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Kiss of Venus locket
Courtesy of: Kim Kaufman Designs

Kim Kaufman has finally gone back to her artistic roots, and launched her first jewelry collection for spring.

Kaufman states, “I want to be the Fabergé of the locket world,” she says. The lockets out there, they’re very traditional-looking. This is about a piece of art that’s wearable.”

Her pendants do have an Old-World air, but they are also both bold, yet with a slight downtown vibe.  “You can easily wear them with a pair of jeans,” says Kaufman.

The locket keepsakes are crafted from a mix of rose, yellow and white gold and accented with precious stones.

Jewelry themes include Japanese cranes in flight, inspired by a carved box from the Edo period, and geometric patterns taken from a church floor in Venice.

Kaufman credits her father for her long-standing locket love and, specifically, an old Native American version — bought at a Florida flea market 20 years ago — that she inherited from him.

She is resurrecting a lost art of jewelry craftsmanship – so few lockets are produced any longer due to the amount of labor involved.

Retail pricing for this limited edition collection begin at $65,000.

Later this year in November, Kaufman will launch a second line of smaller 18-karat yellow gold lockets, priced from $18,000 to $22,000 at retail.

Sarah McLachlan just recently finished her New York City PR tour promoting her new album, “Laws of Illusion” and this summer’s Lilith Fair. McLachlan wore Kim Kaufman’s Kiss of Venus locket during her entire tour.

You can see Sarah McLachlan wearing the locket at the Wall Street Journal (video near bottom of article):

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