Tradition Breguet 7047 Tourbillon Fusee, Rose Gold Watch

Tradition Breguet 7047 Tourbillon Fusee watch

Breguet has become such an intrinsic part of not only European culture, but the worldwide luxury watch industry. Breguet’s emblematic “Tradition” collection is being enriched this year with an original model in 18-carat rose gold.

This “Grande Complication” timepiece features a tourbillon, fusee and chain transmission, and a Breguet balance spring in silicon, joins the existing models in yellow gold and platinum. Inspired by the legendary souscription watches created by A.-L. Breguet, this objet d’art symbolizes both a return to roots and a resolutely forward-looking brand vision.

The Tradition Breguet 7047 Tourbillon Fusee luxury watch’s pure, modern aesthetic sets the stage for the tourbillon and the fusee and chain transmission located on the upper part of the mainplate. This sculptural piece highlights the contrast and relief effects, giving vibrant life to each component. These technical accomplishments symbolising Breguet’s horological excellence are duly protected by four patents.

Back in 2006, Breguet presented the first watches with silicon balance spring and escapement. The flat silicon balance springs, made using a raised terminal curve, also known as a “Breguet overcoil”, were recognised as an authentic feat by the watch industry. The rose gold re-edition of the “Tradition 7047PT” also features a silicon Breguet balance spring, as well as a new black galvanic-coated and engine-turned 18-carat gold dial.

This highly technical new rose gold model is a source of legitimate pride for the Manufacture Breguet, which remains firmly in the vanguard of research and development. Not content with merely inventing, it also displays the ability of the House to combine technological innovation with aesthetic appeal.

Tradition Breguet 7047 Tourbillon Fusee, Rose Gold Watch Features:

– Case in 18-carat rose gold with a finely fluted caseband. Sapphire crystal back. Diameter 41 mm. Rounded lugs welded to the case, screw-secured spring-bars. Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 m).

– Dial in black-coated engine-turned 18-carat gold, off-centred at 7 o’clock. Individually numbered and signed Breguet. Chapter ring with Roman numerals. 60-second tourbillon at 1 o’clock. Polished steel “moon” tip Breguet hands.

– Movement mechanical hand-wound with tourbillon, anthracite coating. Numbered and signed Breguet. Cal. 569. 16 lignes. 43 jewels. 50-hour power reserve with power-reserve indication on the barrel drum. Constant torque ensured throughout the running of the watch thanks to the fusee and chain transmission. Titanium upper bridge of the tourbillon carriage Breguet type tourbillon bar. Straight-line Swiss lever escapement. Breguet titanium balance with four gold adjustment screws. Breguet silicon balance spring, 2.5 Hz. Adjusted in 6 positions. Alligator leather strap.

New Luminous Jewelry Line from Elyria Jewels

Elyria Jewels - Rumi jewelry collection
Elyria Jewels

Elyria Jewels has introduced its new luminous line of jewelry – the Rumi collection.  This luxury jewelry line features a sophisticated choker of Chinese freshwater pearls and a center topaz crystal, and dazzling earrings made of raw sliced diamonds, blue moonstones and dramatic faceted quartz.

Created to inspire beauty and love in all, the Rumi collection is perfect for both the chic woman about town and the modern bride.

Elyria Jewels was founded by Elisa Browsh and the fine jewelry company is well known for its elegant and fashion-forward jewelry collections.

Elisa Browsh has specialized in supplying Tahitian pearls to some of the country’s most renowned jewelry designers for over a decade. Balancing industrial chic with a luxurious, bohemian aesthetic, Browsh incorporates her beloved pearls and a wide variety of precious stones into sophisticated silver and gold jewelry.

Her work is inspired by influences as diverse as street art and Cartier haute joaillerie.

For additional information, please visit: http://www.elyriajewels.com/

Murano, Italy – Luxury Glass Jewelry

Murano Italy - Glass jewelry ring

Jewelry is an incredibly subtle accent for any ensemble. What you choose to wear and how dramatically effect the way you see yourself and the way that others see you. A special piece of jewelry can either make or break your outfit. It can add the precise accent you need to compliment your attire. Your jewelry is timeless.

The timelessness of jewelry perfectly defines the very character of Murano glass jewelry. Its color, detail, designs and uniqueness surpasses the dictation of fashion trends. In a list where diamonds, emerald, and gold is included; there surely is a fine Murano glass jewelry to complete the list with.

Murano glass is more popularly known for its high-end glassware, which never fails to leave an impression of fine artistry and craftsmanship.

Murano glass was originally used to make chandeliers, wine goblets, which is why jewelries made from such material is not yet popular. However, it gives the sparkle and luminosity that it gives to exquisite glassware to its glass jewelries.

Very few people are familiar with Murano glass jewelry. All these people are drawn to its sophistication and uniquely beautiful colors and design. Hence, every piece of such jewelry will surely make a fine addition to any jewelry or accessory collection.

Murano glass is actually made using raw materials such as flux or melting agents, sodium oxide, sodium, nitrate and arsenic. It is blown at low temperatures, using the flux and other melting agents. The sodium oxide content of the glass mixture then determines how fast or how slow the glass solidifies; the more sodium oxide content the slower the glass solidifies. In the creation of the glass, nitrate and arsenic may be added to the glass mixture to make the glass surface opaque and to eliminate bubbles.

Coloring and opacifying substances are commonly used particularly in materials used for making special pieces of Murano glass jewelry such as beads and pendants. Also, the glass is specifically hand made and blown by an artisan. That explains for its uniqueness and high regards for craftsmanship. Add up the details such as enamel painting, engraving and submersion that artisans bring to every piece of jewelry and a beautiful piece of jewelry comes to life.

The colors, technique of creation and design of each piece of this jewelry created from Murano glass redefines what delicate and exquisite in jewelry is. It simply recreates the awe-effect that diamonds normally posses. On the other hand, simpler yet chic designs of Murano glass necklaces, rings and bracelets also goes well with everyday wear. Hence, the look of these glass jewelries brings style versatility and wearability under its fine list of features.

Murano glass jewelry is slowly reaching its pinnacle of production. So many designers and celebrities have grown fond to the distinct, exclusive, bracelets, pendants, rings and necklaces. See for yourself, and add a touch of elegance to your life with a noteworthy piece of Murano glass jewelry.

Author: Patty J. Matherson is a jewelry lover with an expertise in Venetian Glass Jewelry. If you would like to see a bold collection of Murano Glass Necklaces she invites you to visit Hilary Londons site.

Luxury Watches, More Than Just A Time Piece

luxury timepiece watches - Rolex, Cartier

When you buy a high-end watch, you’re buying more than an expensive adornment — you’re investing in a lifetime relationship with the brand. Your watch is more than just a timekeeper –  it’s a symbol of your personality. It sends out a message about your characteristics and taste.

Besides making a style statement, owning and wearing a timepiece also states a quality that you identify with — a quality that is you. Exclusive brands such as Ulysse Nardin, Leon Hatot, Breguet, Raymond Weil, Jaquet Droz, Piaget, Cartier, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe are not just beautiful ads in glossy magazines anymore; they can easily become a part of your collection.

A growing number of high net-worth individuals and a market for luxury goods make India a promising market for global brands. A number of high-end brands have entered the market.

You don’t have to import a Rolex or a Cartier anymore. Though that fancy watch is more accessible, it also makes the choice more difficult. Whether you’d like mechanical movement or quartz, a sports watch or an elegant piece of jewellery, the perpetual calendar or the chronograph — the choice is huge.

No matter what you choose, each watch makes a statement. Jai Ruparel, a Mumbai-based banker, owns an Omega Seamaster and believes it reflects his enthusiasm for sports. Many people prefer a pre-owned luxury watch. A pre owned Rolex watch makes a perfect choice for many watch collectors.

“I think a watch says a lot about the person wearing it. A guy wearing a good watch is someone who knows what he wants,” he says. For men, it’s more than a watch — it’s one of the few pieces of jewellery they wear. For women, it adds elegance and style to the sari and the stylish black dress.

Debra Wilson believes that her Longines watch reflects her personal taste and adds glamour to evening wear. “You have to have taste to pick out a smart, classy watch,” she says.

“It’s important because what you wear — your clothes, your tie and your watch — matter at business meetings and events.” Instead of bulking up on diamonds, try a subtle diamond-studded watch for a party.

If you’re wondering why you should invest in an expensive watch just to make a statement, it’s because these timepieces don’t just make a point. The value of a high-end watch only increases with time.

Though most brands launch new collections every season, old timepieces have heritage status. “Some of our watches have been passed on six times over to generations,” says Laurent Michaud, country manager, far-east, Ulysse Nardin.

In other words, these timepieces are masterpieces that are also collectors’ items and are an investment. Though fashionable, these timepieces are not dictated by fashion or season.

It’s almost like investing in jewellery — and in some cases, timepieces can be more expensive than jewellery. Franck Muller, Chopard, Tag Heuer, Baume & Mercier, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Jaquet Droz, Breguet and Piaget are in a class of their own.

“A Rolex,” says Viraal Rajan of the watch boutique, Time Avenue, “is the Mercedes Benz of watches. The prestige and value attached to a Rolex are incomparable.” The Rolex, like most high-end mechanical watches, can last for over 25 years without any need for repair.

Even if you did have a problem with the watch, having it serviced is a pleasure. Once you’re a part of the brand, you’re treated like a member of the family.

“Those who patronise Mont Blanc are special to us, and once they buy a Mont Blanc, they are automatically welcomed as a member of our family worldwide,” says Anna Bredemeyer, spokesperson for Mont Blanc.

And once your name appears in the database of an exclusive brand, you can get your timepiece serviced every few years at any authorized service center of the brand, anywhere in the world.

Being attached to a brand and passing on the legacy of that luxury watch is far more prestigious than just showing off your timepiece.

The Divine Collection from Martin Katz – Hand-Sculpted Jewelry

Martin Katz - Cognac ring
Martin Katz – Cognac ring “The Divine Collection”

Designer Martin Katz has introduced his latest fine jewelry collection, titled “The Divine Collection.”

Martin Katz has long been renowned for both exquisite taste and an unparalleled eye for sculpting beautiful stones into artistic creations.

Martin Katz’s The Divine Collection consists of elegant, hand-sculpted pieces evoke an impression of endless gems enhanced by unique concave settings, circular shapes and varying size diamonds laid in random patterns.

The fine jewelry collection encompasses a look that is whimsical and avant-garde and the technique used by Martin Katz creates a new perspective to large stone cocktail rings.

Designer Martin Katz stated, “I’ve always had a fascination with geometric shapes; however, the infinite nature of the circle stands out among the rest. The soft suggestive curves are symbolic of timeless beauty, divine in nature.”

Martin Katz - Green diamond earrings
Martin Katz – Green diamond earrings “The Divine Collection”

This gorgeous jewelry collection from Martin Katz will grew as new pieces are added this year. Initially the The Divine Collection includes the following pieces:

  • Sapphire Diamond Earrings are 27 MM set with 2 round cabochon blue sapphires weighing 9.35CTS and 484 diamonds weighing 6.48CTS.
  • Emerald Diamond Earrings are 22 MM set with 68 emeralds weighing 2.89 CTS and 266 diamonds weighing 1.92 CTS.
  • The Endless Diamond Earrings are 33 MM set with 1.84 and 1.80 round brilliant diamonds and 860 diamonds weighing 10.60 CTS.
  • The Multi-Diamond Ring is a 1.72 round brilliant diamond with 412 diamonds weighing 3.36 CTS.
  • The Divine Pendant has a 2.90 CT black rose cut diamond, a 1.30 CT black rose cut diamond, a 0.99 CT rose cut diamond and is micro set with 96 black and white diamonds weighing 0.82 CTS.
  • The Emerald Ring is 24 MM set with 34 emeralds weighing 1.66 CTS and 388 diamonds weighing 1.80 CTS
  • The Cognac Ring is a 4.21 round cognac diamond set with 470 diamonds weighing 4.24 CTS

Monaco Gold Bangle by LuShae Jewelry

Monaco Gold Bangle bracelet - LuShae Jewelry
Monaco Gold Bangle bracelet – LuShae Jewelry

For many years, jewelry has played a significant part in any woman’s fashion offering.

While initially being more an addition to a woman’s outfit, today jewelry is an integral component of both style and fashion for a woman.

Finding that tight piece of fashionable jewelry can often be a challenge. For an elegant looking piece of jewelry that will definitely light up a room, consider the Monaco Gold Bangle by LuShae Jewelry.

The luxurious looking Monaco Gold Bangle makes a fashion statement. The first impression of the bracelet is the remarkable shine as light reflects off this beautiful piece from all angles.

The Monaco Gold Bangle features a 14k gold bonded finish, which is a result of a unique electroplating process of repeated coats of heavy layers of 18k Yellow Gold and color-treated to produce a perfect 14k Hamilton gold color.

Despite its contemporary and elegant look, the Monaco Gold Bangle is surprisingly, reasonable priced for everyone

LuShae jewelry has been in business since 1999, offering a complete range of authentic sterling silver jewelry. In addition, they feature a wide range of precious and semi precious gemstones.

To view the Monaco Gold Bangle and all the fashionable jewelry at LuShae Jewelry, please visit: http://www.jewelryartdesigns.com/

Braille Inspired Jewelry by Gemvara

Gemvara - Braille Sterling silver ring withruby
Photo: Gemvara

A growing trend in the fashion industry is catering to people who are blind or visually impaired.

By wearing braille jewelry, it provides a unique means to communicate one’s message or feelings.

Gemvara.com has recently launched several new jewelry pieces that include Braille messaging.

Although a few lower-end jewelry makers and other online jewelry companies also offer braille inspired jewelry, Gemvara.com is a high-end, custom jewelry design website and has incorporated Braille into their high-end designs that provide its jewelry wearers a “hidden message” of sorts.

This new jewelry line from Gemvara offers several wonderful designs with Braille.

If you don’t see something you perfectly like, no problem.  Gemvara is totally customizable.

You can request your perfect creation by combining the designs in another precious metal or gemstone combination.

To view the Gemvara braille jewelry collection, please visit – www.gemvara.com

Repossi ERE Pink Sapphire Ring

Repossi ERE Pink Saphire Ring
Photo: Savoir-Faire.com

If you are looking for a fashion knock-out punch, then the Repossi ERE Sapphire Ring should be your choice.

This stunningly beautiful ring is named the Ere Ring by Repossi, and comes in black gold with brilliant pink sapphires.

Capturing the baroque of the Russian Tsars in a blend of religious and secular references the Ere collection offers a confident and eclectic style.

The black gold of this piece gives it an almost granite look.

This amazing ring can be purchased at Savoir-Faire.com and is also one of Princess Kasia’s “Kasia’s Picks“

Harry Winston’s Red Carpet Collection – It’s Oscar Time

Take an inside look at Harry Winston, jeweler to the stars, and the dazzling looks for Hollywood’s Biggest Night – The Oscars.

Among the silver screen and all its stars, when it comes to true Hollywood glamour and scintillating style – nothing sparkles like a Harry Winston diamond. Harry Winston, the legendary Jeweler to the Stars, unveils its Red Carpet Trends for the 81st annual Academy Awards.

When the red carpet is laid out and the flashbulbs flutter, look for this year’s accessories trends to be inspired by the exotic beauty of India, bold colored gemstones, and statement diamonds that echo pure Hollywood glamour.

Capturing the iconic style that has defined Harry Winston for nearly a century, each exquisite piece of jewelry celebrates the beauty of the diamonds, as well as the beauty of the accomplished actresses who wear them.

Harry Winston has a long tradition of outfitting Oscar-nominated actresses, beginning in the 1940’s with actress Jennifer Jones.

Celebrating six decades of celebrity style, The House of Harry Winston remains an integral part of Hollywood’s glamorous history, dressing leading ladies such as Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Halle Barry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Renee Zellweger, Diane Lane, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, and Salma Hayek.

View more details and videos by Clicking Here

The Latest Trends By Men’s Jewelry Designers

David Beckham - Men's Fashion Jewelry

Long gone are the days when the passion for jewelry rested with women alone.

Nowadays, men are becoming as enamored with jewelry and accessories as they are with cars, hi-tech gadgets and gizmos.

Jewelry designers have finally woken up to this fact and are now offering exclusive and extensive men’s range of jewelry, ranging right from diamond-studded watches to bracelets, chains and pendants. In this section, we take a look on the latest developments in this trend along with the major newsmakers in this aspect.

The Beckham Story :

Speaking of men’s jewelry, soccer star David Beckham created quite a stir when he displayed a dazzling collection of men’s jewelry at his famous pre-World Cup party. England’s Ashley Cole, who arrived wearing only jewelry and no shirt under his dinner jacket, assisted him in his efforts.

This was further followed by a charity auction wherein Beckham showcased his exquisite diamond encrusted watch, created by Jacob Arabo. In addition, Beckham was also perhaps the first man to publicly wear two diamond earrings, placing men’s’ jewelry fashion firmly on the front stage and marking the onset of an amazing trend.

The New Scenario :

Jewelry is no longer the domain of women only. Men have largely come to accept and recognize jewelry a symbol of class and style. Urban men, who like to appear trendy, are also taking to the ornaments to add a hip look to their appearances. The exclusive men’s’ jewelry showrooms have mushroomed in the last few years, catering to the growing need of the contemporary generation.

This trend is further accentuated by the portrayal of men supporting flashy pieces of jewelry in cinema. From the mafia kings carrying extravagant neckpieces, to the young lover wearing a kinky bracelet gifted by his fianc, men across all channels are being quick enough to adopt the trend.

In addition, where earlier gold was almost the only choice, nowadays platinum, diamonds and even stones rule the rooster. The likes of exclusive platinum or combination of metals, diamond encrusted rings and earrings dominate the scene, though smaller trinkets also appear in the picture. The entire trend gives enough reason to the jewelry and fashion industry to invest substantive resources in the men’s jewelry lines.

By the look of it, in a few years time, it is quite possible that men’s jewelry will be available to suit all types of budgets and tastes, not just remaining as the exclusive domain of the rich and famous.

Through the Years With Tiffany Luxury Jewelry

Tiffany Jewelry

Tiffany and Co. Jewelers was founded upon the idea of providing high end goods to people of discerning taste who demanded luxury and quality in the products that they purchased.

Tiffany’s products, which include things like beautiful diamonds, silver jewelry, handcrafted silver gifts, tableware and other fine goods continues to attract modern customers, just as they have done since the days Tiffany and Co opened its doors.

Charles Lewis Tiffany – The King of Diamonds

Charles Lewis Tiffany, nicknamed “The King of Diamonds” and business partner John B. Young set up shop in the first Tiffany & Young store in 1837. The famous store, located in New York City on Broadway, the store was original created to be stationary store. Tiffany took over the store, renaming it Tiffany and Co and moved the business towards the high end products with which it is associated today.

Silver Goods and Jewelry

The beautiful silver jewelry pieces from the early days of Tiffany are so classic in their craftmanship and design that many of the original pieces are still sold in some form today. Antique Tiffany pieces that are still in that famous, original light blue boxes can fetch huge money at estate sales and online auctions. The light blue color packaging continues to be the calling card symbol of jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

Some of the goods and products that could be purchased at Tiffany & Co. early in the company’s career include many different silver jewelry pieces, monogrammed sets for dressers, presentation bowls, silver cups and saucers designed for children, silver trays for business cards, men’s dressing sets and silver game pieces. One especially popular item from the late 1800s was the souvenir spoons made Tiffany & Co. and copied by many other manufacturers.

Tiffany Jewelry And Tiffany Lampshades

In 1902, the Tiffany Art Jewelry portion of the store was opened as a means for displaying the jewelry and enamel craftwork of Louis Comfort Tiffany, heir to the Tiffany throne. Louis Tiffany was also the brains behind some of the most famous Tiffany styles, including Tiffany stained glass lampshades. In 1940, Tiffany and Co moved from Broadway to its world famous modern location at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan.

The name Tiffany & Co. is associated with timeless and classic luxury items. Today, much of Tiffany’s business comes through catalog and Internet based sales, which have helped spread the Tiffany brand name around the world and made the dream of owning a piece of Tiffany jewelry realizable no matter where you live.

Author: Ernst Ralborg