Enjoy Your Summer with a Tequila Don Julio Cocktail

Today is the 4th of July holiday in the U.S. and summer has arrived with warm weather around the world. If you are planning a backyard BBQ with friends and family or a large social gathering, be sure to serve delicious tasting cocktails.

A Tequila Don Julio cocktail is the perfect drink to serve. They are refreshing and perfect on a hot summer day. Many people tend to drink something familiar and don’t like to try something new. Well one sip of a Tequila Don Julio cocktail, and you’ll be saying “where have you been all my life?”

Every party should have a signature cocktail. Mix them with Tequila Don Julio and make your party guests ask for more.

We wanted to share 2 great tasting tequila cocktails. First is the “Julio & Daisy” and second is the “La Abejita.”


Julio & Daisy
– This cocktail was created by Dallas Mixologist – Christian Armando Guillén

1 1/4 oz Tequila Don Julio Blanco
1 oz Hibiscus and Passionfruit Infused Agave Syrup
3/4 oz Fresh Lime Juice
1 Dash Pepper Bitters
Orchid for Garnish

1) Combine Tequila Don Julio Blanco, hibiscus and passionfruit infused agave syrup, fresh lime juice and pepper bitters into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well.
2) Strain over fresh ice into a rocks glass.
3) Garnish with orchid.

Ideal Serve:
Rocks Glass


La Abejita
– This drink was created by Houston Mixologist – Omar Villavicencio

1 1/2 oz Tequila Don Julio Blanco
3/4 oz Fresh Lime Juice
3/4 oz Fresh Honey Syrup
1 Dash Lavender Bitters
Fresh Honey Comb for Garnish

1) Combine Tequila Don Julio Blanco, fresh lime juice, honey syrup and lavender bitters in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well.
2) Strain over fresh ice into a rocks glass.
3) Garnish with fresh piece of honey comb.

Ideal Serve:
Rocks Glass


Make your next party a great one. Serve up a great tasting Tequila Don Julio cocktail for all your guests to enjoy. Come back soon to read about more spirits and cocktail recipes on our luxury blog.

Photo: Tequila Don Julio

Enjoy Memorial Day with Delicious Cocktails from Sauza Tequila

Sauza Cucumber Margarita
Photo: Sauza Tequila

Today is Memorial Day, a popular U.S. holiday and there’s nothing more refreshing than sipping an ice cold margarita on a hot day at the beach, at a park or BBQ’g in your backyard.

Sauza Tequila has cretaed several cocktail recipes that are perfect! They are quick and easy to make so you can get back to enjoying time with friends and family a little faster.

Sauza recently launched a new ready-to-serve for those moments you need a cocktail on short notice. Sauza
Sparkling Margarita features a Sauza Tequila base along with triple sec and delicious flavors like Mango Peach and Wild Berry paired with effervescent bubbles, which makes for a truly unique cocktail tasting experience.

Enjoy these great tasting cocktail recipes from Sauza Tequila:


Sauza Cucumber Margarita
3Ž4 cup Sauza Blue Silver 100% Agave Tequila
2 parts JDK & Sons O3 Premium Orange Liqueur
1 medium Cucumber, peeled and sliced
6 parts Fresh Lime Juice
2 parts Simple Syrup

To Make: In a pint glass, muddle together sliced cucumber and Sauza® Blue
Tequila. Let sit in the refrigerator for one hour. Strain the cucumber
Tequila and combine with all ingredients in a pitcher. Stir and serve over
ice. Garnish with reserved cucumber slices and a wedge of lime. (serves 4)


Sauza Perfect Pear Margarita
8 parts Sauza Blue 100% Silver tequila
8 parts Water
8 parts Pear Juice
1 can Frozen Limeade

To Make: Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and serve over ice with or
without a sugared rim. (serves 9)


Frozen Cherry Lime Sauza®-Rita
1 can Sauza® Blue Silver 100% Agave Tequila
1 bottle Light Beer
1 bottle Cherry Soda
1 can Limeade
3 cups Ice

To Make:
Pour limeade, beer and cherry soda into blender filled with ice. Fill
limeade can with Sauza® Blue Silver Tequila and add to blender. Blend until
smooth and enjoy.


Below is a video of the famous Sauza lifeguard, who serves up his favorite summer libation, the Sauza Sparkling Margarita.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Sauza Sparkling Margarita

Sauza Margarita

This year, Cinco de Mayo will be on Sunday May 5th. Sauza® Tequila has you covered with a variety of cocktail ideas to make your Cinco de Mayo celebration a memorable one. Be sure to use Sauza Sparkling Margarita.

Consider starting your day off with a Sauza Sparkling Margarita at brunch, then try a delicious afternoon cocktail and sip on the Frozen Cherry Lime Sauza-Rita. For a great tasting drink to end your evening, enjoy the Honey Ginger Sauza-Rita.

Sauza Tequila is crafted at the renowned Sauza Distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. The agave plants are put into tequila production within 48 hours of being hand-picked, then milled and steeped prior to cooking in a process called “Fresh Pressed Agave,” resulting in the freshest, natural, crisp agave flavor.

Sauza Tequila just launched Sauza Sparkling Margarita, a refreshing new way to enjoy the authentic taste of a margarita with the unique addition of effervescent bubbles. Now available in three incredible flavors, including Original Lime, Mango Peach and Wild Berry, this fun, ready-to-serve cocktail truly captures the spirit of the traditional margarita paired with a unique twist of flavor.

Below are several great tasting cocktails to enjoy either on Cinco de Mayo or any other occasion.

Frozen Cherry Lime Sauza-Rita
1 can Sauza Blue Silver 100% Agave Tequila
1 bottle Light Beer
1 bottle Cherry Soda
1 can Limeade
3 cups Ice

To Make:
Pour limeade, beer and cherry soda into blender filled with ice. Fill limeade can with Sauza Blue Silver Tequila and add to blender. Blend until smooth and enjoy.


Honey Ginger Sauza-Rita
Serves: 9

1 12 oz. can frozen Lemonade
1 12 oz. bottle of Ginger Beer
12 oz. Sauza Blue 100% Agave Silver Tequila
1 can of water
3 tbsp. honey
2 tbsp. Salt

To Make:
Combine lemonade, ginger beer, Sauza Tequila, water and 1 tablespoon of honey in a pitcher filled with ice. Stir well to combine. Rim your cocktail glasses by dipping in remaining 2 tablespoons of honey and then running them through a plate of salt. Serve over ice with a lemon wheel.


Perfect for Cinco ­de Mayo, Sauza Tequila released their entertaining “Make It With a Lifeguard” video, which demonstrates out the Cherry Lime Sauza-rita. Enjoy!

Enjoy Tequila Don Julio 1942​ This New Year’s Eve

Tequila Don Julio 1942​
Don Julio

New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching and parties are planned all over the world. Leave all the stress in your daily lives and party like there is no tomorrow.

If you make plans to celebrate the New Year in your favorite, exclusive bar, then make sure they provide you and your party with “high-roller” Tequila Don Julio 1942 cocktails and bottle service.

Tequila Don Julio 1942 is an aged to perfection añejo tequila that is very popular with celebrities and makes the perfect drink to elevate your celebratory experience on this special occasion.

Are you staying home this New Year’s Eve? Then break out your cocktail shaker and mix up the following cocktail recipe to wow your guests. Either way, Tequila Don Julio 1942 is the perfect spirit to make you feel like a high roller this New Year’s Eve.

Try this great tasting cocktail with Tequila Don Julio 1942:

42 Minutes to Midnight

1 1/4 ounces Don Julio 1942
1/4 ounce Grand Marnier
1/2 ounce Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
1/4 ounce Simple Syrup
1/4 teaspoon of Chipotle Chili Powder
Sugar or Salt (to rim glass)
Lime Wedge for Garnish

1. Rim glass with sugar or salt to taste.
2. Combine Tequila Don Julio 1942, Grand Marnier, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and chipotle chili powder into a cocktail shaker.  Shake well.
3. Strain contents into a heavy rocks glass.
4. Garnish with lime wedge.

Ideal Serving Glass:
Heavy Rocks Glass

1 drink, no drink contains more than 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol

El Cartel Tequila with 23k Edible Gold Flakes

El Cartel tequila
El Cartel

El Cartel Tequila has quickly gained recognition as a major player in the very competitive liquor industry.

With an incredible taste, El Cartel Tequila has captured the attention of millions of tequila lovers, including celebrity sponsors such as Grammy award winner Daddy Yankee, and music juggernaut Jermaine Dupri.

El Cartel Tequila is a new line of luxury tequila that is quite unique. One of the bottles from their line of tequila features real 23k edible gold flakes!

Other brands that have offered that feature have fallen short because their gold sinks and needs constant shaking to keep the glittering effect. El Cartel has a patent and ownership over their own unique suspension matrix of gold. It cleverly features extraordinary tequila that has become the ultimate luxury spirit.

The creation of the next generation of luxury tequila was successfully accomplished by El Cartel founder Mark Scialdone.

There is no doubting the popularity of El Cartel Tequila. It’s a hit in clubs and bars across the U.S. and El Cartel has become favorites to such industry icons such as Samuel L. Jackson, LMFAO, Eddie Griffin, Jon Cryer, Lin Shaye, Xzibit, and Sean Kingston.

El Cartel has already made its Hollywood big screen appearance in the upcoming move MUCHO DINERO, which stars Danny Trejo, Eddie Griffin, and Casper Van Dien.

El Cartel has a major marketing effort underway with an aggressive goal of expanding into every club, bar, and hotel in the U.S. Watch for it soon as it won’t take long before this exciting new tequila brand will be on everyone’s mind.

Viva Mexico! – Celebrate Mexican National Day of Independence with Tequila

Tequila Partida
Tequila Partida

September 16 is the Mexican National Day of Independence. You’ll hear the phrases “Viva Mexico!” and ““Viva la independencia!” spoken all across Mexico to celebrate their holiday.

Mexican National Day of Independence is a very patriotic Mexican holiday or fiesta patria.

The country enjoys fireworks and festive foods such as pozole (a soup made of hominy and pork) in addition to celebratory drinks, including darker Reposado or Añejo Tequila styles which are shared by families and friends.

Mexico’s most popular type of Tequila on national holidays is the more expensive aged Reposado, not Blanco.

Tequila Partida is proud to be the world’s top-rated Tequila.

Here are several interesting facts about Reposado and Añejo Tequila – Viva Mexico!

– America’s leading spirits reviewer Paul Pacult has called Partida Reposado “the Bentley of Reposado

– Partida Reposado is aged six months in once-pass Jack Daniels American Oak. Partida Añejo is aged for eighteen months in once-pass Jack Daniels American Oak.

– Reposado Tequila features a unique woodsy flavoring that is ideal when served with beef-based, poultry and pork-type main dishes. An easy pairing of complementary flavors includes orange, cinnamon and honey.

– Aged Tequila styles such as Reposado and Añejo were originally created when producers made use of leftover red wine, brandy and rum casks that were shipped over for consumption by the Spanish aristocracy in the 1900s.

Celebrate National Tequila Day With Tequila Avión

Tequila Avión - Elevated Margarita
Tequila Avión – Elevated Margarita

July 24th is National Tequila Day and award-winning Tequila Avión wants to help you enjoy this summer day.

Tequila has long been a favorite for great tasting cocktails. This spirit continues to rise in popularity around the world. While vodka has declined, 100% agave tequilas are more chic than ever!

When one hears the word – tequila, you logically think of margaritas and shots. But now premium tequila has become the spirit to sip and mixologist’s choice spirit to use in delicious tasting cocktails.

Here are “5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Tequila” from Tequila Avión:
1. Blue weber agave plants only flower once, but when they do they are pollinated by bats
2. Tequila is made from agave which is actually a desert lily
3. The leaves of agave are so sharp that they are used as cutting instruments
4. Margaritas are the number one cocktail in the United States
5. The United States is the largest tequila consuming market (yes, even more than Mexico!)- almost half of which is women

Tequila Avión was a big winner at this year’s San Francisco World Spirits Challenge. They won Best White Spirit (beating all vodkas, gins, rums, and tequilas) plus Best Tequila. Sip and enjoy Tequila Avión Silver, Reposado and Añejo, or go with a classic and make an Elevated Margarita on this fine summer holiday!


Try this recipe for The Elevated Margarita
· 2 parts Tequila Avión Silver
· 1 parts Fresh Lime Juice
· ½ part Agave Nectar

Add all ingredients in shaker.  Shake and strain over fresh ice.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Tequila Partida

Tequila Partida
Tequila Partida

St. Patrick’s Day is this Saturday, March 17th. Do you really want to drink green beer all night? Of course not.

Celebrate this world famous Irish holiday with a sophisticated twist – Guinness plus Tequila, thanks to a delicious cocktail called the “Black Opal.”

Tequila Partida is an authentic, all-natural, Tequila made from 100% blue agave.

For many years, Partida has been commended by numerous media outlets, including The Spirit Journal (the country’s leading spirits review publication – which rated Partida Reposado “the best Tequila in the world” and one of the top five spirits in the world) along with Wine Enthusiast, The New York Times, Four Seasons Magazine and countless others.

Over the years, Partida has also earned itself a number of high-profile fans, such as Oprah Winfrey, Rosie O’Donnell, P. Diddy, Ludacris, Kate Hudson, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers and baseball star Xavier Nady.

Spirit industry celebs, including Paul Pacult, Eric Asimov, Nick Passmore, Robert Plotkin, Steve Olson and Julio Bermejo, have also praised Tequila Partida.

The recipe for the Black Opal is below:


1 1/2 oz Partida Reposado

1 1/2 oz Guinness Draft
1/2 oz Tawny Port
1/4 oz Agave Nectar (Cut with water. So the Agave Nectar is cut with equal parts water as we do with the Marg)
Dash of Angostura Bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled wine glass or small pint glass without ice. Garnish with some grated or ground cinnamon powder.

Guinness Note: Take a pint of Guinness before hand and use a bar spoon to stir it up for about 30 secs. This removes some of the Co2.

Recipe by Jacques Bezuidenhout

Purest Tequila Fit for a Celebrity: DeLeón Tequila

DeLeon Tequila bottles
DeLeon Tequila

This is not your typical tequila shots at a party.  At an average of $150-$250 per bottle, DeLeón Tequila lacks the harsh edge that tequila is typically known for.  It’s unlikely you’ll find a pale, hung partier regretting what little events he could recall, on the other side of this tequila.

Produced at a family-owned agave field and fabria in Purisima del Rincon, Guanajuato “The Purest of the Corner”, Mexico, the DeLeón Tequila is known for its sweeter, honey, citrus, and floral notes. The unique taste of DeLeón Tequila is due to the cultivation in the iron-rich soil of a mountainous region higher than 7,500 feet above sea level.

Since launching in 2009, DeLeón has become a staple for those seeking only the highest quality tequila. DeLeon Tequila has quickly become the new benchmark for superior quality and refined luxury within the tequila market.

Not only known for its taste among celebrities, its unique bottle and cap design illustrates the essence of DeLeón: sophistication with an edgy undertone.

Please view the DeLeon website at www.deleontequila.com

Bring in the New Year With Tequila Don Julio 1942

Tequila Don Juilo 1942

Tequila Don Juilo 1942

New Year’s is quickly approaching. As you plan for that big holiday party, do it in style. You want to toast with the very best, so go with Tequila Don Julio 1942.

Tequila Don Julio 1942 is an ultra-premium añejo tequila and is definitely a favorite of celebrities. Use Tequila Don Julio 1942 to make your ideal drink and truly elevate your cocktail experience on New Year’s or any special occasion.

If you are planning on being in classy Aspen, Colorado then enjoy their delicious cocktail that combines Tequila Don Julio 1942 with Mezcal. For your own party, then consider a wonderful 21st Century margarita named “Midnight Revelry.”

Midnight Revelry

1 1/4 ounces Tequila Don Julio 1942
1/4 ounce Grand Marnier®
1/2 ounce Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
1/4 ounce Simple Syrup
1/4 teaspoon of Chipotle Chili Powder
Sugar or salt to taste
Lime wedge for garnish

1. Combine Tequila Don Julio 1942, Grand Marnier, lime juice, simple syrup and chili powder into a cocktail shaker.
2. Shake well and strain into a rocks glass.
3. Rim glass with sugar or salt to taste.
4. Garnish with lime wedge.

Ideal Serving Glass:
Rocks Glass

1 drink

Tequila Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro

Tequila Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro
Tequila Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro

Tequila Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro is a new tequila being released by Tequila Don Julio.

Just in time for the upcoming holidays, the new Tequila Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro makes the perfect gift and has a suggested retail price of $70.

Tequila Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro  is the world’s first clear añejo tequila, and is proud to be a new innovation in the tequila category that filters Añejo tequila through a specialty process to restore the crisp agave flavor traditionally found in a Blanco.

The end result from Tequila Don Julio, is a tequila that combines the signature flavors of a Blanco with the complex notes of wild honey, vanilla and toasted oak typical of a smooth Añejo for a unique hybrid that is clear in color.

Tequila Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro was created to honor the 70th anniversary of the year founder Don Julio González began perfecting the art of making tequila. The rest is history.

This announcement from Tequila Don Julio is a significant one in the tequila category. Tequila Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro becomes the first new product Tequila Don Julio has released since 2002 with Tequila Don Julio 1942.

So for the ideal holiday gift or to use in upcoming parties, Tequila Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro is a strong, refined drink with the perfect tequila taste.