FACUNDO Rum Collection – The Best Sipping Experience for Guests this Holiday Season

As we are all gearing up for the holidays, welcome the season of entertaining with a FACUNDO Rum Collection sipping strategy to impress even the most critical of guests. COVID-19 has made 2020 a year to forget. But remember what’s good in life and spend it safely with your family and friends.

If you plan to have small social gathering, be sure to keep safety in mind. As a result, don’t forget to have fun too. We want to share the below tips and tricks. Hence, it will help ensure any cocktail party serving luxury spirits will provide guests with the highest standard of hospitality and entertainment.

David Cid, Global Brand Master, Rum & Cane Spirits for the FACUNDO Rum Collection, amongst other BACARDI brands, has created a holiday entertaining guide. Learn sipping spirit etiquette to ensure guests leave your holiday soiree having sipped spirits like a professional.

As the “master blender” for one of the biggest global rum brands, Cid’s expert suggestions will make your guests feel like spirits connoisseurs. Use his tips below to enhance the traditional cocktail party experience with a heightened awareness for sipping spirit etiquette and decorum. Plus, don’t forget the FACUNDO Rum Collection.

1. Glassware choice increases the spirits’ aesthetics.

David Cid notes, “Great sipping rums have a story to tell. One that is best discovered by allowing the spirit to tell the story as it breathes and develops in the glass.”

He regards crystal glassware as being renowned for its elegance, due mostly to its plentitude of physical characteristics. Crystal glassware is the optimal choice for sipping spirits due to its unsurpassed clarity and ability to channel light – thus creating a visual experience that truly highlights the color and body of the beverage in hand. In addition, the thinness of the crystal allows for slight fluctuations in the temperature of the spirit depending on the external environment, which slightly affects the aroma and flavors to be perceived by the sipper.

2. Prefer your sipping rum on the rocks? Be mindful of your ice pairing.

For those who enjoy sipping on the rocks, the impact ice will have on the libation will depend on the ice cube, sphere or block’s density and size. Higher density ice equates to less air in the ice. A large cube of ice increases the total surface area of the ice, while reducing the amount of surface area in contact with the spirit. Notably, with spherical ice there is less surface area contact with the spirit. In both instances, the result is a chilling of the beverage, while minimizing dilution.

Additionally, it is important to remember that the minerality of the water used to form the ice can affect the flavor of the spirit. The less minerals in the water source will equate to less impact on the natural flavors of the spirit.

3. Want to maximize the overall sipping experience? Try the “water back” approach.

Serve a “water back”, or a glass of water, with a neatly poured spirit is as much tradition as it is good practice for sipping. Luxury spirits are meant to be sipped slowly, to savor all of their flavors, and over the holidays – pacing oneself is a must.

All spirits react to temperature – when cold, the alcohol will contract. When warm, the alcohol will expand, which affects how much aroma and flavor will be perceivable to the sipper. Room-temperature water is a preferred when attempting the “water back” approach.

4. Encourage your guests to try something new.

Undeniably, the best way to serve any spirit is to do so based on the preferences of the person being served. Know the preferences of your guests at a cocktail party supersedes everything.

Additionally, knowing your guests’ preferences will guide you directly to the marque that they may enjoy the most. Not only will it impress your guests if you are able to make suggestions based on their taste preferences, but showing your sipping rum knowledge is impressive as well. For example, in the breadth of the FACUNDO Rum Collection, each marque is roughly suitable for a variety of individual sipping spirit preferences.

· For the cocktail, Gin, and Vodka drinker at any holiday gathering, you may suggest FACUNDO NEO – a smooth and sweet sheer blonde rum with hints of almond and floral notes.

· Rather for the Old Fashioned, Manhattans, bourbon, Whisky, cigar-smokers, and cocoa lovers, they should try FACUNDO EXIMO – a smooth dark rum with notes of walnuts and vanilla.

· If a guest has dark rum, brandy, sherry, and port preferences, FACUNDO EXQUISITO may be a great option for them, as it is a bold dark rum with a warm, lingering aftertaste reminiscent of raisins and toasted nuts.

· Lastly, for the cognac and scotch sipper, FACUNDO PARAISO is the perfect alternative, as it is smooth and mellow with tasting notes of chocolate, very dark caramel and toasted walnuts.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday season. Consider FACUNDO Rum Collection for your next social gathering. Stop by again to read more entertaining tips and recommendations.

QVESOIR is Tampa’s Shiny Box for Celebrities – A Magnet For the Stars!

QVESOIR – Can you get in and is it worth it?

So, when you say Florida has fun, sexy, excitement and celebrities, the first thing that comes to mind is Miami right?!?! NOPE! Guess again.

Tampa is hot and hotter than ever. Maybe it’s Tom Brady or maybe it’s John Travolta, but Tampa is bringing in more big names to the city than ever before. But why, why is Tampa the new NEW?!?!

Maybe it’s the new development of waterfront homes, new schools, an open minded innovative mayor. In addition, Tampa has new skyscraper developments per square mile than any other city in Florida.

But when you’re spending all this money on property and other investments in the city, you want somewhere to unwind, relax and be with others you can mingle with. Well along came QVESOIR. QVESOIR is definitely a celebrity magnet. It only attracts the city’s ultra-wealthy and is known for its modern spin on the Palace of Versailles.

The prices are through the roof, so you must be able to afford a whopping $400.00 – $4,000.00 per night!

Qvesoir is located at 1920 E. 7th Ave in Ybor City, Tampa. It’s the largest hospitality property in Tampa for food & nightlife, estimated at 30,000 square feet. The music changes nightly but the crowd stays the same, which is big money.

So, what’s the bad news? Well you probably can’t get in. The venue is overly strict of who they let in. They do accept walk-ins, but most cabanas are booked in advance. Oh yes, not tables … there are cabanas inside, super chic. Most walk-ins are turned away. It’s like they are protecting their snobs.

So is it worth it to spend over $500.00 just to say I saw Channing Tatum and Bella Hadid dance the night away? Probably not. I leave it up to you. The place is a wonder, it screams rich and elegance.

Have fun, if you can!

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Enjoy the Upcoming Holiday Season with Premium BACARDI Cocktails

Thanksgiving is near and the Christmas holiday is right around the corner. Celebrate the most wonderFALL time of the year with premium BACARDI cocktails! On a day of giving thanks, there’s no better way to enjoy Thanksgiving than with a BACARDI rum spirit.

A few of our favorite delicious premium BACARDI cocktails to savoir are – The BACARDI Treacle, made with BACARDI Reserva Ocho, and the Cuatro Presidente, made with BACARDI Cuatro. Both cocktails are the ideal mix of fall flavors. You’ll definitely be extra thankful this Thanksgiving holiday.

These libations are the best drinks to complement your Thanksgiving meal because they embrace the warm flavors of Autumn. If you’re a fan of seasonal flavors like apple, you will love the BACARDI Treacle. It’s mixed with BACARDI Reserva Ocho, sugar syrup and freshly-pressed apple juice. In addition, there’s a dash of orange bitters, topped off with apple slices for garnish.

If you’re looking for something a little more classic, the Cuatro Presidente is just what you want. Try a blend of BACARDI Añejo Cuatro, Martini & Rossi Rosso, Dry Curacao, and a sprinkle of Angostura bitters. It’s perfect, whether you are sipping to ease the stress of making the Thanksgiving spread or toasting to a family-filled holiday. Plus there’s no better way to celebrate the season than by indulging in these fall-inspired, premium BACARDI cocktails.

Last, but not least, add a tropical twist to your holiday season with BACARDI Rum’s new limited edition ready to drink BACARDI Coquito! Therefore, the holiday festivities would not be the same without the famed boozy Caribbean eggnog at the table. BACARDI Coquito is available now through the holiday season for a suggested retail price of $17.99 (750ml) on Drizly. You can find it at select grocery and liquor stores.

Rum Cocktail Recipes:

Cuatro Presidente
– 1.5 parts BACARDÍ Cuatro
– 0.75 parts Martini & Rossi Rosso
– 0.25 parts Dry Curacao
– 2 dashes Angostura bitters
– Stir all ingredients with plenty of ice until very cold.
– Strain into a coupe glass.
– Garnish with orange peel.

2.5 parts BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho
0.25 parts Sugar syrup
1 part Freshly-pressed apple juice
2 dashes Orange Bitters
– Build over ice rocks until perfectly diluted.
– Float apple juice last.
– Garnish with an apple slice.

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Premium BACARDI cocktails are perfect anytime of the year. Return again to hear about more cocktail recipes and make your next party a big success.


Celebrate a Ghoulish Halloween with Belvedere Vodka

Are you in the mood to mix something wicked on October 31? For Halloween, Belvedere Vodka is offering the most wonderfully wicked cocktails to enjoy All Hallows’ Eve. Lastly, these great tasting, spirit blends are exactly what you need to be brewing this Halloween.

Belvedere’s Wicked Mixes is a delicious collection of blood-colored blends and spooky martinis. Plus, these alcoholic drinks are the most delicious and all-natural concoctions you can serve at your annual Halloween party.

No matter what you prefer, Belvedere has a delicious mix that’ll please any crowd. Above all, your friends, family and other guests will all thank you.

Now, these libations might look a bit sinister. But Belvedere’s commitment to organic, non-GMO ingredients promises they taste delightful. To make it even better, many of these recipes are filled with everyone’s favorite fall flavors. As a result, this means all pumpkin fans and apple lovers will definitely be into this read.

Belvedere Cinnamon Smash (photo above)

– 1.25 oz Belvedere Vodka
– 0.25 oz Organic Grapefruit Chunks
– 2 dashes Ground Cinnamon
– 0.75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
– 0.75 oz Simple Syrup
– 2-3 dashes Angostura Bitters

– Muddle the grapefruit, lemon juice and sample syrup in a mixing glass.
– Add rest of ingredients and top with ice.
– Strain into a rocks glass and garnish with a grapefruit slice.
Belvedere Bitter Sour

– 1.0 oz Belvedere Vodka
– 0.75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
– 0.75 oz Simple Syrup
– 1 Egg White

– Add all ingredients to a shaker without ice and dry shake to froth egg white.
– Add ice and shake for a second time.
– Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with a brandied cherry.
Belvedere Fall Rye Martini

– 2 oz Belvedere Vodka
– 0.5 oz Sweet Vermouth

– Add all ingredients to a shaker without ice and dry shake to froth egg white.
– Add ice and shake for a second time.
– Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with branded cherry.
Belvedere Simple Mary

– 1.25 oz Belvedere Vodka
– 4 oz Tomato Juice
– 3 dashes Worcestershire Saude
– 2 dashes Tabasco
– Salt and Pepper (to taste)

– Build the cocktail by adding all ingredients to a highball glass with ice.
– Roll contents and garnish with a lemon wedge

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Photo: Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka – World’s First Super-Premium Vodka

Belvedere Vodka is considered the world’s first super-premium vodka. An exciting partnership pairs Belvedere and world famous chef and wellness guru Candice Kumai.

Together, they are celebrating the Art of Brunch. As a result, they are empowering at-home cooks and entertainers with special recipes by Kumai and delicious, new brunch cocktails by Belvedere Vodka.

Candice Kumai showcases several of her most impressive at-home brunch dishes. As a result, these are beautifully paired with Belvedere Vodka cocktails. Hence, they are all easy to make and perfect for year-round intimate gatherings.

As you decide how to host that perfect spring or summer party, consider these amazing suggestions. Now you can celebrate the Art of Brunch with Candice Kumai & Belvedere Vodka.

We have gathered a list of chef Kumai’s signature brunch recipes and Belvedere’s new cocktails to pair with them. Next, make you next social gathering a huge hit. Therefore, be sure to do your research and plan every phase.


A refreshing take on the classic Bloody Mary, draws influence from traditional Polish Beetroot soup. A savory mix of Belvedere Vodka, tomato juice, beetroot and spices, paired with Candice’s Miso Avocado Toast.

A bold and energizing combination of Belvedere Vodka, coffee liqueur, ground nutmeg and coffee, with a blend of almond and hemp milk, paired with Candice’s Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies.

A light and refreshing Belvedere Vodka highball cocktail, with undertones of fresh citrus and apples, paired with Candice’s Fresh Peach Ginger Cobbler

A delightful combination of sweet and tart flavors featuring Belvedere Vodka, fresh lime juice, honey, a dash of bitters, and finished with a kombucha float, paired with Candice’s Toasted Almond Sticky Buns.

A savory cocktail to pair with a sweet brunch dish, is made with Belvedere Vodka, fresh squeezed carrot and lemon juice, ginger syrup, a touch of miso powder, and garnished with a dash of chilli flakes, paired with Candice’s Sweet Potato Pancakes.

A crisp and fruity combination of Belvedere Vodka, grapefruit & orange juices, a hint of green tea, vermouth and tonic water creates a light and refreshing summer drink, paired with Candice’s Sundried Tomato and Mushroom Frittata.

We hope you enjoyed the great tasting, Belvedere Vodka cocktail recipes. The Life of Luxury is a leading luxury blog, sharing the best in the luxury living industry.

Photo: Belvedere

Luxurious Handcrafted Whisky Cabinet by Whisky Vault

Do you know a whisky lover who enjoys the best life has to offer? Maybe a handcrafted Whisky Cabinet is the perfect holiday gift for that good friend or special person in your life.

Whisky is a spirit that does not discriminate. Enjoyed by both men and women, whisky is the perfect choice. Its allure is the warmth and comforting embrace that it delivers.

As the popularity of whisky continues to grow, so do the number of gift options. From an elements set to glass sets to whisky stones, the choices are endless. But consider a practical gift that is just as much a piece of fine decor, as it is a practical whisky cabinet.

Offered by Whisky Vault, their handcrafted whisky cabinets are incredible. Each one is handcrafted and unique. Often furniture is mass produced and the end result is sub-par quality. Not in this case. It is perfection from top to bottom, inside and out.

First of all, the luxury safe features a bulletproof window. You’ve made an important in your whisky collection. Why not invest in a whisky cabinet that will not only protect, but is also visually stunning.

Whisky Vault - teak whisky cabinet

Here’s a list of some of the key product features:
* Solid handcrafted teak cabinet
* Vault door with locking bolts
* Steel plate construction
* Machined aluminum tri-spoke handle
* Individually numbered / limited edition / custom built
* UL certified La Gard electronic lock system

Below are the cabinet’s specifications:
Vault: 77 cm x 40 cm x 62 cm (H) / holds 21 bottles.
Cabinet: 77 cm x 40 cm x 64 cm (H) / holds 21 bottles.
Weight 140 kg / 308 pounds.

The whisky cabinet by Whisky Vault is perfect for either your Game Room or Man Cave. It is definitely a conversation piece and will be enjoyed for many years to come. The ultimate whisky protection for the serious collector.

Whisky Vault is scheduled for a global launch this December. Anticipation has been steadily growing. The new whisky vault will be available on the Indiegogo website. The starting price is $6,000 (US), but 50 units will be available at an incredible 51% discount.

Todd Lawrence is the owner of Whisky Vault. He is originally from Los Angeles, but has been happily living in Taiwan for the past 23 years. While working in the manufacturing industry, Todd decided to design and develop a Whisky Vault for his own office. He then began making them for his friends.

The word continued to spread and he quickly noticed how popular they were among whisky collectors. There was a strong desire for people to offer a secure place to showcase their collection without having to worry about bottles going missing or accidentally being opened by drunk friends. That is how Whisky Vault came to be.

In the feature image, the fire dragon is a gorgeous, hand airbrushed panel inside the vault door. This is custom feature offered to buyers. In addition, each panel is done one by one and personally signed by the artist.

The whisky cabinet makes the perfect gift for any whisky lover. Please return agin to follow our popular luxury blog. Read about the latest products and industry news.

Photo: Whisky Vault

Enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday with a Bacardi Tropical Refresher Cocktail

It’s the time that officially kicks off the summer vacation season in the U.S. The upcoming Memorial Day holiday is a great time for an outdoor BBQ and taking that perfect vacation getaway. Kids are graduating, families are getting together and it’s time to hang out with friends.

This Memorial Day holiday, be sure to include a great tasting cocktail like the Bacardi Tropical Refresher. The Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time to try something new and impress your party guests. Be sure to include the awesome taste of Bacardi rum.

We’d like to introduce you to the delicious Bacardi Tropical Refresher for consideration. This awesome cocktail is made with sweet notes of pineapple that are balanced by the refreshing flavor of coconut. As a result, it’s the perfect way to kick-off the summer cocktail season.

Make your Memorial Day holiday and memorable one. Your social event should include great tasting food and spirits. The Bacardi rum cocktail is also served well in a punch bowl. Therefore you can easily prep for your party guests before they arrive! That’s a huge help becua time is something we never have enough of.

Here is the cocktail recipe for you to try:

Bacardi Tropical Refresher


· 3/4 part BACARDÍ COCONUT Rum
· 1 1/2 parts coconut water
· 1½ parts Pineapple juice
· 2 Lime Wedges

· Fill a glass with ice and pour in the BACARDÍ Flavors, coconut water, and pineapple juice.
· Squeeze in the lime, gently stir, and then garnish the punch bowl with a pineapple wedge.
· Serve with a pineapple wedge and pineapple leaves.

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Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday and live live to the fullest. Toast this day with a delicious Bacardi Rum cocktail – Bacardi Tropical Refresher. Please stop by soon and follow our luxury blog.

Photo: Bacardi

Enjoy New Years Day and National Bloody Mary Day!

Not only is today for New Year’s Day, but it is also recognized as National Bloody Mary Day. Many people swear that a Bloody Mary cocktail is the perfect hangover cure. What is more interesting, is that of course, a Bloody Mary includes alcohol. Go and figure!

Are you curious when the first Bloody Mary cocktail was created? So are we. In a book by Andrew F. Smith, titled Food and Drink in American History: “Full Course” Encyclopedia, it provides some insight. According to the author, the Bloody Mary cocktail was first served in 1921, at The Ritz Hotel in Paris, France.

The cocktail was first named the Bucket of Blood and also called the Red Snapper. The Ritz Hotel bartender was Ferdinand “Pete” Petiot. Later on, he left Paris and headed to New York City. While there, he started serving his Bloody Mary drink to patrons at the New York King Cole Bar. This happened once prohibition finally ended. His cocktail recipe included: vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire, cayenne and salt. Today it’s the perfect cocktail to drink on National Bloody Mary Day!

So on January 1, 2018 it’s time to celebrate both New Year’s Day and National Bloody Mary Day! Whether you’re recovering from your New Year’s Eve party or looking for the perfect brunch cocktail, ring in the first day of the year. Toast the new years with a Mexican Mary from Tequila CAZADORES.

This delicious cocktail is a a spicy twist on the classic recipe. The Mexican Mary stars Tequila CAZADORES Blanco, an award-winning 100% agave tequila, and also features maggi sauce and a touch of dry chipotle powder. Garnish with a few vegetables to ease into your “New Year, New You” resolutions, or with Mexican-style grilled shrimp if you’re yearning something a little heavier.

Now that you’re dying to try one, below is the recipe for a Mexican Mary cocktail from Tequila CAZADORES.


Mexican Mary

• 2 oz. Tequila Cazadores Blanco
• 6 oz. of Zing Zang Bloody Mary
•  ½ oz. fresh lime juice
• 2 dashes of Maggi Sauce
• 1/8 of teaspoon of dry chipotle powder
• Pinch of dry oregano
• Salt rim using Manny’s Salt (pasilla and guajillo chiles with a touch of hibiscus flower)

– Add all ingredients (besides salt) to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously.
– Pour into salt rimmed glass.
– Garnish with Mexican style grill shrimp, kabob with tomatoes, fresno chile, Mexican zucchini and onion.

We hope you enjoy this Bloody Mary cocktail, as well as celebrate National Bloody Mary Day in VIP style! Follow our luxury blog for more, delicious cocktail recipes.

Photo: Tequila CAZADORES

Delicious Punch Cocktail Recipes for the Holiday Season

Originating on the English ships sailing the East and West Indies, punch dates way back to the 1600’s – a century before the word ‘cocktail’ – later appearing on tables in England itself where it swiftly became a drink of the gentry including the likes of Charles Dickens. As Christmas is near, try these punch cocktail recipes for your holiday party.

Almost 500 years later, punch is now experiencing a revival being featured on the menus of some of the world’s best bars, from New York’s The Dead Rabbit to the clandestine, wood paneled Punch Room of London’s Edition Hotel. Due to its versatility and sociability, punch is making its way into homes where friends and family can gather around the central ‘flowing bowl’ ladling cups of punch while storytelling amidst a cozy ambiance.

How To Personalize Your Punch
Punch allows you to be truly creative, from the classic original recipes that were made with five key ingredients – rum, spice, sugar, citrus and water (see the Elemental punch below) to more adventurous interpretations using syrups and infusions from your home bar. With its many layers of flavor, due to its blend of rums selected from 5 or 7 regions across the East and West Indies, Banks Rums offer the depth and character that are ideal to create a delicious punch.

With its requirement to be pre-prepared and its low ABV, punch is a social drink. Served over a block of ice (made using a silicone bread mold available on Amazon from $8.99) in a large bowl, like the vintage-inspired punch kit created by David Wondrich (available at Cocktail Kingdom from $74.99), punch will last for several hours allowing hosts to relax and enjoy the ritual of the flowing bowl with their guests.


Punch Recipes For Home Entertaining
Sip to Impress with the Pineapple Punch
Level: Advanced | Prep: 24 hours | Serves: 20 drinks

Curated by mixologist and drinks expert Nick Strangeway, this innovative punch continues to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of cocktails with infusions, syrups and solutions but we promise it can be made at home!

1. 1.5 litres Apple Juice
2. 1 litres Chilled Lemon Verbena tea
3. 500ml Banks 5 Island Blend Rum
4. 350ml Banks 7 Golden Blend Rum
5. 300ml Douglas Fir Syrup (see below)
6. 200ml of Douglas Fir Infused Banks 5 Island Blend
7. 200ml Apple Molasses
8. 100ml of Citric acid solution (available in all major supermarkets)

1. To create the Douglas Fir Syrup, infuse 10g of gently dried Douglas Fir needles in 250ml of boiling water for about 10-15 mins before adding 250g of caster sugar.
2. Stir well to dissolve the sugar and then strain to remove the Douglas Fir Needles. Keep refrigerated before use.
3. Next make the verbena tea by infusing 3-4 large sprigs of fresh lemon verbena in 500ml of boiling water for 15 minutes. Or brew several verbena teabags for a few minutes.
4. Add 500ml of cold water and leave for a further 10 minutes before straining. Keep refrigerated.
5. Next, infuse 5g of gently dried Douglas Fir Needles in 200ml of Banks 5 at room temperature for no longer than 24 hours. Strain before use.
6. To create your punch, combine all the ingredients in a large punch bowl with a large block of ice.
7. Garnish with dehydrated crab apple wheels and serve.


Evoke Hygge with the Swedish Punch
Level: Intermediate | Prep: 1 hour | Serves: 10 drinks

Get cozy this season and pay homage to the Scandinavian festive style with the Swedish Punch created by one of the world’s best bartenders, Jim Meehan of New York’s PDT cocktail bar, and discover its clean notes and minimal ingredients.

1. 1 litre Banks 7 Golden Age Rum
2. 750ml English Breakfast Tea
3. 300ml Lemon Juice
4. 250g Demerara Sugar
5. 1 tsp Orange Bitters

1. Brew the tea, then stir in the sugar until it dissolves.
2. Add 4 cups of ice to chill and dilute the mixture, then add bitters, lemon juice and rum.
3. Chill before service.
4. When ready to serve, add the liquid to a punchbowl filled with one large block of ice.
5. Use a ladle to pour in to punch cups filled with ice and garnish with grated nutmeg.


Simplify Entertaining with the Elemental Punch (photo above)
Level: Easy | Prep: 24 hours | Serves: 10 drinks

Cocktail historian Dave Wondrich confirms that the Elemental Punch would have been one of the earliest recipes enjoyed. With its simple ingredients and freshly grated nutmeg, this punch includes the five original ‘elements’ of punch: sugar, spice, rum, citrus and water.

1. 1 litre Water
2. 700ml Banks 5 Island Blend or Banks 7 Golden Age Rum
3. 180g Sugar
4. 4 Lemons
5. 1 Nutmeg

1. Peel 4 lemons in long spirals and put the peels in a sealable 500ml jar.
2. Add 180g of white sugar.
3. Seal, shake and leave to sit unrefrigerated overnight.
4. An hour before you need the punch, open the jar with the peels and lemon oil and add 180ml freshly-squeezed, strained lemon juice.
5. Close the jar, shake well until sugar has dissolved and refrigerate.
6. When you need the punch add the contents of your jar, peels and all.
7. Add 700ml bottle of Banks 5 Island Blend or Banks 7 Golden Age rum and 1l of cold still water and stir.
8. Garnish by finely grating a quarter of a whole nutmeg across the top of the ice cube.
9. To serve, ladle 90ml portions into punch cups filled with ice.


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Enjoy the Christmas holidays in style. Try the above punch cocktail recipes at your next social gathering. We love sharing cocktail recipes in our luxury blog for our readers to try out.

New HAVANA CLUB “Forever Cuban” Rum Campaign

A year after relaunching the brand in the United States, HAVANA CLUB rum distilled in Puerto Rico debuts its new integrated campaign – “Forever Cuban.” Standing up to its competitors, upholding the authenticity of the rum’s Cuban heritage, and asserting its rightful place as the original HAVANA CLUB rum – “Forever Cuban” affirms that although the brand is no longer produced in Cuba, it is, and will forever be, Cuban.

The campaign launched on YouTube and HAVANA CLUB social media channels with a powerful 60-second spot that features Cuban-American actor Raul Esparza, best-known for his roles on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Hannibal, reciting “Island Body,” a poem written exclusively for the campaign by world-renowned poet Richard Blanco. Written, produced and directed entirely by Cuban exiles in Miami, and available in both English and Spanish, the film culminates with the tagline “Forced from home. Aged in Exile. Forever Cuban.”

In the poem and the spot video, HAVANA CLUB rum proclaims its Cuban roots and boldly warns adversaries “Don’t tell us we’re not Cuban,” just because we are no longer produced in Cuba. From the small screen to reality, the “Forever Cuban” campaign sends a powerful message to all exiles: regardless of where they live, they remain a part of their homeland, reassuring consumers who share similar stories of exile that there is nothing anyone can do to take away their identity.

To continue to convey the brand’s story of exile, perseverance and resurgence, HAVANA CLUB rum has unveiled a new website in tandem with the campaign launch: http://TheRealHavanaClub.com

HAVANA CLUB rum is based on the original recipe created by the Arechabala family in Cuba in 1934. In 1960, the Cuban government, under Castro’s rule, unrightfully seized the Arechabala family’s distillery without compensation and forced the family to flee the homeland they loved. After the Arechabala family was wrongfully exiled, the recipe was personally transcribed by Ramon Arechabala and given to Bacardi as part of an agreement between the two families.

As a result, Bacardi has sold HAVANA CLUB rum exclusively in the U.S. since 1995. Its authenticity is maintained by the same recipe, great-taste, craftsmanship, technique and passion since the brand was crafted by the Arechabala’s in 1934. The ultimate convergence of two Cuban families coming together to continue an iconic brand’s legendary heritage with an authentic product, Bacardi is committed to continuing this legacy.

Looking for a great tasting rum for your next party cocktail? HAVANA CLUB rum should be your choice. The Life of Luxury offers premier event planning services for all your special occasion needs. Hope you enjoy following our luxury blog.


Enjoy Halloween with a Delicious Bacardi Cocktail

Halloween is just around the corner and BACARDI has the perfect creepy cocktail to enjoy this year! This BACARDI cocktail is perfect for your Halloween party or other social gathering.

As Halloween nears, many people love to dress up in their creative Halloween costumes and have fun. There are many sponsored parties or social gathering with your friends. Of course, a great tasting cocktail is what we all need. Great food and spirits, not the ghoulish kind, makes for an awesome party. Be creative and try something new.

What is your favorite cocktail? What type of food to you look forward to munching on? The new BACARDI Zombie cocktail is the ideal rum cocktail name for a popular Halloween drink. This delicious Bacardi cocktail is made with both BACARDI Superior and BACARDI Gold rum. Double yum! It’s a classic tiki cocktail made with rum that your party goers will love drinking all night long.

We are happy to share this rum cocktail recipe with our loyal readers:
· 2 parts BACARDI Superior
· 1.75 parts BACARDI Gold
· 1 part Triple Sec
· 2 parts orange juice
· 1 part lime juice
· 1 part simple syrup
· 0.25 part Grenadine
· Garnish: Orange Slice & Cherry

· Pour all of the ingredients into a shaker full of ice and shake vigorously. Next, strain and pour into a highball glass filled with ice. Lastly, stir with a bar spoon and garnish with a cherry and orange slice. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy the BACARDÍ Zombie cocktail. It’s perfect for all your Halloween festivities. Be safe and don’t drink and drive. Be sure to enjoy the spirit of Trick or Treat make a child’s Halloween wishes come true.

Make your Halloween party a memorable one with a delicious Bacardi cocktail. The perfect drink for your perfect party. Please stop by again to read more cocktail recipes. Contact us with help planning your next social event.

Photo: Bacardi