Visit Nova Scotia With a Fantastic Bike + Hike Tour

The Nova Scotia province of Canada boasts endless natural beauty on the East Coast of this North American country. To visit Nova Scotia is a chance to explore this beautiful part of the world. From whale watching to spending time on its many lakes and long coastline, there are countless activities available. Make the most and enjoy all this beautiful area offers.

Ciclismo Classico specializes in developing and offering innovative, travel cycling itineraries. They have created a new travel program that will appeal to people you love the outdoors and fitness. The cycling and hiking tour is a great way to visit Nova Scotia and see the country. For cycling enthusiasts, it’s a dream come true. Per the company, the program is categorized as an intermediate cycling tour. Participants will average about 29 miles per day.

The new one-week “Nova Scotia Bike + Hike Tour” is filled with scenic bike rides and hiking. You’ll cycle and walk among marshland, gorgeous beaches, vineyards and small villages. You’ll have the experience of visiting many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and their rich history. Lauren Hefferon is founder of Ciclismo Classico and was quoted, “Quiet coastal roads, delicious local food, colorful fishing villages and fertile farmland combine to make Nova Scotia a hidden gem for cyclists. There’s no bonding experience like hitting the pavement or a well-maintained trail and digging into scallops, fresh lobster and other fresh seafood at the end of the day.”

Nova Scotia town

Below is a day by day itinerary of the new “Nova Scotia Bike + Hike Tour” by Ciclismo Classico:

Day 1 – Halifax to Lunenburg
Fly into Halifax airport and be picked up for a direct van transfer to charming Lunenburg, just an hour’s ride away from the Nova Scotia capital.

Day 2 – Lunenburg
Start off the day with a great loop ride. Golf, hiking, and kayaking all have a strong presence in this UNESCO World Heritage town. Nautical types will get a kick out of the maritime museum or a cruise on the famous Bluenose schooner.

Day 3 – Lunenburg
Delve deeper into more of the Lunenberg countryside on today’s exhilarating yet peaceful rolling loop ride. With stunning countryside and seaside views, Lunenburg is often lauded as the prettiest small town in Canada.

Day 4 – Wolfville
This Acadia university town is home to some of the region’s finest hiking, so we’d be remiss not to hop off the bike for a bit and stretch our legs on a short, easily manageable group hike. The vineyards and farms near Wolfville make for stunning scenery, whether you’re cycling or walking.

Day 5 – Wolfville/Grand Pre
Make sure you’ve put away a hearty breakfast, because our longest ride is here. You’ll pedal along flats, hills, and stunning coastal views as we make our way to the UNESCO World Heritage-designated Grand Pre.

Day 6 – Lunenburg
After we warm up on our way back to Lunenberg, you’ll have the chance to enjoy even more stunning scenery on a brief hike from Hirtles Beach to Gaff Point. The well-maintained, ocean-weathered trail will take you through forest before opening up to the pounding surf. We’ll ride back to Lunenberg, or a shuttle will be available for those who prefer to zip back to town.

Day 7 – Farewell
After breakfast, it’s time to bid adieu to the charming villages you’ve called home for the past six days and to all your new friends. Shuttle service to Halifax is available, or you can stay behind and explore Nova Scotia independently.

Nova Scotia is well known for its diverse wildlife from seals, whales and adorable puffins. You will enjoy terrific tasting food. Enjoy dining on local area cuisine and fabulous fresh seafood.

The trip is scheduled from September 19th to the 26th, 2016. Tour pricing begins at only $2,795 per person. If you would like to know more about this incredible VIP experience, please contact us today.

Make your plans to visit Nova Scotia. Out travel concierge specialists are available to help plan your dream vacation getaway. Come back again and follow this luxury blog. Hear about more luxury travel opportunities from around the world.

Photo: Ciclismo Classico