World’s Most Luxurious iPhone Collection – Golden Dreams

Golden Dreams luxury iPhone 4S
Golden Dreams

Swiss Company Golden Dreams, a Geneva-based luxury company just unveiled what is being called the world’s most luxurious iPhone collection.

This world’s most luxurious iPhone collection includes a masterpiece iPhone that’s studded with over 4,000 stunning diamonds.

The Golden Dreams phone collection offers a “premium luxury experience” that redefines exclusivity and presents the next level in indulgence and privilege.

In addition, the luxury collection of unique and exclusive iPhones includes gold and alligator leather covered model phones.

Alexandre Masson, Commercial Director of Golden Dreams stated, “Switzerland is renowned for its finesse and expertise in the Luxury industry. At Golden Dreams we successfully applied this traditional expertise used in making Swiss watches and jewelry to personalize iPhones and turn them into exquisite luxury creation.”

Inspired by the excellence of Swiss jewelers and watch-makers, the Golden Dreams’ iPhone collection consists of 3 models:

· The Desert Edition is embellished with carefully selected alligator leather. The precise work of the artisan reveals the perfection of the luxurious leather. The Desert Edition is available in a range of different colors to suit individual taste. Mr. Kendouci, the Artistic Director, said about the Desert Edition, “It is Luxury Leather craftsmanship in the palm of your hand.”

· The Gold Edition, with its sparkling mirror back, is covered with the finest of all metals. The back of the phone is polished to a degree that accords it a mirror-like reflection- A gold mirror and a phone combined. The model is available with 24ct-gold plating or with 120 grams of 18ct gold.

· The Golden Dreams Full Diamond Edition is the pinnacle of luxury. The “Sparkling Masterpiece,” with its 4,057 diamonds is carefully hand-set by a Swiss master craftsman. It is available in Gold, Rhodium or Black Chrome finish. Versions with blue sapphire, Rubies, black diamonds and emeralds can also be ordered.

To learn more about the luxury iPhone collection, please go to: www.goldendreams.ch

Constellation Quest Smartphone Pink by Vertu

Vertu Constellation Quest Smartphone

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Vertu is offering the ultimate luxury gift – the new Constellation Quest smartphone.

The Constellation Quest smartphone by Vertu will be available in both elegant pink leather and ceramic for 2011.

The new Vertu smartphone is perfect for that female who enjoys both style and luxury.

With the Vertu smartphone, you can easily plan your travel arrangements, make your dinner reservations, or keep in touch with friends and family.

Don’t leave home without it, as the new Vertu Constellation Quest smartphone pink will definitely make a fashion statement.

The stunning, handcrafted Vertu phone features a sapphire crystal screen (exceptionally scratchproof), stainless steel casing and complemented with the finest leather.

The Constellation Quest Smartphone by Vertu comes complete with many pre-loaded apps, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Ringtones that have been specially composed and recorded for Vertu, offer listeners exceptional musicality.

Users will also receive a “@vertu.me” email address that provides Vertu users the ultimate secure account.

The retail price of the new Constellation Quest Smartphone by Vertu is $7,900.

You can purchase Vertu’s Constellation Quest Smartphone at Vertu boutiques as well as on vertu.com.

Tag Heuer Offers A Luxury Cell Phone – Meridiis

Heuer Watch Company was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer. Heuer watches soon became well recognized for their high level of accuracy and workmanship. The precise watches were perfect for the timing of sporting events. Heuer soon found its market niche.

After almost 150 years of focusing on the watch industry, Tag Heuer is now taking aim at the luxury phone market. The company is offering us the “Meridiist”.

The Meridiist is Swiss-engineered and hand-assembled. Although the Tag Heuer Meridiist will cost you around $6,000 for the mobile phone, it seems to fall short on features justifying its lofty price.

For example, the features of the Meridiist don’t even come close to most of the ultra-luxury cell phones out on the market, such as the Vertu family of phones.

Similar to the AURA by Motorola, the Meridiist is produced by ModeLabs, which also a long history in timepieces.

Although Tag Heuer has been manufacturing sports watches and chronographs since 1860, we expect a lot from them. But I’m not sure they delivered enough value for the steep price.

Going Green With The Samsung Blue Earth Cell Phone

Samsung Blue Earth cell phone

It was just a matter of time before the whole “go green” revolution hit the cell phone industry.

Now introducing “Blue Earth”. It’s being advertised as the the world’s first solar-powered touchscreen handset. Similar to the Motorola Renew, Blue Earth is manufactured out of recycled water bottles.

Want to keep track of how far you’ve walked? The Blue Earth includes a pedometer that helps tree huggers tally how many trees they have saved by walking instead of driving a vehicle.

There isn’t a lot of information available on the Blue Earth. More details are planned after the recent Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain.

The only thing known is a non-working mockup form, but the hardware is certainly looking very good. Samsung is touting its eco-packaging and built-in energy-saving functionality.

Hopefully Samsung will soon be able to announce pricing and availability information, as well as details on Blue Earth’s built-in camera, internal storage, media features, and data capabilities.

For more information, Click Here:

The Luxury $2.41 Million iPhone 3G Kings Button

Apple iPhone 3G Kings Button

The new iPhone 3G Kings Button is fit for a king, or any common person who has $2.41 million to buy one of these trendy cell phones.

The iPhone 3G Kings Button is the latest blinged iPhone from Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson. The $2.41 million price tag is whopping to say the least. Looks like the luxury cellphone market hasn’t heard that there’s an economic crisis meltdown out there.

The word “button” in the phone’s name is a huge understatement. That simple word button is actually the iPhone’s home button and it’s encrusted with a huge 6.6 carat diamond, simply defines as a rare beauty.

The iPhone 3G Kings Button’s luxury tag doesn’t end there. Peter Aloisson encrusted this luxury Apple smartphone in 18 carat yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and about 138 small diamonds.

Motorola RAZR 2 V8 Luxury Phone

It appears that Motorola has done it again. The new Motorola RAZR2 V8 Luxury is a phone at the designer end of the mobile spectrum, this is pure mobile indulgence but thankfully with a price tag that is not too far out of reach.

The Motorola RAZR2 V8 Luxury Gold Edition is now available in 18 carat Gold plated accents with a snake skin effect back casing and etching which has been applied to the navigational key, whilst the package includes a gold plated Blue-tooth headset.

The Motorola RAZR V8 is one of two new second generation RAZR handsets, with Quad Band GSM support and featuring EDGE technology.

Highlights of the Motorola V8 RAZR are touch sensitive dedicated music keys and a large QVGA external colour screen which displays the music track being played with song title, artist and time/duration of the song remaining.

The impressive 2 inch external screen allows the user to reply to text messages without the need to open the handset, making it easier and faster to keep in touch on the move.

If photography is your forfeit, the Motorola RAZR2 V8 is happy to oblige with its built-in 2.0 mega pixel camera featuring 8x digital zoom and video capture & playback capability.

Designed for strength, endurance and style, the Motorola RAZR2 V8 incorporates chemically hardened glass in a stainless steel casing, offers up to 2GB of memory, blue-tooth wireless for imaging and printing, stereo blue-tooth and PC synchronisation.

Browse online content, catch up with emails, share images and keep in touch via multimedia messaging or call hands-free, whatever your preference, the Motorola RAZR2 V8 Luxury ensures that you have a complete range of options to choose from.

This special edition mobile device features a full suite of in-demand features, including Crystal TalkTM technology, quad-band technology, a full HTML browser1, and a 2.0 mega-pixel camera with 8X digital zoom, video capture and playback to catch every glamorous moment in high-resolution. The special edition of the RAZR2 features a large, 2.0”, interactive, color external screen where consumers can read and respond to texts and manage their music1 with touch sensitive music keys that give a vibrational response – all without opening the flip. With up to 2GB of on-board storage for up to 1,000 songs2, a powerhouse processor for fast over-the-air downloads1 and Windows Media Player 11, enabling access to over 200 online music stores, including favorites such as MTV Urge, Yahoo and Napster1, the Motorola V8 RAZR2 Luxury maximizes the music experience.

The new Nokia N82 is being dubbed as the photographic phone for journalism with a high specification camera and quick shutter speed not seen in mobile phone before.

The Nokia N82 enables you to explore your surroundings and find your way with navigation and routing; document your adventures with the high quality imaging capabilities; and instantly share your experiences with one click upload to the web.

Featuring A-GPS, 5 mega-pixel camera, Xenon flash, Carl Zeiss optics and Internet connectivity, the Nokia N82 also incorporates all the multimedia computer features common to Nokia N-series. Like its predecessor the Nokia N95, the Nokia N82 is the latest epitome of a truly converged device that is not one thing but is many.

The second of two new N Series handsets, the Nokia N82 lends itself more towards being a camera phone, rather than a music phone, for all those budding photographers out there.

Featuring a sleek candy bar design, the Nokia N82, as with the Nokia N81, is a Symbian S60 3rd Edition device with some powerful abilities.

The Camera on board this little number is no less than 5.0 mega pixels and includes Carl Zeiss lens with auto-focus, 20x digital zoom and a Xenon Flash plus has the ability to capture 30 fps when video recording plus its own built-in camera protection and a secondary camera for video calling.

Although the Nokia N82 doesn’t offer the storage capacity of that of the N81 with 8GB of flash memory, the N82 has taken care of this with the assistance of microSD card expansion.

The Nokia N82 is a Quad Band 3G handset with EDGE and HSDPA support and in addition offers WiFi and Blue-tooth with A2DP Stereo support.

Other hidden gems include an integrated GPS Receiver, built-in FM Radio and TV Out whilst being the successor to none other than the Nokia N73.

With plenty to boast about and a sexy design, the Nokia N82 is both a stunner and an extremely strong competitor for any other phone, let alone camera phone on the market.

New Google Android Phone by T-Mobile

G-Phone is Here. New Google Android Phone Introduced by T-Mobile

T-Mobile unveiled the first Google Android platform-based phone, the first carrier to offer a device run on Google’s Android open source

Wi-Fi Goes Beyond Just Computers

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“Products involved in media transfer from point A to point B without using a wire are becoming very popular,” said Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg. “We’re moving past the early adopters into mainstream consumers.”  Full article

The Next Generation of Online Shorthand

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