Purveyors of Time Concierge – Luxury Personal Concierge Interview

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As a follow-up to the story we did last month on Purveyors of Time Concierge, we conducted an interview with Jeannette Rose Jones, the Founder and CEO of one of the premier lifestyle management companies in the industry.

What services does Purveyors of Time Concierge offer its clients?
Purveyors of Time offers a myriad of personalized lifestyle management services:
– Personal Concierge – We procure tickets, create travel arrangements, arrange transportation, and any other service that can be completed in a virtual capacity.
– Hands-On Personal Assisting – We assist out-of-town travelers who need an assistant while they are visiting here in Los Angeles, we assist clients by accompanying them on out-of-town assignments,
– Errand Running – Any type of errands that need to be run, we run them. From grocery shopping, meal delivery, personal shopper services, vehicle pick-up and drop-off at airport or FBO, vehicle care and maintenance, just to name a few.
– Estate Management – We care for the secondary residences for those who have secondary properties here in Los Angeles. This includes: repairs to property, car delivery or pickup at airport or FBO, residence preparation prior to arrival (grocery shopping, pantry stocking, setting thermostat, etc.).

What was your inspiration for starting a Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management company?
My inspiration for starting Purveyors of Time was: I had been a personal assistant and executive assistant to various CEOs, Presidents, and Vice Presidents, so I knew all about personalized services. I also knew that I always wanted to own my own company, and struggled for years trying to determine what it is that I wanted to do. Since I was born and raised in Los Angeles and know the City like the back of my hand, I first thought that I wanted to provide personalized tour services for out-of-town visitors who had specific requests of places that they wanted to see throughout Los Angeles, without having to partake in the ubiquitous double-decker buses that tour the City. I wanted it to be something very personalized. Then one day while meeting with our CPA, he suggested that I do something that’s more every day and what I’ve been doing all of my life. That’s when it hit me that people need more personalized services but in a very on-call/as-needed kind of way. I figured that all the celebrities have their entourage and assistants, and this allows for the masses to be able to utilize their own personal assistant without the cost of hiring and retaining an employee. And Purveyors of Time has been growing ever since.

Who are your clients?
Our clients really run the gamut. They are the personal jet owners, CEOs, doctors, celebrities, business owners, royalty, PR firms, movie studios, and out-of-towners. Discretion is key, and we assure that all of our clients that their identities will never be divulged.

Why should travelers seek out the advice and services of Purveyors of Time Concierge when traveling to Los Angeles?

Travelers can benefit by the use of our services when coming to Los Angeles. We will ultimately save them a tremendous amount of time due to our first-hand and insider knowledge of the city and all that it has to offer. We can also assist in a personal capacity which is something a traditional “sitting” concierge cannot do.

What are the differences between a hotel concierge and your Personal Concierge staff?
A hotel concierge is a necessary asset to any hotel property; however, the hotel concierge staff is usually tethered to their desks by the nature of their job. Purveyors of Time picks up where the hotel concierge leaves off. A hotel concierge can recommend and suggest places of interest, but we actually are there providing hand holding to our clients. We run the errands, we can create and accompany on personalized tours, and we provide hands-on assistance to executives.

Purveyors of Time - woman leaving private jet

What unique experiences and/or special services can you provide to your clients outside the realm of a “traditional” sitting concierge in a hotel?
We can tailor unique experiences for travelers based on their specific lifestyles, what they like to do, what they would like to see as well as their wants and needs while in Los Angeles. We have a plethora of resources that enable us to provide unique and unusual itineraries for anyone. In reference to the special services we provide that are outside the realm of a “traditional” sitting concierge, well, that runs the gamut as well. We can provide personalized, hand-on assistance and guidance that the “traditional” concierge simply cannot due to their inability to leave their particular property. Again, we compliment the “traditional” concierge by extending and enhancing the services they can provide.

What are the most worthwhile sights and activities at your destination?
The answer to this question really depends upon the traveler and why they came to Los Angeles. There are so many things to do in L.A. Many people come to Los Angeles for the movie industry and all that it has to offer. There are many tours that visitors can take that cater to all things celebrity and movie stars. We have mountains, beaches, and not too far away, we have deserts. So there are many beautiful sights to take in. If art is your idea of fun, we have many museums that cater to that interest. Los Angeles is so vast with venues and experiences that you could stay here for a month and still not see everything. We actually can personalize and tailor a visit to Los Angeles that will be designed around each person’s desires. We truly are a bespoke service.

What restaurants are at the top of your “best” list?
Restaurants in Los Angeles are great. Los Angeles has often been thought of as a City without any good restaurants. This paradigm is definitely shifting. Los Angeles is becoming known for having quite a few great chefs offering up their gastronomic delights. Again, one’s decision on choosing a restaurant is often based on one’s mood and the type of food for which they might be in the mood.

If you’re in the mood for the most amazing piece of steak ever, then I recommend Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant CUT. This restaurant is located inside the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire. Their Kobe beef is to die-for, and everything on the menu is amazing. The restaurant has won numerous awards and has become known as “the place to see and be seen.” This epicurean feast comes at a premium price, but it is well worth it. The service is incomparable too.

Another fun restaurant we have really taken a liking to is Lisa Vanderpump’s, of Housewives of Beverly Hills fame, Villa Blanca. This is definitely a restaurant for those who like to people watch, and for those who do, it doesn’t get any better than this. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, this sexy, stylish, and romantic restaurant, serves Mediterranean, Italian, and Asian food with indoor and outdoor seating. Their prices are incredibly affordable, which is a refreshing change in Beverly Hills.

To learn more about Purveyors of Time and Jeannette Jones, please visit their website at www.purveyorsoftime.com.