special climate-control system generates a comfortable ambient temperature throughout the year.

The property also produces highly efficient water use and requires about 50% less energy use as, compared to buildings of similar size.

Hotel Éclat Beijing strives to save electricity while bot sacrificing light. A new program replaced 960 LED light bulbs in the hotel’s corridors from 28w to 7w. The total annual savings is about 20kw.

Another program captures grey waste water that comes from both showers and baths and after treatment, re-used in public area toilets. This program accounts for about 45% of its water use to be recycled.

It’s quite evident that sustainable living is something taken serious at Hotel Éclat Beijing, covering everything from conserving water, air quality, saving energy, in addition to minimizing exposure to any harmful toxins.

The luxury hotel offering VIP service and amenities to its guests, has also achieved numerous awards in the travel industry, including: “Best New Luxury Hotel” at the World Luxury Hotel Awards, “The Hurun Hot Hotel Award” plus “Most expected new opening hotel” by Life Style magazine.

This luxury hotel in Beijing, China has infused tremendous works of art into its luxurious, interior decor. You’ll be able to gave at beautiful art pieces from famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, plus numerous Chinese artists. Hotel Éclat Beijing also houses the largest privately owned collection of contemporary art found anywhere in China. This massive art collection grows by the day by supporting China’s leading in addition to up-and-coming artists.

Luxury travel

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Fairmont Nanjing – Latest Luxury Hotel to Open in China

The luxury Fairmont Nanjing hotel is Fairmont’s fourth hotel property to open in China. The new hotel can be found in the prestigious district of Hexi New Town, in Nanjing.

The Fairmont Nanjing offers hotel guests 359 spacious, well-appointed guestrooms and suites. The hotel is actualy located on the upper floors of the 62-storey Jin Ao Tower. This incredibly stylish building in Nanjing resembes a huge Chinese lantern.

Each of the luxury guestrooms provides stunning views of the scenic Yangtze River and the city of Nanjing. The hotel rooms are well-equipped with the best luxury amenities such as Fairmont’s signature bedding, a 46-inch flat panel television, and high-speed internet access.

For those who enjoy a plush bathroom, you are in luck. Each contemporary bathroom at the Fairmont Nanjing features a rain shower stall and New York perfumer Le Labo bathroom amenities, in addition to being fragranced with the exclusive Rose 31 scent.

As an added bonus, the new luxury hotel in China offer Fairmont Gold rooms and suites, the luxury brand, Fairmont’s hotel within a hotel concept.

This exclusive lifestyle experience offers guests a wide variety of additional privileges and personalized services. Samples of such include: private check-in and exclusive access to the Fairmont Gold Lounge, which serves complimentary breakfast and evening cocktail canapés daily.

After that long trip or busy day enjoying the local sites, it’s time for some relaxation and pampering. Enjoy the hotel’s 1,120 square meter Willow Stream Spa which is found on Level 33. Willow Stream Spa features seven private treatment rooms and suites that all offer both Asian and Western treatments. You will also find an indoor mineral pool, steam rooms and saunas.

For a memorable fine dining experience, consider one of the seven restaurants and bars at the new Fairmont Nanjing hotel. Altitude is an all-day dining restaurant found at Level 60 and offers incredible 360 degree panoramic view of the city. Vancouver Grill; Richesse Chinoise which specializes in authentic Huaiyang, Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines.

Cloud 62 is the first and only rooftop-bar in all of Nanjing. The sleek decor dazzles with tented cabanas, music bar, Jacuzzi, plus a man-made beach. Music@61 contains three distinct lounges including a cocktail, whisky and wine lounge. Other dining establishments are the Streetz Café, a bistro and the Lobby Lounge.

To celebrate the opening of the Fairmont Nanjing hotel, Fairmont is offering a special introductory offer. Valid through April 30, 2014, you can enjoy accommodations in a Deluxe Room with daily breakfast for two, complimentary high speed internet access and 30% savings at all food and beverage outlets. The package price is RMB 888 per night.

If you want to book your reservation at the new Fairmont Nanjing hotel, please contact The Life of Luxury and one of our travel concierge specialists will assist you with your reservation and all of your China trip details.

New Luxury Raffles Hainan Hotel in China

Raffles Hotels & Resorts is proud to be an award-winning, luxury international hotel company. Its history dates all the way back to 1887 when the with Raffles Singapore was first opened. Now the Raffles Hainan will open in China this month on the tropical island of Hainan.

Raffles Hainan is the company’s second hotel to open in China. The new luxury resort will open in Clearwater Bay, which has become the new hotspot on China’s southeast coast of Hainan Island.

Clearwater Bay is a 500 square-kilometre development that includes the Raffles resort, plus two championship golf courses adjacent to Raffles, private residences, a cinema complex, luxury retail, yacht clubs and a 780-berth marina for sailing and water sports.

Offering 12 kilometres of gorgeous coastline, Clearwater Bay is likened to the French Riviera and is destined to rise near the top the luxury tourism market.

Raffles Hainan offers hotel guests the perfect beachfront location with 299 rooms – starting at 80sqm – plus 32 villas, all with private balconies and scenic views of the ocean or golf course.

With a strong connection to art, Raffles Hotels &; Resorts wanted to continue that trend in Hainan. Raffles Hainan showcases over 1,000 beautiful works of art throughout the luxury China resort.

Herbert Laubichler-Pichler is the General Manager of Raffles Hainan and was quoted, “Raffles Hainan will be one of the most prestigious addresses on China’s popular holiday island as the first luxury opening on Clearwater Bay, the only resort adjoining championship golf courses and with Sanya’s largest guestrooms, all with sea-view balconies. With the addition of Raffles’ signature warm and graceful service embodied by the Raffles Butlers, we are setting a new luxury benchmark on the island.”

The Raffles Spa offers ultimate pampering an relaxation. The spa features both Asian and Western treatments to its clients. Foodies will enjoy seven fine dining restaurants and bars, and private events spaces will sit alongside Hainan’s homage to the Long Bar at Raffles Singapore, in tribute to the Hainanese bartender who created the Singapore Sling.

Rooms and suites at the Raffles Hainan will feature a contemporary design that combines local inspired interior design accents. Artisan wood furnishings, colorful fabrics and artworks pay homage to the traditional hill tribes in Hainan, and bring a sense of place to the interiors.

To make plans and visit China and stay at the luxury Raffles Hainan hotel, please contact The Life of Luxury and talk to one of our travel concierge specialists to book your dream vacation.

The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin – New Luxury China Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin - China
The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin

The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin is set to open mid-2013. This will be the first Ritz-Carlton in the northeast China city of Tianjin, which is a 30-minute ride from Beijing via high-speed rail.

Located by the Haihe River, the Chinese city Tianjin is a key hub of the economy with a population of about 6 million, experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in all of China.

Located in the heart of the central business district, the 277-room luxury hotel will form an iconic landmark featuring 53 suites, four restaurants and bars, and an upscale Cantonese restaurant with 10 private dining rooms, each showcasing its own private wine cellar.

The luxury hotel’s property will include an indoor swimming pool, luxury fitness and spa facilities, public meeting space and one of the city’s largest ballrooms.

The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin Flair Bar and Lounge will offer Asian tapas, a dedicated whisky bar and a cigar cellar adjacent to the private room on the Mezzanine level along with nightly lounge music.

The Lobby Lounge will offer a classical English Afternoon Tea service and a gourmet selection of fine Chinese and British teas, and an all-day dining restaurant serving Japan, China and Italy cuisine.

The Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge, available for club and suite guests, will portray a designer urban apartment atmosphere with elements to include a grand fire place room, a library, separate game and entertainment areas as well as a boutique bar and residential kitchen styling.

Mr. Ma He Ting, Chairman of the Board of Tianjin Real Estate Development Management Group Co. Ltd states: “The city of Tianjin’s economic prestige and historical significance needs to build world-class facilities and services. We are delighted to have partnered with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company to bring part of that dream to life with an internationally-recognized luxury hospitality experience.”

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    Swissôtel Changsha Luxury Hotel in China

    Swissotel Changsha luxury hotel - China
    Swissotel Changsha

    A new luxury hotel joins the impressive portfolio of Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts. This one is in China. Swissôtel Changsha will be part of a mixed-use development that will feature a Grade A office tower. The luxury hotel is planned to open in 2014.

    The Chinese city of Changsha is the capital of Hunan Province and the transportation hub in south-central China.

    Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts is an international hotel group providing luxury hotels with accommodations targeted the high end of the worldwide hotel industry.

    The Swissôtel Changsha hotel is a continuation of the expansion in China for Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts. The impressive Swissôtel Changsha will feature 400 luxurious rooms and suites, each with a minimum room size of 40m2. In addition, hotel guests can enjoy five restaurants and bars, over 2000m2 of meeting and banqueting space, plus recreational facilities including a Pürovel Spa.

    President of Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts – Meinhard Huck was quoted, “Changsha is one of the most important economic centres in the country, and as the ‘entertainment capital of China’ it is a year-round attraction for visitors. Swissôtel Changsha is another important step in our expansion in China, where we already manage several five-star hotels, and it is significant for the growth of our brand recognition in Asia.”

    The China district has become well-known for its natural environment and also an important cultural spot. Due to these attributes, the area is thriving as an affluent residential area in Changsha.

    One Million RMB Basketball Charity Challenge – Dwyane Wade in China

    One Million RMB Basketball Charity Challenge - Dwyane Wade in China
    One Million RMB Basketball Charity Challenge – Dwyane Wade

    NBA Champion, NBA Finals MVP, Olympic Gold Medalist, and seven-time NBA All-Star, Dwyane Wade recently visited China and the Forbidden City in Beijing to meet “The One Million RMB” Basketball Charity Challenge.

    Jet Li, is Beijing-born and International Hublot Ambassador, One Foundation was founded in 2006 and its mission is to promote a culture of broad-based participation in philanthropy and giving.

    Dwyane Wade’s challenge was to score a maximum of baskets, with each basket corresponding to a sum of money ($50K, 100K etc.) and on an increasing scale of difficulty and winnings.

    All of the charity’s collected funds collected will be donated to the leading non-profit organization One Foundation on behalf of Hublot and Wade’s World Foundation.

    Dwyane Wade launched Wade’s World Foundation in 2005 to provide support to various educational, health and family service programs, in particular those that benefit underserved communities.

    February 2011, Dwyane Wade has been brand ambassador and his role further strengthens Hublot’s ties to professional athletics and in particular, basketball.

    The One Million RMB Challenge is Hublot’s first international event linked with basketball. The choice of venue in Beijing marks the brand’s social responsibility commitment to China.

    During his stay in China, Dwyane Wade reinforced his strong ties with Hublot with a visit to the Hublot Boutique in Beijing’s Wangfujing Street, New Oriental Plaza. He also attended a gala dinner with over 100 VIP guests on the terrace at the Forbidden City.