The Divine Collection from Martin Katz – Hand-Sculpted Jewelry

Martin Katz - Cognac ring
Martin Katz – Cognac ring “The Divine Collection”

Designer Martin Katz has introduced his latest fine jewelry collection, titled “The Divine Collection.”

Martin Katz has long been renowned for both exquisite taste and an unparalleled eye for sculpting beautiful stones into artistic creations.

Martin Katz’s The Divine Collection consists of elegant, hand-sculpted pieces evoke an impression of endless gems enhanced by unique concave settings, circular shapes and varying size diamonds laid in random patterns.

The fine jewelry collection encompasses a look that is whimsical and avant-garde and the technique used by Martin Katz creates a new perspective to large stone cocktail rings.

Designer Martin Katz stated, “I’ve always had a fascination with geometric shapes; however, the infinite nature of the circle stands out among the rest. The soft suggestive curves are symbolic of timeless beauty, divine in nature.”

Martin Katz - Green diamond earrings
Martin Katz – Green diamond earrings “The Divine Collection”

This gorgeous jewelry collection from Martin Katz will grew as new pieces are added this year. Initially the The Divine Collection includes the following pieces:

  • Sapphire Diamond Earrings are 27 MM set with 2 round cabochon blue sapphires weighing 9.35CTS and 484 diamonds weighing 6.48CTS.
  • Emerald Diamond Earrings are 22 MM set with 68 emeralds weighing 2.89 CTS and 266 diamonds weighing 1.92 CTS.
  • The Endless Diamond Earrings are 33 MM set with 1.84 and 1.80 round brilliant diamonds and 860 diamonds weighing 10.60 CTS.
  • The Multi-Diamond Ring is a 1.72 round brilliant diamond with 412 diamonds weighing 3.36 CTS.
  • The Divine Pendant has a 2.90 CT black rose cut diamond, a 1.30 CT black rose cut diamond, a 0.99 CT rose cut diamond and is micro set with 96 black and white diamonds weighing 0.82 CTS.
  • The Emerald Ring is 24 MM set with 34 emeralds weighing 1.66 CTS and 388 diamonds weighing 1.80 CTS
  • The Cognac Ring is a 4.21 round cognac diamond set with 470 diamonds weighing 4.24 CTS