Private Tennis Collection For Sale – One of the World’s Most Valuable

This is an opportunity to own a truly unique collection. Thomas Black has put his personal tennis collection – TSB Tennis – up for sale.

Thomas has been collecting tennis memorabilia for over two decades and you’d be hard pressed to locate anyone with more sporting antique knowledge than he does.

This special tennis collection consists of 147 unique tennis racquets, and includes two Thomas Tate racquets. Additional tennis pieces include racquets with fishtails, fantails and bantails. This collection surely tells a story of the development of the tennis racquet through history.

Thomas’ love of collecting began in golf, where he built a substantial collection of memorabilia before it was sold on by Christie’s at Pebble Beach, USA. Next he focused on the sport of tennis and his private tennis collection is completely unique in every sense.

There’s no doubt that the incredible level of quality runs through all of the items. Each hand picked by a man of true knowledge, vision and with an exceptional eye for detail.

It’s definitely one of the most valuable collections anywhere in the world, both in historical and financial terms. I doubt it will ever be matched again due to fact a collection of this size is so rare and the disposable nature of today’s tennis racquets.

Thomas Black was quoted, “In today’s world it would be impossible to accumulate a collection with so much depth and interesting original pieces. It is certainly a complete anthology of tennis.”

The TSB Tennis collection is made of tennis related art, racquets, metal figures, bronzes, some silver items and tennis presses. A number of racquets alone are individually estimated at over £10,000.

It will just as rare to see the collection as less than 30 people will see the TSB Tennis and only one will be able to own the unique and personal story it tells.

The Thomas Black tennis collection has been valued at over £400,000 but, as one of the largest and oldest collections in the world and with the current disposable tennis culture, this collection is priceless for any savvy buyer.