The Mirage Hotel and Casino – Volcanic Fun

The location of the The Mirage Hotel and Casino is perfect and within walking distance to a mall, restaurants and many other resorts.

Out front you are greeted by the erupting volcano and the throngs of people lined up to see the free show and inside you will encounter white tigers and sharks. This is still a Mirage in the desert only now it has taken a seat further back relative to the rest of the mega-resorts.

The Mirage set the tone for going large and is still the resort that set the standard for everyone to live up to. This is a high end resort with affordable restaurants, large casino and quality accommodations.

Checking in to the Mirage you encounter the massive salt water aquarium that lines the wall behind the clerks.

Take a look at the many species of fish that call the hotel lobby home. The buffet, “Cravings”, is one of the best in town and along with the Carnegie deli should easily help stash away some leftovers for late night snacking. Take a look at the Secret Garden and get up close and personal with the dolphins.

The Mirage still attracts a lot of people. However, restaurants like Kokomo do offer seating in a tropical setting where you can leave the crowd behind and enjoy the soothing sounds of paradise in the desert.

Another thing that might not be too favorable is the table limits on weekends, they tend to go through the roof and anything lower than $10 is non-existent.

Location: The Mirage Hotel and Casino
3400 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109