Ways to Safely Dine Out in Germany with Food Allergies

About 11% of American adults suffer from food allergies. As a result, they must be careful when eating out or traveling to avoid the danger of negative reactions. Fortunately, visitors to Germany have countless suitable options to choose between different cuisines.

In most restaurants, ingredients that could trigger an allergic reaction display on the menus. We encourage dining guests to consult the restaurant staff regarding food allergies. As many employees in the hospitality industry receive specific training on this topic. Thus, they will be able to help guide the guest towards the best food choices.

Many visitors to Germany will even be able to find “allergy-friendly communities.” For example, there are especially considerate of the needs of those with allergies and intolerances. Thus, the European Center of Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) awards qualifying regions with a seal. It validates the product or service has been fully adapted to the needs of persons with food intolerances. On a regular basis, a review reflects the latest scientific findings.

A popular example of an allergy-friendly community for travelers with food allergies is the island of Borkum. It is located in the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea area. Hence, the coastal climate is ideal for those who suffer from pollen sensitivities. Therefore, you will find many allergy-friendly offers, including supermarkets, bakeries, cafes, vacation rentals, and hotels.

If you plan to stay in Borkum, be treated to numerous accommodation options. Plus, other parts of Germany also offer special bedding. They use pollen filters in their air conditioning systems and vacuum cleaners.

Another charming allergy-friendly region is Schmallenberg. This town is the Sauerland in North-Rhine Westphalia. The historic town center consists of original half-timbered houses and small businesses. It invites visitors to enjoy unique shopping experiences with many options for allergy-sufferers in terms of both, retail and hospitality.

If you have interest in traveling to Germany or have food allergies, please contact us. We can assist arranging all your luxury travel reservations. We offer amazing VIP experiences all around the world.

Do your research when traveling with food allergies. Don’t make a mistake and ruin your whole vacation. There are safe dining options available.

Photo: Fürth, Gustavstrasse © GNTB/Andrea Hitzemann

IL Tornabuoni – Five-Star Luxury Hotel in Florence, Italy

Located in Florence Italy, IL Tornabuoni is a new five-star independent luxury hotel. This luxury hotel is found along Via Tornabuoni in the historic 12th century Palazzo Minerbetti. In addition, the elegant and stylish property features 62 tastefully designed rooms and suites in the heart of Renaissance Florence.

The amazing Italian city of Florence is experiencing a rebirth and a return of tourism. As a result, the hotel’s historic building is one of the most prestigious in Via Tornabuoni. The building was acquired by Hines European Core Fund (HECF) in 2016. Plus, it spans over six floors and dates back to the XV Century.

Stunning Interior Design

Each of the five floors at IL Tornabuoni’s are a design with a distinct color scheme. Hence, it represents the Renaissance period and embodies the city’s rich history and artistic magnificence. Continuing, the interior design features distinct regal and bold gem colors. Included are vibrant teals, deep blues, sunny yellows, energetic vermillion and soft greys. For example, the wallpaper in each room and suite is custom designed by Auletta. Hence, the lush fabrics including silk, rich velvet and wool were used for the furnishings.

IL Tornabuoni luxury hotel suite - Florence, Italy

Ultra Luxury Accommodations

Most of the luxury hotel’s rooms and suites provide two double beds for guests. Not a surprise, that rarity does not exist in much of Italy and Europe. Continuing, the incredible bathrooms recall the lavishness of ancient spas. Many of the IL Tornabuoni suites offer stunning views of the Duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore, and the famous Cupola del Brunelleschi. Also, enjoy views of the picturesque Arno River and Il Ponte Vecchio. Of course, the restored Minerbetti Palazzo has retained much of its heritage with state-of-the-art avant-Garde interiors. For instance, the property’s opulent look and feel perfectly blends historic prestige with modern day beauty.

Unbelievable Fine Dining

Guests of IL Tornabuoni are invited to enjoy three dining establishments throughout the property. First, IL Magnifico Restaurant & Bistrot is on the ground floor. It’s a tribute to Tuscan gastronomic traditions with Executive Chef Massimiliano Mandozzi at the helm. Chef Mandozzi and his team will focus on local and seasonal ingredients for IL Magnifico’s ever-evolving menus. Therefore, there will be a strong emphasis on vegetables including the famous cavolo nero (Tuscan black kale) and legumes such as native cannellini beans

The restaurant’s Pietra Serena floors are a gray sandstone. They are used extensively in Renaissance Florence. For example, they lend to the rich Florentine atmosphere while leather chairs in a harmony of grey and beige add warmth. IL Magnifico enjoys the soft play of natural light during the day and also boasts an intimate outdoor seating environment.

Second, IL Tornabuoni’s Lucie Gourmet rooftop restaurant opens up onto the elegant Butterfly terrace. Enjoy overlooking Santa Maria Novella, San Frediano and the Ognissanti Church. Plus, see other amazing sites in Florence’s Renaissance skyline. The luxury restaurant’s interior design consists of graceful pink and bold peacock. Of course, indoor and outdoor spaces offer breathtaking views and a sophisticated setting to enjoy a convivial lunch or aperitivo with signature cocktails.

Last, but definitely not least, IL Magnifico Café & Champagne Bar is on the main floor. This fine establishment serves bubbles from only the most sought after Italian and French maison.

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If you are looking for a memorable luxury vacation, visit Florence Italy. Experience the amazing Renaissance City and stay at the IL Tornabuoni luxury hotel.

Enjoy a Norwegian Fjords Road Trip in an Electric Porsche Supercar

Looking for the ultimate luxury vacation? Enjoy a weeklong program is an eco-sensitive, road-tripping adventure. Drive an electric Porsche supercar and experience aa amazing Norwegian fjords road trip.

If you’re a fan of adventure and luxury cars, this new supercar driving program is for you. In a luxury electric Porsche car, you travel through Norwegian fjords and the Sunnmore Alps on a supercar road trip. Plus, enjoy empty open roads and breathtaking scenery behind the wheel of an electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo.

Since the route is pre-programmed, all you need to do is the driving. Thus, you will drive the roads along mountain passes, bridges and labyrinthine tunnels. Amp up with an adrenaline rush. This VIP experience is perfect for any driving enthusiast.

This unforgettable road trip is available on June 12, August 7, or September 4, 11, 18. The seven day fjords supercar adventure is created by specialist travel company Off the Map Travel. It will be like a racetrack experience along the edge of the fjords. For example, your emission-free electric supercar Porsche comes equipped with pre-programmed routes. Your journey traverses through Norway’s stunning fjords and mountains.

Norway Fjord road trip - drive an electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Are you ready? Simply set the car on cruise control, feel the power, and take in the ever-changing scenery outside. Therefore, your electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo will smoothly handle the winding mountain and forest routes that long inspire Norwegian folklore.

Norwegian Fjords Road Trip

The seven-day, six-night drive the fjords itinerary has a price from £7899 per person (approx. $9,747 USD). Also, the travel package includes all meals and accommodations, based on double occupancy. In addition, this luxury travel package also includes are transfers, all activities and use of the electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. Flights to Norway are additional.

Your road adventure allows you to journey along the spectacular Atlantic Road. It is also known as “the road across the sea”. Hence, its imposing seven bridges and network of tunnels, travel deep into the magnificent mountains. See the Troll Wall, the largest rock wall in Europe. In addition, take a ferry into the gaping Geiranger fjord. Next, journey up a gondola for the views of the North Atlantic. Also, experience the fjords from the sky in a private helicopter.

Plus, food lovers are in luck too. Each day, the meal menu features the region’s best local cuisine, including seafood from hyper-local purveyors.

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Are you ready to cruise the stunning Norwegian Fjords in an electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo? Then contact us to help book your dream vacation!

Photos: Off the Map Travel

Explore and Discover 5 Magic Cities in Germany

Germany awaits. This historic country in Europe invites visitors to explore and discover 5 magic cities. From the Hanseatic city of Bremen with its trendy neighborhoods, to the business and culture hub Frankfurt. The amazing musical city of Dresden and the young spirit of Cologne. Last but not least, experience the maritime metropolis of the North, Hamburg.

Germany is located in the heart of Western Europe and is also one of Europe’s largest countries. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to visit and also travel to neighboring countries. For example – Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. Plus, visit both the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Now it’s time to learn more about Germany’s magic cities.

Experience Bremen

The Hanseatic city of Bremen is the beating heart of north-west Germany. Hence, it’s a place where tradition meets modernity. The trendy neighborhoods in Bremen will captivate you. Experience their culture, pubs, culinary delights and many shopping opportunities. In addition, there is lots of history to be discovered in Bremen. See St. Peter’s Cathedral and the stone Roland statue.

Visit Frankfurt

Frankfurt is definitely known for being a hub for businesses and skyscrapers. Therefore, the booming city also attracts many visitors through its extensive cultural offers. In particular, visit its many museums. The museum embankment is home to 38 different museums. Thus, Frankfurt provides exhibitions for every taste of art. Be sure you end your evening with a glass of the famous apple wine.

Dresden Germany

Experience Dresden

More culture is easy to find in Dresden! Besides its three major landmarks, Dresden is famous for its music. But, be sure to visit the Baroque Zwinger Palace, Semperoper opera house and the Church of Our Lady. Plus, Dresden hosts international music festivals and its events calendar is filled all year round.

Celebrate with us in Cologne

If you like to have a good time, there is no better destination than Cologne. The city’s lively bar and pub scene is just one of the reason it attracts so many young people. Of course, Cologne is also known for its Carnival – Cologne Pride. In addition, Cologne offers a vibrant music and art scene.

Fall in love with Hamburg

The maritime metropolis of the North is extremely popular with locals and visitors alike. Hamburg’s charm is mirrored in so many different ways: Its port, which offers different cruises to experience Hamburg from the water, the beautiful Speicherstadt district with its unique buildings that used to be warehouses, and was named a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Miniatur Wunderland with its largest model railway in the world.

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5 of the Most Amazing Hotels in Europe

Travelers all around the world are anxious to get out and visit amazing travel destinations. As COVID-19 cases continue to decline, we expect the travel market to really improve. There are so many places to see and things to do. We have always loved traveling to Europe. The region boasts countless luxury hotels to fit every taste and budget.

Fodor’s has listed 5 of the most amazing hotels in Europe. Whether you prefer visiting France, England, Italy or Poland, you are in luck. Besides being rich in culture, these luxury travel destinations offer the finest hotels. We hope you enjoy a summary of each of these amazing hotels in Europe.

Trapped indoors, at home, or on lockdown, where can those with the travel bug satisfy the urge for adventure? Where in the world can we explore when a global pandemic continues to hinder the way we move about it? There’s personal risk, government guidelines, and health organization protocols to consider. Plus, take into account general trip planning. Hence, the travel industry has been scrambling to help those ready to get back out there to do so safely.

That’s where hotels have stepped it up in the last year. Now more than ever, hotels understand their role as a gateway to their locality. Therefore, an opportunity to provide a genuine reflection of the destination for which it resides exists.  Also, the ability to provide spectacular accommodations for residence.

An outstanding luxury hotel must serve multiple functions. First, provide stunning accommodations, proffer genial hospitality and reliable service. Next, maintain upgraded safety protocols, and now, be an escape in and of itself. These travel issues may be temporary. But perhaps it’s in their very momentary nature that makes the experience so essential to the traveler’s journey.

The 2022 list of Fodor’s Finest Hotels features 101 glorious accommodations around the world. The list showcases the crème de la crème of overnights, five-star quality quarters. The list of amazing hotels in Europe is based on the writers and editors who live to leave home. It’s obvious we could all use a little escape right now. Therefore, make your reservations and choose something spectacular!

There is just something about a trip steeped in the history and charm of Europe. As a result, there is no place better to begin your immersion than in one of these tres magnifique accommodations. Enjoy inimitable details like sweeping panoramic views of the Swiss Alps and floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces in medieval castles. Continuing, these amazing hotels in Europe indulge in breakfasts on balconies overlooking the Mediterranean.  In these luxurious European hotels, you will definitely find luxury, glamour, and definitely that je ne sais quoi.


Castello di Reschio
Lisciano Niccone, Italy
Imagine staying in a fairytale medieval castle in one of the most pristine corners of Umbria. The property is very close to the border with Tuscany and restyled by an aristocratic family. The castle hotel consists of elegant rooms and suites. Castello di Reschio is part of a wide estate stretching for 1,500 hectares (3,700 acres). Plus, it also includes nine exclusive farmhouses each with a private pool, ideal for guests looking for a detox stay amid green rolling hills.

You will definitely be pampered with an all-inclusive service – a personal maid, cook and chauffeur are at your disposal. In addition, the luxury hotel’s decor is a mix of new and old. You will find ancient stone floors, arched vaults, floor-to-ceiling fireplaces and wood beam ceilings. Hence they all mingle with objects of contemporary design.

The castle’s exotic winter garden is enclosed by a glass cage. The panoramic infinity pool blends in with the bucolic setting. Both are ideal for a sunset drink after a day trip to Perugia or Siena. The former tobacco factory hosts art exhibitions. Also, you can always choose between a horse-back ride departing from the castle stables or for a detox swim in the spa which used to be a wine cellar.


Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle
Versailles, France
Now you can follow in the footsteps of Marie Antoinette when entering the regal doors of Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle. This luxury hotel is on the grounds of Château de Versailles. Every detail in this stately property totaling 14 rooms and apartments has been taken care of. From the antique furniture and original artwork to the staff’s uniforms.

Rejoice and recall the opulence of 18th-century France, including playful upholstery by Pierre Frey. As a royal guest, enjoy a privileged private tour of the Château de Versailles after hours. Hence you can spend a morning frolicking in the English gardens of the Queen’s Hamlet.

Guided tours of Louis XIV’s Grand Trianon and the Petit Trianon are included in the amenities. The luxurious subterranean spa with treatments by Valmont features hand-painted frescoes and a Carrara. Notice a gorgeous marble floor, leading to a 15-meter (49-foot) long swimming pool. Feasts fit for a king are helmed by Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse, with nightly theatrics included. A candlelight dinner in the privacy of your room or a secluded picnic catered by Ducasse along the Grand Canal are also on the menu.


The Goring
London, England (photo above)
In the heart of London’s Belgravia, you’ll find The Goring. Sophisticated elegance infused with just the right amount of grandeur. As a result, this historic five-star hotel incorporates a little of everything when it comes to that quintessential British charm. Silk-lined walls and manicured garden views ensure you never forget you’re staying in the city’s most prestigious neighborhood.

The Goring’s century-old heritage means all the essentials are done in the good-old-fashioned way here. Included are footmen on-hand for those staying in the suites and impeccable service across the entire property’s amenities.

Each individual suite at The Goring is designed by a renowned British designer. They proudly display British heritage across beautiful bedrooms, stylish sitting rooms, and marble-edged bathrooms. Yet it is not all traditionally classic. Five varied restaurants and bars cater to your every need. From indulgent afternoon tea to cocktails on the veranda or a memorable Michelin-starred dinner. You will be treated by the careful hands of revered chef, Richard Galli.


Paris, France
Settle into what was the last home of Oscar Wilde over a cocktail at the bar named after this popular poet and playwright, and stay the night. Try the signature L’Hotel. An eminently sippable combination of vodka, St. Germain, cherry, and lemon. Next, snack on fine French cheese and charcuterie in an atmospheric setting recalling the 19th century.

L’Hotel is tucked away in Paris’s Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood. Each of the 20 opulent rooms and suites in L’Hotel is decked out in antique furnishings, plush bedding, and gold trims. There’s even a spacious Oscar Wilde suite in homage to the hotel’s most famous resident.

The smaller and equally charming Mignon rooms look out over Rue de Beaux Arts. Head to the lower level spa and sink into the hammam pool and steam room. There you can also book a detoxifying treatment. Dating back to 1828 and refurbished in 1967, this intimate five-star address is magnificent.  The property has entertained such notable personalities as Salvador Dali, Princess Grace, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Morrison, and Serge Gainsbourg. How’s that for a guest list?


H15 Palace
Krakow, Poland
It was once the palatial home of the aristocratic Lubomirski family in the heart of Kraków‘s old town. It’s joined a few neighboring buildings to become the H15 Palace Hotel. The family’s celebrated collection of paintings and antiques hang along the hallways. Many are inside the 71 rooms and suites designed by Mariola Tomczyk. The four imperial apartments revealing ceiling murals, chandeliers, and marble bathrooms are fit for a king.

Once used to welcome a horse and carriage, the elaborately detailed lobby features original wooden floors and family busts. To add to the ornate décor, find modern works by artist Ivo Nikić add pops of color. History and modernity mingle in the lush spa where a pool and jacuzzi define the space complete with 15th-century stone walls. At the stylish bistro, Chef Mateusz Suliga concocts innovative dishes recalling Kraków’s past—artichoke soup with gorgonzola mousse among them.


Are you ready to make your luxury travel destinations and stay at the finest hotels? Contact The Life of Luxury today. We hope you enjoy reading about each of these amazing hotels in Europe.

Artist Christo Wraps the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

The amazing art display titled “Wrapped” is now available to view in Paris, France. Famous artist Christo had the vision to complete the mega pop-up art installation over the iconic Arc de Triomphe. The final art display was completed by his team, due to Christo’s death last year.

“Wrapped” is a a temporary art work that will be on display starting today, Saturday, September 18 to Sunday, October 3, 2021. The art exhibit was initially planned for last year. But due the COVID-19, it’s debut is a year later. The Arch of Triumph is carefully wrapped in over 269,000 square feet of recyclable polypropylene fabric. In addition, the exhibit uses almost 23,000 feet of bright red rope.

What most people don’t realize, is that Christo’s vision for wrapping actually began decades ago. In 1961, Christo met his wife Jeanne-Claude. Soon after, plans began with Christo making his first sketches and photo-montages in 1962 and 1963. In addition, Christo lives near the Arc de Triomphe, so it provides him a daily inspiration.

The impressive monument was designed by Jean Chalgrin in 1806, from orders by Napoleon and inaugurated in 1836. The inauguration is based on the sixth anniversary of the Three Glories—Les Trois Glorieuses. The might arch is 50 meters high and 45 meters in width. In addition, it is 22 meters deep. For years, the monument was the largest triumphal arch in the world. The Paris monument’s design was inspired by the Roman Arch of Titus.

Arc de Triomphe art exbibit by artist Christo

Visitors to Paris will be happy to know is the Arc de Triomphe will remain open to the public all during the wrap exhibit. Of course, the Arc de Triomphe is know all around the world and is located on the famous Champs-Élysées. The famous monument pays tribute to people who both fought and died for France, during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Hence, visitors, can view names of all French victories and generals inscribed on the monument’s inner and outer surfaces.

The Eternal Flame is found in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It’s good to hear that the flame will continue to burn throughout Christo’s art exhibit. Beneath the arch’s vault lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, from World War I.

Sadly, Christo did die on May 31, 2020. He is well known for his large-scale, environmental installations created around the world. Yet, his great project was approved last year by the National Monuments Center. The organization manages the famous Arc de Triomphe plus almost 100 other national monuments across France.

Be sure to view the Christo art exhibit at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. We offer the best luxury travel packages to popular destinations around the world.

Photo: Atout France

West Bohemia Spa Triangle- A Famous Spa Region in the Czech Republic

West Bohemia Spa Triangle is a region in the Czech Republic that is filled with charm and provides visitors a chance to dig deeper into Czech culture. Bohemia is both the westernmost and largest historical region of what is today called the Czech Republic. The area is located West and south-west of Prague. In addition, this area is a well-known spa region.

The West Bohemia Spa Triangle area includes many beautiful towns, all surrounded by green hills and thick forests. In spite of tourism that draws people from around the world, it’s a relatively quiet area. Simply enjoy a leisurely atmosphere and get pampered. As a result, be treated to a VIP experience and indulge in curative springs and luxury spa treatments.

Here is a tourist video about the West Bohemia Spa Triangle.

The West Bohemia Spa Triangle includes the largest concentration of spa centers in all of the Czech Republic. Czech Republic spa care is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Therefore, the region has rightfully earned a much earned reputation, as one of the best spa areas in the world.

Do You Need Personal Attention and Self-Care?

One of many travel benefits is usually a chance to relax and escape day-to-day stress. The “Spa Triangle” of West Bohemia is only two hours west of Prague. It includes three cities that are all about health and wellness:

Karlovy Vary – the well-known wellness destination of free-flowing mineral springs, founded by King Charles IV, and popular with world leaders and celebrities ever since

Mariánské Lázně – fifty mineral springs and a singing fountain surrounded by pastel facades, spas, and a quieter vibe

Františkovy Lázně – the undiscovered darling of the spa triangle, including a namesake statue connected to a legend of fertility
Get a quick video glimpse of these gorgeous towns here.

While dreaming of your visit, you might take inspiration from some of the Czech spa treatments. Hence, they go beyond the usual manicures and massages. For example, think bathing in beer, or half an hour of breathing deeply in a relaxing salt cave to open up the lungs.

Some Czech spas are even offering personalized COVID rehab packages. They include respiratory therapies, stress and sleep management. Plus, receive nutritional advice to help long-termers on the road to recovery.

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Visit the West Bohemia Spa Triangle for the ultimate, luxury spa experience. Therefore, you can make your dream a reality and experience all the Czech Republic has to offer.

Explore the Rich History and Historic Castles of Germany

Germany is blessed with countless, historic castles. Glucksburg Castle is a holiday home in a fairytale castle. Located in Germany, Glucksburg Castle is actually a moated castle. At times, a residence of the Danish royal family. In addition, it it is one of the most important Renaissance castles anywhere in northern Europe.

Upon seeing Glucksburg Castle for the first time, many visitors have the same first impression. It is a magnificent historical building, perfectly reflected in the water. Plus it is one of the most famous sights in Schleswig-Holstein. Holidaymakers can stay in apartments directly on the castle island in the former carriage house. Be welcomed by the surrounding lake, park and vast castle courtyard.

Glücksburg Castle, built between 1583 and 1587 belongs to the most significant complex of castles in Northern Europe. Under the Duke John the Younger (1545-1622), Castle Glucksburg is an architectural marvel and must be seen in person. In addition, the property is the ancestral home of of the Dukes of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg,

But, you don’t need to have noble blood glowing through your veins. Across Germany, there are a wide range of castle and palace accommodations in stay in. Anyone can dine and sleep in these historic dwellings, that were once the exclusive preserve of famous Knights, Princes and Kings. Visitors can choose between a youth hostel or even a luxury hotel.

Holiday home in a fairytale castle

There are numerous, historic castle hotels in the Saarland area. Each offers visitors a chance to get away from it all in a fairytale setting. One example is the amazing Berg Castle. Interestingly, it is now a five-star hotel nestled in a picturesque landscape of rolling vineyards.

Situated at the heart of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park, you will find the Baroque-style Münchweiler Castle. This castle has been owned by the same family for eight generations. It is now a hotel and café. The beautiful Ziegelberg Castle near Mettlach offers visitors a regal, holiday accommodation. Enjoy your stay in the heart of an ancient wooded park.

Historical accommodation by the Rhine and Elbe

A total of 35 historic castles and palaces in Germany offer budget youth hostel accommodations. Hence, they are ideal for children, young people, families and groups. For example, one of these historic castles is Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz. Is is situated high above the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle. As a result, visitors will enjoy impressive views over the city. In addition, explore this picturesque river landscape and its many hilltop castles on hiking trips or boat tours.

A river trip on the Elbe is the ideal start to a visit to Pillnitz Castle in Saxony. Steamboats are operated by Sächsische Dampfschifffahrt. Definitely, they are the most scenic way to arrive. Once leaving Dresden’s Old Town, the steamboat passes the historical Elbe castles of Albrechtsberg Palace, Lingnerschloss and Schloss Eckberg. Continuing, are the famous Loschwitz Bridge (the “Blue Wonder”). For a peaceful night’s rest, stay at the former summer residence of the Saxon Kings. Next, you will explore the extensive parklands around Pillnitz Castle. Plus, visitors can find exclusive holiday apartments in small, cozy buildings. Examples are the “Small Guard House” and the “Trumpeter’s House”.

Secret passageway to castle kitchens

Among Germany’s many historic castles is Wörlitz Castle in Saxony-Anhalt. This castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and regarded as the founding construction of German Classicism. In addition to the castle, the area includes the surrounding Wörlitz Park. Next, take guided tours and an opportunity to admire the very well preserved interior of the castle. It includes furniture and ceramics, as well as progressive features such as dumb waiters and concealed doors. Finally, the tour takes visitors through an underground passageway. Enjoy viewing the former kitchen building of the castle.

Nearby, visitors can also dine in regal style in Anholt Castle. It is one of the largest moated castles in all of the Münsterland region. Continuing, visitors will quickly notice the massive 12th-century tower. Now, Anholt Castle is a prestigious residential castle. Foodies will love a gourmet cuisine, accompanied by a view of the castle and park. Wasserpavillon restaurant is found in the middle of the palace pond.

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This Holiday Season, Enjoy Christmas in Prague

In past years, December used to be a very busy month for Prague. Christmas in Prague is a special time. But due to the COVID-19 virus, things have changed. Luckily, visitors are still able the Czech capital and enjoy this holiday season.

Prague has a lot to offer. There are many options for holiday shopping. The historic city is popular for travelers to experience bustling Christmas markets. Hence, enjoy picture-perfect backdrop of Gothic towers, softly glowing gas lamps, and the scent of mulled wine permeating frosty air.

What can you expect this year? Definitely a more low-key, authentic holiday season. As a result, Christmas in Prague this year will see the city will forego the famous Christmas market in Old Town Square. But the historic square still looks stunning. First, there is a the imposing Christmas tree. This year. it’s decorated in the national colors of white, red and blue.

Another notable vertical presence in the square is an old-new monument – the Marian column. This impressive 50-ft-tall sandstone pillar is topped by a sculpture of the Virgin Mary. The pillar is a faithful replica of a Baroque original. It graced the very same spot from 1650 until 1918, when it was destroyed. As result, the column was re-erected in the square in August of 2020. As a result, it adds an undeniable, visual appeal to this historic space.

Christmas proper will be celebrated between December 24-26. The evening of December 24 is the main event. Be treated to a festive family meal, followed by gathering around the Christmas tree. Next wrap presents and consuming copious amounts of Christmas sweets. Simply fun and yum!

Although large Christmas markets will not be found, other themed markets, farmers’ markets and single stalls are open. This provides a less showy, but more locally appealing alternative. Therefore, expect a more intimate, Christmas in Prague.

If you are looking for quality gifts made and sold by local designers and artisans, you are in luck. They range from jewelry to fashion to homewares and toys. Shoppers can flock to the popular Dyzajnmarket fair. It is held over two December weekends at the Výstaviště complex in Prague 7. Another option is the smaller Lemarket Christmas pop-up, held this year. It can be visited on the top floor of the Máj department store.

The restaurants and cafés in Prague have reduced their seating capacity to half. The will continue to sell food from windows and via delivery services. On a chilly winter’s day, treat yourself to mulled wine, hot chocolate and cinnamon-scented funnel cake. In addition, try roasted ham and other street foods. These items are still easily available, despite the absence of market stalls.

Czechs are definitely obsessed with Christmas cookies. During Christmas in Prague, they spend much of December busily baking and decorating. Plus, they look for perfect vanilla crescents, bear paws, linzer cookies, gingerbread, and many more.

Locally bred carp has been on the Czech Christmas menu for more than a century. Many urban Czechs make the switch to more exotic and less bony fish. But fried carp with a rich, flavorful potato salad remains the iconic Czech Christmas meal. During the the week before Christmas, locals are treated to culinary tradition. They line up in front of vats filled with live carp, brought in from the countryside. They look forward to purchasing a fresh fish to cook for Christmas dinner.

The undisputed culinary hit of this year’s holiday season is a novel dessert created by pâtissier Olga Budnik. She owns the Black Madonna café in the Old Town. This striking dessert, a chocolate globe covered with the telltale spikes of a coronavirus. It’s made of white chocolate and dried raspberries. It is fittingly named “Virus.”

Please note that Prague’s many monuments, museums and galleries are still open. Unfortunately at a reduced capacity. We want to highlight two exhibitions that merit attention. Rembrandt: Portrait of a Man, at the Kinský Palace branch of the National Gallery, is a fascinating probe into Rembrandt’s portrait art. It offers visitors to view many loans from the world’s most prestigious public and private collections. Not to be missed.

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Discover Scenic Germany During the Fall Season

Germany may not have the glitz of some of the other popular, Europe travel destinations. But it’s truly a top rated, location to visit. From River cruises on the Rhine and Maine to Oktoberfest. There is the Berlin Film Festival and Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. Plus, don’t forget about the castles of Mad King Ludwig.

With so much to offer, Germany is a diverse country for travelers. It’s an incredible place to explore. In addition, enjoy the great outdoors. For example, travel back to medieval times and explore the center of many of its modern cities.

Enjoy Baroque Ludwigsburg

From November 26-29, 2020, the Ludwigsburg Residential Palace will be center stage for Thanksgiving celebrations. This American holiday should not be confused with Germany’s harvest festival. That occurs in October. Ludwigsburg Palace is one of the largest Baroque buildings in Europe. Yet it takes the American custom as a suggestion to create delicious treats to match the pumpkin exhibition. These end on December 6, 2020. Here’s a tip. Don’t miss nearby Solitude Palace or the New Castle (Neues Schloss) of Stuttgart.

Discover the Icon Composer #bebeethoven

The fellowship program named #bebeethoven was inspired by the 250th anniversary of birth of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827). Beethoven is definitely one of the most innovative composers of his time. Enjoy unique and innovative concerts and presentations during the #bebeethoven Festival. Also, it opens a visionary window into the future of art, music, and music creation. In addition, during the month of October – 12 artists of the #bebeethoven fellowship program will present their projects. For example, concert venues include Esslingen (October 6-15, 2020 and Podium Esslingen Festival). Additional events include Bonn (October 16-24, 2020, #bebeethoven concerts and performances).

Discover Potsdam and Sanssouci

Over the course of 300 years, the garrison town of Potsdam has developed into one of Europe’s grandest former ducal towns. Visit its numerous baroque buildings, such as Sanssouci Palace and Park Cecilienhof House. There is Babelsberg Film Park and the Dutch quarter. In addition, the Potsdam Biosphere attracts tourists from all over the world. This area is especially beautiful in the coming weeks. Enjoy gardens, parks and palaces. Even the scenic lakes light up in the glow of fall.

Enjoy Berchtesgaden by Bike

Barnim Nature Park, just outside of Berlin is a natural gem. With its idyllic lakes and untamed rivers and woods. Here, you can find the Konik, a feral horse breed, grazing on open meadows. The ever-changing landscape is criss-crossed by cycle paths, passing by Slavic and German castle ruins. Furthermore, in the North, additional fauna awaits you. There is Rostock’s Zoo on the Baltic Coast and Stralsund’s Ozeaneum Aquarium. The Stralsund’s Ozeaneum Aquarium offers an incredible underwater adventure. For example, another excursion brings you to Usedom. Take in the untouched, natural landscapes.

Experience the Scenic Jewels Along Bavaria’s Great Rivers

The spectacles through Bavaria’s rivers are true hidden gems. First, in Franconia on the Main River, step into the beauty of many charming vineyards. These vineyards harvest exquisite Franconian wines. Then, jump off and travel back to Baroque times in Bamberg. While there, explore the UNESCO designated Old Town. Continue south and find yourself on the historic Danube River in Eastern Bavaria. While touring, marvel at The Danube Gorge’s narrow curved stretch. View the towering and breathtaking cliffs. Further down, see the grand Walhalla dominate like the mighty Pantheon.

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Cliveden House – Luxury Estate in the English Countryside

Enjoy an amazing travel getaway at the Cliveden House, a luxury estate hotel in the gorgeous English countryside. The Cliveden House offers incomparable hospitality. Plus, the 350-year-old castle offers 48 rooms, impeccable spa facilities, award-winning dining and five-star service.

The Hotel

Experience incomparable hospitality at one of the world’s finest luxury hotels. Cliveden House was built over 350 years ago for the Duke of Buckingham’s mistress. Cliveden House is a destination enriched by both its illicit history and antique furnishings, In addition, the hotel features Edwardian elegance and first-class service.

Housing 48 individually styled rooms, the sprawling 376-acre estate also features an outdoor pool, sauna and tennis court. Enjoy award-winning cuisine at the Andrew Garrett Restaurant or Astor Grill. Then, you can leisurely explore the meticulously tended grounds and nearby woodlands.

Cliveden’s 48 rooms vary in size and exude distinctive styles reminiscent of the history of the house. Find classic ambience that echoes throughout with timeless furnishings, period bathrooms and original works of art. The luxurious Deluxe Suites boast generous space and high ceilings. Therefore, the Classic Rooms are perfect for shorter stays, coming well-appointed with a private hot tub and antique furniture.

Food & Drink
Boasting 3 AA Rosettes, The André Garrett restaurant and its menus of innovative dishes showcase the best of English ingredients and seasonal flavours. For relaxed dining, head to The Astor Grill located in the old stable block. Full of character both in style and menu, the food, a mixture of classic American and British dishes, reflects the diversity of the hotel’s past owners and residents.

In addition, an Afternoon Tea of freshly baked scones, pint-sized cakes and Taittinger Champagne is available. It’s perfect for those who want to experience the quintessential British pastime. But, it also offers utter exclusivity and an intimate affair. Lastly, dining is also available in your own private room.

Perfectly situated only 20 minutes drive from London Heathrow Airport. Plus, Cliveden House is just 45 minutes from the capital’s city centre. Cliveden Hotel is set on an idyllic location in the Berkshire countryside with panoramic views over the stunning River Thames.

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Photo: Cliveden House