New Luxury Timepieces by Frederique Constant Introduced at Geneva Watch Days

This year, luxury watch brand Frederique Constant introduces two new timepieces. The watch company is part of a range of associated brands that showcased their newest product launches. Geneva Watch Days 2022 took place from August 29th until September 1st in Geneva, Switzerland. After two successful editions, the multi-brand watch show is back for a third consecutive year.

Geneva Watch Days is a unique watchmaking fair. Therefore, Frederique Constant introduces two new pieces to their popular Manufacture and Classics collection. The new watch models are – the Classics Heart Beat Manufacture and the Classics Art Déco Carrée for ladies.

Featuring at 6 o’clock the famous Heart Beat aperture and a clearly stated classicism, the Classics Heart Beat Manufacture today reveals a brand new look. PLus there is a new dial, new indexes and a new 39 mm case. The watch is available in two limited editions. There is a 18K pink gold model (93 timepieces) and one in steel (930 timepieces).

The recast of a cult watch of the Maison, the timepiece that began the era of Manufacture movements at Frederique Constant. Also, the watches are fitted with the Manufacture FC-930-3 calibre. Thus, the proud descendent of the FC-910 calibre, the first movement developed in-house in 2004.

New Watch Models

– The 39mm case includes an automatic Heart Beat movement at 6 o’clock. In addition, it comes with a stainless-steel case. The white lacquered dial has black printed Roman numerals. The watch has a black alligator leather strap. Price: 3.695€

Launched in 2007, the Classics Art Déco line is treating itself to harmonious growth in 2022. Its case is now slenderer. Therefore, it attains new, more streamlined, and precious proportions. Three new versions have been created. Each combines natural mother-of-pearl with diamonds. Hence, the watch is still a very classic manufacture. Plus, it’s engine-turned and decorated with a cabochon/ Lastly, the Classics Art Déco Carrée is cleverly designed for everyday use.

Frederique Constant Classics Art Deco Carree luxury watch

– The watch includes 28mm x 20.7 mm, quartz movement and a stainless-steel case. Also, it comes with 72 months battery life. In addition, you will find 4 jewels, white mother-of-pearl dial with silver color guilloché and stainless steel mesh bracelet. Price: 850€

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Photos: Frederique Constant

Angelus Introduces New Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon Watch

Looking for a sports watch with a flying tourbillon? Angelus Introduces a new Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon watch.

This limited edition of 18 pieces is housed within a sharp new 42.5 mm diameter case in carbon composite and red gold. The Angelus sports watch with a flying tourbillon features a A-250 caliber. Thus, it gives the luxury watch a three-dimensional skeletonized look. In addition, the array of bridges in relief, offer a graphic arrangement. As a result, it is much like the horological performance of this Angelus tourbillon.

Angelus was found in 1891 in Switzerland. The luxury watch brand is widely recognized by watchmaking connoisseurs as one of the most influential horological manufactures of the 20th century. The watch company’s pioneering, house-made movements and vintage timepieces are desired by fine watch collectors around the world.

Stylish Case

Leading a new generation of Angelus cases is e Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon. It is sleek with dynamic lines. Therefore, befitting of the extreme technicality of this supremely graphic timepiece. The red gold crown has wide notches and protected by an asymmetrical guard projecting from the lugs.


Meanwhile, the A-250 skeletonized flying tourbillon caliber is surrounded by an ultra-rigid and ultralight carbon composite container. It is held within an 18K 5N red gold case middle. Alos, it reveals another kind of skeletonization. The Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon comes with a black ballistic-style rubber strap. It features an interchangeable system and red gold and titanium folding clasp.


The Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon has no dial. Although it does have a flange. Thus, it marks the transition between bezel and watch interior. It then graduates with sets of five increments. For example, each is separated by three-dimensional white gold hour-markers. Thes are filled with a luminescent substance. Because the flange is level with the bezel, it creates a sunken effect. As a result, it accentuates the feeling of depth in the A-250 calibre.


The bridges of the Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon form its face. Without a dial, these components play an expressive role in any skeleton movement. The main plate of the A-250 calibre is black and made from woven carbon composite. So it nicely accentuates the contrasting 18K red gold bridges.

Stunning Display

The workings are housed within a vast sapphire crystal glass box. The transparent component is angled. It’s almost vertically where it touches the bezel. Therefore, it provides a large, flat surface for the Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon watch’s spectacular display.

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Photo: Angelus

Star Wars Fans Rejoice – Boba Fett Inspired Tourbillon Luxury Watch

Kross Studio releases an amazing Boba Fett Collector Set. This watch collection is inspired by the legendary Star Wars bounty hunter. Each watch in the 10 limited-edition set includes a numbered Boba Fett-inspired tourbillon Watch. Plus, you get a Boba Fett Starship-inspired watch display.

Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars galaxy. The Kross Studio creation is a result of a collaboration with Lucasfilm. The Swiss design studio is proud to reveal a new and limited edition of ten Boba Fett-inspired collector sets. Therefore, each is complete with a numbered, manual wound Boba Fett-inspired central Tourbillon timepiece and a watch display by EFX. Both inspired by the iconic Boba Fett starship.

A Timepiece for the Galaxys Most Famous Bounty Hunter

Kross Studio showcases a mechanical complication within a 45mm grade 5 titanium case. In addition, it’s coated with chocolate PVD. Also, Kross Studio engineers undertook the challenge of manufacturing a miniature Boba Fett starship on its landing platform – atop the tourbillons cage.

Immaculate Craftsmanship and Detail Mirror Boba Fett’s Highly Equipped Starship

Each Boba Fett watch set is composed of eight pieces. Each miniature tourbillon resembles Boba Fett’s firespray starship. They are meticulously engraved and hand painted to mimic the weathered appearance of Boba Fett’s ship. Hence, how they appear in Bespin at Cloud City, in the Star Wars film saga. Therefore, the level of detail is incredible. Thus, it highlights the unique savoir-faire perpetuated by artisans in Switzerland. Interestingly, it took 90 hours to make each of the ten pieces.

Reading Time

Kross Studio has employs a unique peripheral format for reading the hours and minutes. View them through a planetary gear system that orbits 360 degrees around the tourbillon. In addition, a 12-factor gear ratio allows the planetary minutes system to empower the progression of the hours. Thus, in order to optimize the movement’s efficiency as much as possible, the hour and minute display system is fixed on two very wide and high-precision ball bearings. Plus, the hour hand is inspired by Boba Fett’s jetpack and the minute hand by its rocket, two iconic items that the bounty hunter carries permanently.

No Visible Crown

The lack of a visible crown means case’s perfect symmetry can be seen. This is due to ingenuous Kross Studio D-ring crown system. As a result, the crown is on the case back. Plus, the barrel’s mainspring is wound by lifting the D-ring on the case back. This impressive timepiece features a maximum power reserve of five days. Time-setting is just as simple.

The clarity and symmetry of the Boba Fett-inspired Tourbillon dial belies the complexity of its manual-wound central tourbillon movement. It is composed of 220 parts. Lastly, each of the ten numbered timepieces was designed and assembled within the Kross Studio atelier in Gland, Switzerland.

Please contact us to purchase the Limited Edition Collector Set composed of the Boba Fett Tourbillon watch and Boba Fett’s spaceship watch display. Price – $120,000 USD

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Photo: Kross Studio

New Star Timepiece: The Nebula 41.5 Steel Watch by Arnold & Son

Luxury watch brand Arnold & Son‘s first generation Nebula became the constellation of exquisite timepieces. The new star emerges to join this impressive watch collection. The Nebula 41.5 Steel introduces different color treatments and new finishes. Plus, a new, even more powerful and attractive details. Nebula’s skeleton movement reveals a structure in grey and blue tones. It combines steel with a PVD treatment on diametrically opposing bridges for a perfectly chic visual effect.

In addition, the Nebula steel watch becomes the most symmetrical of all Arnold & Son’s watches. Furthermore, this second generation Nebula is ultra-thin and measures only 8.73 mm. It is available with a steel bracelet or a blue rubber strap. In addition, the Nebula 41.5 Steel radiates cool and intense elegance.


The bridges of the A&S5201 calibre are palladium-treated, giving a sheen that echoes the steel case. The main plate, barrel covers and dial flange have been colored with a blue PVD treatment. The Nebula 41.5 Steel is fitted with either a three-link steel bracelet or a ballistic-type rubber strap with a woven-look surface. The two-tone aesthetic adorns the interior and exterior, the substance of the watch and the details.

The A&S5201 calibre was conceived as a skeleton mechanism instead of being modified by removing material. The result is a completely clear and legible display on both sides. For instance, it presents a total power reserve of 90 hours. Thus requires it is to be hand-wound every three-and-a-half days. At 4 mm thick, the calibre contributes to the piece’s overall slimness. The Nebula 41.5 Steel measures 8.73 mm thick, making it a natural member of the ultra-thin category.

Nebula 41.5 Steel Watch by Arnold & Son

Inside and out

The A&S5201 calibre is made for this piece and brings all of its character. It is set apart by its skeletonization and almost perfect symmetry. The traditional shape of its bridges harks back to John Arnold’s chronometers. Hence, the openworked structure accentuates the feeling of lightness in a very mechanistic design.

The name Nebula is a reference to the giant cloud of dust and gas in space. Some nebulas emerge from the gas and dust expelled when a dying star, like a supernova, explodes. The seven bridges on the dial side of this luxury timepiece radiate from the center outwards. As a result, it gives this sculptural movement the impression of a cosmic explosion.

High altitude

The A&S5201 calibre has new blue coloring. The balance wheel is now rhodium-plated to match the gear train. Plus, it perfectly coordinates with the small seconds placed opposite. The main plate features “Rayons de la Gloire” finishes. In conclusion, Arnold & Son rises magnificently to the challenge of sending its Nebula 41.5 Steel into a new orbit.

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Photos: Arnold & Son

10-Piece Bat-Signal Inspired Luxury Collector Set – The New Batman Watch

An ongoing partnership between Kross Studio and Warner Bros. Consumer Products expands further with a new Batman watch. Their latest collaboration features two new projects in celebration of the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures’ film “The Batman.” First is a new 10-piece, limited-numbered “The Batman” Collector set and a new series of “The Batman” – themed watch rolls.

The luxury collector set is available for $100,000 USD and includes “The Batman” Tourbillon watch and an illuminated Bat-Signal functional art piece. In addition, new “The Batman” movie releases in theaters internationally on March 2 and in the US on March 4, 2022.

The new Batman watch collection of watch rolls each sold separately for only $250 USD. Plus, they will feature four distinct representations that are inspired by iconic DC characters from the film: Batman (two editions), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), and The Riddler.

A Bat Signal for the Wrist
The talented Kross Studio team developed a wristwatch that embodies Batman. The Batman watch features dark styling, ultra-precise movement, and the Bat Signal representation famously used to summon the Super Hero. In addition, it is a canvas for a central tourbillon cage in the form of a Bat emblem.

The watch was created with a new version of Kross Studio’s in-house developed and produced caliber KS 7’000. The mechanical hand-wound 3 Hz caliber KS 7’001 has a 5-day power reserve. Placed atop the central tourbillon’s oversized cage, the miniature Bat-Signal’s louvered surface allows light to filter through. Plus it enables glimpses of the regulator below and makes one revolution per minute.

The new Batman timepiece presents a different reading of hours and minutes. The hour hand is affixed to a peripheral display mechanism orbiting 360° around the tourbillon. Plus, the minutes are displayed on a disk, making one revolution per hour. A domed sapphire crystal arcs over the dial in a low profile. Each luxury watch is hand-made and assembled on-site by Kross Studio in Gland, Switzerland.

Utility, Form, and Function
For Kross Studio, the timepiece design required an equal balance of ergonomic considerations and improved user experience. The unique D-ring crown, placed at 3 o’clock on the edge of the watch, maintains a low-profile. It ensures a more comfortable wear than a conventional crown. As a result, the luxury watch also improves performance with a faster, easier winding and time-setting experience.

The “The Batman” Tourbillon’s watch straps utilize an ingenious interchangeable strap system. Thus, it allows the removal and change of the strap with a simple ‘click’ of its quick-release button. Easily switch to one of the three included strap options. 1) a black calf leather strap embossed with the pattern of Batman’s armor. 2) a black rubber strap with black stitching. 3) a red rubber strap with red stitching. All straps are reinforced with a black rubber inlay for optimal durability and comfort.

Kross Studio - The Batman Bat Signal

Light Up the Night
The Bat Signal plays such a key role in “The Batman” Tourbillon. It is only fitting for Kross Studio to include a functional Bat Signal art piece as an integral element of each collector set. Each Batman timepiece delivers a functional Bat Signal that illuminates. Furthermore it immerses the collector into the universe of Gotham City and “The Batman”. Plus. it also hides a dedicated space on his backside to safely store The Batman tourbillon or any other watch.

Dark Personas
In addition to the collector set, Kross Studio also unveils a collection of four functional collectibles. Each watch holder model is crafted of genuine tan vegetal leather and comes screen-printed with a character’s striking likeness. Kross Studio designed each Batman watch roll with unique accents and complementary colors. Thay are inspired by the film character, represented with screen prints and contrast stitching. Continuing, red for Batman editions, blue for the Selina Kyle (Catwoman) option, or green for The Riddler model.

Kross Studio erases the boundaries between art, pop culture, and high horology. They proudly present a full collection of high-performance collectible products, in collaboration with a major entertainment company.

“The Batman” Collector sets ($100,000 USD each) and “The Batman” collectible watch rolls ($250 USD each). Both are now available for individual sale at kross-studio.ch or through official partners and select authorized retailers.

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Photo: Kross Studio

“Year of the Tiger” Perpetual Moon Watch by Arnold & Son

In celebration of the start of the new year in the traditional Chinese astrological calendar, Arnold & Son has embodied the year of the Water Tiger. The luxury brand introduces a new 8-piece limited-edition version of the Perpetual Moon timepiece. The Year of the Tiger” Perpetual Moon luxury watch features a golden tiger on the prowl.

In addition, the background features a waterfall that symbolizes the element that tempers this feline’s ferocious energy. The highly refined and symbolic scene is the result of consummate craftsmanship. For example, it displays a wide range of precious gemstones and materials, including hematite mother-of-pearl, aventurine, and rose gold.

The luxury brand is named after John Arnold. He’s an English watchmaker of the 18th century, renowned for his ingenuity and work on marine chronometers. Today, Arnold & Son perpetuates this legacy and explores contemporary ways to interpret traditional watch craftsmanship. The watch company is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Also, Arnold & Son develops all its timepieces in-house, including its complicated calibers.

The Year of the Tiger begins on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. The day is considered particularly auspicious. Thus, the tiger’s courage and power are tempered by the element of water, symbolizing a year of dynamic energy and surprises. Therefore, the animal featured on the dial of the “Year of the Tiger” Perpetual Moon that appears on this precious watch dial, depicts a poised and expectant tiger  on a riverbank. It is clearly ready to enter into a promising new world.


On the canvas of the watch dial, Arnold & Son has provided ample space for a large moon phase display. A turning disc reveals the waxing and waning of the celestial body appearance of the crescent moon and its shimmering light. The moon in low relief has been crafted of mother-of-pearl. It is enhanced and painted with Super-LumiNova.

In daylight, it beautifully appears grey, almost white. Yet in the dark, the moon appears lit from within and takes on a new aspect, brimming with gleaming detail. This ethereal effect is echoed by the dial’s aquatic details, which have also been hand-painted with luminous pigments. In the background, the disc bearing the star is made from a deep black aventurine glass.


The centerpiece of this dial is, of course, the tiger itself. Sculpted in three dimensions, it is crafted from 18-karat rose gold. Hence its expression, pose and the details of its fur have been painstakingly hand-engraved and -burnished. This meticulous, high-caliber luxury watch testifies to Arnold & Son’s exceptional attention to detail. As a result, the end product of this limited edition watch pays tribute to the Chinese zodiac.

The same attention to detail extends to the dial in every aspect. The bamboo has been painted in gold powder atop a hematite disc, exhibiting infinite glittering inclusions. Ultimately, the “Year of the Tiger” Perpetual Moon watch is mounted on a glistening black alligator strap backed with red alligator leather. Lastly, it is stitched with platinum thread.


Like all the movements used by Arnold & Son, the A&S1512 caliber was entirely developed, produced, decorated, adjusted, assembled, and finished between the walls of the brand’s manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds. This complex caliber is based on two barrels with an oscillation frequency of 3 Hz, delivering a 90-hour power reserve.

Last but not least, the moon-phase display of this movement will remain accurate for 122 years. Thus only deviating from the actual lunar cycle by a single day. In this way, the “Year of the Tiger” Perpetual Moon observes this auspicious year, Plus, it takes part in the broader astronomical, astrological cycle.

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Photo: Arnold & Son

From Ashes to Diamonds – A Cremation Diamond Really Does Exist

Based on a diamond survey conducted earlier this year, some interesting observations and trends were identified. One example, is the awareness of a cremation diamond.

A cremation diamond is an incredibly powerful tool that people can use to help navigate through both grieving process and speed up healing. Unfortunately, this touchy topic rarely is discussed. Asa result, there are many common misconceptions about the unique gemstones. In fact, most people do not even know cremation diamonds actually exist.

Diamonds have a long-standing reputation of being a luxury purchase exclusively for special occasions. But a surprising number of people buy diamond jewelry each year. Why is that? Well, it is because the beauty and allure of owning a piece of diamond jewelry is so desirable. In fact, over five million people in the U.S. spend over $2,000 on diamond jewelry per year.

The diamond survey revealed that 31% of adults in the United States have purchased diamond jewelry at least once over the past five years. Interestingly, most people spent under $1,000 (15% of everyone surveyed). The $1,001-$10,000 category represents 14% of everyone surveyed. However, 2% of those surveyed went all out. As a result, they spent greater than $10,000 on diamond jewelry over the past five years.

77% of Survey Respondents Don’t Know That Ashes Can Be Turned into Real Diamonds

Turning diamonds into ashes is something of a taboo subject. Hence, very few people actually know it is even possible. As a result, the survey results discovered only 23% of people are aware of the existence of a cremation diamond.

Almost Six Million Americans Believe Lab-Grown Diamonds are superior to Mined Diamonds

As lab-grown diamonds become ever more popular, views about them are changing for the better. 11% of people surveyed believe lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable, compared to mined diamonds. Also, 13% believe lab-grown diamonds are a more affordable option.

Continuing, greater than half the people surveyed (57%) didn’t believe there was any difference in price or quality between the two types of gemstone. This shows that lab-grown and mined diamonds are essentially identical. I’m sure that is quite surprising for most readers.

Almost 25% of Respondents Think Lab-Grown Diamonds Will Take Over Mined Diamonds

As people learn more about lab-grown diamonds, a high percentage of shoppers will choose them as the cheaper option. In addition, they will be considered more sustainable and more ethical. This will depend if buyers will ultimately view them superior to mined diamonds.

Nearly 1 in Every 3 Respondents Think Diamonds from Human Ashes are “Creepy”

Since diamonds made from ashes aren’t common knowledge, they are not openly spoken about. Therefore, many people simply have the wrong idea about the unique type of memorial jewelry. Many do view a diamond made from the ashes of a loved one, as a precious and beautiful thing. Alternatively a large number of people find the topic both dark and creepy. Not a surprise at all.

About 33% feel the notion of a cremation diamond was gross and weird. However, 22% of people thought that ashes made from diamonds were a good idea. In fact, people will indeed purchase one if it was cheaper. Another factor if they are more sustainable. Last, there is the comfort factor and whether a buyer can be certain it is a true diamond.

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Eight-Day Watch Collection by Arnold & Son – A Perfect Gift Anytime

Luxury watch brand, Arnold & Son presents an updated version of one of its essential watch models. The popular Eight-Day watch collection by Arnold & Son now features a new steel bracelet. In addition, the Eight-Day watch collection pays tribute to John Arnold’s historic marine chronometers.

The luxury watch collection comes with an impressive eight-day power reserve. Hence, the name of the collection. Plus it’s rich yet subtly sophisticated details make this an iconic creation by the most British of Swiss brands. Therefore, it’s the perfect gift idea for that special someone in your life.

The high-end watch brand is named after John Arnold. As an English watchmaker of the 18th century, his is widley renowned for his ingenuity and work on marine chronometers. Arnold & Son continues to flourish and continue his legacy to this day. As a result, the company strives to explore contemporary ways to interpret, traditional watch craftsmanship.

Sophisticated Case Attachments:
For the first time, Arnold & Son includes a steel bracelet. It is 43 mm-diameter. Every element of its understated, three-link design bears a high-quality finish. The watch’s side links are each carefully polished. Plus, the center links all feature a vertical satin-brushed finish to create a dynamic line. In an essential detail, the first two outer links present the same length and curvature as the lugs. Ultimately, this design decision heightens the unity between the case and the bracelet for a more harmonious whole.

More Than a Week:
This watch case houses the A&S1016 caliber. Also included are numerous sophisticated details. Like all the calibers used by Arnold & Son, it is entirely developed, produced, decorated, assembled, adjusted and finished in the brand’s manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Plus, this fine caliber is based on a double series-mounted barrel. Yet, when combined with its oscillation frequency of 3 Hz, this allows for an exceptional autonomy of 192 hours – or eight days

Furthermore, the skeletonized case-back side of the A&S1016 caliber reveals the spaces above the barrels, gear train, and escapement. Each surface is decorated with Côtes de Genève decorative patterns radiating out from the movement’s nerve center, the balance staff. Lastly, all the skeletonized movement’s edges have been lowered and polished.

Case Details:
There is much more than the new stainless steel bracelet. First, the collection retains its distinctive creative details, An example is the guilloché dial and its fine, domed bezel. It beautifully reveals as much of the dial as possible. The Eight-Day watch piece also maintains its complex profile.

Case sides are meticulously polished with a “bassiné” construction. This process incorporates the Arnold & Son signature tiers and overhangs. Collectively, they contribute to the slimmer lines of the watch, which measures only 10.70 mm thick. Moreover, the contour of the curved lugs presents a polished recess that highlights the raised satin-finished central section.

Inner Life:
To conclude, the luxurious Eight-Day watch collection encompasses countless details. Thus, it makes this fine watch as elegant as it is easy to wear. You will find an array of colors and textures animate all its surfaces. From the bracelet, to the case and all components within. Yet, the result is stunning and features a slim profile. Lastly, the new steel bracelet makes this model ideally suited for daily wear.

The new Eight-Day watch from Arnold & Son makes the perfect luxury gift. Be sure to return again soon and follow our popular luxury blog.

Photo: Arnold & Son

VinScént – Van Gogh Themed Luxury Aromatherapy Jewelry Company Created by Kira Madallo Sesay

The Life of Luxury is proud to announce the exclusive, world-wide launch of VinScént. To honor the legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh, film producer/writer and Van Gogh historian Kira Madallo Sesay, created VinScént – a luxury aromatherapy jewelry company. Kira is an experienced film producer, writer and member of the prestigious Producers Guild of America, Producers Council.

Kira Madallo Sesay founded the company to honor Vincent’s charitable and humanitarian legacy. His effort was exemplified during his time as a missionary and continued throughout his life. In addition, Kira is the writer and producer of the upcoming Vincent Van Gogh biopic film – “Van Gogh“. Plus, she is the author of a forthcoming book about the amazing life of artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Writer - Director Kira Madallo Sesay and Steven Spielberg
(Kira Madallo Sesay and Steven Spielberg)

Kira states, “I founded VinScént to honor Van Gogh’s body of work and his humanitarian legacy. Vincent’s empathy for the downtrodden and those forgotten by society, was exemplified during his time as a missionary and continued throughout his life. This is why it was imperative for me when I started this luxury jewelry house, that the core mission would be not only to create jeweled objets d’art, but to make the world a better place while doing it. Therefore, suicide prevention and African gold and diamond mining charity collaborations have been woven deeply into the fabric of VinScént.”

Writer - Director Kira Madallo Sesay on the Red Carpet - VinScent

Not only is the company’s mission to create aromatherapy jewelry in honor of the artist Vincent Van Gogh, but to also prevent suicides and promote mental health awareness. As a result, the Van Gogh themed line of luxury aromatherapy jewelry is created to save lives.


VinScént Suicide Prevention Charity Collaboration:

“Though I am often in the depths of misery, there is still calmness, pure harmony and music inside me.” – Vincent Van Gogh

In December 1888, Dutch painter Van Gogh’s infamous ear cutting incident took place, after an argument with fellow artist Paul Gauguin. During this time period while living in Arles, France, he suffered from severe depression.

Vincent Van Gogh self portrait bandaged ear- VinScent

Sadly, due to the legendary artist’s struggle with Bipolar disorder, Vincent Van Gogh passed away after committing suicide on July 29, 1890. Van Gogh’s birthday is on March 30th, which also is World Bipolar Day. In honor of Vincent’s legacy, VinScént will work in conjunction with suicide prevention charities. The goal is to both save lives and spread mental health awareness. Also, a portion of the profits will be donated to suicide prevention charities, as well as African diamond mining community charities.

Vincent Van Gogh self portrait - VinScent
“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

The impetus of Kira’s journey into the world of Van Gogh was the passing of her Dutch friend.  He committed suicide after battling with bipolar disorder. She decided to honor his life by embarking on a journey to better understand the struggles of people suffering from mental illness. As a result, Kira started to study Vincent Van Gogh’s letters.

“What is done in love, is done well.” – Vincent Van Gogh

This ultimate quest for understanding led Kira to spend over seven years analyzing and studying thousands of documents related to Van Gogh. She traveled to every location where Vincent lived, worked or visited, in an effort to truly walk in his footsteps. Lastly, during this process she uncovered fascinating new information about Van Gogh, which will be unveiled in her book and film.


Suicide Prevention Charity - Vincent Van Gogh - VinScent

About The Current Suicide Crisis:

The Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent financial devastation created by it has led to a substantial increase in suicide rates among all age groups. Prior to COVID 19, suicide had actually reached epidemic proportions within the younger generation. Interestingly, suicide is currently one of the biggest killers of youth in both the UK and U.S.

Scientists have found that this generation’s psyche is deeply affected by the impact of social media. Suicide rate among girls aged 15-19 has recently hit a record high in the UK. Young people in the U.S. are dying from suicide at record rates. Per the CDC, there’s a 56% increase among Gen Z. Also, suicide attempt rates for black youths in the U.S. have increased by a staggering 73%.

More information can be found here: https://vinscentvangogh.com/suicide-prevention


Sierra Leone Charity - Vincent Van Gogh - VinScent

VinScént African Educational Charity Collaboration:

The VinScént African mining charity collaboration is a natural fit because of Van Gogh’s time spent as a missionary in the Belgian coal mines.

Kira states, “The West African country Sierra Leone, has a long history of providing the luxurious diamonds and gold worn by people around the world. Meanwhile, schools in Sierra Leone lack the basic educational tools for children to succeed. Items that many of us take for granted like paper, pencils, desks, chairs and books are missing from these impoverished classrooms. Consequently, these children lose the life changing opportunity for upward mobility that education provides. Without intervention, the cycle of poverty continues.”

As the Leonardo DiCaprio film “Blood Diamond” portrayed, Sierra Leone has a long history of providing the luxurious diamonds worn by brides around the world.

Kira continues, “VinScént is committed to raising awareness of this timely issue. A portion of the proceeds from our jewelry sales will be donated to support educational charities in the African regions where jewelry materials are sourced.”

For additional information, please visit: https://vinscentvangogh.com/african-charity


Vet Suicide Prevention Charity - Vincent Van Gogh - VinScent

Military Veteran Suicide Crisis:​

“To do our part to fight the suicide crisis affecting our brave veterans, VinScént is working in collaboration with military suicide prevention charities. To raise awareness and honor our fallen heroes, I have designed Van Gogh themed aromatherapy military tags in sophisticated gold with diamond accents. Anxiety easing essential oils such as calming lavender, can be placed inside of the military tags. The armed forces theme is quite fitting due to the fact that Van Gogh once dreamed of becoming a soldier.” – says VinScént Founder, Kira Madallo Sesay.

“Enlisting for 5 years in the Foreign Legion, I think I’d prefer that… But will they want to take me on as a soldier? … I myself advised Bernard to do his military service, so is it so astonishing that I should think of going to Arabia myself as a soldier?” – Vincent Van Gogh

Please visit for additional information: https://vinscentvangogh.com/military-charity


Aromatherapy oils - VinScent

About Aromatherapy Jewelry:

Healers have used aromatherapy jewelry since ancient times in Egypt, Greece and Rome. Essential oils were worn to treat anxiety, depression, nausea, insomnia and various other mental and physical ailments. Hence, during the Victorian era in which Van Gogh lived, essential oils were applied to small pieces of velvet and inserted into jewelry pieces.

Aromatherapy jewelry is a wonderful way to enjoy the health benefits of essential oils. Simply apply the essential oil of your choice to the small piece of material placed inside of the aromatherapy pendant. Next, enjoy the delightful and calming fragrance which is with you all day long.

All diamonds used in their designs will be certified, conflict free diamonds. Additionally, VinScént is working together with African charities to uplift and empower African diamond mining communities, which provide the Western world with these beloved jewels.

Gold Bars - Vincent Van Gogh - VinScent

Works of Art in Gold

In honor of Van Gogh’s favorite color, yellow, VinScént’s luxurious jewelry designs are all created in opulent gold.

How wonderful yellow is! It stands for the sun!” – Vincent Van Gogh


Starry Night painting by Vincent Van Gogh - VinScent

“At present, I absolutely want to paint a starry sky. It often seems to me that night is still more richly coloured than the day.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Dutch painter Van Gogh’s most famous painting is the iconic “The Starry Night.” He created it in 1889, while staying in an asylum in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France. This stunning, oil on canvas painting is one of the most famous images in the world. It represents his view from the east-facing window of his asylum room.


Experience the Splendor and Magnificence of the Starry Night Luxury Collection, by Kira Madallo Sesay

“I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Kira stated, “The Starry Night luxury collection is a celestial symphony of exquisitely crafted objets d’art in gold, sprinkled with diamonds and kissed by stardust. Each VinScént art piece is presented in an opulent golden box tied with a sumptuous silk ribbon. The VinScént creations are envisioned at our artist atelier in Provence, France, where Van Gogh painted his masterpiece Starry Night.”

View the Starry Night luxury collection here:  https://vinscentvangogh.com/starry-night-collection

The new Van Gogh themed, luxury aromatherapy jewelry is the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, engagement or a holiday, VinScént is ideal for any occasion.

To learn more about VinScént and Kira Madallo Sesay, please go to: http://www.vinscentvangogh.com

You can also contact one of our The Life of Luxury shopping specialists about acquiring a VinScént jeweled objet d’art.

Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry – Mother’s and Father’s Day Gift Guide

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. It’s a special holiday celebrated around the world. The day honors mothers, who offer unconditional love and support. For this Mother’s Day and next month’s Father’s Day, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry presents a special selection of timely and appropriate gifts. Each luxury jewelry gift will honor and impress parents on their special days.

In a challenging season, mothers and fathers have done so much during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than ever before, every parent deserves to be celebrated with a very special gift (or two!). Therefore, make their day a special one.

For this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry presents a special selection of timely and appropriate gifts. As a result, they will each honor and impress parents on their special days. For example, they include house-made jewelry designs and the latest timepiece novelties from leading independent watchmakers.

Spring Greens and Tourmalines

Mother’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to add some color to her jewelry box. Consider a right hand ring, colorful bracelet, or statement necklace.
A mint tourmaline bracelet was years in the making. Thus requiring Stephen Silver’s expert eye to painstakingly source, match, graduate, and set these cushion-cut mint green stones. Together it weighs 57.59 total carats.

The mint tourmaline yellow gold halo ring by Stephen Silver is sure to be a conversation starter. Thanks to its striking mint green cushion-cut center stone, it weighs 1.93 carats. In addition, a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds and a diamond-set band (totaling 0.72 carats) complete the elegant, artisan-made piece.

This striking Afghanistan emerald and diamond necklace is the regal Mother’s Day gift of a lifetime. For example, there are over 24 carats of Afghani cushion-cut emeralds alternate between Asscher cut diamonds (17.10 total carats). Amazingly, each stone appears to float on the platinum knife’s edge.

Moody Blues

Stephen Silver explores the mysterious, moody quality of moonstones paired with vibrant sapphires. The finished product makes each a colorful Mother’s Day gifting option that is sure to delight.

This classic moonstone and sapphire ring exudes cool elegance. The 38.95 carat round cabochon moonstone center stone is gorgeous. In addition, the round brilliant cut blue sapphires (1.58 carats total) is brilliant. Each is set in 18 karat white gold.

Stephen Silver moonstone and multicolored sapphire ring

Stephen Silver’s Moonstone and Multicolored Sapphire Ring presents a playful pairing of rainbow-hued fancy sapphires (0.60 total carats). Plus, a 2.26-carat marquise cut moonstone set in an 18 karat yellow gold mounting.

Sapphire halo stud earrings by Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry offer the ideal complement to these moonstone and sapphire ring styles. The 18 karat white gold earrings feature 4.00 total carats of round brilliant-cut sapphires surrounded by 0.20 total carats of round brilliant cut diamonds.
Pretty in pink and yellow gold

These Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry designs offer fun and feminine Mother’s Day gifting options. They perfectly pair pink and purple hues with warm yellow gold.

Classic pearls get a fresh and versatile new look with Stephen Silver’s Peacock Tahitian and Kasumiga Pearl Earrings. The double-sided 18 karat yellow gold stud earrings can be reversed. As a result, they show off the 14mm purple Kasumiga pearls on one side or the 9.5mm peacock Tahitian pearls on the other.

Whether worn as an accent piece or alone, this yellow gold bezel set diamond bracelet is destined to become her hardest-working jewelry staple. The bezel settings offer a clean look that will appeal to minimalists. Hence the strongly secured round brilliant cut diamond is incredible. This makes this a beautiful and practical Mother’s Day gift that can be enjoyed every day.

New timekeepers for Father’s Day

Time is a precious thing. Therefore, the gift of a new wristwatch has always made a meaningful gift for dads. The Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry timepiece boutique offers the latest and rarest in-demand timepieces. You can choose from some of the world’s most storied watch brands and fascinating independent watchmakers.

The Ressence Type 3X titanium luxury watch is currently available, but likely not sure long. Ressence has risen to the forefront on a groundswell of collector interest. As result, the demand for each Ressence novelty launch has proven to outstrip supply.

Greubel Forsey has long been a grail watch brand for die-hard horologists. Given the brand’s technical prowess, minute attention to detail, and groundbreaking innovation. The brand’s first-ever sports timepiece is the the Greubel Forsey Balancier S. It offers all this and much more.

The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Skeleton Titanium is the latest timepiece to join Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry’s extensive BVLGARI timepiece collection. The 40mm octagonal titanium timepiece features a skeletonized dial and black strap. As a result, it makes an unforgettable Father’s Day gift for the man who cherishes design and horology in equal measure.

We wish all the moms and dads a wonderful Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We hope you enjoyed the gift ideas from Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry.

Photos: Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry

Celebrate Star Wars Day with the Death Star Ultimate Collector Set

Tuesday, May 4 is Star Wars Day. Celebrate fandom on Star Wars Day with a Death Star-inspired, Ultimate Collector Set from Kross Studio. The company honors the iconic, Star Wars space saga. As a result, this one-of-a-kind Death Star Ultimate Collector Set is crafted for those who savor Star Wars history.

The larger-than-life collector sets are limited in quantity, with only 10 being created. This Star Wars Day set is crafted to the finest standards of Swiss design and engineering. Thus, it is the perfect companion for ultimate collectors. For example, each set contains a Death Star inspired Tourbillon watch, an authentic kyber crystal movie prop from the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Last, it’s delivered in a richly detailed Imperial kyber crystal container that measures over three feet long.

Own a piece of cinematic history

Kross Studio brings the emblematic power of the Death Star to life. The imposing design details of the mobile space station and planet-destroying superweapon form the cornerstone of this new collection.

Each collectible set contains an official screen-used kyber crystal – the power source of the Death Star’s superlaser. It is featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Interestingly, this marks the first time that authentic kyber crystal props will be released to the public. Thus here is an opportunity for die-hard fans to own a piece of the fascinating Star Wars galaxy.

Inspired by the Death Star legacy

Kross Studio took up the challenge of the central tourbillon. Develop a mechanical complication honoring the prominent Death Star. For example, it is featured in a 45 mm black DLC coated grade 5 titanium case. Continuing, the captivating Death Star-inspired Tourbillon cage makes one revolution per minute. On the surface of the Death Star-inspired Tourbillon, a green superlaser cannon stands reminiscent of the space station’s kyber crystal enabled power.

The watch itself tells us a great story of passion, craftsmanship and advanced technology. Features include the house-developed manual-winding mechanical movement that delivers a robust 5-day power reserve. Plus, the hands have been affixed to a peripheral display that orbits 360 degrees around the tourbillon. A traditional crown system has been replaced by an ingenious, inset push-button system.

Kross Studio developed a D-ring shaped crown on the case back for winding the watch. It is out of sight to help maintain the timepiece’s sleek, space-age styling. These clean lines are also preserved by cleverly hiding quick-release buttons on the underside of the case. This practical feature will doubtless be welcomed by collectors. As a result, it allows a quick change of the straps from the included calfskin leather strap to either of the two other included rubber straps.

An eminent design object with an immersive visual experience

The powerful and precious nature of the kyber crystals in the Star Wars galaxy, required them to be stored in armored crates for transport. Faithful to the film storytelling, Kross Studio conceived an official reproduction of those containers, made of wood and aluminum.

More than 700 parts were necessary to produce each container. It’s scaled to half the original film dimensions of 3.94 feet long (1.20 meters). Fully hand-assembled and hand-painted, the containers embody the iconic saga story down to the smallest detail. Every aspect of these substantial art objects, like fine sculptures, have been thoroughly conceptualized and executed. The details take the viewer into the Star Wars galaxy. As an example, the backlit manifest panel inscribed in Aurebesh script – one of the most widely used alphabets in the Star Wars galaxy.

Celebrate in our own galaxy

Star Wars iconography is subtly inserted to sublimate the whole. Thus, the esthetic Galactic Empire emblem and the push-button feature an engraving in Aurebesh script. Moreover, the hour hand takes the shape of an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer. While the minute hand appears as a Super-Class Star Destroyer. It carries no less than 38,000 stormtroopers. At last, the fixed hours wheel, filled with white superluminova “blue emission”, is inspired by the lighting halls embedded in the Imperial vessels.

This Star Wars Day collection is extremely rare. Remember, only 10 of these Death Star Collector Sets will ever be produced. But the launch is just the first of more exciting Star Wars-inspired products to come from Kross Studio. The company looks forward to bringing the most breathtaking and immersive experiences to their fans and customers.

May the 4th Be With You!

We hope you enjoyed reading about the new Death Star Ultimate Collector Set from Kross Studio. Enjoy Star Wars Day and return soon to follow our popular, luxury site.

Photo: Kross Studio