Jaded By Knight – Swarovski Skull Leather Jacket

Jaded By Knight - Swarovski Skull Leather Jacket
Photo courtesy of: Jaded By Knight

Founded in 2004, Jaded by Knight was created by Los Angeles Designers Noah Dayani & Michael Amiri.

Their high-end luxury clothing collection draws influence from years of personal travels through various street markets and vintage shops from around the world. They desire to create a look that embodies the essence of privilege and individuality.

Jaded by Knight believes their clothing line has gone beyond the definition of a fashion brand and has moved towards representing a lifestyle and culture that is shared among the world’s elite.

The brand is currently carried by some of the world’s most exclusive and finest shops worldwide, such as L’Eclaireur in Paris, Harvey Nichols in London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Royal Flash Tokyo, and H. Lorenzo in Los Angeles.

We are proud to present one of Jaded by Knight’s upcoming pieces from their newest collection.

Last month, Jaded By Knight released one of our finest Luxury Jackets. It’s a limited edition “Swarovski Skull Leather Jacket.”

The skull leather jacket is made in the United States by artisans and washed by hand. The lining is a custom silk print with vintage Americana images. The skull is a hand printed painting and then each swaroski crystal is hand set into the eyes of the skull on the jacket.

There are only 100 pieces ever made and the leather jackets will go to only the best stores worldwide.

Jaded By Knight is a fashion favorite of many of the world’s rich and famous. So you better hurry and get yours fast. What a terrific fashion statement. Impress your friends with this amazing skull leather jacket from Jaded By Knight.

View their entire collection at:  Jaded By Knight

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