Pioneer Space Station for Gravity Enabled Tourism and Commercial Use

Have you ever dreamed of traveling in space? Now you can stay in a space station. Orbital Assembly announces the Pioneer Space Station. It features gravity enabled tourism and will be operational in 2025.

Orbital Assembly Corporation is the only company developing the first commercially viable, space-based business park with gravity. The space station has been called the first free-flying, habitable, privately-operated facility in orbit.

Space Station Accommodations

A basic station model will accommodate 28 guests. In addition, it provides a hybrid environment of microgravity (Zero-G). Plus variable levels of gravity up to .57-G. In addition, there will be custom configurations to accommodate more people or meet specific commercial equipment specifications. Thus, each Pioneer module will offer up to 14,000 cu. ft. of space.

Pioneer Space Station interior

Cutting Edge Design

Designed for both for work and stay, the Pioneer Space Station will become the world’s first and largest hybrid space stations. For example, the customizable environments will feature five spacious modules. Each one is built around OAC’s rotating Gravity Ring architecture. Therefore, the company’s artificial gravity features will enhance the level of comfort in space.

Orbital Assembly plans to introduce their new Pioneer Space Station prior to the Voyager Station that they announced in 2021. Astonishingly, the Voyager Station will accommodate up to 400 people.

Tim Alatorre is the Chief Operating Officer and states “For the average person, being in space will be a sci-fi dream experience. Our vision is to make space a destination people will yearn to visit, with familiar elements provided by the presence of gravity. Pioneer’s gravity experience will enable visitors to move around in weightless environments. While eating or drinking out of a cup normally and sleeping without having to be attached to a bed. This is not possible in current space stations.”

Lastly, Orbital Assembly is partnering with former NASA astronaut Mae Jemison’s organization “100-year Starship”. The company also partners with UC Irvine to further the study of artificial gravity on human physiology. As a result, researchers are finding that Zero-G conditions experienced during long-term stays in space, may cause serious medical conditions.

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Photos: Orbital Assembly

Amazing Ideas for Purchasing a Perfect Luxury Present Online

There is no doubt that people love giving gifts. We love seeing the smiles on the faces of our friends and family members when they open a gift. Some people are easy to buy for and happy with anything, while others prefer things that are a little more luxurious. If you need to get a perfect luxury present for someone with expensive tastes, you may think you will need to visit a dozen different stores to find the right thing.

But the truth is, you can just as easily find a luxury gifts that you can buy right from the comfort of your own home. With that in mind, this article is going to go over a few ideas for purchasing a perfect luxury present online.

Fashion Accessories

Luxury wallet - fashion gift accessory
A great option for a luxury gift for your loved one is a new fashion accessory of some kind. These can elevate their look and help give them more confidence. For example, as Real Mens Wallets suggests, you make a statement every time you take out your wallet, so why not make it a good one.

In addition to wallets, there are many other luxurious fashion accessories that you can give such as sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, ties, hats, and dozens of others. You need to take time to find a quality manufacturer, who can provide accessories that not only look good, but also last long.

Of course, if you buy a luxury present online, be sure you know the size and/or measurements for the person you are buying for. Most companies make this easy and often publish the measurements or their different sizes online.

A Cool New Piece of Technology

Everybody loves technology, and most of us use it multiple times a day for a variety of tasks. It is used to entertain ourselves, communicate with others, and so much more. Many people can hardly keep up with new releases, and may not get every type of new technology they want. This is why technology can make a great luxury gift that your friend or family member is sure to love.

This could be one of the many types of smart home technology, a video game console, new parts for their computer, a new phone, headphones, or anything else you think they would be interested in. There is no shortage of options, with new ones coming out regularly.

Something Related to Their Favorite Hobby

Another great option for providing a luxury gift is getting someone something related to their favorite hobby. This could be a high-quality coffee maker, some high-quality rock climbing gear, a new easel and paint, and a nearly endless amount of other things. No matter what types of things a person likes, there is a good chance there are some luxurious products in that industry that they will adore.

Make sure to do some research on which companies are luxury and make the best products. If you are not as involved in the industry, you never want to simply pick something at random, as it might not be very good. Online forums and third-party reviews are a good place to start.

In conclusion, by keeping these ideas in mind, you can be sure to find the perfectly luxury gift idea online.

We hope you enjoyed reading about purchasing a perfect luxury present online. The Life of Luxury has access to a wide variety of luxury goods including: Hermes Birkin bags, luxury watches, vintage cars and more!

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Virgin Galactic Space Plane “Unity” – Sir Richard Branson Will Launch to the Edge of Space

Tomorrow marks a historic day. Sir Richard Branson will be on board the Virgin Galactic space plane named “Unity” for a test flight.  Richard Branson is almost 71 years old. The London-born is the famous founder of the Virgin Group, which controls over 400 companies across many industries.

Branson describes himself as a adventurer. He will live up to that description on Sunday, as he soars from the southern desert of New Mexico. In addition, he will join five company employees on his sleek and shiny space plane – the Virgin Galactic “Unity.”

The upcoming flight will be the company’s fourth trip to the edge of space. Richard Branson posted on Twitter, “I’ve always been a dreamer. My mum taught me to never give up and to reach for the stars. On July 11, it’s time to turn that dream into a reality aboard the next @VirginGalactic”

By adding himself to Virgin Galactic’s first full-scale crew, Branson will beat out Amazon founder Jeff Bezos by just over a week. The battle of two of the biggest billionaires in the world intensified quickly. First, there was a news release that Jeff Bezos would be part of the debut launch of his “Blue Origin” rocket – “New Shepard.” It is currently scheduled for July 20 and will include other people with people on board, including honored guest Wally Funk. In addition, Bezos’ brother Mark Bezos will be part of the crew, launching from West Texas.

Branson states, “We are at the vanguard of a new industry determined to pioneer twenty-first century spacecraft, which will open space to everybody — and change the world for good.”

Virgin Galactic Unity crew - Sir Richard Branson

The “Unity” space plane from Virgin Galactic, will take-off attached to a custom designed double aircraft. Appropriately, the aircraft is nicknamed Eve, named after Richard Branson’s late mother. After taking off and reaching almost 50,000 feet (15,000 meters), the plane with Branson inside will be released. After that, the plane’s rocket motor will next ignite and initiate a rapid climb up to approximately 55 miles above Earth.

Next, the space plane’s motor will shut off as it reaches space. As a result, the lucky passengers will then experience weightlessness and will float around, looking down at planet Earth. What an amazing view that should be! Continuing after that relatively brief thrill, the passengers all strap back into their seats and prepare for re-entry. Amazingly, the rocket plan actually folds up its wings. Finally, the wings fold back down using a unique technique, called “feathering.”

From there, the rocket plane glides back to Earth, similar to past NASA space shuttle missions. Hence, millions of people all around the world will watch this historic moment in space travel.

The next phase for Virgin Galactic, is to perform two more test flights later this summer. If you have dreamed to travel to space, you are in luck. You can book a reservation for a future space flight. The initial tickets are priced at $250,000 per person. Incredibly, there are already greater than 600 confirmed, ticket holders. Will you be next?

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Photos: Virgin Galactic

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Adorned with Diamonds from Legend

Specializing in bespoke smartphones, Legend just introduced a limited edition Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is an awesome cell phone that provides an exceptional user experience. The phone’s infinity screen is incredible. It offers brilliant colors and sharp imaging.

Legend has followed the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with their own limited edition versions. These luxury smartphones are quite stylish. With a VIP look, these bespoke mobile phones are adorned with stunning diamonds.

The made-to-order version from Legend is made with three versions – 24k gold, rose gold and platinum. For the first version, both the case back and bezel are plated with 24k gold. This is bling to the max. In addition, the well known Samsung was designed with a diamond halo plus enamel filling. The look is amazing and adds another level of sophistication to each Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

The embellishment of using VVS1 grade diamonds complements the 24k gold perfectly. The diamonds glitter with the reflection of both indoor or outdoor lighting. The look is truly luxurious.

Don’t think for a moment that these smartphones are being mass produced. Each is custom made based on a customer’d preference. Dome of the options you can consider when ordering are: hand engraving, custom logo, gemstone setting as well as exotic leather options. The result is really outstanding and will definitely turn heads.

You have several natural leather options to go with when choosing the exotic leather edition. Each phone is professionally inlaid by a master leather craftsman. Choose your leather to compliment your fashion taste. Be the talk of any social event. You can go with genuine lizard, crocodile or ostrich leather. How about stingray or shark leather? Each is distinct, but all are ever so classy.

A nice compliment to the natural leather version is the use of genuine blue diamonds. Therefore, the blue diamonds in the Samsung logo perfectly match the blue crocodile leather. Stand out in a crowd and look sharp. These stylish, custom cell phones exude class and sophistication.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus smartphones are a bit pricey. So are the custom versions from Legend. Any of the three metal plated versions will run 2,790 Euro (US $2,993). The natural leather versions will cost 2890 Euros (US $3,100). The prices do include express shipping anywhere in the world.

With graduations coming up or to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, these gorgeous phones will make an ideal luxury gift. Don’t follow the other sheep, break from the pack and stand out. Show your VIP swagger with one of these custom, Legend smartphones. In addition, each phone comes in a classy presentation box. Each Galaxy phone also arrives with certificate of authenticity, enclosed in a leather folder. Nice touch Legend!

Contact us today if you want to purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone from Legend. Our concierge specialists can assist in locating and buying that perfect luxury gift. Return to follow our luxury blog for more hi-tech stories.

Photo: Legend

Go Ultra-Bling – Custom New Apple iPhone 7 from Legend

As move into the month of September, it’s time for anticipation to build once again. Apple typically uses September to announce the release of its latest iPhone model. The new Apple iPhone 7 could be announced at a press conference rumored to be held next week on the 7th. We may also hear about a new version of the popular Apple Watch.

Industry insiders are expecting the new Apple iPhone 7 to include an improved water-proof design and better camera system. We expect to see two sensors to produce an image that’s both more detailed and brighter. A controversial topic is whether the new iPhone will eliminate the headphone jack. I know some you are freaking out now and yelling at the top of your lungs, “No!” We know Apple includes earbuds in each box. It’s possible they may be wireless or utilize the Lightning port. The goal of this big change would be to make the iPhone case slimmer and improve making it water-proof.

If the new Apple iPhone 7 does get announced on September 7, then it’s likely orders will begin on the 16th or pushed to the 23rd. But what if you don’t want to have the latest version but not satisfied with the same cell phone that millions of others will be using? Legend has the answer. Legend has a single goal to develop and offer the most luxurious and exclusive consumer products to the world. A lofty goal but their track record has been impressive.

custom Apple iPhone 7 case - Legend

Awaiting the new Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, you can now pre-order custom versions that look like a piece of art. These customized iPhones come with the new 256GB memory format to give you all the data storage to meet your power-user needs. Your iPhone 7 smartphone can be customized in a number of different ways. Legend takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary! If you are discerning client that desires the very best, then Legend can make that happen … for a price.

When ordering, you will have a consultation with a bespoke designer at Legend. He or she will closely listen to your ideas and gauge your personality and interests. Together, a perfect custom iPhone smartphone is the desired outcome. For example, choose the stunning Classique Diamond edition. This custom iPhone 7 comes with 360 VVS1 grade diamonds weighing 10.7ct that are carefully hand-set to the bezel and Logo. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Regardless of what style you choose, the custom cell phone case features 10 microns thick gold plating. All buttons are diamond studded as a standard feature.

There are different case colors to choose from. Pick either Platinum, Rose Gold or Black Rhodium metal plating. This bling smartphone case will definitely turn heads. Your new Apple iPhone 7 phone will now really turn heads, even in a crowd.

Rather than metal plating, maybe you prefer a custom leather case? No worries. Legend offers to choices. Select either Python leather or Crocodile leather. These exotic leathers can be inlaid on the phone’s back for a truly stylish look.

Another option is the Momentum model. Like a bulls-eye, the round cut 0.6 carat Ruby center stone is beautifully surrounded with a VVS1 grade diamond halo. Wow! The center is circled with hand cut, green turban abalone and black mother of pearl inlays. The Classique model comes with a unique backlit logo. The logo is made with VVS1 grade diamonds that are all carefully placed by a talented Legend jeweler.

If you have a specific design in mind, discuss your perfect custom smartphone with your consultant. For example, a retailer in Doha wanted a custom case created. The Qatar model comes with themed engravings of Gyrfalcon, the famous Arabic Horse and Doha skyline. The frame was decorated with hand engraved ornaments.

The sky’s the limited. Let you imagination run wild. Make your new Apple iPhone 7 phone something you will cherish for years.

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Photo: Legend

Protect and Display Your Luxury Valuables – Private Museum by Buben & Zorweg

Buben & Zorweg announced at this year’s Baselworld 2016 show their new Private Museum. The luxury German company has developed an incredible way to both protect and display your luxury valuables.

For those of us who have collectibles and other valuable goods, safekeeping is a big concern. The problem is the frustration of locking items up in a floor or wall safe, that looks like it came from Fort Knox. You know its protected in your beefy safe, but you can’t see it. Well things have now changed for the better.

For over twenty years, Buben & Zorweg has developed a wide variety of products targeting the luxury industry. From their elaborate Object of Time® watch wardrobe that integrates the latest watch winding technology, to a luxury safe that can protect up to a 100 watch collection plus be used as a music system, weather station, bar and a humidor! The luxury brand is one of most respected companies in the luxury sector.

One of the joys for serious collectors is sharing your rare and precious items with others. Collecting is often a passion so avid collectors enjoy talking about their items with pride. The new Private Museum from Buben & Zorweg now allows you to safely and permanently exhibit your personal collection at home or in the office.

Christian Zörweg was quoted, “For some collectors, a treasure is more about personal memories and sentimental rather than financial value. What we know for certain is that anything our clients exhibit in a Buben & Zorweg Private Museum is an expression of what they are truly passionate about.”

What makes the new Private Museum a one of kind solution for serious collectors is the ability to safely display precious objects in a place that is both discrete, but features the beauty of any personal collection. Collectors can choose from three different models – the Private Museum Inbuilt, the Grande Private Museum and the Grande Private Museum Inbuilt.

Buben & Zorweg private museum

The safe features quiet motors that will vertically move the 22 mm thick, 100 kg heavy bullet-proof glass in a consistent soft motion. This allows viewers to see the precious treasures safely stored inside.

Security is of course a key concern. You’ll be please to know the Private Museum can be equipped with high-end security methods similar to what’s found in some of the top museums. Examples include optional mirrored spy-glass that turns transparent with a simple button touch. There is biometric fingerprint identification of the locking system, in addition to LED technology to beautifully display your collection. Lastly, there’s an integrated alarm system that can actually be hooked-up to your existing alarm system for increased security

If you’d like to learn more about the Private Museum from the Buben & Zorweg, please contact us. You can trust their German engineering, creative design and innovative technology. Stop by to read more articles in our luxury blog.

Photo: Buben & Zorweg

Concrete Speakers That Offer Concrete Sound from Concrete Audio

We already know what most of you are saying. Speakers made form concrete? That’s right and you’ll be amazed at the actual performance. Concrete Audio is a company from Germany. They will be showcasing their best concrete speaker products at this week’s HIGH END audio show in Munich, Germany.

HIGH END runs from May 5 to 8 and Concrete Audio will be announcing and demonstrating their new subwoofer S1. The S1 follows the company’s other high quality speakers, including the audiophile floorstander N1 and ultra flat on-wall speaker F1.

Concrete Audio designs and produces high-end loudspeaker systems. The products are unique since they are made form concrete but also provide a timeless elegance and incredible audio dynamics.

Concrete has been around this the Roman Empire days. It’s a simple formula of cement, water and sand. But when the final product after the Concrete Audio process is completed, the result is a smooth surface similar to cut stone. The finished look can be enhanced with various techniques. It can be be lacquered or real wood veneered. The surface can also be sealed using polish, wax or oil.

So what drove the company to design and develop a concrete speaker? Audio specialists know that the key to a great loudspeaker is its housing cannot vibrate. If it does, there is a distortion of the sound and it is heard as unnnatural.

Although they come with a distinctive and stylish lok, they are heavy. That seems to be the major issue when one first hears about them. But the accolades are numerous. For example, musician and producer Nils Landgren was quoted, “I have never in my life heard Chet Baker sound so good! If you are looking for concrete sound, check out Concrete Audio.”

The brand’s F1 speaker is flat concrete speaker. It was developed along with the Ilmenau Fraunhofer Institute IDMT. Since it’s so thin, it can actually be mounted on a wall. The floorstander N1 is a passive tower speaker. It’s an awesome speaker and produces a totally, natural sound.

It doesn’t matter if you are an audio purist or want to be a trendsetter, take a closer look at the incredible concrete speaker products from Concrete Audio.

Impress your friends and family the next time you entertain with concrete speakers from Concrete Audio. Come back soon to read more audio and technology articles in our luxury blog. Let us know if you are interested in learning more.

Photo: Concrete Audio

Gold and Diamond Adorned Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone by Legend

Legend has introduced their latest bespoke product – Gold and diamond adorned Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. The company is based in Helsinki Finland and specializing in creating incredible, custom smartphones

Their latest release is a Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone that is blinged out in 24k gold and stunning diamonds. Legend’s focus is on taking the best in today’s technology consumer products and turning them into bespoke products.

Their luxurious, Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone now becomes the first Galaxy mobile phone that is decorated with VVS1 grade diamonds, plus a 24k gold plated back.

Most of us want to make our smartphones unique and stand out in a crowd. Who doesn’t like bragging rights about what phone they own and what protective case they use? The new product release unveiled from Legend is definitely a show stopper.

What we like about the new Galaxy is how Legend created an embellishment using the well known Samsung logo, along with a diamond halo and enamel filling. This unique feature gives the Samsung Galaxy device both a distinctive and luxury looking appearance.

What if you want to add a unique touch to your phone? No worries. Legend will make each custom smartphone to the client’s own specifications. The Galaxy S7 Edge has several custom packages available to give it the perfect look. For example, choose from laser or hand engraving, adding a custom logo, or your gemstone placement on the Galaxy smartphone.

In addition to 24k Gold the Galaxy S7 case can also be made in Platinum. If you are a fan of leather, you’re in luck. Legend also offers several exotic leather editions. Take your pick from CITES certified shark, crocodile, lizard, stingray or ostrich options.

By working closely with your Legend bespoke designer, you can make your purchase the ultimate swag belonging. Impress your friends and family with your own or purchase one for that special person in your life. It makes the perfect birthday, graduation, anniversary or business gift.

The custom Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone is carefully packaged in a luxury presentation box. Included is an impressive leather folder that holds the phone’s certificate of authenticity.

Pricing for the bespoke Samsung Galaxy S7 is 2350 euros for the gold or platinum option. The exotic leather option is priced at 2390 euros. Both prices include worldwide express shipping.

If you would like to purchase the luxurious Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone from Legend, please contact us. We hope you enjoy reading about the luxury industry and return again to follow our luxury blog.

Photo: Legend

Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium “Advent” Bumper Case for the iPhone 6 and 6s

The future of luxury has arrived. The new Advent bumper case for either the Apple iPhone 6 or 6s is a revolutionary development that transcends the tech fashion industry. The stylish Advent will definitely turn heads with its bold, sleek look.

The new titanium case was first announced in September from Gray International. The company is based in Singapore, which is known around the world as a thriving cosmopolitan city. Gray International has targeted the luxury lifestyle industry head on with a product that will soon become a “must have.”

The attention to detail and high level of craftsmanship is evident as soon as you gaze at the new Advent bumper case. The futuristic titanium case has seen a long and complicated journey. The first challenge was the color finish. Many hours of research was put in to find that optimum shade of gray, that would create the desired visual effect. The result is stunning!

Gray International - Advent Titanium iPhone case

The new iPhone titanium case is actually made from Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium and is available in three different finishes. The first is – Mechanically Textured Finish, the second – Aurora Finish, and the third – Stealth Finish.

The process to manufacture each case is incredible. Each case must follow a diligent and highly calibrated machine process. What starts as a solid block of aerospace grade 5 titanium alloy is then transformed into the final products over several days of precision manufacturing. Grade 5 titanium is actually the same metal used in both the aerospace industry and Formula One racing.

The case consists of two separate pieces that surround the edge of your Apple iPhone 6 or 6s. Due to the strength of titanium and being lightweight, it’s the perfect material to keep your phone protected either bending or being scratched. Also included in the kit are stylish and colorful rubber housing pieces that come in three different colors – black, yellow and red. First place the rubber bumper on the left and right edges of your mobile phone. The rubber housing allows the titanium case to firmly grasp the cell phone utilizing frictional adhesion.

Between your choice of the three different finishes and included rubber colors, you can vary the look and bling out your iPhone in VIP style! You’ll notice in the photo, that both the company’s logo and product name are professionally laser engraved on the outside edge of the case.

Gray International - Advent Titanium iPhone case

Gray International states, “Our rubber housing is impact resistant and serves as an excellent shock absorbent between the titanium bumper and your phone, and this ensures that your phone is undamaged from high drops.”

Your Advent bumper case is shipped in a packaging box that’s made from aerospace grade aluminum. The precision machined box is anodized to give it a luxury appearance. Upon request, a personalized touch can be added with the customer’s name engraved on the box and on the case.

There are other metal bumper cases that can cause a loss of your cell phone’s signal strength. But the Gray International version is different, since it does not actually make contact with your phone.

It’s not simply a protective bumper for your prized iPhone, but clearly a cultural statement. With the Christmas holiday season upon us, the Advent makes for an ideal gift for that special person in your life. Be it a family member, friend or business associate, they’ll appreciate this cutting edge product and realize they now own something very special.

Gray International - Advent Titanium iPhone case

The titanium case is being made in limited edition quantities. Current availability plans are 100 piece for the Mechanically Textured Finish and 500 pieces for both the Aurora Finish and Stealth Finish models. So if you are a either a business executive or fashionable traveler who wants that VIP look, don’t wait and get yours today.

The current pricing as of this publication is as follows:
1) Mechanically Textured Finish – $1,000 USD and includes both tax and worldwide Shipping
2) Aurora Finish – $700 USD and includes both tax and worldwide Shipping
3) Stealth Finish – $550 USD and includes both tax and worldwide Shipping

You can purchase the new Advent by going to the company’s web site at:

If you enjoy reading about exciting new products like the Advent bumper case from Gray International, come back again to follow our luxury blog. The Life of Luxury is proud to share the best in luxury living.

Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 Pocket Watch – It’s Complicated!

Named “the most complicated watch ever made”, luxury watch brand Vacheron Constantin introduced the new “Reference 57260” pocket watch. This unique watch displays the Hebrew digits not just for the day and month, but also the decade and even the century.

The new Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 pocket watch features 57 unique complications. The watch case measures 98 mm (3.86 inches) wide and 50.55 mm (1.99 inches) thick. The case is made from solid 18k white gold. Vacheron Constantin reports that three watchmakers spend more than eight years designing and bringing this beautiful, luxury timepiece to reality.

The Reference 57260 watch consists of greater than 2,800 components. To develop a watch with so many components must have been incredibly difficult.

In addition to telling basic time, the new luxury pocket watch from Swiss manufacturer Vacheron Constantin also displays when a leap year occurs on the 19-year lunar cycle. Plus the watch also notifies the owner when the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday occurs each year.

Although the new luxury watch does look quite complicated, it does have an elegant look to it. The watch features three different calendar systems: the Hebrew calendar, Gregorian calendar, in addition to an astronomical calendar. The watch also has a balance wheel with spherical hairspring and variable inertia.

For those interested in buying the new Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 pocket watch, we have some bad news. It is not for sale, but was solely developed for a private watch collector. Bloomberg has estimated the watch to have a value of an astonishing $5 million or more!

The Reference 57260 utilizes Roman numerals to display local time. To display a second time zone, the new pocket watch uses small gold hands. We mentioned the astronomical calendar above. It displays the different phases and age of the moon. In addition, you will be able to tell the various seasons during the year.

The Life of Luxury works with numerous fine jewelry dealers and luxury watchmakers, such as Vacheron Constantin and so we can assist you finding and purchasing that perfect luxury watch. If you want to live a VIP lifestyle, then owning a fashionable, luxury must is a must. Come back again to read our luxury blog and keep up on the newest watch releases and luxury watch industry news.

Photo: Vacheron Constantin

Future of Camping – Temperature-Regulating Thermo Tents

For those of us who love traditional camping, the idea of pulling out a dirty, smelly, musty (oh you get the idea) tent from your garage is not a pleasant thought. Thermo Tents could be the answer and the future of camping!

Derek O’Sullivan is an Irish native and founded Thermo Tents in 2013. The company clams to have developed the world’s very first properly insulated tent, both thermally & acoustically.

Their latest product is Thermo Tent 6 and not only does it offer campers a comfortable temperature inside the tent, but it also does an excellent job of insulating from those annoying, outside noises that can sometimes ruin your camping trip.

The new Thermo Tent 6 was designed utilizing cutting-edge, insulation technology made from several breathable materials, including cotton-based and poly-cotton insulation. The end result is the luxury tent provides surprising enjoyable indoor temperatures and eliminates noise from the outside.

Including the porch, the external tent measures 23 feet (7 meters) long, 13 feet (4 meters) wide and 7.2 feet (2.2 meters) high. Interior wise, the tent is 7.6 feet (2.3 meters) long, 12.5 feet (3.8 meters) wide and 7 feet (2.1 meters high.

The new Thermo Tent 6 from Thermo Tents is pure quality. The fully insulated sleeping quarters is split into two separate rooms – 2 berth and 4 berth. Each room has its own door. Try the world’s very first correctly insulated camping tent and to enjoy the most comfortable night’s sleep in any tent.

• Flysheet – Poly-cotton (65%35%) with Ripstop, 7,000 HH
• Groundsheet (Sewn In) – 210D Strong Oxford, 10,000mm HH.
• Poles – HT Steel, 12mm.
• Inner Tent – 2 layers of extra breathable Polycotton come together to sandwich our special TTinsulate insulation which boasts very low thermal conductivity and a high density.
• Fire Retardant – All of our materials are FR, and exceed ISO EN 5912 (2011) standards.
• Pegs – Our plastic pegs are the most durable in the marketplace and they won’t turn in windy conditions as some other cheaper products do.
• Night visibility – Our pegs and guy lines are reflective and so easy to see, even in darker conditions.
• Mesh – B3 standard (Top possible quality).
• 48kgs weight total

The sleeping section from the Modular Tent from Thermo Tents can be bought as a either a standalone or three person insulated sleeping tent.

• Flysheet – Poly-cotton (65%:35%) with rip-stop, 7,000mm HH on Dome.
• Poly-cotton (65%:35%) with Ripstop on sleeping tent, along with 30mm TTinsulate high performance insulation.
• Groundsheet (Sewn In) – 210D Strong Oxford, 10,000mm HH.
• Poles – HT Steel 12mm on dome and 9mm fibreglass on sleeping tents.
• Fire Retardant – All of our materials are FR, and exceed ISO EN 5912(2011) standards.
• Pegs – Our plastic pegs are the most durable in the marketplace and they won’t turn in windy conditions as some other cheaper products tend to do.
• Night visibility – Our pegs and guy lines are reflective and so easy to see, even in darker conditions.
• Weight – dome 35kgs, sleeping tent 11kgs.

Thermo Tent Mod is the latest addition to the Thermo Tent family of tents. It has a unique design, combining the space of the large living along with the privacy of separate, insulated bedrooms. Each bedroom can sleep up to three people. This tent model has both storage compartments and pet compartments that you can zip on or off, depending on your needs.

• Flysheet – Poly-cotton (65%:35%) with rip-stop, 7,000mm HH on Dome.
• Poly-cotton (65%:35%) with Ripstop on sleeping tent, along with 30mm TTinsulate high performance insulation.
• Groundsheet (Sewn In) – 210D Strong Oxford, 10,000mm HH.
• Poles – HT Steel 12mm on dome and 9mm fibreglass on sleeping tents.
• Fire Retardant – All of our materials are FR, and exceed ISO EN 5912(2011) standards.
• Pegs – Our plastic pegs are the most durable in the marketplace and they won’t turn in windy conditions as some other cheaper products tend to do.
• Night visibility – Our pegs and guy lines are reflective and so easy to see, even in darker conditions.
• Weight – dome 35kgs, sleeping tent 11kgs.

If you enjoy reading the latest travel industry news like the new Thermo Tents, then follow our luxury blog. We can also help plan and book all your luxury travel reservations.

Photo: Thermo Tents