World’s Most Luxurious iPhone Collection – Golden Dreams

Golden Dreams luxury iPhone 4S
Golden Dreams

Swiss Company Golden Dreams, a Geneva-based luxury company just unveiled what is being called the world’s most luxurious iPhone collection.

This world’s most luxurious iPhone collection includes a masterpiece iPhone that’s studded with over 4,000 stunning diamonds.

The Golden Dreams phone collection offers a “premium luxury experience” that redefines exclusivity and presents the next level in indulgence and privilege.

In addition, the luxury collection of unique and exclusive iPhones includes gold and alligator leather covered model phones.

Alexandre Masson, Commercial Director of Golden Dreams stated, “Switzerland is renowned for its finesse and expertise in the Luxury industry. At Golden Dreams we successfully applied this traditional expertise used in making Swiss watches and jewelry to personalize iPhones and turn them into exquisite luxury creation.”

Inspired by the excellence of Swiss jewelers and watch-makers, the Golden Dreams’ iPhone collection consists of 3 models:

· The Desert Edition is embellished with carefully selected alligator leather. The precise work of the artisan reveals the perfection of the luxurious leather. The Desert Edition is available in a range of different colors to suit individual taste. Mr. Kendouci, the Artistic Director, said about the Desert Edition, “It is Luxury Leather craftsmanship in the palm of your hand.”

· The Gold Edition, with its sparkling mirror back, is covered with the finest of all metals. The back of the phone is polished to a degree that accords it a mirror-like reflection- A gold mirror and a phone combined. The model is available with 24ct-gold plating or with 120 grams of 18ct gold.

· The Golden Dreams Full Diamond Edition is the pinnacle of luxury. The “Sparkling Masterpiece,” with its 4,057 diamonds is carefully hand-set by a Swiss master craftsman. It is available in Gold, Rhodium or Black Chrome finish. Versions with blue sapphire, Rubies, black diamonds and emeralds can also be ordered.

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