Incredible Flying Luxury Hotel Jet by Four Seasons

Taking an around the world trip is an item on many people’s Bucket List. Now you can go in VIP style in a flying, luxury hotel by Four Seasons, which operates 92 hotels and private residences all around the world.

The luxury hotel brand is offering an amazing, private jet experience. Join Four Seasons on an exclusive journey around the world. It’s a VIP experience of a lifetime and a unique opportunity to discover the world. In a luxurious Boeing 757 jet, Four Seasons will begin offering a series of around the world trips in 2016.

The initial trip will be a 24-day, nine-destination journey that begins in Los Angeles with stops including Hawaii, Bali, and Thailand. You will be staying in luxury accommodations at various Four Seasons Hotels before the trip ends in London, England.

Four Seasons luxury jet seat

Four Seasons started offering its around-the-world trip in 2012, but the luxury hotel brand only used a non-branded jet that carried 78 travelers. The new Four Season luxury jet is painted black and the aircraft will prominently display the iconic Four Seasons name in white on the fuselage. The jet’s tail section will be the company’s tree logo in white.

Fly the skies at 32,000 in this customized, private jet that seems like a flying hotel. From the first time you board, it will transform into your Private Jet Experience with endless luxury amenities that only the Four Seasons can offer. Starting with the cabin crew, you’ll be accompanied by an executive chef, sous chef, concierge and guest services manager.

The custom Boeing 757 jet plane features 52 leather flat-bed seats that were expertly handcrafted in Italy. The carpet is handwoven adding to the luxury decor. A Four Seasons Executive Chef carefully designs and prepares all in-flight dining menus utilizing the finest and freshest ingredients found from local sources during your around the world journey. Another nice perk is the Four Seasons offers its flying guests iconic champagne brand Dom Pérignon. It all adds up to flying in both ultimate comfort and VIP style.

During your trip, all travel itineraries offer a variety of options and activities. This allows each traveler to customize their trip to their own personal taste. You can immediately begin your plans with the Four Seasons Global Guest Services Manager, who will also be onboard for all of your flight. You will also have access to a Four Seasons Concierge during your trip.

Four Seasons luxury jet seats

Below are the planned, around the world trips being offered by Four Seasons during 2016.

Timeless Discoveries: An Around the World Journey
Destinations: L.A., Kona, Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, Chiang Mai, Taj Mahal & Mumbai, Prague and London
This signature Around the World trip features many of the world’s most iconic destinations. From the Taj Mahal to the beaches of Bora Bora, this 24-day luxury travel itinerary touches down in sophisticated cities and island paradises. See Sydney by seaplane, explore a 14th-century castle in Prague plus go on an elephant trek through the jungles of Chiang Mai.
Travel Dates: January 26 – February 18, 2016
Price: USD $132,000 per person based on double occupancy
International Intrigue: An Around the World Journey
Destinations: Seattle, Tokyo, Beijing, The Maldives, Serengeti, Istanbul, St Petersburg, Marrakech and Boston
Travel to some of the world’s most intriguing cities and breathtaking landscapes. This package choice includes some of Four Seasons newest properties. From the exciting African game drives in the Serengeti to gorgeous palaces of St. Petersburg, to a private dinner on The Great Wall in China, this Around the World journey is a 24-day experience that spans the globe.
Travel Dates: April 14 – May 7, 2016
Price: USD $132,000 per person based on double occupancy
Extraordinary Adventures: An Around the World Journey
This new itinerary is geared toward the adventurous spirit. Enjoy a 25-day journey that’s complete with fascinating adventures at every stop. You can fly by zip line across the rain forest canopy of Costa Rica, kayak through Malaysian mangroves, hike Australia’s Jenolan Caves, plus experience the “Big Five” on a Serengeti game drive in Africa.
Destinations: Austin, Costa Rica, Lana’i, Sydney, Langkawi, Mauritius. Serengeti, Petra or the Dead Sea and Lisbon
Travel Dates: September 17 – October 11, 2016
Price: USD $137,000 per person based on double occupancy
Cultural Escape: Europe, Middle East & Africa
Destinations: London, Petra and the Dead Sea, Dubai, Seychelles, Serengeti, Florence and London
Immerse yourself in 19 days of unique cultures. Take a journey to incredibly fascinating areas of the world. Visit Dubai with the best views from the top of the world’s tallest building, discover the Italian art and architecture of Florence and be amazed by marine life and snorke in the Seychelles. Continue your travels and see the lost city of Petra, in addition to visiting the lowest point on earth and experience the healing properties of the magnificent Dead Sea.
Travel Dates: November 4 – November 22, 2016
Price: USD $106,000 per person based on double occupancy

If you wish to make your dream come true and enjoy an around the world trip on a luxury jet by Four Seasons, contact The Life of Luxury today. We can help assist with all your reservations. Return to this luxury blog and read about other luxury travel packages.

Photo: Four Seasons

Experience The 2014 World Cup in Brazil in Luxury Style

As the world’s most popular sporting event nears, there are some incredible luxury VIP packages available to enjoy soccer / football at the 2014 World Cup.

The World Cup is celebrated every four years and will be held staring next month in a dozen cities all across Brazil in South America. The World Cup tournament runs for a month and features the best national teams who will compete for the coveted prize of “best in the world.”

If you already have Word Cup tickets to root on your favorite team and booked air travel and hotel accommodation, you are lucky. As the event gets closer, we’re seeing prices skyrocketing and bargains are very hard to find.

Just to catch a game or two could cost you around $3,000 from the U.S. To stay throughout the World Cup tournament until the final match in Rio de Janiero on July 13 could cost you around $30,000 and doesn’t include higher end hotels.

But if you want to enjoy the 2014 World Cup in VIP style then consider a luxury, private jet getaway. Take in the raucous atmosphere of Brazil and the excitement of the games.

We offer a variety of sport tickets to sporting events around the world, including the upcoming 2014 World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil. To view all the available tickets, go here:

We wanted to share with you a private jet travel package to make your 2014 World Cup experience a memorable one.

– Round trip air by private charter flight that’s provided by Magellan Jets.
– Secure & direct private ground transportation to and from the airport to your hotel
– Accommodations at a choice of several deluxe hotel properties that are centrally located in Rio de Janeiro
– Reserved tickets to your choice of FIFA World Cup Match Cat 3 (upgrades are available for an additional cost.)
– Roundtrip transfers to your match event
– A special Brazil World Cup souvenir gift pack that comes with various commemorative items, such as a local cellphone with prepaid minutes, Brazil travel guide, map and much more!
– Experience all that Brazil offers with a half-day guided tour given based on local’s point of view.

If you would like to be part of the thrill of 2014 World Cup soccer in Brazil, then please contact The Life of Luxury now. One of our luxury travel concierge specialists can assist plan your entire luxury travel itinerary. Choose from a standard air and hotel package or a luxury private jet travel package for the best VIP experience.

“Passport to the World” – See the World by Private Jet

For travel lovers, the ultimate goal of many is to fly around the world. Well now you can do it in luxury style!

Flexjet is the leader in exceptional travel experiences. Abercrombie & Kent is the award-winning, luxury travel experts. The two luxury brands have partnered up to bring to you the “Passport to the World.” This amazing travel package is the first and only completely private jet experience circumnavigating the globe.

Experience the best life has to offer. From the Forbidden City to the Taj Majal, “Passport to the World” travelers will have exclusive access to hidden wonders for a once-in-a-lifetime journey of global discovery.

Circle the globe in a private jet from Flexjet and see some of the most memorable sights. From an exclusive Japanese Tea Ceremony in Kyoto to a private opening of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia that’s closed to the public to personally selecting world-renown art to view privately at the Louvre Museum.

Tour guests will be able to travel to seven landmark destinations on a dedicated Challenger 605 aircraft. Your package grants you exclusive access to hidden wonders that are out of reach to the rest of the world – all in the course of two weeks starting at $1.5 million.

This five-star Passport to the World experience can accommodate up to eight people. The 14-day Abercrombie & Kent journey, provides traveling in world-class comfort and style with one’s own private party aboard a Challenger 605 aircraft.

This incredible journey features travel accommodations at the best landmark hotels that ideally represent the history and heritage of each amazing location. Each stop is carefully paired with incredible dining experiences at some of the world’s best restaurants for a top notch, fine dining experience.

The spacious business jet features larger, higher windows, along with cutting-edge avionics, state-of-the-art studio and video systems, global Wi-Fi and leather seats that transform into beds – allowing more space to comfortably unwind and relax.

The 14 day “Passport to the World” package form Flexjet includes the following destinations:
– Osaka / Kyoto, Japan (two nights)
– Beijing, China (three nights)
– Hong Kong, China (two nights)
– Agra, India (two nights)
– Istanbul, Turkey (two nights)
– Paris, France (two nights)

The prices for this 14-day “Passport to the World” experience starts at $1.5 million. Included is $750,000 for land arrangements from Abercrombie & Kent for up to eight people, and a Flexjet 25 jet card for a Challenger 605 business jet, which starts from $750,000 for this unbelievable itinerary.

To learn more about the 14-day “Passport to the World” experience from FlexJet and Abercrombie & Kent, please contact one of our travel concierge specialists at The Life of Luxury.

“Legends Redefined” Tour from Flexjet – Fractional Jet Ownership

Flexjet offers whole aircraft ownership and management, fractional jet ownership, Flexjet 25 jet cards and charter brokerage services. Flexjet is now celebrating Learjet’s 50th Anniversary with their “Legends Redefined” tour in the U.S.

Flexjet’s fractional program offers a collection of Bombardier business aircraft, including the Learjet 40 XR, Learjet 45 XR, Learjet 60 XR, Challenger 300 plus Challenger 605 business jets.

Flexjet is showcasing the new Learjet 85 aircraft model at six private events during the “Legends Redefined” U.S. tour.

Deanna White is the President of Flexjet and was quoted, “Fifty years ago, the first Learjet aircraft took flight thanks to the innovative and adventurous spirit of Bill Lear, who invented the business jet category. With delivery of the Learjet 85 scheduled for next year, Flexjet is honoring his legacy by showcasing the best-in-class Learjet 85 aircraft model – the epitome of a ‘legend redefined’ – alongside other distinguished brands, representing more than 200 years of timeless luxury and design.”

Flexjet owners enjoy access to some of the most technologically advanced and youngest business jets in the industry, averaging only about six years of age.

The luxury Learjet 85 aircraft is the first business jet with both fuselage and wings built primarily of carbon composite materials. The Learjet 85 aircraft will also feature the company’s new interior design updates, re-designed seats, innovative storage solutions in addition to groundbreaking passenger interfaces.

Definitely designed for passenger comfort, the new Learjet 85 aircraft model seats eight passengers comfortably in a traditional double-club seating arrangement, with approximately 30 inches (76.2 cm) between each seat for even more room when traveling on long distance flights.

The 2013 Learjet 85 tour has completed visits to 3 U.S. cities including Menlo Park, Calif., Chicago and Columbus, Ohio. Be sure to attend the next 3 events during October – Washington, DC (October 1), New York (Oct. 7) and Houston (October 15).

Flexjet also announced they will receive 30 Learjet 85 aircraft with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2014.

If you desire to enjoy the many benefits of whole aircraft ownership and management or fractional jet ownership, please contact The Life of Luxury for more details.

Learn to Fly With a Parajet Paramoter – Get Your Adrenaline Rush

Photo: Parajet

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Superman! Wrong again, it could be you flying through the air in a paramotor.

The latest Superman film titled “Man of Steel” was just released, so what perfect way to celebrate the flying superhero.

Parajet offers an exciting way to fly like Superman. Paramotoring is the most rapidly developing form of aviation and becoming more popular every day.

A paramotor is made from a combination of a paraglider and power unit. Around 1990, paramotoring surfaced as a new why to fly when paragliders added a simple backpack motor that provided them instant thrust and superior mobility.

What makes paramotoring so popular is that it can easily fit in the back of a standard size car. It’s the best way to fly without the requirement of a license. Plus it’s much less expensive than other forms of flying.

Paramotoring is widely used from people of all walks including businessmen, sport-lovers, adrenaline enthusiasts and even travelers. Parajet Paramoter is a leading company offering this exciting outdoor activity.

If you desire to learn, you can take a training course at one of Europe’s leading paramotoring schools – in Spain, about 25 minutes from the Costa Brava coastline.

Parajet Paramoter offers 6 or 12 day long courses that are led by a small number of qualified professional and passionate instructors. Get your thrills and soar like a bird, reaching heights of up to 10,000 ft and speeds of up to 45 mph!

If you’ve ever wanted to satisfy your childhood dream of flying, then don’t wait another day. Take advantage of this unbelievable opportunity to safely enter the sport of paramotoring and get flying with Parajet.

First Jet​ Appears on Rodeo Dr​ive for Concours d’Elegance

Flexjet Learjet 85 Tour at the NBAA in Orlando, Florida. Photo by Jason Tinacci /

Learjet 85 – Photo: Jason Tinacci

The Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance has been named one of the “300 Unmissable Events & Festivals Around the World” by popular travel publisher Frommer’s.

To honor of the 50th anniversary of Learjet, the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance has created their event’s themed this year’s show “The Jet Age.” The main event will be showcasing the first-ever jet to be parked on Rodeo Drive on Sunday, June 16th (Father’s Day) between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The revolutionary Learjet 85 aircraft was the first business jet made using carbon composite materials. Rodeo Dr​ive for Concours d’Elegance is proud to display a full-scale mock-up of the Learjet 85 on the 200 block of Rodeo Drive. The Learjet will also be surrounded by a wide variety of vintage and racing cars and motorcycles from world-renowned brands.

The Learjet 85 is designed by Bombardier Aerospace, the world’s largest business aviation manufacturer, and is available for fractional jet ownership exclusively through Flexjet.

Learjet 85 jet plane
Learjet 85 – Photo: Flexjet

The all-new Learjet 85 aircraft was designed from a clean sheet, and is the first part 25 business jet built using composites in both the wings and the fuselage and features the latest advances in aerodynamics, structures and efficiency.

The 300 block of Rodeo Drive will feature autos inspired by the Jet Age, with smooth aero-dynamic body shapes from the 1950s and 60s, representing the optimism of the future with exciting visual elements such as fin tails, chrome-plated steel grilles and white-wall tire applications.

On the 400 block of Rodeo Drive, the event will once again showcase “The Best of the Best” with pre-1975 classic cars of any brand considered by the show?s curators. This year’s Concours will also feature a special tribute to other marques celebrating special anniversaries.

Please use the Contact Form below to submit your travel request and attend this year’s Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance. We will promptly get back to you.

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    New British Airways Dreamliner – Luxury Aircraft Seating and Cabin Design

    British Airways Dreamliner airplane
    British Airways – Dreamliner

    Uncomfortable seats is often ranked as one of the top airline complaints by travelers.  British Airways is here to change your travel experience and has announced the cabin design and layout for its Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 aircraft.

    Only six months away from delivery, the new British Airways Dreamliner will provide comfort for 214 customers while the A380, the largest aircraft in the British Airways fleet, will accommodate 469 customers.  Elegant cabin designs fitted on British Airways’ new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will be featured on twenty-four Dreamliner’s and twelve A380’s.  These designs have proven to be immensely popular with customers.

    The British Airlines Dreamliner will have 35 seats for customers in the new 2:3:2 Club World triple configuration; 25 seats in a 2:3:2 World Traveler Plus layout; and an additional 154 seats  in a 3:3:3 formation for those traveling in World Traveler.

    The A380 main deck will have 14 seats in First (with extra space for stowing personal items); the Club World cabin will include 44 seats in a 2:4:2 configuration; and in World Traveler there will be 199 seats in a 3:4:3 layout.

    The A380 upper deck will feature 53 seats in the new 2:3:2 Club World triple configuration; 55 seats in a 2:3:2 World Traveler Plus layout; and World Traveler will have 104 seats in a 2:4:2 configuration.

    Other amenities on both new aircrafts will offer travelers more movie options, TV shows, audio programs and music featured on the airline’s latest Thales inflight entertainment system.  Other benefits include new larger screens in all cabins and an easy-to-use system with shortcut buttons.  You will be able to connect laptops and take advantage of the in-seat power available for the first time in all cabins.

    Willie Walsh, chief executive of International Airlines Group (IAG), stated: “We are investing GBP5bn in British Airways’ new and upgraded aircraft, innovative technologies and customer services.  We now have six Boeing 777-300ERs, all fitted with our latest cabins. Our customer feedback and satisfaction scores show the seat and cabin designs have achieved the highest ratings we have ever seen.

    By next spring we will have finished installing our new First cabins in the British Airways Dreamliner. The nine new aircraft we take delivery of in 2013 will feature our latest signature designs to ensure the customer experience maintains
    the highest standard across our fleet.”

    The first Dreamliner will arrive in May 2013 and A380 deliveries will be introduced in July 2013.  British Airways will be the first European airline to operate both new aircraft styles and will announce the routes the new aircraft will operate in Spring 2013.

    My Luxury Auctions – Bid on Amazing Luxury Products at a Fraction of the Cost

    My Luxury Auctions
    My Luxury Auctions

    How would you like to enjoy an incredible 4 day – 3 night getaway for 2 people and attend the 2013 55th Annual Grammy Awards? Of course you’d love to, but what if it didn’t cost you anything to win the auction. Even better, right? Now read on and make your dream a reality.

    My Luxury Auctions “” helps everyday people achieve uncommon prestige and gives anyone a wonderful opportunity to own and experience everything that is luxury – luxury vacations, cruises, jewelry, cars, yachts, real estate and much more! The thrill of online bidding is truly an adrenalin rush – become part of this exciting trend.

    The Life of Luxury ( has partnered with My Luxury Auctions to create and provide an array of luxury products and travel packages to auction off. The first package (valued at $12,000) we offered is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to attend the 55th Annual Grammy Music Awards scheduled for Feb. 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

    Grammy Music Awards

    If you are the auction winner, two people will fly to Los Angeles, California on Friday then spend Saturday exploring the city’s  popular local landmarks and luxury stores. On Sunday, you’ll attend the Grammys then fly home on Monday. This amazing luxury auction travel package includes all airfare (first class) and hotel accommodations (five star or greater.)

    As a leading provider of VIP Event Tickets, The Life of Luxury is very excited to partner with My Luxury Auctions and provide the best life has to offer.

    VIP Event and award show Tickets

    With an ambitious goal of becoming the world’s best online penny auction service for luxury products, offers people a chance to experience uncommon prestige.

    I asked Jason Mottley from My Luxury Auctions what was the driving force behind the company’s concept?

    A: “We realized there was an untapped market for a quality online venue which could hold high-end luxury auctions and most importantly – give back to the community through charitable donations.

    Of course everybody is familiar with eBay but is not built for the luxury market. A lot more finesse and care is required with selling luxury items or assets that can be valued sometimes into the tens of millions of dollars.”

    Auction sites like My Luxury Auctions provide numerous advantages over traditional auctions. Discover that many luxury items may be obtained at a fraction of their regular cost. By simply visiting, you’ll get an opportunity to bid and win a luxury product or vacation package for a whole lot less … literally pennies on the dollar.

    Jason Mottley was asked about the large amount of interest and media coverage My Luxury Auctions has received so far?

    A: “We’re not really surprised at all. We saw the need for such a niche. By creating this auction venue, we created a single place on the web to buy the best luxury products available. This levels the playing field the field by making luxury items within reach of almost anyone.

    What we’re most proud of is the winning auction bid becomes our Auction Donation Value. will donate this closing value of the auction price to one of five charities the winning bidder selects, including: American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Promise House and Loving My Neighbor.”

    To begin, the process is quite simple. All you’ll need to get started is purchase your credits in advance then start bidding on any luxury item you like. Access high-end luxury products and services at extremely low prices.

    tropical maui hawaii beach

    Looking for a memorable tropical vacation? There are currently several terrific luxury vacation getaways available including a 9 day trip to Hawaii for 4 people. Begin by visiting The Big Island and Maui, then end up on the capital island of Oahu. Looking for a romantic getaway for 2, then you’re in luck. Enjoy time on the lush, Garden Island of Kauai, the tranquility of Lanai, then finish up by experiencing the true Hawaiian culture on magical Molokai.

    If you have always wanted to own a luxury boat, then take a look at a 2009 Supra Sunsport 24V. This incredible red craft measures 24 feet long, and offers a 340 Hp engine. The boat holds up to 16 people and is loaded to ensure a fun-filled afternoon on the lake. If purchased new, this luxury boat would retail at around $80,000. Bid now and can you can end up winning it for just pennies on the dollar.

    Don’t worry about getting a sub-par trip. Each vacation package offered is booked using only first class travel and the best accommodations. In addition, the winner will also receive a pre-paid debit card valued at thousands of dollars of instant cash available to spend as you wish!  This offering is an unheard of value-added reward.

    Keep a look out for many other luxury products such as fine watches, jewelry, high fashion, vacation getaways, shopping experiences, and much more!

    You’ll receive A+ service throughout the auction process. One of their Destination Experts will help the winner customize their vacation experience.

    So what are you waiting for!  Please visit and start bidding!

    New Elite Attaché Program from Elite Aviation

    Elite Aviation jet
    Elite Aviation

    Elite Aviation is regarded as the premier global private jet company in thew world. The aviation company just announced a new Elite Attaché program.

    This luxury service is catered to discerning guests that simply want the world at their fingertips. The new program allows Elite Aviation’s clients to experience almost anything they can imagine.

    Elite Aviation is known for its industry-defining door-to-door client experience. Elite Attaché is a unique service and program offered only to Elite Aviation clients who seek the amazing.

    Elite Aviation, LLC is a woman-owned global premier private jet company “experience” with a diverse fleet of jets that can handle either short and long-range flights worldwide.

    Through Elite Attaché, clients are invited to join a world without compromise, where astonishing encounters are the norm and exceptional service is not only expected, but meticulously cultivated and executed. Whether clients desire understated elegance or over-the-top extravagance, Elite Aviation fulfills their every desire.

    The new Elite Attaché service clearly redefines the search for the extraordinary. Elite Aviation President and CEO Chris Holifield was quoted, “our Attaché personnel are the client’s confidential connection to the world’s most prestigious goods, services and events.”

    Elite Aviation CEO Chris Holifield
    Elite Aviation CEO Chris Holifield

    The Elite Aviation program was carefully developed utilizing one-on-one relationships and hand-selected the best-of-the-best in hotels, restaurants, travel, shopping and services, and paired their renowned service – with 24 hour, unparalleled personal attention – to create unique, ultra-personalized opportunities.

    Unforgettable Elite Attaché experiences can include:

    Entertainment: Be whisked away to the GRAMMYs®, Emmys®, the Oscars® or an exclusive movie premiere. Visit the set of your favorite TV show or upcoming movie. Party like a rock star with VIP access and/or table at the hottest night clubs.

    Dining: Let Elite Attaché arrange a hard to get reservation at award-winning restaurants at the last minute. From world-renowned epicurean delicacies or the best casual late night dining, to the most decadent desserts dusted with gold, rare treats, wine parings or even molecular gastronomy, Elite Attaché satisfies every taste bud.

    Adrenaline Rush and Relax: Take part in the incredible thrill and excitement of flying a Marchetti S260 in air-to-air combat or race an Indy-style car at 180 mph. Cap it off by unwinding in a tranquil oasis where you can pamper, unwind and decompress in the finest spas in the world. Want the best of both worlds in one day? Take a helicopter to an estate vineyard for tasting award-winning wines and then land on an opulent yacht in San Diego for a freshly caught meal.

    Fashion: Let Elite Attaché take you on a couture adventure through the streets of Beverly Hills, New York or Paris. Find impeccable designer styles, stunning one-of-a-kind flawless jewels, meticulous attention to detail and faultless personal service. Gain the utmost in privacy and shop in the luxury of beautifully appointed private salons of the most exclusive designer boutiques in the world.

    Elite Attaché is designed to fulfill any dream, worldwide. The Elite Aviation Experience puts the world at clients’ fingertips — whether it’s a power lunch or a one-of-a-kind encounter, Elite Attaché makes it happen.

    “Elite Attaché’s goal is to provide the luxurious haven that our clients so richly deserve. We aspire to perfection and look to surpass all expectations in order to provide an unmatched experience as well as ultimate satisfaction for even the most discerning guest,” continued Holifield. “It’s how we do it at Elite Aviation, and Elite Attaché sets a new standard for those with discriminating tastes.”

    For additional information on Elite Attaché and Elite Aviation, please visit

    Fractional Private Aircraft By Avantair

    Avantair - Piaggio P180 Ii

    In the luxury world of private air travel, comfort and convenience are no longer exclusive to just billionaires on G-5’s.

    If you want to travel in style, the consider the Ferrari of the sky – Avantair’s fractional private aircraft.

    This exclusive aircraft by Avantair – Piaggio P180 Avanti II – is engineered by a Ferrari-family majority-owned manufacturer and they provide the lowest fuel burn and carbon emissions in the entire industry.

    The private aircraft market continues to be strong and show resilience to current economic conditions. A recent report published by the research firm ARGUS showed that private aircraft flights in January 2010 increased by 5.3 percent over January 2009.

    Avantair’s aircraft combine both the speed and top-notch, first class service only dreamt of on today’s commercial flights, In addition, it’s at a price that allows access for many affluent flyers.

    For the affluent traveler, an Avantair aircraft features oversized leather seats in a stand-up cabin more commonly found in mid-sized aircraft.

    Avantair Piaggio Avanti plane interior

    One of the key drawbacks of other companies is limited availability. But Avantair planes can land at over 5,000 airports that most planes simply can’t access. The end result is getting travelers closer to where they need to go.

    Based in Clearwater, Florida – Avantair continues to take deliveries of new aircraft. The company expects to nearly double the size of its fleet in the next three years. Avantair currently manages a fleet of 55 aircraft and plans to add 52 more planes by the end of 2013.

    President and CEO of Piaggio America, John M Bingham stated, “We are delighted to partner with Avantair to provide an aircraft with an unrivalled, cost-effective solution for personal air travel. The Piaggio P180 Avanti II aircraft that Avantair flies enables the Company to carry its rapidly increasing number of customers in an enormously spacious and comfortable cabin.”

    Avantair’s fractional ownership provides all the advantages of owning an aircraft without the hassle of the costs or maintenance that go along with whole aircraft ownership.

    Don’t Have to Be Rich to Fly in a Private Jet – Just Ask JetSuite


    Think you can’t fly private if you make less than $250k a year?  YES, you can!

    Many people have the misconception that private jet travel is only for the rich and famous.  Private jet traveler often does become a benchmark for the wealthy, the it’s not always that black and white.

    Alex Wilcox is both the Founder and CEO of JetSuite, the nation’s fastest growing private jet company. Mr Wilcox has a goal of clearing up the misconceptions about flying private for those not well-versed in ‘Jetonomics’.

    Thanks to the unique pricing model and fleet of fuel-efficient jets, JetSuite affords consumers from all backgrounds and tax brackets the luxury of flying private.

    JetSuite offers service on its 4-passenger Phenom 100 jets for as little as $999 one-way, and even as low as $499 for the entire plane through its SuiteDeal of the Day Facebook program.

    JetSuite  is the first company to charter Phenom 100s in the western U.S and has often been called the “Southwest Airlines” of private jet charter travel.

    JetSuite – Phenom 100 Jet

    JetSuite’s fleet of Embraer Phenom 100 jets are the best, most fuel-efficient aircraft in their class with speeds up to 450 miles per hour, an operating altitude of up to 41,000 ft, a glamorous interior cabin designed by BMW and the largest baggage compartment in its category.

    Perhaps most importantly, JetSuite’s highest price point is at least 25% LESS than its competitors’ absolute lowest price.

    Alex Wilcox states, “At JetSuite, our goal has been and always will be to provide private jet travel at a price that is accessible and affordable to both current and future users of private aviation. We take pride in our unbeatable rates that make sense for people who value their money as much as their time.”

    Through its vision of making private jets more accessible, JetSuite has created 70 new jobs in its short 2 year history and is on track to double that number in the next 12 months.

    Hundreds if not thousands more jobs rely on the continued manufacture of JetSuite’s jets. Far more than 60% of the value of those is created in the United States. Aviation is one of the remaining industries that the US continues to dominate.