Pioneer Space Station for Gravity Enabled Tourism and Commercial Use

Have you ever dreamed of traveling in space? Now you can stay in a space station. Orbital Assembly announces the Pioneer Space Station. It features gravity enabled tourism and will be operational in 2025.

Orbital Assembly Corporation is the only company developing the first commercially viable, space-based business park with gravity. The space station has been called the first free-flying, habitable, privately-operated facility in orbit.

Space Station Accommodations

A basic station model will accommodate 28 guests. In addition, it provides a hybrid environment of microgravity (Zero-G). Plus variable levels of gravity up to .57-G. In addition, there will be custom configurations to accommodate more people or meet specific commercial equipment specifications. Thus, each Pioneer module will offer up to 14,000 cu. ft. of space.

Pioneer Space Station interior

Cutting Edge Design

Designed for both for work and stay, the Pioneer Space Station will become the world’s first and largest hybrid space stations. For example, the customizable environments will feature five spacious modules. Each one is built around OAC’s rotating Gravity Ring architecture. Therefore, the company’s artificial gravity features will enhance the level of comfort in space.

Orbital Assembly plans to introduce their new Pioneer Space Station prior to the Voyager Station that they announced in 2021. Astonishingly, the Voyager Station will accommodate up to 400 people.

Tim Alatorre is the Chief Operating Officer and states “For the average person, being in space will be a sci-fi dream experience. Our vision is to make space a destination people will yearn to visit, with familiar elements provided by the presence of gravity. Pioneer’s gravity experience will enable visitors to move around in weightless environments. While eating or drinking out of a cup normally and sleeping without having to be attached to a bed. This is not possible in current space stations.”

Lastly, Orbital Assembly is partnering with former NASA astronaut Mae Jemison’s organization “100-year Starship”. The company also partners with UC Irvine to further the study of artificial gravity on human physiology. As a result, researchers are finding that Zero-G conditions experienced during long-term stays in space, may cause serious medical conditions.

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Photos: Orbital Assembly

Explore and Discover 5 Magic Cities in Germany

Germany awaits. This historic country in Europe invites visitors to explore and discover 5 magic cities. From the Hanseatic city of Bremen with its trendy neighborhoods, to the business and culture hub Frankfurt. The amazing musical city of Dresden and the young spirit of Cologne. Last but not least, experience the maritime metropolis of the North, Hamburg.

Germany is located in the heart of Western Europe and is also one of Europe’s largest countries. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to visit and also travel to neighboring countries. For example – Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. Plus, visit both the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Now it’s time to learn more about Germany’s magic cities.

Experience Bremen

The Hanseatic city of Bremen is the beating heart of north-west Germany. Hence, it’s a place where tradition meets modernity. The trendy neighborhoods in Bremen will captivate you. Experience their culture, pubs, culinary delights and many shopping opportunities. In addition, there is lots of history to be discovered in Bremen. See St. Peter’s Cathedral and the stone Roland statue.

Visit Frankfurt

Frankfurt is definitely known for being a hub for businesses and skyscrapers. Therefore, the booming city also attracts many visitors through its extensive cultural offers. In particular, visit its many museums. The museum embankment is home to 38 different museums. Thus, Frankfurt provides exhibitions for every taste of art. Be sure you end your evening with a glass of the famous apple wine.

Dresden Germany

Experience Dresden

More culture is easy to find in Dresden! Besides its three major landmarks, Dresden is famous for its music. But, be sure to visit the Baroque Zwinger Palace, Semperoper opera house and the Church of Our Lady. Plus, Dresden hosts international music festivals and its events calendar is filled all year round.

Celebrate with us in Cologne

If you like to have a good time, there is no better destination than Cologne. The city’s lively bar and pub scene is just one of the reason it attracts so many young people. Of course, Cologne is also known for its Carnival – Cologne Pride. In addition, Cologne offers a vibrant music and art scene.

Fall in love with Hamburg

The maritime metropolis of the North is extremely popular with locals and visitors alike. Hamburg’s charm is mirrored in so many different ways: Its port, which offers different cruises to experience Hamburg from the water, the beautiful Speicherstadt district with its unique buildings that used to be warehouses, and was named a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Miniatur Wunderland with its largest model railway in the world.

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Luxury VIP Experience at the Cala de Mar Resort & Spa in Mexico

Enjoy a luxury vacation at the Cala de Mar Resort & Spa. This award-winning exclusive hideaway is nestled among the cliffs of Ixtapa on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The breathtaking property offers dramatic panoramic ocean views from each of the well-appointed suites’ spacious terraces.

Each suite features a private heated plunge pool. Plus, the resort’s luxurious accommodations are open year-round with world-class service and immersive culinary programming. Hence, this luxury resort reflects the vibrant Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo culture and spirit.

Luxury Amenities

The exclusive Cala de Mar Resort & Spa property features an expansive spa with Aztec healing treatments. Be treated to fine dining at three distinct restaurants. Also, try the tequila and mezcal bar and yoga and meditation deck. Sun bath on the scenic private cove beach. Additional luxury amenities include personal assistants, chef-led culinary excursions, plus an array of complimentary daily amenities.

Cala de Mar Resort & Spa is an intimate oceanfront resort and spa with 59 private suites. They seamlessly cascade down the steep cliffside of Ixtapa, Guerrero, Mexico, down to the azure Pacific below. The romantic escape sits on the lush Sierra Madre cliff. Resort guests are treated to dramatic panoramic ocean views. In addition, each suite is fitted with a private heated plunge pool.

Luxury Cala de Mar Resort & Spa in Mexico

Luxury Decor

Offering remarkable architecture, décor, the 59 luxury accommodations at Cala de Mar Resort & Spa Ixtapa provide guests a world of sophisticated refinement. These amenities are typically only found in the world’s best hotels. All accommodations are thoughtfully appointed. The decor’s style blends both coastal elegance along with authentic Mexican style.

For VIP treatment, your Guest experience starts with a conversation with their Personal Assistant. From there, the assistant gathers key information about your preferences. For example, learn about food to on-site amenities and local activities. Flexible check in and check out times ensure guests have flexibility within their travel. This it allows for the experience to and from the hotel to remain worry free.


Re-branded in 2018, the gorgeous hotel is found just minutes from Zihuatanejo. This quiet fisherman’s village is popular for its surfing and seafood. In addition, it is famous for the sandy bays that line the town and authentic markets. Even though modernized Ixtapa is home to a large marina, an upscale culinary scene, and picturesque golf courses, it feels quaint.

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Perfect Ramadan Wellness Retreat – Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences

As I sit here writing from the Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences in Maldives, I’m thinking about lessons we can take from Ramadan (or ‘Ramazan’ as we call it over here), regardless of whether you have any religious or spiritual affiliation or not. Ramadan is a time of fasting and reflection, and these are a couple of concepts that have gained a lot of traction in the wellness community over the past few years.

Of course, intermittent fasting in itself is nothing new, but as I am fascinated with wellness I’d like to talk about how it’s been embraced by this community, as well as its benefits for your body and mind. A wellness retreat stay at a luxury resort such as Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences is perfect.

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences is located on one of the largest Maldives luxury resort islands. This luxury property focuses on wellness and is nestled in the pristine beauty of Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


As I’m sure you already know, with Ramadan, the fasting lasts from sunset to sunrise. The duration depends upon your location. Therefore, with intermittent fasting, the fasting period tends to be a little longer. Thus, up to 16 hours of fasting is recommended. Although unlike with Ramadan, you can still drink water or any no-calorie drinks during the fasting period.

Fasting for 10-16 hours will give your body the opportunity to turn its fat stores into energy. As a result, it releases ketones into the bloodstream to encourage weight loss. Plus, it also gives your body a chance to regenerate and heal. However, it’s important that you do it correctly.

Fasting Tips

Here are some of my tips for successful intermittent fasting:

1) Choose nutrient-dense foods that are rich in protein, fibre and ‘good’ fats such as fish, nuts, eggs, avocados and lean meat to break fast. This will help regulate your blood sugar and ensure you’re not depriving yourself of nutrients.

2) Break your fast gently at first with portions of healthy food, avoiding sugar and carbohydrates. Consume good fats for your meal prior to fasting as this helps your body to feel full longer.

3) If you know you’re easily tempted by unhealthy snacks, use them up, put them out of sight or give them away before attempting a fast so you won’t break your resolve.

4) Stay hydrated with water. People doing intermittent fasting often find that fasting overnight is easier, since they are asleep for a big chunk of the fasting period and therefore not feeling hunger pangs or thinking about food.

Date Macadamia Bars

Dates are the traditional way to break fast during Ramadam however they are very high in sugars. Blending them with good fats from nuts and coconut oil gives your body long lasting fuel and the salt helps to rehydrate.

1 cup medjool dates

¾ cup macadamia nuts

½ cup ground almond

¼ teaspoon sea salt

½ teaspoon ground ginger

¼ cup coconut oil

¼ teaspoon of sea salt flakes for topping (optional)

Place all ingredients into a food processor and process until smooth. Place into a 20x10cm tin and press firmly to smooth the top. Sprinkle sea salt flakes on top. Refrigerate until firm and cut into bars.

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Photo: Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences

Ultimate Dining Experience at Ling Ling Mexico City

Last November, the official opening of Ling Ling Mexico City celebrated an incredible evening with a chef-led, multi-course extravaganza for Mexico City’s tastemakers. Ling Ling’s design combines its unique personality and energy with CDMX’s local identity and a versatile atmosphere. As a result, it encourages restaurant guests to extend the fine dining experience beyond the typical restaurant outing.

It does not matter if it’s day or night, guests can simply relax and enjoy one of the most breathtaking views in all of Mexico City. Visitors will discover how through vegetation and light, a space full of character and texture can morph from day to dusk to evening. Enjoy the kilometer-long Terraza, as it provides a romantic location for couples to celebrate intimate milestones. Plus, you will also take in a view of the city, which literally bleeds into the horizon.


The Ling Ling Mexico City Atrium is the true heart of the space. You will find it filled with lush vegetation, triple-height ceilings, and theatrical lighting. Hence, it creates the ideal dining atmosphere for great moments to happen, from 56 floors above.

Ling Ling is a unique destination lounge and dining experience by Hakkasan. Their restaurants all feature Asian-inspired dishes. Therefore, they are meant to be shared. The restaurant offer diners an extensive drinks menu, exquisite dining space and high-energy soundtrack. Immerse yourself in an unbelievable, VIP dining experience. Ling Ling is designed to evolve and morph from drinking to dining to dancing. Cheers to that!

Ling Ling Mexico City restaurant

Meal Menu

When it is time to order from the Ling Ling menu, guests enjoy a gastronomic experience inspired by Izakaya. This concept became popular in the East, where food accompanies drinks. Plus, Ling Ling Mexico City’s menu features Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean influences. Hence, without leaving aside the Cantonese origins of Hakkasan that are present in every course.


Overlooking Ling Ling Mexico City’s Atrium dining area, is a larger-than-life original work-of-art mural. It was hand-painted by Mexican artist Paola Delfín. The painting is named ‘Guardian of Nature’ and inspired by Xochitl the goddess of beauty, flowers, and love. As a result, this stunning mural represents the importance of diversity and a fusion of Asian and Mexican cultures.

The main elements in the mural are agave and lotus flowers. Of course, plants are of great importance both socially and spiritually for both cultures. These elements surround the main character. As displayed as a protector of nature, it accompanies restaurant diners to enjoy this small natural oasis. A soothing mural, in the middle of the bustling metropolis of Mexico City.

Ling Ling Mexico City

This new and popular restaurant is located in one of the most emblematic areas of the city, Paseo de la Reforma. Ling Ling Mexico City can be found in the same building that houses Ritz-Carlton Mexico City. Therefore, you are just steps from the Diana Cazadora Fountain and the Angel of Independence. The restaurant offers impressive 360-degree views from the top floor of a 58-story skyscraper.

Ling Ling Mexico City is open daily for both lunch and dinner:
Monday and Tuesday, 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Wednesday to Saturday, 1:00 pm – 12:00 am
Sunday, 1:00 pm -10:00 pm

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Photo: Ling Ling Mexico City

Enjoy Ibiza and Stay at Cas Gasi – A Luxury Boutique Hotel

Cas Gasi is one of Ibiza’s original sustainable hotels. This luxury boutique hotel and organic farm is located in the heart of Ibiza’s scenic countryside. It is clear this property focuses on its original commitment to sustainability and holistic wellness ethos.

In 2022, Cas Gasi introduces exciting new opportunities, activities and additions. This amazing boutique hotel is set upon four hectares of land in a secluded, idyllic location. Therefore, you not only enjoy a VIP experience, but also have privacy. Recent updates to the property reaffirm the hotel’s continuous advances towards sustainability.

You can stay at a year-round luxury boutique hotel that been part of an on-going evolution towards concern for the environment. As a result, this exquisite property shows evidence of an ever-present conscious and wellness focused ethos.

Property Sustainability, Additions & Updates for 2022

Sustainability remains a core tenet of the Cas Gasi philosophy since its inception. Thus, the advances in the property’s organic agriculture towards “No Dig” is a massive step forward. Also seen are energetic auto sufficiency, by means of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the stunning Ibizan Palaces. Furthermore, all of the hotel’s vehicles are fully electric. Plus, several electric chargers are found on the property for guests who wish to drive responsibly while visiting.

The food served at the property’s restaurant is essentially all organic and 0 KM. Also, the delicious food features plenty of vegan options. Twice a month during the summer season, the hotel hosts farm-to-table evenings. For example, selected guests sit on the long tables among the olive trees. Dine in style under the starry Ibizan sky in the evenings. Pure luxury.

Cas Gasi luxury boutique hotel - Outdoor Dining in Ibiza

A re-design by Cas Gasi to its on-site vegetable garden, make the stunning vegetable plot more of a garden-like utopia. It is a “No-Dig” system. Continuing, guests can walk around, eat, and relax among the beauty and bounty of Ibiza’s nature.

The land’s agricultural output also includes jams produced from fruits grown on site, quince paste and tomato sauce. In addition, marinated olives and Cas Gasi’s special organic cold pressed olive oil. All items are available for purchase in the hotel’s shop. It’s an intoxicating boutique that caters to the most extravagant and demanding tastes.

Ibiza is a true paradise and attracts ever more discerning visitors. The Cas Gasi restaurant offers an enchanting setting and organic cuisine and will be open to guests beyond those staying at the hotel. More broadly speaking, the island’s restaurant scene is a mix ranging from local to sophisticated. Ibiza is definitely a destination for all major foodies. In addition, the beauty and quality of the numerous beach restaurants has been impactful in this resurgence.

Where to Go and How to Get There – A New Ibiza Experience

Cas Gasi promotes wellbeing at a personal level. As well as with individual tailor-made retreats, available for those who do not wish to join a larger group.

Travel continues to evolve in recent years. Therefore, it is increasingly popular to go hiking or on e-bike excursions throughout lesser explored parts of the island. These Ibiza island excursions can be guided or not. In addition, you may find yourself on a path which hasn’t changed in hundreds of years.

The Old Town features world heritage walls and an imposing castle. It offers visitors a medieval spectacle at the end of May. Hence, island visitors are taken back to another era for a week. Ibicencos recreate historic life and professions. Discover era-appropriate costumes that engender an immersive ambiance alive with markets. Of course, they feature potters, bakers, weavers, winemakers, butchers, carpenters, and shoemakers.

The markets stretch along the narrow intramuro streets. As a result, this special time on the island reminds visitors of Ibiza’s rich history. In conclusion, it is one that has been home to numerous cultures and civilizations over millennia.

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Photos: Cas Gasi

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty at the Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland

With all the troubles in the world, it’s finally time to relax and unwind. Visit amazing Iceland and enjoy a panorama glass lodge accommodation at the Panorama Glass Lodge. Simply sit on your bed and take in the beautiful scenery from a luxury glass lodge.

Offered by Off the Map Travel, make plans for a new tour of Iceland that includes panoramic vistas from accommodations in a glass lodge. The four-day Panorama Glass Lodge Escape is set in the country’s Southern highlands. You are just 1.5 hours from Reykjavik. Plus, the tour features the lodges in a first-ever, privately guided program.

This unforgettable Iceland tour is available year-round. The luxury tour includes two nights in one of four eco-friendly glass-fronted lodges. Thus, it allows for stunning views of the Northern Lights or the midnight sun. In addition, you can take a tour of Southern Iceland via private jeep with a private guide. With its glass luxury accommodations, the Panorama Glass Lodge Escape offers a distinctive full-time “outdoor” experience. Therefore, it brings the outdoor views indoors with panoramic views of the arctic tundra, the Hekla volcano, and crystal-clear rivers.

Panorama Glass Lodge

Each Panorama Glass Lodge is named after Norse mythology characters. They each can sleep two guests with a custom-made, king-sized bed. For example, they include a fully equipped kitchen with basic provisions, an en suite bathroom with a rain head shower. Last, you will find sustainable toiletries from Iceland’s SÓLEY organics.

But the truth is, these lodges are heated with sustainable electricity. Therefore, they always maintain a cozy interior no matter what the weather is outside. Yet, lodge guests also have access to a private sauna and hot tub. Of course, the perfect choice to relax and unwind, surrounded by nature. Plus, the nearby spring supplies all the lodges with fresh water.

Panorama Glass Lodge at night - Iceland

After you arrive at the Reykjavik’s Keflavik Airport, step into a luxury jeep and start on a guided visit to the famous Golden Circle. Next, you will visit Thingvellir National Park, The Geysir Geothermal Area and Gullfoss Waterfall. Over your four-day experience, guests will also visit stunning ice caves on the South Coast. In addition, try a snowmobile adventure at a glacier, explore Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik and take a dip in the gorgeous Blue Lagoon.

Below is the detailed tour itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in Iceland. You will be picked up from the airport by your guide in your own private jeep. For your first experience, a tour of the famous Golden Circle. There you will witness Gullfoss, Iceland’s famous two-tier waterfall. Next, is Strokkur, Iceland’s most active geyser. Next, head to your glass lodge accommodation before your evening pick-up for dinner.

Day 2: After breakfast in your glass lodge, your guide will take you to discover the South Coast. Add a bit of adventure to the trip and explore an ice cave. In the late afternoon, you will return to your accommodation to relax before your delicious dinner.

Day 3: After a morning check-out, your next guided adventure visits the Þórsmörk mountain ridge. While there, you will experience snowmobiling on the Eyjafjallajökull glacier. Continuing, the day concludes with an evening exploration of Reykjavik. End your busy day with a dinner at one of its restaurants and bars.

Day 4: For your last day, you can enjoy more time in Reykjavik. Last, it’s time to depart for the airport, via the Blue Lagoon for a relaxing dip.

The Iceland tour starts at $4,225 USD per person (at the time of this writing or £3,199). The Panorama Glass Lodge Escape itinerary includes four-days and three-nights. Pricing is based on two people, on a self-catering basis. Flights are additional.

The Panorama Glass Lodge tour package in Iceland includes:
1) Privately guided tours in a luxury jeep throughout.
2) Two nights in luxury panoramic accommodation.
3) One night’s hotel accommodation in Reykjavik.
4) All activities include private guides, who can tailor the itinerary based on the weather and time of year.

Enjoy a VIP experience in magical Iceland and stay at the amazing Panorama Glass Lodge. Follow our digital magazine and read about the latest, luxury travel news.

Photos: Panorama Glass Lodge – Iceland

5 of the Most Amazing Hotels in Europe

Travelers all around the world are anxious to get out and visit amazing travel destinations. As COVID-19 cases continue to decline, we expect the travel market to really improve. There are so many places to see and things to do. We have always loved traveling to Europe. The region boasts countless luxury hotels to fit every taste and budget.

Fodor’s has listed 5 of the most amazing hotels in Europe. Whether you prefer visiting France, England, Italy or Poland, you are in luck. Besides being rich in culture, these luxury travel destinations offer the finest hotels. We hope you enjoy a summary of each of these amazing hotels in Europe.

Trapped indoors, at home, or on lockdown, where can those with the travel bug satisfy the urge for adventure? Where in the world can we explore when a global pandemic continues to hinder the way we move about it? There’s personal risk, government guidelines, and health organization protocols to consider. Plus, take into account general trip planning. Hence, the travel industry has been scrambling to help those ready to get back out there to do so safely.

That’s where hotels have stepped it up in the last year. Now more than ever, hotels understand their role as a gateway to their locality. Therefore, an opportunity to provide a genuine reflection of the destination for which it resides exists.  Also, the ability to provide spectacular accommodations for residence.

An outstanding luxury hotel must serve multiple functions. First, provide stunning accommodations, proffer genial hospitality and reliable service. Next, maintain upgraded safety protocols, and now, be an escape in and of itself. These travel issues may be temporary. But perhaps it’s in their very momentary nature that makes the experience so essential to the traveler’s journey.

The 2022 list of Fodor’s Finest Hotels features 101 glorious accommodations around the world. The list showcases the crème de la crème of overnights, five-star quality quarters. The list of amazing hotels in Europe is based on the writers and editors who live to leave home. It’s obvious we could all use a little escape right now. Therefore, make your reservations and choose something spectacular!

There is just something about a trip steeped in the history and charm of Europe. As a result, there is no place better to begin your immersion than in one of these tres magnifique accommodations. Enjoy inimitable details like sweeping panoramic views of the Swiss Alps and floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces in medieval castles. Continuing, these amazing hotels in Europe indulge in breakfasts on balconies overlooking the Mediterranean.  In these luxurious European hotels, you will definitely find luxury, glamour, and definitely that je ne sais quoi.


Castello di Reschio
Lisciano Niccone, Italy
Imagine staying in a fairytale medieval castle in one of the most pristine corners of Umbria. The property is very close to the border with Tuscany and restyled by an aristocratic family. The castle hotel consists of elegant rooms and suites. Castello di Reschio is part of a wide estate stretching for 1,500 hectares (3,700 acres). Plus, it also includes nine exclusive farmhouses each with a private pool, ideal for guests looking for a detox stay amid green rolling hills.

You will definitely be pampered with an all-inclusive service – a personal maid, cook and chauffeur are at your disposal. In addition, the luxury hotel’s decor is a mix of new and old. You will find ancient stone floors, arched vaults, floor-to-ceiling fireplaces and wood beam ceilings. Hence they all mingle with objects of contemporary design.

The castle’s exotic winter garden is enclosed by a glass cage. The panoramic infinity pool blends in with the bucolic setting. Both are ideal for a sunset drink after a day trip to Perugia or Siena. The former tobacco factory hosts art exhibitions. Also, you can always choose between a horse-back ride departing from the castle stables or for a detox swim in the spa which used to be a wine cellar.


Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle
Versailles, France
Now you can follow in the footsteps of Marie Antoinette when entering the regal doors of Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle. This luxury hotel is on the grounds of Château de Versailles. Every detail in this stately property totaling 14 rooms and apartments has been taken care of. From the antique furniture and original artwork to the staff’s uniforms.

Rejoice and recall the opulence of 18th-century France, including playful upholstery by Pierre Frey. As a royal guest, enjoy a privileged private tour of the Château de Versailles after hours. Hence you can spend a morning frolicking in the English gardens of the Queen’s Hamlet.

Guided tours of Louis XIV’s Grand Trianon and the Petit Trianon are included in the amenities. The luxurious subterranean spa with treatments by Valmont features hand-painted frescoes and a Carrara. Notice a gorgeous marble floor, leading to a 15-meter (49-foot) long swimming pool. Feasts fit for a king are helmed by Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse, with nightly theatrics included. A candlelight dinner in the privacy of your room or a secluded picnic catered by Ducasse along the Grand Canal are also on the menu.


The Goring
London, England (photo above)
In the heart of London’s Belgravia, you’ll find The Goring. Sophisticated elegance infused with just the right amount of grandeur. As a result, this historic five-star hotel incorporates a little of everything when it comes to that quintessential British charm. Silk-lined walls and manicured garden views ensure you never forget you’re staying in the city’s most prestigious neighborhood.

The Goring’s century-old heritage means all the essentials are done in the good-old-fashioned way here. Included are footmen on-hand for those staying in the suites and impeccable service across the entire property’s amenities.

Each individual suite at The Goring is designed by a renowned British designer. They proudly display British heritage across beautiful bedrooms, stylish sitting rooms, and marble-edged bathrooms. Yet it is not all traditionally classic. Five varied restaurants and bars cater to your every need. From indulgent afternoon tea to cocktails on the veranda or a memorable Michelin-starred dinner. You will be treated by the careful hands of revered chef, Richard Galli.


Paris, France
Settle into what was the last home of Oscar Wilde over a cocktail at the bar named after this popular poet and playwright, and stay the night. Try the signature L’Hotel. An eminently sippable combination of vodka, St. Germain, cherry, and lemon. Next, snack on fine French cheese and charcuterie in an atmospheric setting recalling the 19th century.

L’Hotel is tucked away in Paris’s Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood. Each of the 20 opulent rooms and suites in L’Hotel is decked out in antique furnishings, plush bedding, and gold trims. There’s even a spacious Oscar Wilde suite in homage to the hotel’s most famous resident.

The smaller and equally charming Mignon rooms look out over Rue de Beaux Arts. Head to the lower level spa and sink into the hammam pool and steam room. There you can also book a detoxifying treatment. Dating back to 1828 and refurbished in 1967, this intimate five-star address is magnificent.  The property has entertained such notable personalities as Salvador Dali, Princess Grace, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Morrison, and Serge Gainsbourg. How’s that for a guest list?


H15 Palace
Krakow, Poland
It was once the palatial home of the aristocratic Lubomirski family in the heart of Kraków‘s old town. It’s joined a few neighboring buildings to become the H15 Palace Hotel. The family’s celebrated collection of paintings and antiques hang along the hallways. Many are inside the 71 rooms and suites designed by Mariola Tomczyk. The four imperial apartments revealing ceiling murals, chandeliers, and marble bathrooms are fit for a king.

Once used to welcome a horse and carriage, the elaborately detailed lobby features original wooden floors and family busts. To add to the ornate décor, find modern works by artist Ivo Nikić add pops of color. History and modernity mingle in the lush spa where a pool and jacuzzi define the space complete with 15th-century stone walls. At the stylish bistro, Chef Mateusz Suliga concocts innovative dishes recalling Kraków’s past—artichoke soup with gorgonzola mousse among them.


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Where To Go in 2022 – Top Luxury Travel Destinations

With 2021 behind us, let’s focus on 2022 and hope we all can finally move past the long and difficult COVID-19 pandemic.  Let’s now look towards what’s next in travel for 2022. For example, new destinations are emerging out of the post-pandemic travel boom. We want to share a summary of three luxury travel destinations. Check out the latest happenings in each location.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Illuminarium Experiences opens its doors in early 2022. This breakthrough global experiential entertainment company was created by worldwide leaders in cinematic and interactive content. As a result, architectural and theatrical design, and venue operations will open its second Illuminarium at AREA15. This trendy venue becomes Las Vegas’ newest immersive events and entertainment district.

The 33,000 square-foot, purpose-built building will be on the western side of the main AREA15 complex. Audiences will transport to spectacles unlike any other. You can participate in a shared and connected experience. In addition to the opening of Illuminarium, the first new hotel on the Strip in more than a decade recently opened. Continuing, there are renovations at other properties: The Las Vegas Hilton, The Conrad Las Vegas and Crockfords.

Los Cabos, Mexico
Coming out to the pandemic, Los Cabos is reporting a huge spike in tourism numbers. Cabo is Mexico’s leading tourism and luxury travel destinations. Airline seats are expected to increase by 45 percent from the U.S. from November 2021 to April 2022 compared to the same periods in 2019 and 2020. Therefore, travelers should plan and book our trips as early as possible.

After undergoing a $10 million renovation, one of the destination’s leading hotels is ME Cabo. This luxury property has reopened its doors as a completely transformed resort. Every aspect of the property has been reimagined from guest rooms and lounges to food and beverage partnerships. As part of the Me by Meliá collection, ME Cabo embraces its beautiful location in Cabo San Lucas. The luxury hotel overlooks the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Plus, the new bold and contemporary design will enrich guests’ experiences.

All 170 guest rooms are remodeled to embrace traditional Mexican design. Hence, they boast an eclectic feel, mixing rustic wood furnishings with bright, vivid colors. Rooms range from 425 to 3,000 square feet and feature a private, furnished balcony or terrace. The provide both garden or ocean views. Additional concierge features include: rainfall showers, fully stocked Maxibar, integrated room technologies and bath amenities by C.O. Bigelow.

The ME Cabo hotel partners with popular Mexican restaurant group Grupo Rosa Negra to debut four new culinary hotspots. These include: Confessions Skybar & Tapas, Taboo Beach Club & Restaurant, Funky Geisha, and Mamazzita Mexican Soul. The new culinary concepts are dedicated to serving locally sourced produce and ingredients that explore Latin American cuisine.

South Florida
From Miami’s current beginnings of a dining golden era to West Palm Beach’s expansion of endless cultural venues and museums, South Florida is as busy as ever. Getting around this tropical destination has also never been easier. Brightline is the only provider of modern, eco-friendly, intercity rail in America. Plus, the company is back in service after a 19-month hiatus, between its Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach stations.

Brightline relaunches with multiple service enhancements and investments. Including its new fully integrated, door-to-door booking service Brightline+. It is powered by its app and supported by a new fleet of Brightline branded vehicles. Each are upgraded with delicious food and beverage options. Also relaunching with Brightline is Citizens, a new 26,000 SF culinary center by C3. The leading global food tech platform will house C3 by sbe’s restaurant offerings. In addition, these are inspired by globally renowned chefs such as “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto, Chef Katsuya Uechi,  Michelin Starred chef Dani García and Chef Dario Cecchini.

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Enjoy an Aurora Arctic Glamping Experience – New Family Adventure

If you are looking for the ultimate outdoor family adventure, try the new Arctic Northern Lights glamping VIP experience. The northern lights are an atmospheric phenomenon that’s well known as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Sky watchers are treated to an awesome light show with a dazzling visual display.

This arctic family adventure is designed for one group traveling together. Due to COVID-19, this ensures safety and social distancing. The Reconnect under the Aurora experience occurs in Sweden. As a result, it brings loved ones together under the gaze of the Northern Lights for an incredible “bucket list” vacation. Guests start their arctic family adventure by traveling by snowmobile across the frozen river. You arrive at your first accommodation – a luxury teepee at the Aurora Safari Camp.

Aurora Lavvu

This vacation is for families with children four years and older. Plus, the luxury four-night program includes two stays that everyone will love. Stay at the Aurora Safari Camp in a new aurora lavvu. This is a traditional tepee used by the nomadic Sami people and located in a log cabin at Arctic Retreat deep in the sub-Arctic woods. A few VIP experiences include: a meeting with reindeer, a sled ride, dog sledding, sauna experience frozen into the lake and snowmobiling. This family adventure package is available from December 2021 – March 2022.

Each 325-square-foot lavvu has room that accommodates up to four guests. It is well winterized with a large “aurora window”. It delivers awe-inspiring views of the Northern Lights. In addition, the lavvu also features wood and automatic fuel burners. As a result, guests will be cozy during their arctic stay.

Off the Map Travel

Jonny Cooper is the founder of Off the Map Travel. Also, he is the designer and exclusive provider of this amazing experience. He states, “The newly upgraded lavvu accommodations are not only warm, inviting and beautifully furnished, but they also all face north to get the best views of the Northern Lights. The large, clear Northern Lights panel in the side of the lavvu brings an immersive connection with the wilderness and the Arctic culture,” he added, “meaning you’ll never miss a second when searching for the Aurora.”

Enjoy an Aurora Arctic Cabin Glamping Experience - New Family Adventure

The five- day, four-night, “Reconnect under the Aurora” package is priced from $9,145 USD per person. That is based on six people with total exclusivity for all activities. For example, the package includes – all meals, transfers, two nights in an Aurora lavvu, two nights in a luxurious private cabin at the Arctic Retreat, and more. Lastly, note that air flights are additional.

The team at Off the Map Travel works with experiences and destinations that allow people to explore hidden wonders of our planet. Programming is age-appropriate with adults encouraged to participate as well. For example, younger children, aged 4-eleven, will be kept entertained by an expert Sami guide. Hence, the guide teaches traditional survival skills. For example, learn how to make Gáhkko bread over a campfire. Furthermore, older children will learn the art of ice fishing and how to stay safe and dry in the Arctic winter climate.

Off the Map Travel believes everybody wants something different from their break. Therefore, holidays are tailored to the requirements of the individual, couple or group traveling. No two holidays are the same. The adventure travel company is owned and run by those who appreciate holiday experiences in authentic cities, towns and villages for a chance to see the real country.

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Photo: Graeme Richardson Dogsledding

Enjoy The New Year – Travel and Relax At These Wellness Getaways

As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers just want to enjoy life and see the world.  Wellness getaways are more popular than ever. Health minded individuals desire more than just sitting by a pool or laying on a crowded beach. Get a relaxing body massage, try thermal body mapping, or enjoy the great outdoors and take a hike.

Whatever your ideal wellness dream is, you can find it out there. One of the best things about searching for your personal health bliss, is that wellness retreats are often entirely customizable. Life is stressful these days. Therefore, take some much deserved time off and make wellness getaways your next passion. We want to share 3 wellness getaways to consider for your next luxury vacation.


New Tech-Driven Spa Treatments at Naples Grande Beach Resort

Surrounded by 200 acres of protected mangrove, Naples Grande Beach Resort invites guests to relax and unwind in the new year with an expansive new spa menu that now includes several self-guided treatments available for use across the resort. The only spa in the destination  to provide guests with touchless services, The Spa at Naples Grande is dedicated to refreshing the mind, body, and soul with the addition of NuCalm, Avacen, and Cryolift Pro Machine, along with a new installment to come in the year, V.E.M.I. These tech-advanced services allow guests to distress, detox, and rejuvenate from head to toe. Treatment information and prices are as follows:

  • NuCalm ($49/$79) – the world’s first and only patented neuroscience technology app, clinically proven to lower stress and improve quality of sleep, NuCalm technology mimics the body’s natural progression of tiring the brain down to sleep through applied neuropsychobiology and neuroinformatics, leaving guests to feel centered, present, and in control. This service is offered to all hotel guests with or without a spa service, as guests can ask for the service to be performed in any hotel area.
  • Avacen ($39) – a muscle-relaxing device used to increase microcirculation by applying thermotherapy and negative pressure to either hands’ palm that systemically treats the entire body. This service allows guests a deep cleanse of their immune system by eliminating toxins and improving circulation at the same time, reducing body aging.
  • Cryolift Pro Machine ($250) – A non-invasive shaping device, the Cryolift Pro uses a focused pulsed ultrasound, combined with cavitation, bipolar radiofrequency and semi-conducting cooling technology to selectively destroy fat cells instantly, without pain across the body. Guests are left feeling and looking younger instantly with this advanced thermal treatment.
  • Upcoming in 2022Vibroacoustic Electro-Magnetic and Infrared therapy (V.E.M.I) ($99) – an all-in-one therapy that includes VibroAcoustic, ElectroMagnetic & Infrared technology, V.E.M.I use healing sound resonance in tandem with full-body vibrations, natural earth frequencies, and Infrared for a full-body meditation experience.

Visit www.naplesgrande.com/spa or call 239-594-631.


Meliá Punta Cana Beach Resort - wellness getaways
Photo: Meliá Punta Cana Beach Resort

A Music Wellness Retreat at Meliá Punta Cana Beach Resort – Dominican Republic

Sitting on one of the longest, continuous white-sand beaches in the Caribbean, Meliá Punta Cana Beach Resortis a Meliá Hotels International adults-only and wellness-inclusive resort. Located in the Dominican Republic, the resort offers the ultimate well-being travel experience for guests looking for a more Zen stay.

With its exclusive collection of resort wellness activities and rituals under the “Wellbeing 360 Experience”, Meliá Punta Cana Beach Resort invites guests to recharge their mind, body and soul through a series of monthly wellness retreats throughout 2022. Guests can stay in the resort’s Level Wellness Suites by Stay Well™. Offering the ultimate well-being travel experience, The Level Wellness Suites by Stay Well™ include one spa treatment per day per person, a personal wellness concierge, and a personal bicycle to explore the resort. Stay WellTM features in the suites include welcome and guided meditation from American author and wellness advocate Dr. Deepak Chopra, mood-enhancing aromatherapy, dawn simulation to wake you gradually and gently, and a shower infuser that reduces chlorine to leave hair and skin feeling softer and smoother.

The resort will be hosting its first wellness weekend from January 20th-23rd under the influence of music. Guests can kick off the new year to meditating sounds that will connect their physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social environments. Weekend amenities and nightly rates are the following;

Wellness Music Weekend – January 20th-23rd, 2022

Proven to improve sleep quality and lighten moods, the Wellness Music Weekend will be packed with the enjoyment on:

  • Yoga with live violin music
  • Wellness sunset experience
  • Sound healing ceremonies
  • Healthy picnic at the garden with ambiance music
  • Meditation with selected silent music
  • Violin, sax + violoncello concert
  • Percussion workshop
  • Well vibes night music


$160.00 per person per night in double occupancy // $256.00 per person per night in single occupancy

The Level Wellness Suites by Stay Well™

$300.00 per person per night in double occupancy // $438.00 per person per night in single occupancy


Cheeca Lodge & Spa - wellness getaways
Photo: Cheeca Lodge & Spa

Spa Specials at the Historic Cheeca Lodge & Spa 

Located in the beautiful Florida Keys, Cheeca Lodge & Spa has been a cornerstone of the Islamorada community since 1946.  The iconic resort is offering month-long spa specials throughout January to assist guests with their newfound wellness resolutions. Spa-goers are encouraged to indulge in a variety of treatments offered at The Spa along with opulent amenities such as a heated lap pool with butler service, a fully-equipped fitness center, and more.

Special offerings for January 2022 include;

$20 off Forest Therapy Treatment – Rejuvenate your mind and body with this wellness-focused treatment that will help relax you while you detox some of those extra indulgences over the holidays. Therapists will apply our detoxifying mud on your hands and feet while you receive an amazing massage.  Must request our 2022 promo when making your appointment to receive this offer.

20% off all Yoga & Water Aerobics Classes – A tranquil island oasis, Cheeca is the ideal backdrop to restore and renew your mind, body, and soul. Must input 2022 PROMO next to name when signing up.

20% off Vitamin Supplements by Hush & Hush – With more than 169 active, natural ingredients, Hush & Hush products have been scientifically researched and formulated to address a specific nutraceutical need anti-aging benefit. Globally sourced and organic when possible, Hush & Hush products is a leader in natural anti-aging.


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Photo: Naples Grande Beach Resort