Luxury Hotel Éclat Beijing Also Focuses on Sustainability

Hotel Éclat Beijing first opened last year but has made sustainability a top goal in addition to offering its guest the best in luxury living. Featuring 100 rooms and luxury suites, Hotel Éclat Beijing also offers numerous, signature dining options.

The luxury hotel is located in the Parkview Green area of Beijing, China and is proud to be the First Integrated Commercial Complex awarded the highly coveted LEED® Platinum Certification in China.

The focus of Hotel Éclat Beijing covers every corner of this luxury hotel. The hotel offers its own unique microclimate that is delivered via the triple-layered glass walling plus ETFE membrane roofing “environmental shield.” So regardless of a cold summer or sizzling summer heat, the hotel’s special climate-control system generates a comfortable ambient temperature throughout the year.

The property also produces highly efficient water use and requires about 50% less energy use as, compared to buildings of similar size.

Hotel Éclat Beijing strives to save electricity while bot sacrificing light. A new program replaced 960 LED light bulbs in the hotel’s corridors from 28w to 7w. The total annual savings is about 20kw.

Another program captures grey waste water that comes from both showers and baths and after treatment, re-used in public area toilets. This program accounts for about 45% of its water use to be recycled.

It’s quite evident that sustainable living is something taken serious at Hotel Éclat Beijing, covering everything from conserving water, air quality, saving energy, in addition to minimizing exposure to any harmful toxins.

The luxury hotel offering VIP service and amenities to its guests, has also achieved numerous awards in the travel industry, including: “Best New Luxury Hotel” at the World Luxury Hotel Awards, “The Hurun Hot Hotel Award” plus “Most expected new opening hotel” by Life Style magazine.

This luxury hotel in Beijing, China has infused tremendous works of art into its luxurious, interior decor. You’ll be able to gave at beautiful art pieces from famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, plus numerous Chinese artists. Hotel Éclat Beijing also houses the largest privately owned collection of contemporary art found anywhere in China. This massive art collection grows by the day by supporting China’s leading in addition to up-and-coming artists.

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