Rihanna Chopard Collections – Trendy Luxury Jewelry

If you are looking for the next hot jewelry collection, stop searching and start reading. Superstar Rihanna has partnered with luxury jewelry brand Chopard to introduce Rihanna Chopard Collections.

The collaboration brings one of the top musical performers in the world with a leading, Swiss luxury jewelry brand. The upcoming product launch is scheduled for next month in May, 2017. There is not one, but actually 2 new joaillerie lines that are being designed.

The timing of the luxury Rihanna Chopard Collections jewelry line is significant. First it coincides with the 70th anniversary of the most spectacular red carpet in the world – the Festival de Cannes. In addition, the product launch will celebrate 20th year that Chopard has been the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival.

When asked about involvement in the new Rihanna Chopard Collections, Rihanna responded, “I have always been in love with Chopard’s exquisite jewelry, so to actually design collections with them is something I still can’t believe. It was a really incredible process and I learned so much! I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Rihanna Chopard Collection - jewelry

Rihanna is known for her top music hits, but also for her cutting edge fashion statements. The two collections are named the Haute Joaillerie and Joaillerie collections. They will represent a blending of classic glamour and urban chic. It will be a 9-piece capsule collection. Choose from icy polished or diamond set gold cubes.

The collaboration between Rihanna and Chopard Co-President and Creative Director, Caroline Scheufele was very strong. Caroline was quoted, “Rihanna and I collaborated closely on the collections so you can feel her unstoppable energy, strong creativity, and inherent sense of design in every piece. With her unique style, she redefines the way people see and wear jewelry.” The result is a simply, stunning jewelry collection.

The partnership between Chopard and Rihanna is not new. In fact, it’s been a strong bond over the last several years. She has been wearing luxurious jewelry from Chopard on the the world’s top red carpet events. You likely noticed a pre-launch piece while watching this year’s Grammy Awards. Rihanna proudly wore a one-of-a-kind pair of floral inspired multi-colored chandelier earrings, in addition to a stunning marquise-cut diamond solitaire ring.

The jewelry collection was inspired by Rihanna’s roots in Barbados. From the lush, tropical gardens and the exciting of Carnival …. the Rihanna Chopard Collections were born.

In addition, if you take a look the March 2017 cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Rihanna looked gorgeous in a pair of transformable diamond earrings.

Fashionistas from around the world can’t wait for official launch next month and buying pieces from this spectacular jewelry collection. The design includes minimalist geometry, plus sharp, clean lines.

The product line’s Jungle Green color was personally chosen by Rihanna. The linear rectangular motifs combine solid ceramic blocks along with frosty rose gold cubes. The pieces are made with beautiful 18ct rose ethical gold certified Fairmined.

As previously mentioned, pieces will be available starting in June. Take advantage of pre-orders online by going to –
www.chopard.com/us/rihanna-loves-chopard/ Also, shop any of the world’s Chopard boutiques beginning on Friday, April 7th, 2017.

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Photo: Chopard

Sensational Blue Diamond Ring – “The Jane Seymour”

Blue diamonds are an extremely rare gemstone. Reading about auctions or sales of an expensive blue diamond ring have become big news in the jewelry industry. Now you have a chance to own one yourself. This spectacular diamond – “The Jane Seymour” – is named after legendary British and American actress Jane Seymour OBE.

You may be wondering what the OBE stands for after Seymour’s name. Jane was awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of British Empire) in 1999 for her career work in drama. She was quite honored to have this beautiful blue diamond named after her. It’s a 2.08 carat, fancy vivid blue diamond ring in platinum, from the World Of Diamonds Group.

Blue diamonds bring big prices at auctions. There was a 10.10 carat diamond rock named the De Beers Millennium Jewel 4. This oval-shaped, fancy vivid blue diamond sold for $31.8 million to become the the most expensive gemstone ever sold at an Asia auction. In November, the 12.03 carat “Blue Moon” diamond was sold in a Sotheby’s auction to a billionaire from Hong Kong. The prices was a staggering $48.4 million. Just last month in Geneva, Switzerland, “The Oppenheimer Blue” was sold for a whopping $57.5 million. Held at a Christie’s auction, it became the most expensive diamond ever sold at an auction.

The Jane Seymour blue diamond ring

Jane wore the gorgeous ring at a formal dinner event at CÉ LA VI Singapore. The diamond ring represents the movie industry celebrity, who has won an Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. Seymour also has a star on the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame in California. The ring was the ideal complement to the elegant blue dress that she wore.

The ring was made from platinum, which is one of the premier metals in the world. The skilled craftsmen from World Of Diamonds Group in Geneva, Switzerland expertly created the ring’s flower motifs and perfect symmetry. The Jane Seymour ring was signed “W.O.D. Genève” and hallmarked “PT950.”

The Jane Seymour blue diamond ring

Jane Seymour is starring in a production by British Theatre Playhouse, titled “The Vortex” by Noel Coward. The play will be performed at Jubilee Hall Theatre inside Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

Karan Tilani (photo below) is the director of World Of Diamonds Group in Asia and was quoted, “The invitation to behold this creation would rather you not compare The Jane Seymour to anything else in the high jewelry world. It is a celebratory treat, more comparable to a mega-yacht or a ticket to the moon.”

The Jane Seymour blue diamond ring

Many people don’t realize the final gemstone is so much different than the one found underground. This particular one was not symmetrical in its rough state. But with almost a year of careful work by the world’s finest artisans, the rough diamond was cut into the elegant looking, cushion-cut diamond that exists today.

“The Jane Seymour” blue diamond ring is now available for sale. This fine jewelry piece will be presented in a stylish, handcrafted leather “treasure chest.”

If you are interested in learning more about the spectacular blue diamond ring, please contact us today. We have connections around the world covering the gemstone industry. Return again soon to follow our popular luxury blog. We enjoy sharing incredible luxury jewelry stories with our loyal readers.

Photo: World Of Diamonds Group

Fascinating Interview With Carlos A. Rosillo, Founder of Bell & Ross

Carlos A. Rosillo, is founder of the internationally acclaimed French watch company, Bell & Ross. The company has made a huge impact on the competitive, luxury watch industry since it first began over 20 years ago.

Bell & Ross is a French watch company founded in 1992. Words that define the Bell & Ross brand are: efficiency, legibility, and reliability. They had a goal of establishing a strong luxury watch brand and offer a luxury timepiece with an efficient chronometer, to meet the desired needs of the industry’s most demanding aviation user.

We wanted to get a first hand perspective from Mr. Rosillo’s thoughts about the luxury watch industry plus insight into the Bell & Ross approach to watch design, engineering and marketing.

Could you give our readers a brief summary of how you view the Bell and Ross brand today?

We created extremely precised collections that immediately categorized us as a “niche brand”! But I do not dislike this image, in a way, it describes us as a brand that “knows what it wants”, which has a clear objective, who presents a solid collection, and that is for customers that have personality.

The watch company was founded back in 1992. As you look back on your first twenty years with Bell and Ross, what have been the most significant developments?
The difficulty was the upkeep of this specificity, in its development in time, facing competitors that weren’t staying still. We had to conciliate a permanent renewing and the creation of a real collection that remains faithful to our direction.

How did you get involved with watches? Where did the interest come from?
It was a long-time dream project that I conceived with my childhood friend and associate: Bruno Belamich. We both shared a common passion for the watch industry, and a common goal to create utilitarian watches suitable for professional use adhering to strict military specifications where function takes precedence over design. In 1992, the big jump. Bell&Ross’ adventure was started…

What does Bell and Ross want to achieve in the next twenty years?
We are positioning on the professional and technical watches segment where our iconic and timeless Instrument model is ranked as the key model. Our goal for the next years will consist in staying the course and maintaining the brand’s fundamentals while innovating constantly.

Of All The Models You Currently Make, What Is The Watch That You Think Welcomes Customers Into The Brand The Best?
Our iconic timepiece: the BR01 Carbon or the simple idea to turn a cockpit instrument panel clock into a wrist watch. It takes its inspiration from the aeronautic instrumentation, an absolute reference as far as readibility, reliability and performance are concerned.

What Percentage Of Thought Goes Into Movement Conceptualization Versus Pure Aesthetics?
For the basic models we aim to maintain a good balance between quality and price.  As for the high end pieces, for which we do not have no price or material constraints, we can really create our own work of art, by developing our own specific movements thanks to collaborations with the best watchmakers. Our last collections are the proof of this trend as we use mechanisms either developed in cooperation with the best watchmakers like we did for our Tourbillon models or the Jumping Hour, either working with prestigious suppliers like Dubois Depraz or La Joux-Perret.

However, we develop our creations based on a key principle: “Every detail has its own meaning and function.” To design and manufacture watches, the designer adheres to precise specifications, focusing above all on the needs and requirements of professional users. Functionality is key, and minimalism is vital. Our motto is that the essential is never compromised by the superfluous. All our watches are therefore designed according to four fundamental principles necessary for the completion of missions under extreme conditions: legibility, functionality, precision and water-resistance.

Steve Jobs Once Said “I’ve Never Used A Focus Group, I’ve Never Used a Consultant to Design a Product,” Are Things Done The Same Way At Bell and Ross? Who Is In Mind When A New Piece Is Conceived?
Everytime we design a watch we try to think of the professional that will be using the instrument and start from there. We do not proceed with a market analysis.

Bruno Belamich’s role is to think of the collections every year. He dedicates part of his day thinking about what we want to do next in terms of design. As the Creative director of Bell & Ross, he is totally involved on all aspects of the Creative process of each timepiece. But we work as a team and this is what I call the combination of expertise. We use the combined skills and know-how of master watchmakers, engineers, professional users and designers in order to refine each watch design into something exceptional.

The Aviation collection is our favorite; do you have any plans to make any changes to the current BR models?
The BR Instrument collection had all the required qualities to become a classic: it has become an icon, it is unique, and its design is timeless. As far as the future is concerned, instrumentation is at the heart of our inspiration, but we are concentrating on the tools that are vital to piloting.

Several “High-End” Watch Manufactures Have Built Less Expensive Lines To Bring Younger Buyers Into The Brand. Does Bell and Ross Have Any Plans To Do That?
Our starting point to create a new model or a collection is always the same: does it make sense for a professional that would be using his Bell & Ross watch as an instrument?

This approach generates generally more added value and sophistication in the watch than the opposite…

Are you aware of any famous people who wear your luxury Bell & Ross watches?
We do have famous actors or sportsmen wearing our watches. But what matters most is to know that professionals or military people are using them. They are the reason why we create those utilitarian timepieces; they are therefore our best ambassadors.

There has been a lot of attention given to investing in watches as a more secure market than traditional methods. Do you think Bell & Ross offers a collector or investor the chance to have strong returns in the future?
I think that with the launching in 2005 of the BR 01 square case watch that became our iconic timepiece lots of our customers became collectors. Our impactful limited editions like the BR01 Airborne, the BR01 Instruments but also our Vintage WW1 Jumping Hours have also contributed to increase the number of collectors, all these models being sold out in no time.

But the watch that embodies all the Bell & Ross know how in watchmaking is the BR Minuteur Tourbillon. This exclusive timepiece is the proof of our watchmakers’ excellence as it incorporates four watchmaking complications: a tourbillon, a Flyback timer, a power reserve indicator and an independent small second.

At Bell & Ross we always search to produce high quality, perfect reliable and very impactful timepieces in keeping with our four creation principles: legibility, precision, functionality and water resistance, that became our DNA.  It is very important as well to accompany our customers with high quality services in harmony with the brand’s universe.

In Your Opinion, What Is About To Change In The Watch Industry?
The watch making industry is always changing to adapt to the evolution of the demand and market rules… and the current period is particularly active! One of the things that strikes me is the strong change in the clientele segmentation with the fast development of new markets such as China.

There are so many great brands out there today, assuming you weren’t the President of Bell and Ross, what would be on your wrist?
A FP Journe timepiece like the Chronometer Blue.

Who Else within the Industry Do you Really Respect and admire?
I do have a certain interest for few brands like François-Paul Journe or Jacquet Droz.

Since This Is Your First Profile With Us, Can You Tell Us More About Your Life Outside of Watches?
I am passionate with Asia where you can find serenity, a service and a cultural tradition that doesn’t exist anywhere else. I am also an architecture, and art aficionado. And I love to cook.

To purchase a luxury watch from Bell & Ross, please contact The Life of Luxury. Follow our luxury blog for the latest luxury watch news and fine watch product releases.

Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours Ladies Watch – Backes & Strauss

For two hundred and twenty five years, Backes & Strauss has been a pioneer of diamond cutting techniques and creative jewelry designs. They announced a new luxury watch – the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours.

The Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours is a stunning lady’s cocktail that’s covered in a variety of spectacular stones that reflect colors of a rainbow.

Each luxury watch is created using a unique hand-picked process to select white and fancy colored diamonds. These beautiful diamonds are then individually placed to create a one-of-a-kind look. Therefore, no two Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours watches will ever be the same.

The watch creation process begins with a 18 carat white gold case. Diamonds of at least 66 different color hues and 10 different cuts (Baguette, Cushion, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Princess, Ascher, Emerald, Heart and Round Brilliant) are used on the watch’s dial, case and bracelet.

What I like that Backes & Strauss has done is use 225 stones to represent each year since the company was founded.

The Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours luxury watch dial is set with both white and natural colored diamonds – 65 diamonds with a total weight of 3.37 carats.

The Life of Luxury has access to the best luxury watches available including Backes & Strauss. Please contact us to assist you with your next luxury watch purchase.

Darkside Ring Skull Collection by Holly Dyment Fine Jewelry

Darkside Ring Skull Collection by Holly Dyment Fine Jewelry
Holly Dyment Fine Jewelry

For those desiring jewelry that’s unique and ideally masters the bridge between bad girl glamour and luxury jewelry, jewelry designer Holly Dyment offers punk rock chic pieces that radiate the Met Ball 2013 theme & Punk: Chaos To Couture.

Holly Dyment’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection is full of both fantasy and mystery. Truly inspired by visionary creations from the likes of Tim Burton, Andy Warhol, Alexander McQueen, Cirque du Soliel and Damien Hurst, Dyment’s line of jewelry creations evoke another level of creative and inspiring fashion forward design.

Each piece of every collection is individually handcrafted by Holly Dyment herself and is unforgettable and irreverent, yet wearable, with almost any wardrobe ensemble.

The seven, distinctive rings within Dyment’s Darkside Ring Skull Collection were created using only the finest, handpicked gemstones from India plus colors that are based on ancient astrological color charts for the days of the week. A whole lot of glamour, the right level of edgy attitude, and a perfect splash of bling, Holly Dyment Fine Jewelry is perfectly punk.

The collection pieces are set in 14 and 18k yellow or white gold with precious and semi-precious gemstones and diamonds. The heart of the brand’s jewelry design can be found within the sweet spot of juxtaposition – seriously beautiful and unique statement pieces of the highest quality, with a vivaciously vibrant sense of fun and intrigue.

Prices for the Darkside Ring Skull Collection range between $6,750 and $7, 350.

Individual collections for Spring/Summer 2013 include: “Drop dead Gorgeous,” Dark Side Ring,” “Harlequin Stickpin,” “Evil Eye” and “Carnival Earring collection” and range is price from $3,240 to $11,200K.

To view all the collections by Holly Dyment, please visit: www.hollydyment.com

Stylish Luxury Jewelry Collection by Sorellina

Sorellina Luxury Jewelry Collection
Sorellina – Kim and Nicole Carosella

Sorellina is a jewelry design house that was founded by two sisters, Kim and Nicole Carosella. All of the stunningly beautiful pieces of their high-end jewelry collection are bespoke custom-made luxury designs.

Sorellina has definitely redefined the “everyday” piece of jewelry. Their jewelry work is neither subtle nor discreet, but are bold, statement pieces made for the urban, modern day woman.

The Carosella work with raw sapphires, vintage diamonds(pre 1940s) and stones all of which, can be custom-designed to be one of a kind pieces. They pride themselves on 100% U.S. craftsmanship, with a focus on sustainability, as nearly all materials are recycled, reused or re-purposed for later use.

Sorellina luxury jewelry

Every piece of their luxurious jewelry collection can be worn by women who view fine jewelry as wearable art and believe jewelry should be enjoyed everyday and not only on special occasions. If you want that VIP lifestyle look, them you need to glam up your fashion, and particularly your jewelry.

Each stunning piece can be worn both day and night, making it the staple of a woman’s wardrobe which in turn, cleverly transforms clothing into the accessory.

Pricing for Sorellina’s debut jewelry collection ranges between $500 – $75,000. View the entire collection at www.sorellinanewyork.com

Newest Fine Jewelry Collection from Renowned Celebrity Jeweler – Martin Katz

Martin Katz earrings
Martin Katz

Martin Katz is a renowned celebrity jeweler who designs the most luxurious and incredible jewelry pieces. As the holidays are quickly approaching, we want to share some of these unique products as possible holiday gift ideas.

What woman doesn’t love luxury jewelry? Katz’s newest collection is sure to wow!  They offer an array of exquisite, rare stones and gems that have been crafted into handmade nature-inspired pieces.

Martin Katz uses jewels like no other and creates exquisite modern and vintage-inspired jewelry masterpieces.

Martin Katz - 3 Eternity Bands ring
Martin Katz

These stunning jewelry collection features something for everyone. For example, a tulip pin with interchangeable heads, starfish earrings, and much more!

For diamond lovers, you are in luck. The brand name is well known for having the best of the best in stones. His incredible and stylish diamond rings will make every head turn in envy.

Stunning Cat Street Collection by Elyria Jewels

Elyria Jewelry - Bora Bora Strand bracelet
Elyria Jewelry – Bora Bora Strand

Elyria jeweler Elisa Browsh has traveling worldwide for over a decade to find the rarest, most unique and beautiful pearls the world has to offer. Elisa Browsh is a pearl expert and founded Elyria Jewels in 1996. The jewelry company specializes in rare and unusual Tahitian pearls.

Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Well Elisa Browsh has done it again with another fashion-forward jewelry collection.

Elyria Jewels offers the Cat Street collection, which features rare and avant garde Tahitian, Australian blue keshi and South Sea pearls in unique designs with silver, gold, and raw diamonds.

– Bora Bora Strand ($8,500): An avant garde take on the classic pearl necklace, exotic gems from the South Seas, the Tahitian pearls in this strand are lustrous and colorful.
– Cerulean Pendant ($6,200): Wear the ocean around your neck with this New Zealand abalone mabe pearl, white baroque Australian South Sea pearl, and 1ct pear-shaped raw diamond.
– Chiaroscuro Ring: ($5,600): Colossal Tahitian black pearl, 18K White gold, and diamonds bring drama to this stunning cocktail ring.
– Dragon Earrings ($3,600): Fierce and ethereal, the Dragon earrings are set with Tahitian pearls, white diamonds, and lavender freshwater pearls.
– Opium Earrings ($2,500): Natural color blue Australian keshi pearls are suspended on elegant 18K yellow gold arcs.
– Satori Pendant ($1,850: Unique peacock color Tahitian pearl and a pear-shaped diamond.

To see the Cat Street Collection by Elyria Jewels and all their pieces of fine jewelry, please visit: http://www.elyriajewels.com/

Cerulean Pendant – Elyria Jewels

Cerulean Pendant - Elyria Jewels
Cerulean Pendant – Elyria Jewels

For that special woman in your life, the gift of fine jewelry is a timeless show of love. Women have long had a fetish for everything that is shiny and glittering.

If you are looking for a stunning piece of luxurious jewelry, than look no further. Elyria Jewels has a wide variety of beautiful collections that any fashion lover will adore.

These one of a kind items from Elyria Jewels will surely dazzle and the wearer will definitely shine with sophistication and elegance.

Below are six gorgeously luxe gifts for her:

Cerulean Pendant – $6,200: Wear the ocean around your neck with this vibrant 12x15mm New Zealand abalone mabe pearl pendant. A 14mm white baroque Australian South Sea pearl is suspended from a single 1ct pear-shaped diamond like a drop of water.

Chiaroscuro Ring – $5,600: A colossal 15.3mm Tahitian black pearl brings drama to this fabulous cocktail ring. 18K white gold and 0.60tcw in white diamonds makes it sparkle.

Galatea Ring – $4,900: In a stroke of surrealism, a natural color lavender baroque freshwater pearl is studded with purple Ceylon sapphires and set in 18K yellow gold.

Dragon Earrings – $3,600: At once fierce and ethereal, the Dragon Earrings are set with Tahitian pearls, 0.30ctw in white diamonds, and lavender fresh pearls.

Opium Earrings – $2,500: Natural color blue Australian keshi pearls are suspended on elegant 18K yellow gold arcs.

Satori Pendant – $1,850: The Satori Pendant features a unique, peacock color 11mm Tahitian pearl, and a 0.25ct pear-shaped diamond. An enhancer back studded with 0.10ctw in tiny white diamonds make this exotic 18K white gold pendant versatile.

For additional information, please visit: Elyria Jewels

Fine Jewelry Business Shreve & Co. Celebrates 160 Years

Shreve & Co jewelers
Shreve & Co.

Shreve & Co. is San Francisco’s premier jeweler and this year marks a significant milestone in company’s long history. 2012 is a special year for Shreve & Co. as it commemorates another big milestone with its 160th Anniversary.

Since 1852, Shreve & Co., originally The Shreve Jewelry Store, has been a vibrant part of the Bay Area fine jewelry industry and a champion of spectacular designs and established designers.

Shreve & Co., formerly The Shreve Jewelry Store, was founded in San Francisco in 1852, and incorporated in 1894.

In the past 160 years, Shreve has hosted only the highest quality of fine jewelry and timepiece designs, ranging from Mikimoto and Rolex, to Hearts on Fire, Wellendorff, and (newly) Patek Philippe.

With an unmatched offering of only the best luxury products, Shreve & Co. continues to uphold its reputation as the premier destination for distinguished timepieces and exquisite jewelry.

During the month of May, Shreve & Co. honors its storied past by celebrating the present and looking toward the future by hosting an exclusive, invitation-only reception for some of its most loyal clientele, and inviting those who are new to Shreve, to understand why it has been on top for 160 years.

Shreve & Co. President Glen Ross says, “I feel honored to be a part of this wonderful occasion. Shreve is proud to be the oldest existing retailer in San Francisco and honored to have served the myriad of personalities that create San Francisco, as we celebrate yet another unique milestone.”

For additional information on Shreve & Co., please visit www.shreve.com.

Luxurious Martin Katz Jewelry for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just a week away, some are scrambling to find that perfect gift for that special Mother in their life.

Martin Katz offers a variety of fine jewelry that would be ideal for any mother who appreciates the good things in life. Emeralds are the stone for the month of  May, so why not choose a stunning piece of emerald jewelry and make a truly unique and memorable gift for mom.

Below are several beautiful emerald pieces from fine jeweler Martin Katz:

Martin Katz emerald jewelry
Emerald Half Moon Cabochon & Diamond Earrings set in 18 kt. white gold. These earrings have 2 trapezoid diamonds weighing 6.05 cts, 4 half moon diamonds weighing 3.42 cts and microset with 751 round diamonds weighing 2.71 cts. These stunning earrings will not only be a cherished gift, but are sure to be a great statement piece year round.

Martin Katz emerald jewelry
9.86 ct. Emerald Briolette & Onyx Necklace set in 18 kt. white gold which features 3 emerald sugarloaf cabochons, and is accented with 298 diamonds and emeralds.

Martin Katz emerald jewelry
2.53 cttw. Emerald “Toby” Stud Earrings set in 18 kt. white gold which are accented with 96 diamonds weighing .60 cts.

Martin Katz emerald jewelry
From Martin’s Divine Collection, 24mm Emerald & Diamond Divine Ring set in 18 kt. white gold with 34 emeralds weighing 1.57 cts and microset with 410 diamonds weighing 2.41 cts.