Bentley for Men Azure from Bentley Fragrances

Iconic, luxury British car company Bentley has introduced its new mens fragrance titled, “Bentley for Men Azure.”

This new and powerful mens fragrance is quite expressive and a modern creation that can appeal to a wide variety of men ranging form smart to sporty to style-conscious.

The British Bentley Motors earned immediate success with its first fragrance, “Bentley For Men” and the buzz is that “Bentley for Men Azure” will be just as or even more popular.

The new Bentley fragrance was created by Mathilde Bijaoui, who is one of the world’s top perfume creators. She has been working at the prestigious French fragrance house Mane for ten years now. The luxurious new scent is made entirely from the classic aromas of the fougere perfume.

Bentley for Men Azure makes a definite impact with its contemporary scent of freshness. The top note is an invigorating, stimulating cocktail of fresh citrus, the beautiful herbaceous aroma of violet leaves, as well as delicious fruity pineapple.

Bentley for Men Azure is composed of the perfect mix of luxury woody, fresh and spicy fragrance.

The high quality of Bentley For Men Azure is quite evident. The fragrance offers subtle complexity, harmony of the fragrances plus excellent staying power.

Bentley For Men Azure comes in a stylish blue curved fragrance bottle. The bright Mediterranean blue provides the feeling of both freshness and freedom. This bottle was also used for the original Bentley For Men. The rounded silhouette of the bottle cleverly exhibits the elegant curves of the luxurious Bentley limousine.

Bentley For Men Azure will be available starting next month and sold exclusively in Harrods UK. Starting in April of 2014, you can find the new Bentley fragrance around the world in selected perfumeries and department stores.

Pricing for Bentley For Men Azure is as follows:
Eau de toilette: £43.00 / 60 ml
Eau de toilette: £59.50 / 100 ml

Bath products:
Hair & Body Shampoo £24.00 / 200 ml

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House of Sillage Private Collection Travel Spray

House of Sillage is a luxury haute parfumerie company located in sunny California, and is planning to debut its Limited Edition Private Collection Luxury Travel Perfume Spray this fall at curated fragrance and luxury lifestyle trade shows.

House of Sillage develops extraordinary fragrances that are rivaled only by their stunning and highly sought after bottle-art designs.

The artfully-designed piece resembles an emerald-green gecko climbing a beautiful exotic flower was inspired by during a hot tropical night on a remote island in the South Pacific.

The first and only one of ten made-to-order House of Sillage Private Collection Travel Spray features a glorious gecko, adorned with stunning bezel-set center and round Colombian green emeralds (more than two carats), climbing a leafy vine embellished with round brilliant-cut colorless diamonds (more than four carats).

The fragrance bottle contains a total of 665 gemstones on the piece, all handset on an 18K yellow gold cylinder. It’s a truly amazing design which took several months to create. It is priced at $118,000 retail.

The Limited Edition Gold Travel Spray from House of Sillage holds 7.5ml and comes with one of each of the brand’s six different fragrances along with the Certificate of Authenticity, packaged in a gorgeous Birdseye Maple lacquered gift box.

House of Sillage Founder Nicole Mather was quoted, “Our exciting new one-off statement piece is truly the essence of our passion for haute parfumerie created from the inside out. Tt’s an elegant addition to the House of Sillage line and represents a synthesis of artistry and craft, tradition and innovation.”

All of the company’s scents are produced in France by a team of professional noses, artists and designers, and distributes its fragrance products in over 25 countries.

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Carthusia – The Scents of Capri! Exquisite Perfumes for Women

Carthusia Capri Perfume

Carthusia is a small niche perfume house from the Italian island of Capri, which is well regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

All of Carthusia’s perfumes are made from the highest quality ingredients and the end product hand-wrapped. Women understand that a scent plays a truly important part on their moods and emotions.

The exquisite perfumes produced by Carthusia not only tell a tale of one of the world’s most beautiful isle (Capri) but also about the beautiful flowers which grow there.

Capri can be described as stunning, hypnotic, unforgettable and mythical. The air of Capri is filled with aromatic scents and they linger unaltered in one’s memory.

The evocative power of scents is rooted in tradition and ancient legends. Even today, nothing has
changed: working methods, the quality of the raw materials, the love with which each perfume is prepared, filtered and individually packaged by hand.

Carthusia offers a complete range of magnificent perfumes for both yourself and your home. The most classical Carthusia fragrances are expertly adapted into new formulas in order to please the most sensitive of noses.

This is the spirit of Carthusia – the scents of Capri!

Carthusia has introduced their latest line of products, including:

– Carthusia solid wax perfume

– Carthusia shower gel

– Carthusia body lotion

– Carthusia solid soap

– Carthusia room fragrances

No.1 Imperial Jubilee Perfume from Clive Christian

No.1 Imperial Jubilee Perfume - Clive Christian
Clive Christian

To mark sixty remarkable years of British Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and in tribute to her Diamond Jubilee year, Clive Christian is releasing a special edition of his No. 1 Perfume called the “Imperial Jubilee.”

Clive Christian is the creator of “No. 1” – the World’s Most Expensive Perfume and their new “Imperial Jubilee” perfume will be special. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be an incredible celebration across England (her anniversary is June 2) since Queen Elizabeth is the longest serving monarch since Queen Victoria in 1897.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee is a very rare and special occasion for the British nation and the Commonwealth, will fall on Saturday, June 2, 2012, and will be marked with special services around the country.

The No.1 Imperial Jubilee holds a higher concentration of Perfume Spray, closer to the Pure Perfume concentration, to ensure a richer and even more enduring experience which is fit for a queen.

According to Victoria Christian, Brand Ambassador for Clive Christian Perfumes, “Only one other British Monarch in history, Queen Victoria, has reigned for 60 years or more. The perfumery that my father, Clive, revived was originally acknowledged by Queen Victoria in 1872 when she granted the image of her crown as a mark of British excellence.”

Following the success of the priceless Clive Christian No.1 Imperial Majesty limited edition, the No.1 Imperial Jubilee Special Edition is placed in a red velvet lined presentation case. The bottle bears the image of the red ribbon which holds the official OBE medal granted by Her Majesty the Queen to Clive Christian in her 2012 New Year’s Honours list for his contribution as a Designer to the Luxury Goods Industry.

Only 500 of these limited edition perfumes will be created – 250 for Men and 250 for Woman. The “Imperial Jubilee” perfume will be released in June 2012.

The Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Jubilee will retail for $1300 (50ml Concentrated Perfume Spray) and will be available at Bergdorf Goodman and select Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus stores nationwide, as well as online at www.neimanmarcus.com.

Cimon Art Offers Limited Edition Chantecaille Fragrance Bottles Crystallized

Cimon Art Offers Limited Edition Chantecaille Fragrance Bottles Crystallized
Limited Edition Chantecaille Fragrance Bottles Crystallized – Cimon Art

Cimon Art has just announced collaboration with Chantecaille cosmetics and will be offering a limited edition series of Chantecaille fragrance bottles.

The limited edition series of Chantecaille fragrances crystallized by Cimon will be available at Harrod’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and other select stores worldwide in time for the holiday season.

New York artist Cimon is a native of Sydney, Australia. His paintings and sculptures are coveted by collectors around the world.

Cimon is best known for the sculpture, “Love, Paris” which was a LEGO® motorcycle decorated with mostly pink Swarovski® crystals which was commissioned for Paris Hilton’s 30th birthday.

The crystallized bottles will be available in five unique fragrances: Frangipane, Tiare, Vetyver, Kalimantan and Petales for $600 by special order only.

Cimon’s design uses Swarovski® crystals to visualize the floral accents of the fragrances and of the bottle’s original design.

Chantecaille is the preeminent luxury brand for advanced skin care and beautifying cosmetics.

Seduce Him, Now That Makes Scents

Most women don’t think their perfume makes any difference in attracting a man.  Well think again.  A new study proves you wrong.  Cosmopolitan polled hundreds of men and discovered that scents still arouse man at a primal level. Full article