Explore the Rich History and Historic Castles of Germany

Germany is blessed with countless, historic castles. Glucksburg Castle is a holiday home in a fairytale castle. Located in Germany, Glucksburg Castle is actually a moated castle. At times, a residence of the Danish royal family. In addition, it it is one of the most important Renaissance castles anywhere in northern Europe.

Upon seeing Glucksburg Castle for the first time, many visitors have the same first impression. It is a magnificent historical building, perfectly reflected in the water. Plus it is one of the most famous sights in Schleswig-Holstein. Holidaymakers can stay in apartments directly on the castle island in the former carriage house. Be welcomed by the surrounding lake, park and vast castle courtyard.

Glücksburg Castle, built between 1583 and 1587 belongs to the most significant complex of castles in Northern Europe. Under the Duke John the Younger (1545-1622), Castle Glucksburg is an architectural marvel and must be seen in person. In addition, the property is the ancestral home of of the Dukes of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg,

But, you don’t need to have noble blood glowing through your veins. Across Germany, there are a wide range of castle and palace accommodations in stay in. Anyone can dine and sleep in these historic dwellings, that were once the exclusive preserve of famous Knights, Princes and Kings. Visitors can choose between a youth hostel or even a luxury hotel.

Holiday home in a fairytale castle

There are numerous, historic castle hotels in the Saarland area. Each offers visitors a chance to get away from it all in a fairytale setting. One example is the amazing Berg Castle. Interestingly, it is now a five-star hotel nestled in a picturesque landscape of rolling vineyards.

Situated at the heart of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park, you will find the Baroque-style Münchweiler Castle. This castle has been owned by the same family for eight generations. It is now a hotel and café. The beautiful Ziegelberg Castle near Mettlach offers visitors a regal, holiday accommodation. Enjoy your stay in the heart of an ancient wooded park.

Historical accommodation by the Rhine and Elbe

A total of 35 historic castles and palaces in Germany offer budget youth hostel accommodations. Hence, they are ideal for children, young people, families and groups. For example, one of these historic castles is Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz. Is is situated high above the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle. As a result, visitors will enjoy impressive views over the city. In addition, explore this picturesque river landscape and its many hilltop castles on hiking trips or boat tours.

A river trip on the Elbe is the ideal start to a visit to Pillnitz Castle in Saxony. Steamboats are operated by Sächsische Dampfschifffahrt. Definitely, they are the most scenic way to arrive. Once leaving Dresden’s Old Town, the steamboat passes the historical Elbe castles of Albrechtsberg Palace, Lingnerschloss and Schloss Eckberg. Continuing, are the famous Loschwitz Bridge (the “Blue Wonder”). For a peaceful night’s rest, stay at the former summer residence of the Saxon Kings. Next, you will explore the extensive parklands around Pillnitz Castle. Plus, visitors can find exclusive holiday apartments in small, cozy buildings. Examples are the “Small Guard House” and the “Trumpeter’s House”.

Secret passageway to castle kitchens

Among Germany’s many historic castles is Wörlitz Castle in Saxony-Anhalt. This castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and regarded as the founding construction of German Classicism. In addition to the castle, the area includes the surrounding Wörlitz Park. Next, take guided tours and an opportunity to admire the very well preserved interior of the castle. It includes furniture and ceramics, as well as progressive features such as dumb waiters and concealed doors. Finally, the tour takes visitors through an underground passageway. Enjoy viewing the former kitchen building of the castle.

Nearby, visitors can also dine in regal style in Anholt Castle. It is one of the largest moated castles in all of the Münsterland region. Continuing, visitors will quickly notice the massive 12th-century tower. Now, Anholt Castle is a prestigious residential castle. Foodies will love a gourmet cuisine, accompanied by a view of the castle and park. Wasserpavillon restaurant is found in the middle of the palace pond.

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Be Treated to a Romantic Getaway to Charming New Orleans

Although Valentine’s Day is over, a trip to charming New Orleans is perfect anytime of the year. We want to share some suggestions to enjoy a truly, romantic getaway to the historic and charming city of New Orleans.

There’s no city quite as alluring and intoxicating as New Orleans. As a result, it makes the “Big Easy” the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. It’s ideal for anyone celebrating Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or looking to take date night to the next level. Hence, here are some of the most romantic attractions, activities, restaurants throughout charming New Orleans.

Book a romantic room

New Orleans hotels is equipped with unique luxury amenities, buzz-worthy bars and restaurants, and stunning architecture. Therefore, nothing sets the tone for romance like a stay at one of New Orleans’ boutique hotels. From the Arts District’s luxurious and critically acclaimed Maison De La Luz, to the Bywater’s award-winning Hotel Peter and Paul. Also try the conveniently located and stylishly designed Eliza Jane Hotel. There are tons of stylish options all across this great city. Searching for a stay with specific amenities? Then explore more boutique hotels and guest rooms here.

Explore City Park with your sweetheart

Is there anything more romantic than a gondola ride on the bayou under ancient, moss-draped live oaks? CNN didn’t name New Orleans one of the world’s most romantic cities for nothing. City Park has plenty of great options for a date. For example, pose before the Love sculpture in the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden in the park. It’s a sweet photo op, just next to the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Classes for couples

Cooking classes are a great way to learn more about the Crescent City while enjoying quality time with your partner. Try your hand at making a New Orleans cocktail and mix things up with mixology classes at Drink Lab. If the kitchen isn’t your area of expertise, then opt for an art class like a Paint & Sip Class at Journey Allen Gallery.

Have your fortune told in Jackson Square

It’s fun whether you’re a believer or not. Better yet, have your portrait done together and bring home a little piece of Jackson Square.

Shop for the perfect memory

A work of art by a New Orleans artist or a unique antique is the perfect way to commemorate your trip. The French Market and Julia Street are home to many wonderful antique shops and art galleries. In addition, both Magazine Street and Bayou Road offer a little bit of everything.

Quality rest and relaxation

Sometimes, the best plan is nothing at all. Hence, simply rest and relax with a couple’s spa date. Get pampered at either NOLA Organic Spa and Woodhouse Day Spa. They both offer a selection of massage, nail, and facial packages perfect for two.

Outdoor Dining

Dining under the stars or a canopy of trees screams romance. There are several options in New Orleans to dine al fresco. For example, consider some favorites that include – Vyoone’s, Gris-Gris, and Cafe Degas. Also, be sure to check out our list of New Orleans’ most romantic restaurants for more inspiration.

Enjoy fine wine

From cozy wine bars to white-tablecloth establishments, a nice glass or bottle helps set the scene for your date night. Enjoy tastings together at Second Vine Wine, Saint-Germain or Ole’ Orleans Wines and Spirits. We also have a wide selection of restaurants with strong wine programs. Learn more here.

Go dancing on the Mississippi River

Last but not least, take a harbor jazz cruise and roll along the Mississippi river under the stars. Watch the city lights of charming New Orleans cruise by. The Steamboat Natchez or the Creole Queen are great options. A lot of fun, for sure!

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V-Health Passport Is a New Secure Health Passport by VST Enterprises

British cyber technology company VST Enterprises (VSTE) recently launched the world’s first public “FIT TO FLY” secure health passport. It is designed for air travel. The cross border platform called V-Health Passport™ can already be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Search for ‘VPassport’ or visit www.v-healthpassport.co.uk

V-Health Passport is the worlds first publicly available secure digital health passport that the public can download. Travelers can use it alongside any form of Covid 19 testing and vaccination that does NOT use unsecure bar codes and QR code technology. Hence, airlines and transport carriers can also download and use the system.

It comes at a time when security over the use of bar codes and QR codes in airline travel has come under intense scrutiny. This follows the cyber attack on the former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot. The former PM had his Qantas airline boarding pass hacked. Details including his passport, mobile phone and messages between Qantas staff about him were intercepted. The wider threats of fake Covid 19 test certificates have also been prevalent. As a result, there is an alarming rise in the sales of fake Covid 19 certificates booming in Russia and the Middle East.

VST Enterprises is a Manchester based cyber security and technology firm. They are the first company in the world to have a fully functioning LIVE heath passport that can be used cross border and across all transport by air, land and sea.

The V-Health Passport™ is the worlds most secure health passport using next generation VCode® code scanning cyber security technology. Using the most advanced closed loop technology with end to end encryption, V-Health Passport™ has 2.2 Quintillion collision free combination codes. These decode based on geo location, time & date, device type and user login… meaning it cannot be hacked.

VSTE Enterprises CEO and inventor of the VCode technology and V-Health Passport™ Louis-James Davis said:
“We are the first technology company in the world to have developed a secure, multipurpose, cross corporate & cross government digital health passport that does not rely on using bar codes or QR codes as its authentication technology. Both bar codes and QR codes have huge potential security implications as they can be cloned and hacked with the latter being subject to a process called ‘Attagging’. Therefore any suggestion of using this type of technology in a health passport for air travel has very real security risks.

Not only is a citizen’s personal information at risk, but their Covid test status, vaccination records and also their credit card information. All of this can lead to the very real potential of a massive data breach and a persons personal information and data hacked and stolen. This is of particular concern when using a bar code or QR code technology designed for use to authenticate a persons Covid 19 testing and/or vaccinations records.”

It can provide airline passengers and airlines with a secure digital passport that validates the passenger’s identity, authenticates their Covid 19 test result and vaccination/immunization details in one secure app. The V-Health Passport™ also uniquely provides airline passengers and airlines with a contact tracing technology which uses anonymized data.

Unlike other health passports, V-Health Passport™ has been designed with a citizens privacy front and center. The technology does not track your live location and provides all data in a secure GDPR compliant framework giving citizens a unique ‘self sovereign identity’ style technology putting them in control of who, when and how they share their data.

With the alarming increase and black market trade in fake Covid 19 test certificates this also puts a very real threat and risk to passenger safety on airline carriers with the potential to infect and contaminate other passengers on what would be a Covid safe bubble onboard an aircraft.

It is well documented that bar codes and QR codes can be hacked so any airline who considers using a health passport for Covid 19 testing and vaccination using this method of authentication risks a serious potential breach of its passenger data. In 2018 British Airways was fined a record £20M for a data breach on 400,000 of its customers which affected their personal and credit card data.

Louis-James Davis went on to state that both bar codes and QR codes – which represent first and second generation technology – are unsecure and vulnerable to hacking.
“QR codes were originally developed as a scanning technology for close proximity car parts tracking, a world away from identity and banking use cases and now digital health passports. It was then used to skip the input of websites in marketing and promotional purposes. They were never designed with security or privacy in mind… they are simply not fit for purpose and should not be used at all in any form for delivery of sensitive information, travel or event tickets or health passport.

QR codes can be subject to a process called ‘Attagging’ or ‘cloning.’ The process of ‘Attagging’ is where a ‘genuine QR code’ is replaced by a ‘cloned QR code’ which then redirects the person scanning that code to a similar website where personal data can be intercepted and breached. The problem is that serious that in India alone there are over 1 BILLION fraudulent financial transactions each day using QR codes. As the scanning user journey is the same, it is only tech savvy individuals that may notice the domain name has changed.”

As reported by a recent Forbes Magazine investigation, it is predicted that over 11 Million households in the US alone will scan a QR code this year and the majority of them, some 71% of people who have interacted with a QR code will not know if it is the start of a malicious hack. It is envisaged that over 5.3 Billion QR codes will be redeemed this year making it one of the fastest growing tech scanning interactions and also posing one of the greatest cyber threats.

QR codes can be cloned and redirected to other information points or websites. Often criminals and hackers will exploit this by putting a fake QR code over a genuine QR code. So a QR code for example on scanning would link to the genuine website www.similardomain.com but a fake QR code can be made up printed off and placed over the genuine code to redirect to www.similar-domain.com at this point the member of the public is tricked into entering their personal information, private data and financial information. The rogue website looks and feels exactly like the genuine one and is made to mirror it precisely.

VCode® which is the ultra secure digital code which powers the V-Health Passport™ cannot be cloned. Even if it was printed off, or a photograph was taken and placed over a VCode® or V-Health Passport™ it simply wont scan as it works on a call and response system of information between the code and web platform to verify location of the code, user ID and time and date and much more.”

Louis-James Davis added:
“We developed and built the V-Health Passport and health wallet to be the most secure technology on the planet that you could use as a health passport where you could combine your test status, vaccination record, boarding pass, airline ticket, music or sports ticket all in one app. With V-Health Passport™ we wanted to provide functionality and greater mobility to allow citizens to return to work, be fit to fly or return to the sports stadiums. But at the heart of the technology was the ability to protect and respect data privacy of the individual.

The lack of engagement and interaction by the public with Government track and trace app/s over the pandemic was over privacy, security of data and the tracking of a persons live location. This is why we have built a unique system in the vein of ‘Self Sovereign ID’ with the ethics of privacy & security by design. The V-Health Passport™ puts the citizen in control in a way which they share information with who, when and where. “

V-Health Passport™ will help employers safely return their employees back to their offices, factories and warehouses. It will facilitate airlines to allow their passengers to be fit to fly and avoid the need for quarantine restrictions. At the same time it will ensure their airline ticket or boarding pass is secure and won’t be hacked.

A citizen will be able to share their health pass and confirm their Covid test status, or present their vaccination record. They will also be able to show their credit score, work permit or visa, scan their travel or event pass. At the heart of each interaction they will have peace of mind that their data and information is highly secure and ultimately, they control who sees what, who scans what, where and when.”

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Photo: VST Enterprises

Luxury Yasawa Island Resort & Spa in Fiji – 3 Night Buyout!

Now you can takeover the entire, Yasawa Island Resort & Spa in Fiji. Enjoy the ultimate “social distancing” with a 3 night buyout at this luxury resort in Fiji. For this reason, isolate in paradise as your friends and family can have the entire 7,000-Acre Island to yourself.

The luxury Yasawa Island Resort & Spa resort is located on a lush, 7,000-acre island with just a handful of small Fijian villagers as your neighbors. Enjoy 11 white sandy beaches, five-star dining, world-class diving, Fijian culture, plus a myriad of water sports. In addition, visit the world-famous Blue Lagoon caves. This location is where the Hollywood movie “Blue Lagoon” was filmed. It starred actress Brooke Shields. As a result, this unsurpassed vacation destination can be “exclusively yours.”

The Yasawa Island Resort & Spa in Fiji is tucked away in the lush Yasawa group of Islands off the coast of main Island of Viti Levu. This secluded, tropical haven boasts 18 authentically thatched luxury bungalows. Therefore, they are hidden among luscious tropical foliage. Hence, you will have the ultimate in privacy. To be sure, you will be only steps away from a pristine stretch of silky beachfront.

This luxury resort is found on one of the most remote and unspoiled islands in Fiji. For this reason, the tropical oasis attracts couples, singles, families and groups from all around the world. For example, celebrate a milestone birthday, special anniversary or seeking to recharge and relax with family and friends. Therefore, look no further than the idyllic Yasawa Island Resort & Spa, Fiji. Plus, it’s an amazing place and unsurpassed sanctuary for sun and fun.

Guests at this exclusive retreat in a tropical paradise will be treated to:

– Arrival flower lei, chilled towel, fresh fruit & welcome coconut drink upon arrival
– Accommodation in 18 Beachfront Bures
– All gourmet meals and snacks for up to 38 guests
– Non-alcoholic beverages
– Beachside seafood dinner
– Complimentary beach cocktail party featuring house red, white and sparkling wine, Fiji rum punch
– Private picnics on your choice of 11 white sand beaches
– All resort activities: snorkeling, sea kayaking, SUP, sailing, tennis, nature walks and more
– Resort excursions: boat snorkel trips, visits to the world- famous Blue Lagoon Caves
– Nightly entertainment and cultural activities
– A traditional Fijian Meke performance and Lovo Night and choir performance

Yasawa Island Resort & Spa

Foodies will simply love the Yasawa Island Resort & Spa. This all-inclusive resort boasts contemporary cuisine serving meals each day. For example, choose to dine at the new al fresco main dining complex with 180-degree view of the ocean, beachside, at the horizon pool or in the privacy of your very own beach hut. Importantly, the chef places an emphasis on “fresh” whether it is from the garden or ocean. In addition, the poolside Manasa’s Bar named after a long-time resort employee, serves signature cocktails from dawn to dusk.

If you desire a break from the craziness in the world, relax and enjoy life. A favorite pastime of many guests is a complimentary picnic on one of 11 white sandy beaches. Plus, visit Bukama Village where travelers can meet the chief and partake in a kava ceremony (the ceremonial drink of Fiji). Afterwards, enjoy the island’s culture by hearing the school choir sing. Lastly, partake in a lovo feast or witness a meke performance (the ceremonial dance of Fiji).

Outdoor enthusiasts will be treated to a variety of activities on land and at sea. Complimentary resort activities provide something for everyone. For example, guests can enjoy swimming in the crystal waters of the famous Sawa-I-Lau Caves or snorkeling among vivid corals and tropical fish. There is sea kayaking, boating on a catamaran and stand up paddle boarding and windsurfing. Back on shore, they enjoy tennis, volleyball, hiking and even rugby matches. Hence, the outdoor activities at Yasawa Island Resort & Spa in Fiji are endless.

So what is price for a 3 night stay in paradise? Overall, it is $14,000/night for a minimum three-night stay. The complete, Luxury Yasawa Island Resort & Spa buyout is valid for travel through March 31, 2022. So make your plans today.

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Photo: Yasawa Island Resort & Spa

5 Popular All-Inclusive Resorts in Costa Rica

Are you ready to start traveling again? You are not alone. Everyone seems to be. We wanted to share 5 Popular All-Inclusive Resorts in Costa Rica to consider for your next, luxury travel destination.

2020 has been a crazy year, but help is on the way. Luckily, COVID-19 vaccinations are underway in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. As a result, vaccination rates will increase dramatically in the coming months. Operation Warp Speed is the U.S. government’s expedited search for development and delivery of a vaccine. The department’s Chief Science Advisor states that every American who wants a vaccine will be able to get one by June of 2021.

The vaccine rollout marks the turning point in the battle against COVID-19. Hence, the global travel industry is finally on a path to reopen once again. That reopening will take months to play out and will likely occur on a country-by-country basis.

Some tropical destinations that temporarily banned international visitors have already reopened. These countries are currently welcoming tourists. Mexico has a large number of top-selling all-inclusive destinations. They are now open.  In addition, tropical Costa Rica joins that coveted list.

We have highlighted five popular all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica that are open now. This incredible, Central American country is a haven for travelers who love nature and outdoor adventure. Interestingly, roughly a quarter of its territory is preserved as national parks or conservation areas. For example, see hummingbirds hover at hibiscus flowers and  howler monkeys bellow from the treetops. Plus, iguanas may lounge in the sun, not too far from your poolside chair.

Costa Rica - Arenal volcano

The All-Inclusive Resorts in Costa Rica listed below are in the northwest Pacific coast province of Guanacaste. Consider that upfront resort rate includes – meals, snacks, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. In addition, entertainment and non-motorized water sports are also included.

Hotel Riu Palace Costa Rica — This 5-star tropical retreat offers four swimming pools, a swim-up bar, gym, tennis, windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling. Other perks include 24-hour room service and an in-room beverage station. Also, the on-site dining scene includes specialty restaurants that focus on Italian, Japanese and other cuisines.

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica — Lodging options include swimout suites with access to a river-like pool that winds through the 5-star property. The Explorer’s Club for ages 3 to 12 provides supervised activities, including a weekly beach campout. While Core Zone for ages 13 to 17 hosts bonfires and dance mixers. In addition, offsite excursions like ziplining and whitewater rafting can be arranged.

Planet Hollywood Costa Rica — As part of its “PHit” philosophy, this 4.5-star resort offers an extensive menu of fitness class and activities. Included are sunrise and sunset yoga, TRX training and kickboxing to boot camps, ab workouts and a beach obstacle course. In addition, restaurants include the So Cal Gourmet Food Emporium. They dish up Korean fusion delights, tacos and more.

Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica — Escape to this 5-star getaway for a no-kids vacation. There, you can book an evening “moon and stars” spa treatment, play tennis or snorkel. Plus, join a cooking or yoga class. In addition, dining options include the light and healthy cuisine of Aqua, Italian-inspired Portofino and more. Some suites have private plunge pools with views of Culebra Bay.

Hotel Riu Guanacaste — Between deep-green hills and the beach, is the 5-star Hotel Riu Guanacaste. This luxury resort has multiple dining venues and bars, a spa and a fitness center. For extra pampering, choose a Jacuzzi suite with an ocean-view hot tub on the terrace. Plus, the beautiful Guanacaste province has several national preserves. As a result, Riu’s helpful staff can book an excursion to Rincon de la Vieja, home to hot springs, sloths and spider monkeys.

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This Holiday Season, Enjoy Christmas in Prague

In past years, December used to be a very busy month for Prague. Christmas in Prague is a special time. But due to the COVID-19 virus, things have changed. Luckily, visitors are still able the Czech capital and enjoy this holiday season.

Prague has a lot to offer. There are many options for holiday shopping. The historic city is popular for travelers to experience bustling Christmas markets. Hence, enjoy picture-perfect backdrop of Gothic towers, softly glowing gas lamps, and the scent of mulled wine permeating frosty air.

What can you expect this year? Definitely a more low-key, authentic holiday season. As a result, Christmas in Prague this year will see the city will forego the famous Christmas market in Old Town Square. But the historic square still looks stunning. First, there is a the imposing Christmas tree. This year. it’s decorated in the national colors of white, red and blue.

Another notable vertical presence in the square is an old-new monument – the Marian column. This impressive 50-ft-tall sandstone pillar is topped by a sculpture of the Virgin Mary. The pillar is a faithful replica of a Baroque original. It graced the very same spot from 1650 until 1918, when it was destroyed. As result, the column was re-erected in the square in August of 2020. As a result, it adds an undeniable, visual appeal to this historic space.

Christmas proper will be celebrated between December 24-26. The evening of December 24 is the main event. Be treated to a festive family meal, followed by gathering around the Christmas tree. Next wrap presents and consuming copious amounts of Christmas sweets. Simply fun and yum!

Although large Christmas markets will not be found, other themed markets, farmers’ markets and single stalls are open. This provides a less showy, but more locally appealing alternative. Therefore, expect a more intimate, Christmas in Prague.

If you are looking for quality gifts made and sold by local designers and artisans, you are in luck. They range from jewelry to fashion to homewares and toys. Shoppers can flock to the popular Dyzajnmarket fair. It is held over two December weekends at the Výstaviště complex in Prague 7. Another option is the smaller Lemarket Christmas pop-up, held this year. It can be visited on the top floor of the Máj department store.

The restaurants and cafés in Prague have reduced their seating capacity to half. The will continue to sell food from windows and via delivery services. On a chilly winter’s day, treat yourself to mulled wine, hot chocolate and cinnamon-scented funnel cake. In addition, try roasted ham and other street foods. These items are still easily available, despite the absence of market stalls.

Czechs are definitely obsessed with Christmas cookies. During Christmas in Prague, they spend much of December busily baking and decorating. Plus, they look for perfect vanilla crescents, bear paws, linzer cookies, gingerbread, and many more.

Locally bred carp has been on the Czech Christmas menu for more than a century. Many urban Czechs make the switch to more exotic and less bony fish. But fried carp with a rich, flavorful potato salad remains the iconic Czech Christmas meal. During the the week before Christmas, locals are treated to culinary tradition. They line up in front of vats filled with live carp, brought in from the countryside. They look forward to purchasing a fresh fish to cook for Christmas dinner.

The undisputed culinary hit of this year’s holiday season is a novel dessert created by pâtissier Olga Budnik. She owns the Black Madonna café in the Old Town. This striking dessert, a chocolate globe covered with the telltale spikes of a coronavirus. It’s made of white chocolate and dried raspberries. It is fittingly named “Virus.”

Please note that Prague’s many monuments, museums and galleries are still open. Unfortunately at a reduced capacity. We want to highlight two exhibitions that merit attention. Rembrandt: Portrait of a Man, at the Kinský Palace branch of the National Gallery, is a fascinating probe into Rembrandt’s portrait art. It offers visitors to view many loans from the world’s most prestigious public and private collections. Not to be missed.

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Discover Scenic Germany During the Fall Season

Germany may not have the glitz of some of the other popular, Europe travel destinations. But it’s truly a top rated, location to visit. From River cruises on the Rhine and Maine to Oktoberfest. There is the Berlin Film Festival and Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. Plus, don’t forget about the castles of Mad King Ludwig.

With so much to offer, Germany is a diverse country for travelers. It’s an incredible place to explore. In addition, enjoy the great outdoors. For example, travel back to medieval times and explore the center of many of its modern cities.

Enjoy Baroque Ludwigsburg

From November 26-29, 2020, the Ludwigsburg Residential Palace will be center stage for Thanksgiving celebrations. This American holiday should not be confused with Germany’s harvest festival. That occurs in October. Ludwigsburg Palace is one of the largest Baroque buildings in Europe. Yet it takes the American custom as a suggestion to create delicious treats to match the pumpkin exhibition. These end on December 6, 2020. Here’s a tip. Don’t miss nearby Solitude Palace or the New Castle (Neues Schloss) of Stuttgart.

Discover the Icon Composer #bebeethoven

The fellowship program named #bebeethoven was inspired by the 250th anniversary of birth of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827). Beethoven is definitely one of the most innovative composers of his time. Enjoy unique and innovative concerts and presentations during the #bebeethoven Festival. Also, it opens a visionary window into the future of art, music, and music creation. In addition, during the month of October – 12 artists of the #bebeethoven fellowship program will present their projects. For example, concert venues include Esslingen (October 6-15, 2020 and Podium Esslingen Festival). Additional events include Bonn (October 16-24, 2020, #bebeethoven concerts and performances).

Discover Potsdam and Sanssouci

Over the course of 300 years, the garrison town of Potsdam has developed into one of Europe’s grandest former ducal towns. Visit its numerous baroque buildings, such as Sanssouci Palace and Park Cecilienhof House. There is Babelsberg Film Park and the Dutch quarter. In addition, the Potsdam Biosphere attracts tourists from all over the world. This area is especially beautiful in the coming weeks. Enjoy gardens, parks and palaces. Even the scenic lakes light up in the glow of fall.

Enjoy Berchtesgaden by Bike

Barnim Nature Park, just outside of Berlin is a natural gem. With its idyllic lakes and untamed rivers and woods. Here, you can find the Konik, a feral horse breed, grazing on open meadows. The ever-changing landscape is criss-crossed by cycle paths, passing by Slavic and German castle ruins. Furthermore, in the North, additional fauna awaits you. There is Rostock’s Zoo on the Baltic Coast and Stralsund’s Ozeaneum Aquarium. The Stralsund’s Ozeaneum Aquarium offers an incredible underwater adventure. For example, another excursion brings you to Usedom. Take in the untouched, natural landscapes.

Experience the Scenic Jewels Along Bavaria’s Great Rivers

The spectacles through Bavaria’s rivers are true hidden gems. First, in Franconia on the Main River, step into the beauty of many charming vineyards. These vineyards harvest exquisite Franconian wines. Then, jump off and travel back to Baroque times in Bamberg. While there, explore the UNESCO designated Old Town. Continue south and find yourself on the historic Danube River in Eastern Bavaria. While touring, marvel at The Danube Gorge’s narrow curved stretch. View the towering and breathtaking cliffs. Further down, see the grand Walhalla dominate like the mighty Pantheon.

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Welcome to the Czech Republic – Incredible Culture and Stunning Beauty

The Coronavirus has literally shut down the world. People in most countries are impacted by this virus. Czech Republic has also been impacted, but awaits for visitors to return again very soon.

It’s a sad time, but our hearts are with the world right now. We understand the importance of staying home and staying safe. We hope you enjoy some of the beautiful sights of the Czech Republic. We will all be traveling again. No worries. In the meantime, we are sending wishes of health and hope to all of you and your loved ones.

The Czech Republic is an amazing travel destination. There is so much to see and do. This former Eastern Bloc country has a lot to offer. Whether you want a simple, relaxing vacation or a luxury VIP experience, the Czech Republic has it all.

Highlights of the Czech Republic

Enjoy the bustling city streets of Prague or kayaking and visiting the castles in Český Krumlov. Next, observe the natural beauty of the Moravian Karst Punkva caves. Plus, stroll through the expansive elegance of the Lednice Chateau and gardens. In addition, indulge in the Bohemian spa town of Karlovy Vary. Take to the outdoors and hike the hills of Hřensko, Bohemian Switzerland. Lastly, relive history by following the Royal Route through historic city of Prague.


Start planning your future trip with the goal of exploring the Czech Republic’s UNESCO sights. These include the gardens of Kroměříž and the Olomouc Astronomical Clock. In addition, see the pastel facades on the streets of Telč. Also, you can take a virtual tour of Brno’s famed architectural example of modern architecture. Plan ahead as it’s normally booked out several months in advance.

St Vitus Cathedral - Prague, Czech Republic

Monuments and Museums

The Prague Castle website is open for virtual tours including garden strolls and a crowd-free look at the golden glow inside St. Vitus Cathedral. Check out the 360-degree views from the top of both Charles Bridge Towers (Old Town and Lesser Town), see the bright colors and arched ceilings of the Ctěnice Chateau, and step inside the unassuming Podskalí Custom House at Výtoň.

Arts and Culture

Be sure to enjoy the legends of Czech Opera. This country is known for stunning plays and musical experiences. For example, see “Rusalka” by Antonin Dvořák, “The Bartered Bride” by Bedřich Smetana and “Jenůfa” by Leoš Janáček.

Wanderlust in Words

The Czech Republic has inspired numerous authors over the centuries. Examples are – Franz Kafka, Milan Kundera, and Umberto Eco just to name a few. Dive into this collection of literary books to satisfy your love of stories. Now you can see the Czech Republic through vivid prose and imagination.

Does That Backdrop Look Familiar?

Hollywood location scouts and film crews love using the beauty of the Czech Republic as the backdrop. Think Prague (and Liberec) in Spiderman: Far From Home and the whimsical hills of North Bohemia in Amazon’s Carnival Row. In addition, the Czech capital stands in for historical France in Season 2 of Outlander. It’s time to bring a little bit of the Czech Republic into your life. Also, there are numerous other films and series shot on location across this great country.

The Flavors of Czech Easter

Since today is Easter, we want to bring a little piece of Czech Easter into your home, while you are practicing “Social Distancing.” There are many traditions that surround the Easter holiday in the Czech Republic. Some may be familiar, such as decorating colorful eggs> A few may seem unusual, including willow-tree whips. But this religious holiday is also filled with bright colors, aromas, and festive flavors..

Until you can begin to travel, keep the Czech Republic on your Bucket List. Wishing you all a Veselé Velikonoce – “Happy Easter”!

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Gorgeous Baros Maldives Resort Reopening is Near

The luxurious Baros Maldives had closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many luxury resorts around the world, the Baros Maldives has worked hard to reopen. Customer safety is the top priority. The resort announced it will reopen its doors to travelers beginning on October 1, 2020.

In preparation for welcoming guests back to the island, Baros Maldives resort management has made significant upgrades to the health and sanitation protocols. As a result, these steps will ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation. In addition, the resort is offering unique experiences, enticing deals and a tribute to frontline workers across the globe.

Guests booking a stay between October and November 2020 will receive to a special rate starting at $502 (plus taxes and fees). This amazing price is for a Deluxe Villa, which will include breakfast for two. In addition, they will be invited to enjoy some special treats. Thus, to make sure their holiday is filled with spellbinding experiences and blissful moments to remember.

For Body and Mind

Guests will receive an exclusive Champagne Breakfast in the sanctuary of their private villa. At the same time, listen to the soothing sound of the waves and warm breeze from the ocean complete the scene. Thus, creating a truly beautiful memory of an extraordinary culinary experience. This enchanting start to the day on the tropical island of Baros will help soothe the cares of the uncertain times of the last few months.

As beautiful and bountiful are the natural surroundings of Baros, the more it means to give back. The goal is to help maintain and support the incredible underwater world. To help, Baros will sponsor a Coral Frame as part of the Coral Reef Rehabilitation Program in the name of every guest staying between October and November 2020. The resort program will be placed in the translucent lagoon ringing the resort. Hence, resort guests will receive regular updates on the progress of their Coral Frame. In addition guests will be able to get to know the inhabitants of their own little coral garden during subsequent visits.

Celebrating The Heroes

To celebrate the healthcare workers who continue to serve during the COVID-19 pandemic, Baros is offering extra benefits when booking a stay at the resort. Doctors and nurses will receive a complimentary couples massage at the island’s Serenity Spa. In addition, enjoy a private dinner for two on the beach a,nd champagne upon arrival. Plus choose a free scheduled excursion, with social distancing observed.

To commemorate the selfless dedication of health care workers, Baros is creating coral frames spelling out “THANK YOU, HEROES.” Therefore, these will be placed in the waters of the island’s lagoon so that the message of thanks will be permanent.

The Resort Manager of Baros, Ibrahim Shijah, states that “in spite of the unprecedented times the world has faced, Baros hopes to keep the positive consequences of the pandemic, of compassion, unity and kindness, remembered by this tribute.”

In order to receive these benefits, doctors and nurses must provide identification upon arrival at the resort.

Safety and Wellbeing

To ensure a safe and healthy environment, Baros has introduced extensive operational changes while preserving the blissful island ambience and seamless attention to detail and guests’ requirements that have made this award-winning resort a legend. The proximity to the International Airport in Male’ makes the holiday journey especially convenient for guests as they will reach the island by a short speedboat ride and will not be exposed to any congested areas once they have left the airport.

Baros will open its shores only to a limited number of guests so social distancing can be maintained effortlessly, as it is one of the smaller island resorts located in the Maldives.

Some of the new safety protocols at Baros Maldives Resort will include:

– Upon arrival to the Male airport, resort staff will escort guests straight to the private speedboat and will embark to Baros.

* Resort staff will provide hand sanitizer and will sanitize all luggage before entering the speedboat and the resort.
* All staff will take daily temperature checks and undergo daily contact tracing.
* Staff members will all be required to wear a face mask and gloves.
* Plus, staff will remain on the island unless they go on leave. Then they will need to undergo a two-week quarantine and provide a negative COVID-19 test before arriving back to the island.

– As one of the smaller resorts in the Maldives, Baros will have a limit the number of people on the island at any time.

* All villas will be completely disinfected prior to arrival, including air conditioning filters and private pools.
* Each villa will be vacant for 48 hours in between guest bookings.
* Check-in and check-out will be done in the guests’ villa with a designated Villa Host. Upon departure, guests will be provided a travel-size hand sanitizer and face masks.

* All common areas and restaurants will have automatic sanitation stations for guest use.
* All tables in restaurants will be arranged at a minimum of six feet apart in compliance with social distancing.
* In each restaurant and bar, guests will be allocated one server throughout the entire duration of the dining experience. This will limit exposure.
* In-villa dining will be available and only the designated Villa Host will be delivering food to and from the villa.
* The main pool and pool bar will be disinfected daily. All sun loungers and chairs will be arranged at least six feet apart.

* Resort activities and excursions will be available for private bookings. If travelers are with a group, these bookings will be limited to four or six. It will depend on the activity.
* All gym equipment and public areas will be disinfected every hour. Sanitation wipes will also be made available for guests after they use the equipment.
* Every spa treatment will take place in a private Serenity Spa Villa. All spa villas will be sanitized after each treatment. Finally, spa villas will be vacant for at least three hours in between treatments.

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Photo: Baros Maldives Resort

Culture, Glamour and Non-Stop Fun – 24 Hours in the Miami Design District

Miami is a magical city. From amazing sunsets over the downtown skyline, to sun drenched fun on a white sand beach, Miami has it all. The Miami nightlife is always electric and fine dining options are everywhere. Sultry Miami is a top luxury travel destination, including the Miami Design District.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Florida resident or not. Searching for new and creative ways to play tourist in your backyard or traveling to Miami is a must. Trying a get-a-way to the Magic City is always a fabulous idea. For a VIP experience, visit the Miami Design District. Thus, it’s the perfect destination for a day. Packed with fine and casual dining, shopping, rich cultural experiences and more.

The Miami Design District is a one-of-a-kind open-air, pedestrian friendly neighborhood. The area fuses all-encompassing shopping, art galleries, museums, design showrooms, restaurants and major art and design installations. All simply found within an architecturally significant context. Enjoy a quick bite at any of the neighborhood’s well-renowned restaurants. Plus, stroll through Paseo Ponti and even treat yourself to shopping. As a result, there’s always something to enjoy and admire in this trendy Miami neighborhood.

Whether you’re a frequent visitor of the neighborhood or have yet to stop by, below are a few ideas on how to spend your day in the Miami Design District:


If retail therapy is what you need, you can find the top names in luxury right here. Recently debuted brands in the neighborhood include highly-anticipated trendy streetwear line by Virgil Abloh Off-White. In addition, find edgy UK luxury brand Alexander McQueen, and French luxury brand Kenzo Kids. Minimal luxury footwear and apparel line TKEES also opened up earlier in the year. While Danish womenswear brand GANNI, and Italian luxury brands Salvatore Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta, and direct-to-consumer giant Warby Parker opened last year. For example, other unique stores include: TheArsenale, Tighemi, Anine Bing, Baccarat Boutique B Bar and Lounge, and Montce swimwear to name a few.


Miami Design District’s art culture is characterized by world-class art museums, fine art galleries, and public art exhibits. Recently joining the neighborhood’s cultural happenings is Pepe Mar Summer Studio. They feature colorful and psychedelic mixed media collages, sculptures and installations. Art lovers can visit Peréz Art Museum Miami’s pop-up boutique. Additionally, beginning August 10th, visitors can stop by Gavin Perry’s solo exhibition – History Lesson-Part 2. As a result, enjoy new sculptures and paintings ideated by the esteemed Miami artist.

Visit the area’s numerous museums and art galleries, such as Maman Fine Art. In addition, try The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA Miami) or the de la Cruz Collection with impressive collections of art from a wide array of artists.

Reserve a free Public Art Tour of the Miami Design District, and choose from the Art Site Tour. While there, you’ll get to explore all the architecture and check out the numerous public art displays. View the likes of Rirkrit Tiravanja, Matthew Ritchie, John Baldessari, and Urs Fischer to name a few, Plus, the Curated Projects Tour, where guests can visit all the local galleries and exhibits.

In addition, The Sun Pours Daylong presented by the Sunny Project, a physical exhibition running alongside an online print sale of Florida photos by 22 Florida photographers. Interestingly, 100 percent of the proceeds goes to charity. Coming soon on October 17th, the Miami Design District will be collaborating with the nationally recognized project For Freedoms. Hence they will produce a billboard by artist and DASH graduate Adler Guerrier as a creative response to supporting racial equality.


As you take a stroll through the neighborhood, don’t forget to pay close attention to your surroundings. Miami Design District features award-winning architecture by esteemed architects, such as Zaha Hadid and Frei Otto. In addition – Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Sol Lewitt, Sou Fujimoto, Gaetano Pesce and Marc Newson to name a few. Standout projects located in the area include: Museum Garage.

Conceptualized by architect and curator Terence Riley, it’s a seven-story mixed-use structure featuring multi-dimensional façades. A one-of-a-kind work from world-class architects. Fly’s Eye Dome is designed by Buckminster Fuller, built using state-of-the-art materials, intelligence and techniques. It is now a main landmark within the neighborhood. Last, the architecture showcased throughout the Miami Design District has been thoughtfully designed to capture audiences and pack an experience with every step you take!


If you are looking for world-class dining or simply a casual bite, Miami Design District has it all. Home to Groot Hospitality’s David Grutman and Pharrell Williams’s hot-spot Swan. For example, an ideal place to see and be seen, where you are sure to run into a celebrity. Also, Instagram-worthy food lovers can head over to Old Greg’s Pizza pop-up in the neighborhood for Miami’s first naturally leavened pizza. It is definitely worth all the hype.

For those looking to be transported to the Greek Islands, Mandolin Aegean Bistro, is the perfect spot to enjoy lunch. Dine in their Mediterranean outdoor terrace and indulge in their Greek and Turkish dishes and famed white wine sangria. Looking for more of a healthier option, check out Pura Vida. Enjoy a fresh space that provides both quality and health with every bite.

Time for a coffee break? Stop by neighborhood hot-spot OTL for delicious drinks, pastries and more in this Instagram-worthy atmosphere. For dinner, dine alfresco at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink’s outdoor courtyard. While there, you will feast on classic homemade dishes by award-winning chef/owner Michael Schwartz. When you’re ready to wrap up your day, make sure to stop by Japow, Night Owl Cookies or Meli Gourmet Greek Donuts to enjoy some sweet treats.


The Miami Design District recently debuted a new dog park for families to enjoy with their favorite furry friends. The dog park is designed by Island Planning Corporation, located behind Jokester 2 by Paula Crown. As a result, the business provides plenty of space and features for dogs. Additionally, stop by and hang out at State of Kid. The most sought-after retail brands and greatest instructors are found here. They meet under one roof to provide the latest in fashion for your kids. In addition, have fun and try interactive activities spanning art, dance, science and more up to age five!

Kids can also explore the magical world of animation this summer with ICA Miami’s Family Day Animation Film Festival. In collaboration with the Miami Design District, enjoy a non-competitive celebration of unconventional family-friendly storytelling. Filmmaking happens the third Sunday of every month. However, kids of all ages are also fascinated by the neighborhood’s various art installations found throughout the walkable space.

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Get Rid of Your COVID-19 Anxiety with “To Let It Out” in Iceland

You’ve been through a lot this year. All we hear from the liberal media is the world is ending due to COVID-19. “To Let It Out” is here to help us all relieve our stress. What we need is the perfect place to let our frustrations out. Somewhere big, vast and untouched. It looks like you need Iceland.

“To Let It Out” is a new way to record your scream and release it into the beautiful, wide-open spaces of Iceland.

It may sound strange, but you’ll feel better. Trust us. Therefore, when you are ready, come let it out for real. You will definitely feel much better. Take back your life. Social Distancing will end soon enough. Until then, have fun and don;t let COVID-19 ruin your life.

Inspired by Iceland” just unveiled a major new multimarket campaign. They invite people from all around the world to let out their frustrations. But do it in a creative way. Scream into the vast and beautiful landscapes of Iceland, to relieve tensions and feel renewed.

For the next week, people worldwide can visit https://lookslikeyouneediceland.com to let it all out. As a result, enjoy Iceland’s uniquely spacious surroundings and seemingly endless landscapes. Therefore, the only noises the world will have to compete with are a nearby waterfall and the crashing waves of the ocean.
Let It All Out Now!

‘Looks like you need to let it all out’, which aims to position Iceland as a desirable destination. In addition, the campaign should make it top-of-mind as people start to book vacations and holidays once again. The program was developed in partnership with creative agency M&C Saatchi Group. Hence, it’s the first work to launch since Promote Iceland appointed them earlier this year. The marketing campaign will run across the US, UK, Germany, Canada and Denmark.

Inspired by the practice of ‘scream therapy’, Let It Out will capture screams, yells and shouts from anyone, anywhere in the world. Then the recordings will be release them through speakers located in seven stunning and remote locations across the island.

Enjoy the peak of Festarfjall in Reykjanes Peninsula and the tranquil shores of Djúpivogur in East Iceland. Next, the roaring Skógarfoss waterfall in the south. Participants can choose from seven stunning locations in Iceland. Finally, their scream is released before seeing and hearing it in real time via a live stream of screams.

Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir is the Head of Visit Iceland. He said: “Across the world, people have been through a lot in the last few months. We empathise and want to do what we can to help people relieve their frustrations. In Iceland, we are lucky enough to have vast open spaces and beautiful nature that is the perfect place to let out frustrations. We feel this is just what the world needs. And when people are ready to resume traveling, they can come and experience it for themselves”

Are you concerned about traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic? Iceland began welcoming visitors to the country from June 15. All EU and Schengen countries and the UK have the option to pay ISK 9,000/£50 GBP/ 60 Euros to get tested for coronavirus. As a result, no need for the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Furthermore, as of July 16, travellers from Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Germany will be removed from the list of high-risk countries. As a result, they will be exempt from the quarantine and screening requirements. Plus, The Faroe Islands and Greenland have already received exemption.

Try “To Let It Out” and enjoy the beauty of Iceland. Return again soon and follow our luxury blog. Read about luxury travel and the best destinations around the world.